Organize Your Images with Adobe® Bridge


Organize Your Images with Adobe® Bridge


Class Description

Adobe® Bridge can be used as a central visual hub for viewing and sorting your digital images. Learn the best ways to work with it in Organize Your Images with Adobe® Bridge with Jason Hoppe.

Media browsing and organization is what Adobe® Bridge is all about and in this class, Jason will you teach you how to use Adobe® Bridge to: 

  • Tag with metadata 
  • Rename files
  • Convert image color modes 
  • Add watermarks 

You’ll learn how create contact sheets, photo sheets, and move files directly from Adobe® Bridge into other Adobe applications.

Jason will show you the most efficient ways to work in Adobe® Bridge – no matter the file type – and give you plenty of tips for better organizing your image library.

Software Used: Adobe Bridge CC


Øyvind Hermans

Straightforward and an easy to follow class. I learned everything I needed to know about Adobe Bridge.