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Noah's Story

Lesson 1 from: Overcome Fear to Get What You Want

Noah Kagan

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1. Noah's Story

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Lesson Info

Noah's Story

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I've been following Noah for a few years and have been lucky enough to get a couple of my courses promoted on AppSumo. Noah is simply the man. It has been awesome to see his evolution into a now a fantastic public speaker and motivator. Although I already have a successful business and are very happy in general this seminar was a treat to watch. It's amazing to see Noah basically change the lives of some of the participants and pushing them to start or improve their businesses, all live! This course should be a must watch in all schools or for anyone thinking to start a business but not knowing where to start. Turns out starting and validating a business idea is much simpler than you think. The main barrier to take the first step is our own fears and Noah does a fantastic job helping people overcoming those fears and helping them get closer to whatever their dreams are. Please do yourself a favor and watch this. If you don't get any value from it send me and email at and I'll refund you myself for the course. In other words it is NOT possible not to get your money's worth. Kudos to Noah and the amazing CreativeLive team!

Tanya McGill Freeman

Absolutely awesome! As usual, and congruent with everything Noah does, he delivers wayyy beyond your expectations with this course. Noah is uniquely brilliant at understanding what it takes to be wildly successful in today's world of entrepreneurialism, AND he's gifted at being able to teach what he knows to others in a way that's simple, easy for them to grasp and take swift action on. On top of everything, he never fails to deliver his content/lessons with genuine presence, warmth and light-hearted humor. can be FUN, especially with Noah. I can't recommend this course and his other work enough. If you want to learn from someone who truly cares, he's your guy.

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