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LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding

Lesson 32 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding

Lesson 32 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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32. LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding


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Chapter 1: Introduction


Personal Branding


Course Organization is Made Up of Strategy and Tactics


Personal Brand Manager Inputs and Outputs, Repurposing Content


Personal Branding Framework in Action


Quiz: Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Plumbing


Inception of Products, People Buy from People


Facebook Public Figure Page


Boosting Posts


Quiz: Chapter 2: Plumbing

Chapter 3: Blogging


Repurposing Content Process for Selecting People on Fiverr


Topic Wheel, 6 Topics


Chapter 4: Networking


Power Networking Networking


Topic Wheel, 6 Topics


6 Types of Figureheads


Building a WHY, 3x3 Goals Sheet


Mapping Your Personal Goals


Network Mapping


Professional Content vs. Fun Content


Googling Yourself


How to get 10,000 views of your message


Quiz: Chapter 4: Networking

Chapter 5: Interviews


Interviewing and Being Interviewed


How to be an Expert Interviewer


Applying the Personal Branding Framework


Thank You Machine


Perceived vs. Actual Authority


Quiz: Chapter 5: Interviews

Chapter 6: Visual Content


Dennis' Personal Brand Manager


Amplification: Getting More From What's Working


Omnichannel and Omnipresence


Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page


LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding


Clients Brands and Relationships


The One Minute Video


Gratitude Videos


Your Speaker Reel


Making Money


Power Hours


WHY videos


Making One-Minute Videos




Repurposing Content Systematically


Twitter for Personal Branding


Quiz: Chapter 6: Visual Content

Chapter 7: Ascension Ladder


Making Money via the Ascension Ladder


WHY Videos in action


Quiz: Chapter 7: Ascension Ladder

Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs


Using Fiverr to Build Your Personal Brand


How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


Using Saved Gigs and Templates on Fiverr


Quiz: Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs

Final Quiz


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Lesson Info

LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding

now we're talking about screen sharing of using linked in to build your personal brand by now you've got your topic wheel, you have your why, how and what your connections, your topics, some of your one minute videos, perhaps you've learned what is possible on facebook to amplify what you're doing organically on your profile and on the page side on your page and how using this will build engagement, will build customers build remarketing audiences and how, by producing content, you're attracting other people that then want to hire you and buy your products and services, invite you to speak and do other things to build your personal brand because you know that it's based on what other people have to say about you as your personal brand. Now, what you have to say about yourself. So linkedin, linkedin is the same thing. Why look, let's go to my feet. Here, look, there's a feed just like on facebook algorithm is similar, there's just not as much competition. So this is where you're absolut...

ely gonna rock it. Now, let's see what happened here a couple hours ago, military influencer conference, we're doing a lot of stuff with them, training up these young adults and soldiers and veterans to be able to start their own businesses online. And here's a workshop that we talk and you can see it's the conference that's sharing, it's not me. They said, hey, it was a packed house for Dennis, use pre conference workshop did you attend? What was your most valuable takeaway? And you can see here's pictures, comments, here's what other people have to say. And look this guy, timothy, this was a fantastic seminar by Dennis you, I wish I had a video of it to share with my staff. And here this guy said Dennis, you taught us tools that were impactful, useful, blah, blah blah. And I was able to implement the same things, you know that very day this is what you want to have. I bet you have a bunch of fans and you don't even know that they're saying amazing things about you. What if you could take this and capture it and stick it back in your content library. Like I showed you in our overview of the personal brand guide, right? That is your machine, your filing cabinet for grabbing all the things that other people have to say about you and make sure you're here to reply. And if you're too busy to reply and to monitor of course, you know, you can hire someone on fiber or fancy hands or get a virtual system be able to do this for you. Right, check this out. Look at this person an hour ago I received so much value from this training, I'll click like on that. Then this person is copying someone else right here. These people are saying amazing things. And then I just saw that the military influence our conference has posted this to instagram and the twitter and the facebook and so I want to engage there and also grab all the positive feedback here, right, This is just one post. And let's go back two, Let's go home here and we can see what's going on in my feed and you can see just like with facebook, there's people I can choose to follow brands, I can choose to follow, I can engage with and it shows who my friends are and I might come in and collect like just to be able to say that's awesome, right? And I always want to show support from my friends where it's, you know, genuine and I'm going to come here and check my notifications. Okay, here's a post that I made got a couple 100 reactions on it. Now notice on linkedin online online facebook, I want to have long form content and this is just text, not pictures. Okay, I can repost the one minute videos but I've got one line, one sentence paragraphs and it's usually something that's professionally related about success or hiring or money or clients or speaking right, it's kind of the professional social network and there's an uplifting message such as even if you don't have skill, hey, there's an opportunity for you and look at all these people that are engaging. So I've reached 12,000 people now on linkedin. If you're running ads, you probably know that the average cost is $50 per 1000 impressions. So if I were to run an ad here, reaching 12,000 people That would cost me about $600. So by writing a post Organically I just got $600 of free value. And look all these people are saying good things and the more people who engage the more bob the algorithm is going to start showing it to other people. Right? So if you want to triple your reach engage if people comment say thank you so much, answer their questions. Hey here's another pro tip. Ask a question back and here right. They come in and they respond maybe even want to connect with them if they're a second degree connection. Their first degree connection. That's fantastic. Right? And look here's somebody he says okay he's providing a comment you want to reply to that? I didn't reply to that. But I should right now look if I go back to my notifications And let's say I post once per day or maybe I post-3 times per day. Or I'm sorry three times per week. Look at look at the stacking effect here. Here's another one. This is what three days ago, four days ago. No you cannot pick my brain for free. Is what I told him I'm not going to give out my consulting for free. I value my time and you should too and don't be ashamed of it. Right. And so here's this whole post And it's it's reached a bit more 28,000 now you saw that other post we're looking at I reached was it 12,000. So maybe I've reached double here? And that other post was maybe two days old. This is four days old. Now if you had this on twitter, you're not going to get this kind of continued build up on linkedin, you can build up traffic for a whole week. So even after a day, if you've got 500 people to see it, maybe after a week, you'll get 5000 people to see it, right, continue to engage and you'll get more and more engagement over time on a linkedin post because there's less competition. So the post live longer. Okay, don't just post something if you're not getting engagement on your posts, it's because you're not engaging with the people who comment on your post, You have to come here every day, maybe twice a day comment or have someone else do it. If you don't have the time come in and monitor when people are commenting like their stuff noticed the blue thumbs up like their stuff and comment back. Look, here's another one here. This lisa said, hey, people try to take advantage of our knowledge and here's what I do to charge for it. And then I say, wow, that's so awesome. How do you decide who you do this with and then she comes in and provides some value. Right? And here's another one. This this guy is agreeing with me and then I say, wow, that is so awesome. How do you how do you do that? Right? And then he writes this whole article here. Right? Mini paragraph response. Right? So notice we're driving a conversation here and when you drive that conversation We're getting what is it 27,000 views on this post? If if I didn't engage maybe I get 2,003,000 which is not bad and not that views is the main thing that I want. But I know that when I drive high quality engagement based on the topic that I care about, remember I'm not just talking about the latte I ordered from Starbucks in the morning. I'm talking about something that I care about based on the topic wheel. Use your topic wheel to determine what you're posting about and engage with these people and maybe tag one or two not other people that also believe in this that are friends of yours and then their reach becomes your reach. Now look messages looks like I've got some messages. What's going on? I haven't seen this before. I don't think I got a copy of the workbook of course please message right, this is where you make the money please Metro's operations dot dot com. And we'll take care of you see here's another guy. Let's see what's going on here. This guy said, hey I'm in order let's see I need to buy your training, wow okay come here and buy it. Buy it for $1500. Right okay We'll do and I'm sure I'm going to see this thing come through and this is what's going on here? Where? Why do you think I'm getting all these messages? Because people are resonating with my content and you should do it to here. I'm getting all these connection requests. I'll go ahead and accept. I'd like to accept almost everything. As long as it's not someone who's clearly going to try to sell me services or has no connections. Has no profile picture. Right? And I just come to linkedin once or twice a day and I just might post something because I'm in the mood or have a certain thought and I do the same thing on facebook and I might have an assistant take what I posted on linkedin and turn it into an article on my blog, turned into a facebook post. Turn it into a meme turned into all the other items we talked about when we're repurposing content

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