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Power Hours

Lesson 38 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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38. Power Hours

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Power Hours


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Lesson Info

Power Hours

now the power hour is really just a way to get them to respect your time. It doesn't mean that that's what your time is worth. It doesn't mean that, you know, that's how much anything else afterwards going to cost. It's just a symbolic dollar. Because what I've found is that if they're not willing to pay for a symbolic dollar, then they're gonna be a nightmare client cause they're gonna try to do it for cheaper. They're gonna fire you. Or let's say you're selling info products, let's say you have a guide on how to be a better chiropractor or whatever it might be. Anyone who's not willing to pay that symbolic dollar, they either don't have authority. They don't believe in the value what we're doing. They're just trying to get your stuff for free. And I can tell you from doing this for almost 30 years, that it's really important just to test the water before you put in any time to see if they will pay for that initial dollar. Now, how much do you charge for your power hour? It depends on...

what a low level is for your particular industry. Now let's say you're servicing real estate agents, maybe you can charge $79 for your power hour because for $79, that's not a lot of money. I mean certainly they'll pay 79, you know, if they're not willing to pay $79 for you to spend time analyzing what they're doing or put together some marketing plans or do like whatever it is that you can do within an hour. I like power hour because it rhymes. But actually put in like three or four hours. But I just call it an hour that way I can cut it off early if I want to write. But maybe it's B two B. And you're doing something with larger enterprises. Maybe the cost of the power hour you put at $2,000. Because for that kind of customer, that's a $10 million plus company then you know, $ or $2000 isn't really very much so relative to the kind of customer that you're serving. You want to charge a price that's low enough that it's not really going to be a big deal. You can see here in this power our roadmap that we've listed eight stages that you want to go through. And the reason why we have these stages is so that you don't have to be involved in every stage of the process. Can you remember the last time you went to a dentist maybe you were there for how long, let's say two hours. But how much time did you actually spend with the dentist? Certainly you walked in there, the receptionist checked you in, you filled out some paperwork, you waited in the lobby, they escorted you to another room, They took the X rays, they got your credit card, they did some teeth cleaning and then you saw the dentist, but for how long, five minutes maybe. And then they're off and then you go talk to the receptionist and schedule your next appointment and get some toothbrushes, whatever it might be. And that's how you want to be able to treat your time. You want to maximize the value of your time. That's why you have this process. So you can see number one, we have a landing page. That's how you explain all the things that are going to happen. You say, hey in my power our here are the stages that you can expect. We're gonna go through 12345. We're gonna collect your goals. Content targeting here are the kinds of questions that you can ask me. Here's what I do and here's what I don't do right here are the kind of packages that I offer that way you don't have to keep repeating yourself over and over again. This is about maximizing the power of your brand which is about minimizing the amount of time you waste repeating the same stuff over and over again. Then Email confirmation of purchase. So if they pay $79 or whatever you charge for that initial consulting by the way you don't get on the phone and give them free consulting because that defeats the whole purpose. They have to pay you before even talking to you. And if they're not willing to pay you, they're the wrong person Or you didn't build up enough authority as part of your personal brand. If you build up the perceived authority and I get this all the time and it's not because I'm famous or anything like that. I get people all the time that have paid $1,500 before they've ever talked to me to schedule an hour with me, right? Because they have seen the proof of what I put out there because they've seen who I'm working with and that's why you're putting it out there. There's enough social proof. You don't need to establish that you're good at what you're doing. That's already proven because of your network and the topic wheel. Right? And you can even say just for fun when people come to, you could say you came to me you're the one who has the problem, right. I don't need to establish that. I know what I'm doing right. If you want to buy a power hour with me, it's all right here, all the questions already answered now that's provided you've set up that landing page with all those assets. The email confirmation says, wow, thank you so much. I can't wait to spend some time with you. Here's my calendar link. You can now schedule time so you can link up your calendar through your google calendar, your outlook, however you schedule your time. Maybe you have an assistant that does that for you. We like to move to step three then, which is the strategy assessment collecting their goals content and targeting. Remember we said the strategy assessment is that first phase that's our diagnostic, that's understanding what are they trying to do? That's the goals right. What are they trying to do content? How are they able to produce it or how did how did they describe it or how do they teach what they're doing targeting, who are they going after? And this is what we're using from a marketing standpoint. But you can use this For any kind of consulting that you're doing because you still need to understand what problem it is that you're trying to help them solve and they need to be able to clarify what that problem is. # four access checklist. So for us in doing marketing we want we want to understand their google their facebook, their email. We want to collect all the data so we need access to those particular assets in advance. So our team can come in and analyze them. But for you, What are the kinds of access that you need depending on what you're doing? Maybe you need to get access to forms or to an X ray or maybe if you're an attorney you need to get the case number so you can get the police report like whatever it is that you need in advance so you're not wasting your time trying to collect those items. Step # five is a quick audit. This is where also your farming it out to the equivalent of a paralegal or a nurse. What's that kind of work that once the strategy assessment and the access checklists are in place, The things that that they can do in advance so that when you was the dentist or doctor, you come in and you're able to read the chart and say, all right, well based on this, this and this, here's what I know is going to happen with that particular patient. You want to try to get all that work off of you. Step six, schedule it Step seven is when you actually spend time, remember the first six steps you've done none of the work, you've farmed it off, you've automated it seven, you finally have the meeting, but by the time you have the meeting with them And they pay their $79 or whatnot. You only need to talk a few minutes because you already know their problem, you already know the diagnosis because you already have the stats. And then step eight follow up tasks. That's when you're making the money. So think of this as paid legion, they paid you the initial $79 or $ or whatever. And if you've done this the right way and executed these particular tasks, that's when at the end of the meeting, they say, Wow, this is so good. How do we execute this plan? How do I fix this? This and this that you brought up and you say, well We have a package, it's $5,000 and we're gonna do this, this and this right. Or you want to sell a home or whatever it is that that you are trying to sell at that point, they are already preconditioned because you have demonstrated so much perceived and actual authority along the path that now you're able to sell your higher ticket item. It doesn't matter whether you're an info marketer or you're a mortgage broker or you're a plumber, you're going to go through the same thing because you're still building authority and you're offering something for low cost or free. A lot of folks they might offer like free exam, let's say you have a All right, you're a dentist, you offer the free teeth cleaning or something for cheap, like $19 teeth cleaning or maybe you are a martial arts instructor and you allow them to have their first lesson for free. Or maybe you say, you know, a $ membership and will give you the free uniform, right? There's lots of ways where you can incorporate the element of a power hour where they're paying for a little something just to get that symbolic dollar

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