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WHY Videos in action

Lesson 46 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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46. WHY Videos in action


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Chapter 1: Introduction


Personal Branding


Course Organization is Made Up of Strategy and Tactics


Personal Brand Manager Inputs and Outputs, Repurposing Content


Personal Branding Framework in Action


Quiz: Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Plumbing


Inception of Products, People Buy from People


Facebook Public Figure Page


Boosting Posts


Quiz: Chapter 2: Plumbing

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Repurposing Content Process for Selecting People on Fiverr


Topic Wheel, 6 Topics


Chapter 4: Networking


Power Networking Networking


Topic Wheel, 6 Topics


6 Types of Figureheads


Building a WHY, 3x3 Goals Sheet


Mapping Your Personal Goals


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Professional Content vs. Fun Content


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How to get 10,000 views of your message


Quiz: Chapter 4: Networking

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Interviewing and Being Interviewed


How to be an Expert Interviewer


Applying the Personal Branding Framework


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Perceived vs. Actual Authority


Quiz: Chapter 5: Interviews

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Amplification: Getting More From What's Working


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Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page


LinkedIn for Powerful Personal Branding


Clients Brands and Relationships


The One Minute Video


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Your Speaker Reel


Making Money


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WHY videos


Making One-Minute Videos




Repurposing Content Systematically


Twitter for Personal Branding


Quiz: Chapter 6: Visual Content

Chapter 7: Ascension Ladder


Making Money via the Ascension Ladder


WHY Videos in action


Quiz: Chapter 7: Ascension Ladder

Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs


Using Fiverr to Build Your Personal Brand


How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


Using Saved Gigs and Templates on Fiverr


Quiz: Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs

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Lesson Info

WHY Videos in action

by now, you've assembled your topic wheel, you've made one minute videos, you've been boosting posts, you've had various gigs on Fiverr to edit and cross promote and cross purpose content. And you see that personal branding is starting to create an impact for you. You may have heard from potential customers saying, hey, I've been seeing you all over on google or on youtube, where I was in the grocery store yesterday and you popped up on linkedin and that's your validation for things that are working. And I can tell you once you get that first customer or two because of what you're doing here with this personal branding framework, that's gonna cause you to say, wow, I want more of this. It's kind of like, you know, the drug addict where the first hit is free, right? So what's next? You want to put together your greatest hits? So your greatest hits is known as your three by three grid. That's your very best three Y three. How and three, what videos? Remember we said that your content is ...

channel independent. The production of your content is separate from the distribution of your content and from the amplification of your content. So take your very best three. And if you're if somehow you're at this stage and you're still getting started, the very first pieces of content you produce are by definition going to be already in your three by three. Why? Because let's say you and I, we start a rock band and we recorded nine songs. Well, those are our greatest hits, Those first nine songs that are best songs that are worst songs too, but that's the starting point. And as you start to create more pieces of content as you start to build your network As you start to get more relationships because of interviews, as you start to say thank you at scale. As you start to build more products for sale, you're gonna find when you play winter stay on that those best three and each of those categories will start to change the very best three. Y when you look back in six months at what you've done, you may say, oh man, that was absolutely awful, but you have to get past the suck as fast as possible to get to the point where you become polished on film or you learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking because you know that the ability to communicate impromptu to be able to interview, to be able to write content to be able to promote is absolutely key in building your personal brand and it is only through this in building your mission and being able to teach what you know and then being able to sell is how you're able to monetize the entire system. The three by three is how you take that, why how and what let me give you a pro tip a shortcut on how you can get this done a little bit faster. Start from the bottom up. That means start from the what? So the what is sales, content that you have, What is it that you have to sell? Practice different ways of saying it? Try filming in different locations? Try interviewing customers, try different products and features. Try different angles, try different pricing, try different problems that you help solve. Try addressing different customer types. There's different ways of addressing what you have to sell, try selling it on linkedin or Youtube. Try google ads against keywords that you think people are searching under and when you create these one minute videos, you're gonna find that certain patterns are going to resonate and when you seize upon that particular item, it could be a particular feature, it could be the way you say something that starts to generate more cash for you because you're able to tie that into re marketing right? Based on the facebook pixel, you're able to distribute that across all these different channels. So whatever is working on google, you'll get to work on facebook linkedin Quora, all these other channels because we understand distribution and amplification are separate as that's generating cash for you. You can then reinvest that cash into building the how content where you're sharing your expertise. If you think about the product or service that you have. So let's say that you are dr jerry and you are a psychiatrist. Well psychiatrist will help people overcome certain problems. But what are the other kinds of expertise that are surrounding the product, the products of what it could be mental health, it could be overcoming the loss of a loved one. It could be how do you deal with bulimia? Could be how like not actually talking about your products or services, but what's one step out? Let's say I'm selling a mattress, What are the different topics? So how do I sleep? How do I eat properly? How do I how do I deal with travel and should I use Melatonin? Right, what are all the topics that surround my product that I have to sell? That's your your how layer, right? And as my how layer starts to build an audience and I'm collecting email addresses or people are coming to my website, which then drives more sales more into my what layer? Right? Because they go from the how into the what? Then I can invest one layer up and go into the y and start to tell stories and start to interview other people and have them tell their stories. And now I have a funnel sequence that drives people all the way down into the sales. But I'm building my funnel bottom up, even though my customer journey is top down, you see, that's what people don't understand. They try to start at the top by making why videos that are great and maybe they resonate well, but it doesn't result in customers necessarily just because you can engage people doesn't mean they're necessarily going to buy. So think about that, it's not just a social media thing, it's a whole digital marketing thing, you know, my Taco Bell discontinued the Yo quiero Taco Bell, you know the thing with the chihuahua, it's because it drove a lot of engagement, but it didn't drive anymore taco sales, right? So think about starting from down here, what's driving the sales tying back back to the expertise that causes people to say, huh, I'm gonna buy from you instead of these other people because I like what you have to say or it seems like a better choice than these other folks because of the expertise you're sharing because the perceived authority, right? That's what you want to be able to sell and now you've built a three by three, the beauty of this three by three is that it's evergreen. Remember we said that last stage of building a personal branding framework is amplification. That means you're using ads, that means you're continuing to say thank you and collecting positive mentions as part of a part of the thank you machine, you're saying thank you to people to collect more and more good things re harvesting out of what's already working, that means that when that amplification is working, it is going to continuously generate sales for you, this is a mind blowing concept. If you stop and think about it for a minute, most people probably, you too are thinking in terms of a time based sale or news or here's an event where there's a particular date and then past black friday. Then it's over past the new year sale. It's over past the particular new product release. It's over past, you know, whatever piece of news that's happened, it's over. Think in terms of evergreen content, when you're telling your stories that lasts forever, when you're sharing your expertise about how to do something that lasts forever. When you're talking about your products, that's gonna last forever provided you don't change your prices or your product offering significantly. Think about your favorite movie. Maybe it's Pixar or Disney. That's evergreen. Those stories are always going to be valid even years from now when technology changes and you want to start to create content that you can continue to reuse. Why? Because you can continue to put money against it and you're going to continue to drive leads even if you do nothing isn't that incredible. You'll still have things like sales, you'll still have specials, but start to do less discounting less price driven promotion and more people buying based on your why. And you're gonna find that when people buy based on your y and your expertise, price is no longer the issue. If your marketing based on price, you're gonna find that, you can't sustain a strong personal brand that they just don't go hand in hand because when was the last time you went to a heart surgeon and they said, hey get your heart surgeon by or surgery by friday and it's half off. That's not what it's about. When your brand is strong, you don't have to mess with price and that gives you more margin to when you're able to charge more because you have a stronger brand. Think about items that you pay for on a premium because you just like that brand better than the generic one because that iphone 11 is $1500. It's because you trust in the brand and if you've always been buying the latest iphone every year and they come out with the new Macbook Pro or they come out with the iphone 12, you don't even know it's in the iphone 12 but you're gonna buy it won't you? It's because of that brand trust and that's the kind of trust you want to build with your community, that's the perceived authority that comes from the topic wheel. That's all the ways you get implied endorsement because other people are talking about you and you're using the topic wheel and the very best items which are the three by three your greatest hits to build more traffic and audience and sales for you. And that's when you realize that's when you have a strong personal brand

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