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Dennis' Personal Brand Manager

Lesson 28 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

Dennis' Personal Brand Manager

Lesson 28 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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28. Dennis' Personal Brand Manager


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Personal Branding


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Dennis' Personal Brand Manager


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Lesson Info

Dennis' Personal Brand Manager

by now you've gone through the course components to understand how to gather the assets to build a personal brand, how to edit them, how to distribute them and how to amplify them to be able to satisfy the goal of building your brand or the brand of your client. I want to show you my personal brand evidenced in the personal brand manager. So you can see how I've actually done it because everything that we're teaching you here at fiber learn is something that we have done before. Remember we talked conceptually about authority being, things like being on Tv or being around people that are influential in an industry or being in a strong network. I want to show you how you actually use these components using me as an example. So you can see in this particular document and feel free to download the template that we made for you that I've got lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of people here in my network. Remember we're trying to build a combination of authority by where we are, who we...

're with and what we're saying and you can see that I've got these all organized. But even if you don't have publications in the Wall Street Journal or you haven't been interviewed on NPR or CNN or maybe you don't have the testimonials from other people in your industry yet, there's still value here and where you can start, you might not be able to start with the most powerful kind of sizzle reel speaker real, which is what we use from the raw components to build. But remember we talked about how you can build your topic wheel based on your why how and what, So I want you to see that even if you're starting from nothing and you just want to get your first book out, you just want to get your first speaking gig, you define those first six topics, just like I have here and be careful when you're doing this not to be too broad, a lot of people will choose topics like business and they'll, they'll put in people like richard, Branson and Elon musk, that's way to broad, try to be as specific as you can. So that when you niche down, you can actually choose people that you would be able to put a green check next to because you know them and the more people, you know that you can put a green check by the more people you can build because of the authority you get from who you're with. So if I'm with Michael steles nor Ryan Deiss. So for mentorship, entrepreneurship, that gives me access to other people that are in their circles as well and that's how you do networking in a smart way that builds your personal brand, not just because you're taking pictures with them at a conference now, Use these templates so that whether you are the business person or you are doing this as a seller on behalf of the buyer, you're able to keep track of the assets that you have and for me, we like to use google sheets and you can see this is our content library and their articles or blog posts that I've written or things where people have interviewed me. There's a couple 1000 in here. You don't have to have thousands. You need just, just have a few. And if you don't have a lot of blog posts and you don't like the blog, guess what? Just make a one minute video or two and then turn that into a blog post. Go to Fiverr and buy a transcription task and get that particular component done. Or maybe you don't like to do video, then just write articles and you can have those turned into videos later. You can have someone else actually speak them. I'll actually take scripts that I've written and have other people that are more attractive or or better known in an industry. You actually read the script that I wrote. So you can go either way you're going to leverage where you have the most strength and what you like to do. And of course, even if you have the topics and you have the network to build that authority, you still need the content. And the way I produced lots of content is just having one or two long form videos that we're able to then cut into little snippets and articles like we talked about and all of that is stored again in this document, which may be the initial one you have is a little bit barren, but when you start out and you've got these different tabs for where you've been speaking or one minute videos that you've made or testimonials that other people have made about you, you've made about them. One of my favorite things to do on linkedin to get more testimonials is I'll say good things about them and of course they're gonna reciprocate. Right? So think of this. It's kind of like your bank account balance. You're constantly, you know, you're here like this is me on facebook and I'm sharing my content like here I am with Colin wayne. We were here in Huntsville Alabama yesterday going live and I'm sharing how awesome he is and he's showing how awesome I am. That's exactly what you want And you can see there's more of these right 14, people saw it. Same thing with linkedin. Let's go here. My notifications where this is influenced generator. This is where we're trying to find good things that people are saying. So I wrote this article barely in articles and blog posts while I was on the plane yesterday and it's gotten a lot of people to like comment and share a lot of use, you should be using linkedin by the way it's absolutely killer compared to facebook and it's not just that we're getting a lot of people engaging instead there are people that are saying good things as a result of it. Like here, Bonnie David, I can speak from direct and personal experience. I'm a blitz nation member. Dennis is a gem, right. People are saying positive things and you've got to be able to collect that and you probably don't even notice same this person I've never met them. I needed to hear this after all, this can be used as a positioning tactic, blah, blah, blah. People are agreeing with you if you have something that you really believe in and you know, it's going to resonate with other people, see and, and they're creating the content for you. Maybe you wrote the initial post, but then that gives you more stuff that you can use to build relationships. Let's say, you know, George Leath comes in and comments on one of my posts. His friends are going to notice that. And then that allows me to build my connections because when he endorses me, then it's easy to be able to build connections with them and that builds out my network. So look at this is not a document you fill out just once. Look at this as an ongoing thing, like your ongoing workout program or your diet or car maintenance or whatever active yoga activity you have that you do to continue to build and improve. You do want to get it started initially. So maybe you choose those six topics and you put a few of the people that, you know, or that you'd like to know green checkmark meaning you already know them and just use it to build. So I'm friends with Billie jean and because I've spoken at this conference and we've been on live streams together and been at the same places and have a lot of the same friends that introduces me to other people in his network and vice versa. And that's really what networking does. Personal branding is not some digital technical thing as a business person, you know that As a five or seller you might not realize that if you just leverage what the client already has then and then you put it into things like a three by three, you put it into the topic, will you start categorizing by the content they care about. Then you're amplifying relationships that are already there and that's when it's just easy money because you can see like here on linkedin, I do the same thing on twitter that people are engaging and I might think that a particular topic is interesting. But if I don't get engagement and if it doesn't build my network, I need to adjust my topics, I need to learn from the data on what is working the best. So check this out, I'll go to twitter, you will not see other people teaching this in their courses because they probably haven't done it right, I'm teaching you from direct example and look these are my notifications on twitter and there are people that are sharing stuff about me for example or I'm sharing stuff about them here. They're sharing my article. These are all great examples of items that I'm going to put into my content library. Right? And there's so many kinds of things you can choose whatever tabs you want. I think maybe you're choosing testimonials because of your product or your service that you have and this is where you have someone on fiber or your virtual assistant collect all this because you might be thinking, yeah, but I don't have time to do this. And initially yeah, it's a lot of time to get this thing going. But then ongoing, it might be an hour a week and you can have someone on on fiber, choose the right seller to do this for you and then you start to build out your personal brand and it's what other people are saying about you now check this out and I found I'm having my photos automatically get uploaded into google photos and you can see they're all high resolution, A lot of behind the scenes stuff. I'm endorsing other people I'm traveling, taking pictures of other people. Google knows who I am. I used the google drive unlimited, which is part of google apps. There's different ways of storage like Dropbox, Dropbox or in Apple ICloud. I use all of them because I don't think you should use just one. It's just better to be safe and my favorite is actually amazon photos. So amazon's got an app, the amazon photos app that you can live on your phone that will automatically tag the different people that are in your photos right? You think facebook's creepy, Look at how smart amazon is, they're the best at this and I can look at my friend and co and see where I've been with her. So here I was in Malaysia last month with her at a conference with royalty queens and kings of other countries and here we are and and see it's automatically tagging this now, imagine if you used amazon to categorize your photos on where you were and who you're with, How that's going to help build out your topic will because the power is you need to maximize your content in the direction of who it's with. Right? So if I know that I'm, I'm doing stuff with Grant Cardone and it's about managing people and being an entrepreneur. I'm going to try to leverage every angle that Grant Cardone has every video I have with Grant Cardone or whoever it is doesn't have to be a big figurehead or mary smith on digital marketing right? Think about how many intersections there are between the different people that you have and use this template, the personal brand manager to keep track of how your personal brand is doing. Don't just say you have a strong personal brand, you can actually measure it, take inventory of it, just like a bank account balance. And if you're a fiber cellar, use the personal brand manager to be able to prove to the client that what you're working on is structured. So they're not like, I wonder what this personal brand nebulous kind of thing is now. Here it is. We're collecting assets, were editing and organizing them here in the file cabinet called the personal brand manager and then we're pushing it out there to be able to drive. Sales were pushing out there for a dollar a day were cross posting. We're editing, we're writing blog posts were transcribing off of that raw content that we collected here. I hope you find that useful and good luck and building your personal brand.

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