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Importance of Creating Financial Habits

Lesson 1 from: Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers

Galia Gichon

Importance of Creating Financial Habits

Lesson 1 from: Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers

Galia Gichon

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Lesson Info

1. Importance of Creating Financial Habits

Lesson Info

Importance of Creating Financial Habits

Thank you I'm so excited to be here I've been working on this specifically for just, you know, a few weeks few months definitely getting excited, but I've got twenty years of experience behind me, so you're going to get the intense experience that I've got the last month combined with my background, so thank you and I'm so excited to have my studio audience here please ask questions and that's actually my message to all of you please ask questions bring it on because I love to hear it so I just want to start with that it takes us much energy toe wish as it does to plan because very often when I deal with people their money, the first thing that I hear is how stressed they are how worried they are so let's take that energy and really focus it on learning and planning because you do need a plan, it doesn't matter who you are and where you are you do need a plan, we're gonna help you find that personal finance plan so focused that negative energy you've had on really planning and controll...

ing your money and then think about money is really just a tool it will take you wherever you wish, but you're the driver so it does not replace you as the driver and you can control your money that's actually one of my affirmations and my money matters kid it is I can control my money you can control your money so don't forget that so let's just talk about who you are who should you be listening to this class and I'll just stay even though they told me not to say this I'll start by saying that anybody can get something out of this course so we are going to be geared toward and targeting freelancers and artists but anybody can listen we are going to focus on people who have variable income who don't get a steady paycheck so when I get into the details of your money that's probably the main difference between you and other people is you don't get a steady paycheck but everything else is the same what you spend what you invest where your money goes, so if you are listening and you have a regular job, we'll get so much out of this course as well. But there's no question from an income standpoint, we're going to talk a lot about that because that's the biggest question freelancers have is but I don't get paid regularly how can I deal with my money so that's someone that really is going to get so much out of this and feel the confidence? Maybe you're an entrepreneur and you've done so well with your business but you're not necessarily taking advantage of your personal finances you're going to get so much out of this because something else I see is a lot of entrepreneurs sort of co mingle their personal and business it just becomes one big grey area so that's something that we're going to talk about I see it all the time I say you know a little joke I have is let's separate church and state so separate your personal in your business maybe you're watching this and you've got a full time job and you're thinking god, I just really want to be a fill in the blank but how do I do it? Because I can't afford it I hear that all the time so this course is for you and I know I did that I worked in corporate america for ten years I have the daughter of two entrepreneurs they're immigrants I knew but I wanted to have my own business my mother and father both had it they sort of came to america with that golden dream and working in corporate america I thought, well, I want to have my own business, I want to have children, I won't have a family how do I do that? And I focused I planned on it, so if you're listening and that's your dream, we will definitely focus on that too and you want to leave your nine to five job because you want to live a more balanced life and I get it I love my life I work hard, I've got a family I wouldn't change it anyway like that so we can definitely talk about that. The other big thing that might come up for you today is you're going through life transition and really there's no a better opportunity to show up in eraser finances so maybe it's something as simple as you're turning twenty god bless you, you're turning thirty you're turning forty I'll keep going fifty all of those that's a big time I mean I can't tell you how many people have called me and say I just turned thirty I've just turned forty I've just turned fifty I wish the twenty year olds would call but they're not but if that's who you are I get it that's a big time in your life to think about okay, maybe I should take myself more seriously or just really focus on myself because that's what this is about is taking care of yourself. The other thing is maybe you just got married and you're looking at to do look at money together that's a great question, by the way so somebody asked me that should we look at money together? Shall we look at separates week? Should I have my own account? Is that cheating? Is that that's a big question money and finance and love and finance excuse me, love and money maybe you just got married. Maybe you're moving in together. Maybe you're in a domestic partnership. I mean that's a great opportunity to talk about money, and very often people don't talk about money. And guess what? That's, just part of the communication process. Maybe you just had a baby or you are having another baby or another baby. Or maybe your kids are going to college soon and you are really freaking out about how am I gonna pay for college? Maybe retirement is closer than you think, and I deal with that question a lot. People come see me in their forties and fifties. They haven't saved like they should have. I hate using that word and they think, well, I'm never going to retire. We can come up with a plan for you. So call me give me your situation. Maybe you're dealing with divorce, you've lost somebody. And again, that's a big issue and you've got so much fear. But again, we can definitely work with you on that. So that's some specific points of who this workshop is for. So before we get into why we should even bother showing it with my money or your money excuse me, let me just share a little bit about who I am. So you can read my bio online they were so wonderful to introduce me and give my accolades so yes I was on wall street I have an mba in finance yada yada blah blah blah that's not why you you listen to me you should listen to me talking about my money because I have been where a lot of you are I put myself through college I had student loans I had credit card debt I started investing my own money when I was nineteen nobody taught me about money nobody I did it on my own I started investing in a four oh one k when I worked for a bank had no idea what it was even though I was a finance major I had to learn about the four oh one k had to badger my h r department to teach me about it learned about mutual funds on my own again finance major didn't know about mutual funds learned it on my own saved money got paid well on wall street started investing my own money had kids wanted to buy a home got myself into debt and then ten years ago started my own business I wanted to do it more than anything but then freaked out thinking how am I going to pay my mortgage on my rent? So I have been where a lot of you are in a lot of my clients are I'm the cfo of my household, I'm the cfo of my business with the ceo I manage my money every day, every month, every week I've got two little girls I've already talk started teaching them about mutual funds and investing. I was raised by a single mom who really said all you got to do it no one's going to do it for you no one's going to take care of you unless you take care of yourself, which is the best lesson so that's my story and why you should listen to me on a personal basis since I've had my own business for the last ten years. Besides the have been on cnn on the today show new york times huge accolades don't get me wrong, I'm really proud of myself, but the achievements I feel great about is I have literally worked with thousands of people, definitely more women yeah, but what I found what I really enjoyed was working with freelancers. I actually started working with the freelancers union in new york, which is an amazing group, and I just started getting all these amazing clients and again, I've worked in corporate america and wall street for so long, so for me to start working with all these artists and graphic designers and writers I've loved it just brought out sort of the cultural personal side and me and first of all, I realize they needed my help because then no one had taught them to take charge of their money and also they just they were fearful and they weren't getting a study paycheck they didn't have an hr department, they didn't have a four one kid to sign up for which on the whole if you work for a corporation, you do have a little more stability there. So that's, where I sort of gravitated, I started gravitating towards freelancers and artists, and since then, like I said, it's been ten plus years working with them I love it there by far my favorite clients I love all my client, so if you're listening and you're not a freelancer, I still love you, but I really, really enjoyed working with philly answers and artists because I feel like I'm making such a difference in their lives and I'm going to talk a lot about the next three days who my clients are will mention names, I promise I won't give up any identity but just talk about a woman in her forties who came to me with credit card debt everything was in one bank account a few years later, she just bought an apartment in new york city it's not making millions she's doing great, but I taught her how to take care of herself how to save her money how to start paying herself I taught her how to learn about mutual funds I taught her how to set up a set by ira she did it she showed up but I taught her these tools and by the way she makes a good income but not a great income so that's somebody that I've worked with it I'll talk about it talk about couples that I work with I'm going to talk a lot about my clients the next few days and I also want to hear from you so again jean marie in javi air please ask your questions and then also from the chat rooms should we have a couple of would you like to hear waiting die story from las ka balls in mexico nesquik nice gig works in wedding photography based in costa rican, dominican republic and mexico just trying to get ahold of my own finances and I know you'll be addressing that whole conch sit offshore inning as well as absolutely absolutely we're going to cover that when we talk about taxes specifically just really do pay taxes internationally d pay taxes domestically obviously this person if they can get paid in us dollars and one currency that would I highly suggest that so they're not subjecting themselves to currency risk and really focus on just one or two institutions but we will talk about that absolutely we also have rights start photo in the chat room who says I'm in the turning twenty categories right start photo has a wedding photography and family photography business first year in business and really wants to get ahead in the finance love it first of all, the fact that they're showing up they do have time on their side so what they need to focus on right start photography is focus on the zero to sixty meaning just start saving don't worry about the dollar amount yet we will get into this definitely, but really focus on how do I just start building that habit and pay myself every time I get paid? Don't focus on how much yet but just say if I get paid ten dollars when we put one aside, we'll talk about that that's so great before I get started on the nitty gritty what I want you to walk away with so we are going to talk about today or the next three days your budgets your retirement plans your mutual finds your creditor port if you've got dead student loans taxes had to get organized simplifying your life financial life that is your home finance whether it's buying a home wanting to buy home owning children's college fund will's insurance it's a lot I hear you we do have three days that's a lot of information so focus on bite size pieces focus on let me just do little steps and I promise you, you will do this in thirty minutes a week, but more importantly what you're going to walk away with when you start getting this information, you're going to realize how much you should be charging and how much more money you can make and will make because you've got to start taking care of yourself when you really see those numbers and I know because I have seen the other side of people who do start making more when you realize how much you should be saving for a rainy day for retirement to take care of yourself right away you're going to say it, I need to make more money and you will and we'll get really clear on how much more you should be making and you can do it great let's get started wo I'm so excited to be here, okay, so why should you bother? So this is just a little bit of a big picture basis why you should bother dealing with your money what we're creating for you is life long, healthy money habits and what I want a love of the twenty year old called in I love it love it love it I teach a barnyard, I teach college students I just worked a few days ago for seminar out here in berkeley with young adults, so I love the young ones are showing up but I also worked with a lot of people that have not created those habits, and they've been working a while and they show up and they're definitely frustrated like, I remember this one woman had this just delicious catering business for eight years, and she came to me and she was pretty angry. She was pretty pissed because she said, I have this great business, I've seen success, I mean, delicious food I've not paid myself in eight years, I'd be pretty pissed, too. So what's happening here is that when we are starting a business or we have our own business or we're an entrepreneur where freelancer, we just don't pay ourselves, and so I'm here to teach you about just creating that healthy money habit that don't worry about the money in terms of how much, but just more importantly, say every day that I do with my money and it is every day, even though you'll only deal thirty minutes a week, you've gotto how that healthy money happened and think about do you eat healthy? Maybe not always. Sometimes your friend tries, but on the whole maybe do you eat healthy? Do you work out? Do you belong to any sort of religion center source? No judgment, no criticism, but is that a role in your life? Money is that role, too? So it's just a habit that we're going to teach you about and helped create so just think about that and really what I want you to also walk away with is if I control my money it doesn't control me you know I'm seeing little flutters the power of time and again yes, obviously it's better to be a twenty year old saving your money but that's not who we are and so many people come into my office and say off only I had if only I had sure, but you can't control that you can't control what you did yesterday you are where you are today, today's, monday, december ninth we're here let's move forward so let's take the power of time from today on and control that and then this is so important because I see this I didn't believe this, you know, I definitely have the confidence working on wall street. I was the only woman in my department for four years tell me that's, not butterflies in your stomach every morning, but I didn't I didn't, you know they used to call my department the shark tank this was before that show it wasn't a good thing, but I did it I did it for many years, but when I started working with people their money what I found is they became were confident and the confidence that seeps into you I can do a budget I'll never forget one of my first creative clients was this architect we worked together for a few sessions and she came in and she's like no no no I want to show you morning star I want to show you the mutual funds can I show you this and she said I cannot believe I'm doing this I'm so excited she said I never thought I'd be doing this sitting down with something no no no let me show you the confidence she felt translates to confidence in your work confidence and making more money from projects confidence and asking for fees he's just general self esteem and confidence in your professional life and your personal life it enriches your relationships with your partner your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends I've had clients say to me my friends can't believe I'm talking about money this is not a complaining session this is ah yeah first of all I probably have to be realistic about what I don't know but from now on I'm focused on learning and taking control so the confidence is a big part of it if you show up you do the homework of these next three days you watch you talk about money with your friends, you'll get this you just got to show up so the confidence personal professional success, higher self esteem really there's I see it over and over if someone had told me that when I first started my business I'm not a therapist I'm not a coat I what are you talking about? I would not have believed it I just saw it over and over the confidence that people felt from taking charge of their money where there's so much fear seeps into so many areas of your life, so show up, ask questions, do the homework homework spite size promise what can you expect? What air the outcomes you are going to get a spending smarter plan it's a budget it's such an ugly word budget so I like to call spending smarter spending consciously but it's a budget that's the bottom line wilson I've got two kids and a mortgage if I don't have a budget, I could not go out to dinner go on vacation by the things that I want to buy save for retirement say, for my kid's college fund, I couldn't do any of those things so it's a spending smarter plan? Do I keep it most of the time? Sometimes I don't we'll talk about lots of different plans because your artist you're freelancers, you're not the same you're not cookie cutter, we're going to teach you to use that savings muscle we're not going to focus on ok, you must save one hundred dollars every two weeks, but more importantly, we're going to say here's, how you have to say that every time you have money and put that muscle, flex it, use it. We're going to talk about you controlling money in your daily life. What I found about money is that most people feel guilty about money, they feel guilty spending, they feel guilty that they've overspent you feel guilty that they haven't done enough so let's, get rid of that guilt and bring the consciousness back into our money, less stress, really ideally, of my money, thirty minutes a week and the rest the week. I don't worry about it. I focus on building my business. I focus on spending time with my family, I focus on running, doing yoga, going to shows, watching homeland, watching any show, whatever really dealing with your money shouldn't control your whole week and feel the last stress. How many of you have had stress about money? Hello? Yes, we all have course everybody should be reason in fact, one of my clients said to me, you know, I'm seeing you galya because I want to sleep at night, I can't sleep at night and keep waking up to a m, so hopefully by you showing up getting something from this course, you'll get something I cannot tell you enough how much you'll get your gun of less stress you're gonna earn more money maybe you'll just save more money if you want to start I have to earn more but you'll just find more and you have stronger relationships so where do we begin? That's actually a huge question so one of the things that I've learned is when I'm teaching at my college class when I teach my students at barnard college in new york is I right away go around the room and say what are your goals? Most of them don't have goals they say I'm well I'm here because my parents made me I'm here because I wouldn't know I want to learn about money I'm here because I've got fear they get into that and so what I work with them is really getting clear on what their goals should be and being more bite size and specific about it but what's interesting what I realize is that most people I don't necessarily know where they want to go because they don't know where they are today so the first step is not focusing on okay I need to do this I need to do more savings like god I need to learn about mutual funds I need to go down and open a step ira I need to open a roth no no no don't worry about that let's stop and think about where we today I call this the thirty second snapshot but what's funny about it is that when I did it in my seminars did twelve weeks seminars is a client came in and she was pretty angry she said galya this isn't thirty seconds this took me three hours I know it can take you three hours the goal of it is it should take you thirty seconds it shouldn't take you three hours the idea is that if you just need a quick check up on your money it's the thirty second snapshot I love that this is a photography company creative lives started by a just very esteemed photographer and there's so many photographers that are watching this that are part of this organization in the audience so I had already called it the snap shot but it's the thirty second snapshot so what is your thirty seconds snapshot? I have summarized it in four words what do you own? What do you owe what you spend and what you earn? And so these four words for you freely answers who are complaining or giving me criticism or giving me excuses that well I don't get a steady paycheck I don't know what I'm getting paid I'm not sure where my money's going on ly one of these four words is a word that you can't directly control which is earn you can control what you own you can control what you owe you can death in control what you spend maybe you can't control exactly what you earn but indirectly it's probably the one out of four that you cannot control so let's just start with where you today what do you own? Maybe this number zero maybe it's ten thousand maybe it's one hundred thousand when I first started working with clients individually on their personal finances a little over ten years ago I just assumed everybody knew these numbers and I thought, well, this is pretty obvious right? Don't you know what you have in the bank? Don't you know the debts you owe don't you know what you spent last month now obviously I'm up here because most people don't know these numbers so I phrase it if you have money saved if you've saved any iras if you save money in the bank, how hard have you worked to save that money pretty hard right? You might not know the investments you might not know if someone else is managing the money you might not know the interest rate you're getting but you save that money why don't you own it? And I've worked with people who are high net worth who have had just amazing money managers it's your money you could have the best money manager it's still only your money you're not sharing it with anybody it's yours so own it literally figuratively, emotionally, physically mother, I just realized I forgot a personal note to im. One of I have five sisters. I have one real sisters, they're all real. I have full blood, half stepsisters, probably on the only one who went into finance. But they're just and I've a sister in law that I love like a sister's. I've really accomplished women in my family of mothers stepmothers. I've got the whole modern family literally. But again, I I started doing this really with my family, just talking to people about money because that's how I realized, well, I do have a gift and that I can really help people with their money because I was helping all these wonderful women in my life that I have teachers, I have lawyers have a filmmaker, ivan environmentalist. I have a translator, I have doctors, I've stayed home moms, I've got teachers. I mean, I just this is literally just my direct family. So this was the first exercise that we did, and nobody had the answers. I thought, if they don't know and there's such amazing, accomplished women. Maybe I could do something to help them so start with what you own dough if you have investments don't be focused on what they mean are they a stalker they bond of their mutual fund or they private equity or they hatch one don't worry about that we will cover that I promise but right now just say what is the dollar amount as of today not what it was a year ago three years ago before the market went up it went down what is my money worth today you'll probably have to look it up this is where my three hour exercise comes into account but that's fine but eventually you should know it do you count for assets if you own particular things that that's a great question that's a grey area so the question was do you count assets? I think if the assets are liquid meaning that they can be sold and actually wear something. So if it's your stamp collection that maybe is worth twenty dollars on ebay I probably wouldn't include it but if it's truly an asset maybe it's photography equipment that you can sell art again art and can it be sold? I want to say liquid because art is not so liquid but if it's truly worth something absolutely absolutely in fact had a kind had a wonderful sort of south western pottery collection and she we realized that she had insured it it was in her apartment so the first thing we did is we said take pictures get it insured it is an asset obviously it's not as liquid is cash in the bank but yeah it's a great question ira's probably when you're going through this exercise if you've ever worked at a corporate job or if you've worked little jobs you realize that you have old iras or maybe open an ira in your hometown I see that a lot or you're a teacher in wisconsin for a few years or again I'm saying this from clients that I've worked with I've seen that story so this is the time where you just say what I own just put the dollar amount no that number it's always higher than you think it isthe especially if you have money in different places if you have multiple ira's old for one k's different savings and different institutions which we will talk about simplifying your financial life so this numbers always hire unless it zero in great that's a blank slate but it's always more than you think it is so this number let's talk about dead what do you owe again? You owe it come clean I've been to any meetings I've been to a a meetings d a I'm getting diego debtors anonymous it's actually we'll talk a lot about dead but if that's an issue take care of it, we're working on it but find out what you owe because you know what? You can't get away from it you've got to deal with it and you've got to take responsibility for it so know that number and like this is higher this is higher to unfortunate especially if people have credit card debt which is the worst stressful just you know, my numbing exercise are just situation tohave credit card that can really bring us down and prevent us from moving forward and like I said when most people really stop and look at what kind of death they've got, they realize that they have less they have more death in the I thought they had so this will involve running a credit report talking to your lenders we'll talk about that but know that number if you have a student loan know that number you've got to pay it back no it uh count your mortgage as well or absolutely absolutely kind of morgan's great question count your mortgage if you have irs loans which a lot of freelancers dio because they're not used to paying taxes on their own if you have loan it's a friends and family if you've taken out a small business loan while I do want you to keep personal and business separate, I've worked with a lot of business owners unfortunately a lot of business loans air secured by our personal situation, our personal home or personal bank accounts so if it's truly secured by personal loans yeah you got to put it there because unfortunate your personal assets will be responsible for it okay what are we spending again got wrenching yes I know I saw you this's why I dress like this because I get warm thinking about it we're going to talk about it do you like to go out to eat yes do you like to buy clothing yes do you like to get your hair done absolutely do you love to travel yes she lets go to bookstores yes you can do it we will find the money for you you just have to be conscious about it know where the money is going this is probably the most important thing you could do as a freelancer is really having a handle on your spending to meet is the foundation of the house that lets everything else be built on top of it so no that number it's not just what is my route what is my mortgage what is my phone bill that's easy but is really what is my total monthly nut remember I first heard that when I first started I worked in institutional finance for ten years and the terms are really different and then when I moved over to the personal side ten years ago someone said what's your nut I'm like oh I don't know that that's very personal on and then I realized it's like what do you know what is your monthly number and it's again it's not your fixed expenses it's like you're all encompassing numbers we'll talk a lot about that we're gonna spend lots of hours on that but know that number own it then finally what do you earn and what was interesting about this I thought well gosh this is the easiest one so you is a freelancer today is december ninth can you tell me what you've earned your too deep for two thousand thirteen and most can't and how hard have you worked earn that money I know I've worked my butt off this year I have done seminars all over the country I've written articles gotten paid for it I see sometimes ten clients a week I teach a college forget about the money the work I do that I don't get paid for making meals that night lunches and but I have worked my butt off I could tell you to the penny what I have earned as of december ninth no that number but in a good way you have worked really hard and kudos to you for choosing to work by yourself create a life that's a little bit different I love it again I was the daughter I am the daughter of two entrepreneurs so I love it it's who I am but know how much you've earned no that number waiting business doesn't know the number and says, my problem is I don't keep enough track on monthly income, I mean, this close to my heart, you this I don't keep enough track on monthly income, so I'm not entirely sure what I earned, especially since I'm in the first two how do I start tracking what I will make way? Do I stock that's such a great questions so I will get into that, but I'll just give you a quick first tip is someone had said this to me, I'd gone when I go to a lot of seminars, tuas well, when I'm speaking and I listen to the other seminars and this wonderful marketing coach said, think of yourself as the ceo and cfo of your business. Whether you're one person shop who works out of her home or his home doesn't matter, you're the ceo or cfo, take yourself seriously, so get a bookkeeper if you don't want to do it, fine, I don't expect you necessarily to know debits and credits and quicken or quickbooks, and we'll definitely talk about that, but then get the right people around you. And while you don't think you want to spend the money actually the fifty dollars or hundred dollars or two hundred a month you might spend on a bookkeeper that's hours that you freed up to mode go make more money that's really how I look at it so you need to get a system in place so whether you just hire a bookkeeper that can really and I have most of my clients are creative and the really successful ones have bookkeepers so get a bookkeeper who can really put you on track once a month or learn quicken or quickbooks but get a system I still on old fashioned use an excel spreadsheet so every week I literally put my clients what I earned for the hour because I get paid by the hour or project basis I might not get paid immediately but I just put an excel spreadsheet every week so this part of taking care of yourself thirty minutes a week so maybe an old fashioned no pick great but think of yourself as the ceo another question chat room is it better to consider what I earn as an individual or as a married couple j test is asking who great question we you know I'm not going to answer that right now but that is a great questions so please remind me if I don't cover it because we're definitely going to talk about individual married it's not clean little gray but we're definitely gonna talk about it so your first bit of homework over the break right down your thirty seconds snapshots and I would say before you looked them up just right on what you think they are so what do you own? Is it zero is it? Five thousand is a ten thousand is a one hundred thousand isn't ten million I hope and back to the questions already had asked about the mortgage so you can on the flip side, but what is the value of my home if you have a mortgage? So is my home worth five hundred thousand and I have a three hundred thousand mortgage and put iona five hundred thousand dollars home if you have cars that are worth money put that in there, but what do I and so quickly write it down before you look it up and then maybe this is all you do for the next month is you do this exercise once a week, once a month, you write on a little post it this is how my first client, who I really worked with this exercise who by the way she and her husband were, he was a photographer and she was his business manager and they're they're amazing photographers a canadian couple, she would literally write the four numbers on a post it and put it on her computer today she put on her ipad. This is ten years ago before ipads put it on your bathroom mirror, put it in your kitchen above the coffee maker er like there's, nobody's and money should be relegated to our little checkbook our little notebook put it everywhere so I'm a big fan of affirmations and I say to my clients, take that information and put it on your bathroom here you're doing your hair you're brushing your teeth look at that affirmation look at those four numbers so that's your first bit of homework so over the break or right now literally right down those four numbers and put them somewhere where you can see them, I would say don't put them on a phone elektronik lee digitally listen, I'm as techno is everybody else I've got my iphone it's not here because I'm on internet, so but I would have it probably in my pocket I have an ipad, I ve got a computer but write it down, write it on a sheet of paper, then I'll just I didn't put this in the homework, but share it with a friend share it with somebody, we're going to talk a lot about that and while I'm focused on freelancers and artists, I also work a lot with women and money and men and money and there are differences in how women and many women and men look at money, no question about it and we're just so hesitant to talk about money so that's something else that I want to think about for, so I'm giving you permission it is okay to talk about money there is no shame nor fear this is not a complaining I can't curse on tv so it's a blank and moan this is not a blank and moan session this is not a complaining this is not a let me talk about how little I've got this's not let me talk about wow I don't have any savings I don't have any clients I don't make enough this is not that this is I want tto learn more I want to learn let me just start I want to learn about what have god taking this awesome personal finance class and I am learning about where my money is going and where it is share that with your friends share that with your family called somebody now text somebody if nothing else it comes back to you that's the one thing that I found is that when I encouraged my clients or people I work with to talk about their money and share it if nothing else a few months later someone would say hey has that money gold going and you know you're probably saying I guess I should get on it and you might not be doing it yet but at least it's in your conversation when I saw that with a client in male client who got laid off during the financial recession a few years ago he got on the phone and called everybody he knew to say hey joe what can you do for me? Hey, I'm looking for a job. Hey, informational interview. Too many projects you've any consulting called everybody. I was so impressed with that. He didn't think twice about, say, I need a job. I need a consulting gig. I need this if you could help me. But can you can I meet with you? Do you know anyone? You can tell me? Great kind get you arlington. We're women tend to not do that as much. If you've got a lot of fear around money, you're just hesitant house foreign, no one's going to take care of you, so share your numbers. You can start with somebody you feel really good about way, baby, don't do it online in you know the coffee shop, but definitely share your numbers over the break right on the numbers. Know them every month. Put them somewhere you can see them. And really, if this is all you do by owning your numbers and getting your thirty seconds snapshot, you have done a lot, so start right there.

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This class was an eye-opener for me. I love the way Galia makes you feel comfortable thinking about as well as talking about your financial picture. I also appreciated her many examples and actionable steps for planning.

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Galia is AWESOME! I love how down-to-earth she is (hence the name of her business!). I learned so much, and am going into a new year with a totally different outlook on my money. Now I have a plan, goals and much less anxiety about the whole process! Thank you, Galia!

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