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Season if you got the five categories and we have a twelve there was international food repetitive patterns action sell sell right so portrait there really important carry with you know a lot of beautiful we can't do that in l a because we don't have dramatic close with dramatic smog come to seattle for the nice club beautiful this is what something different type this is probably the international food making us hungry shot not from the top wow that is clever one repetitive patterns that I think should have got inside there and took a better angle great I'll be oh what were these people live it's interesting how people can take something as just simple inglorious chairs and give it such an interesting look if you had it like if you had a place in your basement you know you for your husband who does is a giants fan or something I mean what a great piece to hang on your wall this is a great learning one for the class I did yesterday on lenses in perspective see at the front of the image...

looks wide angle and the image in the back everything's compressed it's all because of the camera subject business the same thing's happening within the same image clever interesting but I have to do that on the photo and action or what was it called self portrait so what something live both something life okay way that's cool beautiful they stage the wedding or is it actually happened during the regular yeah, very cold so for dramatic clouds the winners are ahmed what up? Carly collins and misty sprouse. Those were the three winners for dramatic clouds for international food we have guillermo nasief ryan hoover thomas wonder burger for repetitive patterns we have hobby air lucy's ryan hoover, thomas wonder burger for self portrait we have l a frog casca such in me on me and sylvia human is for show us something live a k a action image we have jeremy shali, rachel eddington and thomas wonder burger so congratulations to all of our winners thank you so much for participating think is, you know, to create a bloody head such an international audience and it looks like there's a lot of international names from well around the world they're contributing honestly, sue, when I looked at this list I said, oh my what am I going to do? What you're having these things but let's just go with it. You sounded like such an authority way in that one day with conviction. Absolutely. I feel like the most important part of critiquing on creative life is that we teach a lot you watch a lot and for the instructors in the audience for us for sitting up here we're talking to a group of you usually six students and three cameras and we know that there's a big audience out there engaged and listening and this is your opportunity to be accountable for what we're teaching you to show us your work to contribute back to creative live and show us how well you're doing and it's been such a mind blowing day so we set down with the categories that was delivered to us we chose images that we could critique with and we're all just really really blown away with what we've seen today so thank you big thank you to everybody and we've got some winners turnout we do I just wanted to say that two of our former creative live studio audience attendees irene labor and tyler babin both were part of that of those winners well very cool all right everyone I'd like to know who's going to win this cannon five d mark three given to us by adirama that's what I want to know well first we've got other prizes to give way have to announce the winning category first so um do you want to do the wedding category sure now is this the did they get all of that I believe yes they only cow that's great. Okay well the person taking home do I need to tell it what they are ok the person who's getting arctic a tour gift certificate of black river imaging certificate towards a folio collection lens pro to go gift certificate shoot dot edit dot credits totaling three hundred fifty dollars goes to aaron wallace awesome okay the second place winner gets a lens protego gift certificate a triple scoop music signature collection by roberto valenzuela ah west cod wrapped escape their westcott rapid box twenty six octo valued at seven hundred and nineteen dollars ok get prepared second place goes to ray sigh and the winner is oh yeah with first place first place goes teo and they received lens protego gift certificate a simply color gift certificate total of twelve hundred and fifty dollars goes to congratulations leo peterson got to be into it all right the winner of the ad aram a gift certificate black river image ing certificate towards fully old collection west scott's grim gym kit a total value of three hundred seventy dollars goes to third place brian non boo learn take it second place at her I'm a gift certificate blurb gift certificate triple scoop music signature collection lindsay adler total value of five hundred seventy four dollars goes to lighting second place gretchen henson loathe lighting first place westcott skylights led light with thirty six inch rapid box total value fifteen fifty nine goes to angelique cook think okay I'm gonna do commercial so here for a second place a lens protego gift certificate triple scoop music signature collection from jim garner and westcott nine foot by ten foot high key white backdrop total value six hundred forty five dollars in seventy five cents and that commercial second place goes to gabi mattei commercial third place at around a gift certificate black river imaging gift certificate she done edit dot credits the west got pocket box kid value of three hundred sixty dollars third place goes toe irene liebler and winning a sony action cam a think tank photo airport foresight triple scoop music signature collection of bambi cantrell music west kind of apollo or speed like it do you sing on all the songs thing? A total value of ten ten ninety seven one thousand ninety seven dollars in seventy five cents on through enough troops ten ninety seven was my first address when I was a kid first place goes to katherine al great oh my goodness this is so exciting portrait third place at around the gift certificate a black river image certificate towards a folio collection a shoot dot it dot credit think tank photo retrospective seven total value for hundred and sixty two dollars, seventy five portrait third place is tyler bevan inamoto pro one year account wow think tank photo city walker twenty triple skip music signature collection against son by obama control total value seven hundred and ninety two dollars and seventy five portrait taken place is sarah lovin beautiful sunny it takes six camera triple scoop music signature collection by jim gone a total value of eleven hundred forty eight dollars in ninety five scenes portrait first place is barrett out all that was so exciting I still think amazing images now the excitement really starts huge people that sponsored all of those prizes. Those sponsors are so incredible and the big part of an industry and we're gonna now judge live the champion print champion print is going to win a five d mark three it might get a bit jerry springer in here he's going to let us do this? Sure what to do this I think can you just give a camera? Tio alright adirama weigh them and let them know. All right? All right. I've been privy to judging at a national level and in a few countries in one of the cool things that we get to do is you get to see what's normally behind closed doors we have chosen our winners and now the four of us are going to choose a champion print and when I say we're going to do it in front of you so you get to hear our argument or discussion what's the first to go in who the winner is so be ready. Yeah, yeah guy winner you got your way. Look at him. All I say that I'm making making your choice for you to weigh got discovered, okay, but you're gonna choose someone that I picked any weak is because you know I got good taste does well yeah, I think what we need to do is go one by one through the judges and I need you teo have a quick conversation about on what you're putting up fist and why and then we need to eliminate it doesn't make that first round and then we need to duke it out for who's got a win in who's who takes his side I'm partial to the corners, the wedding one and the girl yeah hope sorry this war it's getting late and the girl on the bottom but I think my heart and my life and my soul tells me the girl on the bottom it's someone that I like in this group when I look at all four of these images, what I'm trying to determine in my mind is which one of them is innovative not only beautifully executed but I haven't seen before is this something that's inspirational that gets people excited and that is that you could hang in your home is a piece of art there is in my mind there's only one and that's the little girl on the bottom wait actually, um where I'm going to copy down my dough I watch get it we're not going to get very jerry springer I love everything ban I think everything's there is with the of a camera yeah, and every author there is with the of this first place accolade and it's beautiful work and it's connected and it's beautiful I'm instantly going to the right hand side for connection but my love and everything goes down to the right hand side about three I can't even if I voted for something else it's still going to be three to one but I am drawn to that I wasn't here for that section this morning but I just love her expression it's really it's it's like this is your kid and I'm tired of doing this and you know and you got it there you captured it and I'm going to go with that one too image the thing that makes that stand out from the rest in my opinion is the fact when you look at when we're judging photographs he start from one hundred and you start taking points off for you know for small imperfections or things that could have been done better and when I look at that image it clouds my mind and I can't think of anything but amazing positive things I mean the lighting was beautifully executed the tone ality the way that they interpreted that moment to take it from being just a portrait on a simple background to moving it into the fine art world it was really quite sensitive and brilliant what can we fight about ways to sony camera on this suit like matisse emanated they fight over what pressures they used? Of course not I think for me it's beautifully executed I love the tone and the feel of the skin and the post processing and that just that little wispy hair gives it some movement but I get emotional on it because I have girls like that age and so whenever I see imagery like that it's just kind of my heart it gets me so you know and I was thinking he was from all the baggage that you carry that's another segment I feel like when I look at this image I stopped thinking it's a photograph and I start looking at this image of this young girl on two may it she's preteen he's so magnificent she's got a whole life ahead of here it's a mixture of struggle I'm not a kid anymore I'm not yet a woman so beautiful I think completely deserves to be champion print I can't believe it was that you know, I've said their main for an hour and a half and watch people do this and I've never think it so easy I think we've got a winner I was really hoping for more bloodshed there was something else to judge I think that could be arranged family they could arrange that well do we have any comments from our studio audience or fight? We can make up for what they thought some of their opinions on what they thought the champion print should be in the back row I'll go, I'm make it five. That image to me is just so beautiful. I mean, really a sucker for a kind of that almost silly, really soft, kind of vintage you feel and that's that's, something that I really love and photography, and I just think that, like, if it weren't for those wispy hairs, it wouldn't I would love it the way I do, but that movement and the story that it tells really um yeah, it's beautiful anyone else go right ahead? I think it also speaks to how you crop in image is a lot about how you look at it. It doesn't need anything else. It doesn't need to be in a different aspect ratio or anything. It's the hair and everything is just beautiful how it's all focused on her and you don't need to see the rest of her outfit or anything else it's the story's all right there, but that's. Why people could all four images the images on the left center beautifully, the image on the right and he's far to the right which shows the darkness of the room that he's sitting in. And then the girl is cropped in a square, and the lower center, where they hid rightness into every one of those images right down to the last detail have been cropped finished to perfection and that's why they've all won because they've seen right to the very finish they've crossed in ticked a lot of box and interesting the view they break rules too I mean she's centered you know how many times we told you don't but you know sometimes knowing the rules and knowing when to break them you know what? Why that works though is even though she centered in the picture do you notice how the energy flows from the top left corner to the right and down to the bottom right? So you can still draw that line from the left corner down to the bottom and it's because of the way that her head is tilted the way that her eyes are cast down I think if she was looking at the camera or something it would it would go from one hundred to being oh it would kill the mood I love that image to meet a guy who's bumps when I saw and I love how the hair coming up gives a sense of movement but she's so still and so there's what scott had commented on very early on with the guy being thrown up how you've got to think very static you contrast with movement, you sort of get that in this image that I feel gives it s so much life like she could just pop right out of it in some ways you know what every one of those images not only in the way that they were cropped and finished the winning couple a really kissing the guy with the chicken is really looking at then chicken in the most hilarious way it's so did pan you could read so you could play caption contest with there and have fun with it for years the guy in the top right this so sixty and engaging and dark and haunting and beautiful all at the same time and that little girl that feeling fortunate being yeah that's what on that little girl is so still that you have to admit as an a support maker that every one of those images has a feeling to it that moves you beyond, you know, then beyond a picture and all of them hold a space which is very, very beautiful. All right, well, thank you to our worldwide audience for submitting all the images that you've submitted and congratulations to our winner. The winner is bare it all tests of a really amazing week here and I want to thank the folks that creative live especially for myself, bringing me in from being the photo assistant here to doing a couple of classes and putting their trust in me and I think all of us here have been really affected by the folks at creative live over the past couple of years so I really like to thank everyone else. There's arlene still in the room, you get over here. Yeah, hey, what's really amazing is the fact that that they invite you all to come in and sit for three days, you know, for classes. What if I lived in seattle? I'm not kidding you. This could be your second home. What an amazing this is, a phd in photography that you guys were getting in for those on the internet. What an amazing education. This summer, I had the opportunity. Teo teo, judge portfolios at hallmark and it's, a very prestigious photo school. Nine months of education in this school is like seventy thousand dollars for nine months. Folks think about that the amount of valuable, no invaluable education that you're getting through this organization for free. I hope that you appreciated those of you online and don't take it for granted, because it really is a very special thing.

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CreativeLive ended Photo Week with a bang! 

Join Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell and other favorite Photo Week instructors for an in-depth Image Critique session. Our judges critiqued images entered by students, the CreativeLive audience, and provided invaluable insight and feedback into what makes for an unforgettable image.