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Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

Lesson 9 of 15

Converting Pinterest Traffic to Sales

Megan Auman

Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

9. Converting Pinterest Traffic to Sales

Lesson Info

Converting Pinterest Traffic to Sales

So we've been talking about your entire pinterest plan of attack here and we've been laying out what is actually really simple strategy I think that's really the beauty of pinterest marketing is it doesn't have to be that complicated doesn't have to be hard we can really just follow the simple strategy and see big results so we started by establishing your pinterest profile you got all those ducks in a row we've got the great headshot the great bio we've verified that site so that it's laying to pinterest now and then we went ahead and we started to grow your pinterest presence and grow your pinterest following and we did that by starting to pin really great content and then we created some of our own content right? So we started to generate lots of ideas so that you can go in and once a week you can create a new piece of content for pinterest that you put on your blog's or your pinterest content container if you don't call it a block but now we're really going to get into the meat of ...

it which is we want to convert traffic from pinterest so to use pinterest as a marketing tool you need to drive traffic from pinterest back to your website right? We can get all the followers in the world we can get all the re pens in the world on pinterest but if they're not coming back to our site we don't have anything to show for it they're not coming back to our site, they're not signing up for email list, they're not buying our products they're not buying our services so we have to get them back to our site. So first off, how do we know how do we know which pins are driving traffic? How do we know what's working? And the simple answer is by using pinterest analytics so pinterest has a fairly robust analytics tool now, and that actually gives us a lot of information about our site now I talked before about verifying your sight, right that's part of setting up your profile and one of the reasons we need to do that because if you don't verify your sight, we don't get this bar all the way to the right. You can see I have the activity from economic actually it's from meghan almond dot com of your sight's not verified you don't get that you get a little blank space that says verify your sight. So part of that is why we want to verify because we want to know where you know what's going on with our own site so you can access this by going to analytics stop pinterest dot com and I'm sure we'll drop that link into the chat room and that'll give you the analytics specific to your site and we don't have time to go into all of the details of analytics here, which is why I actually put together a bonus video for you guys if you purchase the course that really delves into this in detail but we're going to talk about a few elements here the other analytics service that I actually also use something called tailwind and taylan has a couple of different platforms but you can actually think your pinterest account for free and so when you're starting with pinterest analytics, I do like just actually start in tailend because they give us a really great metric that pinterest doesn't, which is it makes it really easy to jump in and see which boards have the most followers the most re pens and the most engagement and you can actually sort these analytics so that you can put your followers in order so I know when I'm looking at this no that's my street style board has the most my words to live by has the second most you could actually see that my words to live by board, which is my quotes board actually has more engagement per post, right? So when I do post, interestingly enough actually posted street style more so I posted a little less towards sort of I'm a little more curated in that content and when I do it gets a huge amount of engagement so that's something really key that tail one gives us pinterest and lakes doesn't show you that you can find out how many followers each board has by clicking on the board and then looking how many followers but that's really cumbersome, right? So I like using tailwind. So that is one of the things that that I do like to look at is what boards have the most followers, but boards have the most engagement, and when we're thinking about our content creation, we can create content specifically for those boards, right? Because that's going to help us more with that traffic more with bringing people back more with that conversion. But then, where we really want to pay attention is on our pinter's analytics and specifically, the analytics from our own site. We want to see what's working from our own site. We want to see where people are coming from. We want this for two reasons. One, we want to know that our contents working right, but to we want to see where people are ending up, because then we can actually optimize those post when they get back to them on our site, we can optimize those pages when they come back, so we can really work on converting. So if I know that more people are coming back to a particular post, I might add something a little extra there. Maybe it's something that encourages them to go to my shop maybe it's some kind of incentive, whatever it is, I can add a little bit more so that I can convert when they come back so I can look at my analytics and I can find repentance, but the staff that I'm really interested in is klicks I want to know how many people are coming to my website from pinterest that's the most important thing for me and you could actually change the date range you can play around with this so you can even if you haven't been paying attention there analytics you can change the state range and go back and see how many people were clicking through versus how many people weren't clicking through and we can also see you know which posts are getting the most clicks so I mentioned that I get more clicks from that a waste or boyfriend jeans post than anywhere else you can see it right there proof is in the pudding I get a ton of clicks and this is I think you can see from the last thirty days I would also know this if I went into my sight and check my side analytics on my google analytics too so I could get this information from a couple different places but what's nice about pinterest is you know, I know then specifically which pin it's coming from so this pin that I'm getting a lot of klicks from is not my original pin it's somebody else's repent which is really great because I know that my content is really getting out there so what pans are getting the most reap ends what pans are getting the most clicks what's already starting the seine traffic back to your site and I really believe that clicks are the key metric of success when it comes to your pinterest marketing strategy there the thing I measure above everything else and actually if you look in that workbook and that you get as free as part of your bonus on page sixteen I gave you a little sample template of actually what I use to track clicks because I'm actually really interested in this stat so I keep track of my monthly average clicks my monthly average visitors on the differences clicks are the number of times people click through visitors or the number of actual humans so the human clicks through twice in one day it's one visitor but two clicks right so I keep track of these stats and the beauty of pinterest analytics is that you can actually play with the state range so you could go back and get historical data and figure out okay last october if you if you were set up properly last october you know how many clicks do I get that month? How many visitors did I get but we were thinking about those stats you want to focus on general trends not day today stats and that's actually something I borrowed from my brother my brother was talking about he got a fitbit and I want I wanted to know how accurate it was right and he told me that what they tell you is you're not supposed to really worry about is it counting the exact number of steps because it's going to be a little off right well you want to see is the general trend are you getting more and more steps every day ray are you making that girl go up the same thing with your pinterest traffic right you can see there's a lot of them are stuff that happens I don't know how else to describe that crazy fluctuation other than to make an awful sound I just realized how annoying that must have been on but what I'm looking for is the general trend now you'll also notice here's where I got a little lazy and I kind of dropped some of that commitment not even to content creation but to making sure I was pinning on that consistent basis like I just told you guys you should be right putting a couple of my pins out every day we got a little lazy I'm gonna fix that but you can also see the power of residual content right so over time what was a little through that buildup of that long tail of pins it starts to go up right and that's really what we're looking for is that overall trend we want to make sure that we're bringing more traffic and if it goes up that means we know what we're doing in our content creation is working chances are that if you go from doing no pinterest spoken focus content creation to any pinterest focus content creation those they're going to go up I promise you and I can actually tell you but even if you don't quite get to the pinterest focus content creation and you just start with that you know building your brand re pending power pinning strategy you're probably also still least going to see a little bit of increased right because more people are going to find your profile and more people are gonna click through to your site but it's when we apply that content strategy that it really starts to go up so now let's talk about converting traffic from pinterest because this is really the last piece of our pinterest mark getting strategy but it's in many ways the most important or at least it's the most important to our bottom line right so you want to ask yourself where is most of your pinterest traffic landing and what do you want them to dio once they get there that's really important right where they landing and what do you want them to dio so most of my pinterest traffic is actually landing on this post and you could see the posters from april so it's got it's got a long shelf life right? So this is where they're landing what do I want them dated to dio what do you guys think I want them to do well now the party click through there on my site now mean click through to your necklace maybe do you want them learn how to our boyfriends no share it what I actually want them to dio maybe this will help you ok gran torino I want them to join my email is that is what I want them to dio in my yeah yeah so actually so yeah I really wanted to do it because it's up there it's very obvious down there it's very obvious down there right? You scrolled on the poster then it's like hello joined the email list that's what I want them to dio and I want to make that as obvious as possible. Is it great if they click there in my shop? Awesome. Yes I mean do I want some too? Where boyfriend use I guess if they want to write what I really want them to dio it get on my email list because even though we've been sending the whole day talking about pinterest marketing email marketing is still really important and of anything that they could do on my site so yeah, they could cook through my shop and that's nice, but if they don't buy on that one click through to my shop I might have lost them forever I would much rather than join my email list, get an email from me and then click through to my shop because if they don't buy, they might buy on the next email or the next email or the next e mail. So it's also really important understand how traffic flows through your website, so I think you know, judging by a lot of the questions that we got from people, we want there to be this magic, right? I have pinterest I pin a product people click through and they buy it doesn't really happen like that. So what I can tell you is that at least for my website, more often than not, what happens is they go from pinterest to a blogger post right? And we know that they're probably coming to a block post more than they're coming to straight to a product pin because we saw you fifth was like fifty nine percent of active users click through in a block post versus twenty seven for a product pin and I can see that in my own analytics that tracks very true with what I'm seeing, so they're going to come to my block post and from my blood host from I want main website that's where almost all the traffic comes to my online shop. Now I have things set up a little a little funny in terms of analytics point of view so I have my website and my blawg hosted on wordpress it's meghan almond dot com and my shop is built on shopify so it's chopped out mega nomine dot com so even though it all looks like one site it's actually two different sites so what I know when I look at my analytics is that the majority of traffic that comes to my online shop has been at my main site first the vast majority has been in my main site first, so I know that that's how traffic is flowing for me so when they're on the block post when they're in my main shop, what I hope they dio is opt in email and then through an email they're going to come to the online shop and then they're going to purchase abdin means sign up for the email list that's a great question so when I say often often means often for the list, right or they might come to my online shop and purchase or they might come to my online shop popped in from their email, get the email for me and then purchase so it's important to sit down and look at your analytics now, my analyst doesn't create this chart for me. I'm doing a little bit of reasonable guessing here, right? But I know when I look at my stats, you know, when I look at my shop, I see that most of the traffic is coming from my sight more than anywhere else. When I look at my website, I see the most of the traffic coming from pinterest, and I know that people are opting into my e mail list because since I started this pinterest marketing strategy, I've seen a huge jump in the amount of e mails and I'm getting or email sign ups, so the other thing that you want to consider when you're thinking about conversion is how likely is someone to buy your product the first time they see it? And how long will it take before they make a purchase? So I was reading this really interesting book called decoding the new consumer mind like hit yaro, and she was doing an interview with someone who mentioned becoming a fan of rebecca minkoff, I believe on instagram, and she talked about how she identified herself as a fan of rebecca minkoff for years before she finally made her first purchase. So, depending on what your price points are, you may find that that's the case with you as well, I know for me. I don't have the impulse buy product for two reasons I don't have an impulse buy price point for most people and I also make products that are a little bit more of a commitment to wear right like you to think about if you're really gonna wear this necklace somewhere and so my customers might see the brand they might like the brand but it might take them a while to buy so because I know that I'm gonna put my energy into getting them to join my email list instead of chasing a purchase that's not gonna happen right away because if I chased that purchase and I lose them which I probably will I can't get them back but if I chased that often I can build that relationship and get that purchase down the road so you have to think about what makes sense for your product right? So tiffany, how likely is someone to buy from you right away? Are you impulse or you kind of somewhere a little further along okay? And it depends on what they're buying you know, I think a pair of my hoops is can be a pretty easy purchase what's your price point on those thirty five forty two but now you're thinking about facing those out so that's maybe gonna change no, not not base okay see you're good so you're still gonna have those alright cabbie how impulse buy um, I think they like to see if it'll work in their space first, and also, I noticed I've been getting a lot of people requesting for special orders, like teo to match a specific look or something like that. Yes, so you your people probably aren't buying right away either. So you want to engage them through something like an email? Yes, and what's great about that is that you can actually get them on a list, and they may be set up in auto responded that comes out to them. That means an email that just goes automatically that says something like, I do special orders, you know, replied of this email, if you want that so that's really good to know that they're thinking about it a little bit longer than thinking about it in their space. So that means that you also want to really get them on that email list. Okay? And you do that theo service provider lately? Yeah. So I use male champ. The champ is awesome. Use them. They're great, huh? Yeah, sarah, what? You're not an impulse buy? I don't think. I mean, I've done some craft shows and yes, sold a little, but I'm not the greatest sales person, so I don't know how much of it is what you know on online don't sell a lot well, and you're definitely a higher price point two so people are going to view your work as a little bit more of an investment, right? See, you want to make sure that they feel comfortable with the brand see you're definitely gonna want to drive them to an e mail list, see the moral you feel the moral of the story here, most people are going to drive people to an email list, and I think as much as we all want to think that people will buy right away, most people are not that decisive, right? So getting them on that email list is really critical. Everything is just thinking about that general sales cycle and where pinterest fitz and I know you've seen this because I actually kind of borrow this from terra gentili this is kind of her baby, so you know, you've got awareness and traffic, and we're not driving them not a funnel, right? We're not thinking like, if they come in and then they buy something kind of basic, and then they might buy something else, and then they fall out the bottom over fun, all right? We want to keep him around for a while, so we want to make them aware and drive them back to our site and that's where pinterest happens. But you can see that there's probably gonna be a couple of steps before they get from interest to purchase so you know they might be an option or follow up there's also going to be a repetition and or trust so they might see your product one time on pinterest and like it but they're not sure and then they might see it again and again and again and suddenly they're like oh that's everywhere right? I really do want that so we want to make sure that they're seeing it over and over again and if they're engaged in our email list you know that's the way that we can control them seeing our brand again and then it might be up to us to kind of trigger that need or desire to give them a reason to buy so a lot of times especially with higher price point products people like it they need help justifying buying it are you leaving around the holidays? Some of that gets a little easier right? You can justify buying it for gifts or you can ask someone to buy it for you for a gift but the rest of the year we have to help them we have to give them permission remind them that hey the's hoops are easy enough you can wear them every day you can justify the purchase or the space layered necklaces easy enough you can justify the perp the purchase or you might have something big coming up and this necklace is really gonna help you feel better or even just you deserve to have a space that makes you feel happy and reminding them a couple of times that they deserve that is going to help them make that purchase and then we want to keep them in that loop but we also want encourage them to share so we want them to then repent our products really kind of engage them in the process a little bit more forget anything online you think I'm floored by the the traffic flow in sales cycle but actually we did just get one of them generous k for talking about that she says I'm a photographer people usually buy when they visit if they like my pictures as they are usually looking for a photographer at that time that's that's the thing that's good to know so you might you might really get people but I would think that if they're looking to hire a photographer that there may be then you know creating a request or something like that so you might have another step to a swell or some of you service providers may have a step is well in their hearts on holidays just coming said I think people buy right away because I make a craft pattern they are not expensive and people want them I want them right now digitally uh, yeah, so that's. A very good case, if you have that digital products that you definitely want to optimize for sales. And the other nice thing about a product like that is, if people are coming from pinterest, they're coming in that d I y mood. So you've got, like, that's, that's, the best kind of product to have hits on that d I y thought process that you're coming from pinterest and it's, a digital products. They can have it immediately. That is a smart person right there, megan's beaded design says. But it depends, she says, but they will find they will buy right away. If she's running some kind of time sensitive special at the time they visit the site. All right.

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SOOOooooo worth the purchase -- I am so amazed that one little one day class could help me so much. I'm just overwhelmed with information. Fortunately, she includes information and workbooks to help you step by step. My analytics show that 80% of referrals to my website are from Pinterest, thank goodness for this course to help me with all that new business!

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