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Remixing Your Content w/ Brigitte Lyons

Megan Auman

Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

Megan Auman

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7. Remixing Your Content w/ Brigitte Lyons

Lesson Info

Remixing Your Content w/ Brigitte Lyons

So what we're going to do now is we are actually going teo bring up bridget lions and bridget is pr guru genius will call her not not ever sell you or anything. Brigitte and so I bridget has this great system called the content remix, and I wanted to bring you in because I think this is a question that a lot of people are thinking, right? Like, who is the time to create even more content? And so tell us a little bit about content remix, yes, so the content remix is actually a system that I created when I work with clients doing public relations in media outreach predominantly and so when we're doing pr outreach were running into the challenge the people have all the time, which is I'm already doing content marketing, I'm doing blogging, I'm doing facebook, I'm doing twitter, probably doing interests now where my sister do this, how much has to do more content that I'm contributing at his articles or is guest post another people sites? And so when I started working with the system, whic...

h is all about repackaging the content that's already in your archives for new purposes we found a lot of great applications for this and pinterest is absolutely one of them, so the content remix at its very basis gives you ah lot of leverage to use the content you already have, so not going out there and coming up with brand new ideas all the time to get more traffic, because more content in other places generates more traffic to have more value your getting a lot more value out of the content that you've already created, when you're refreshing it with the remix, and of course, it gives you more content, more content that you could be using, whether it's on your own site or a platform like pinterest. So what we do with the constant remixes, actually, we go first to what is it that you already have? What are you already doing? And I know megan, you've been talking about that in the contact we've already been doing on pinterest exactly. So this is the way to look at we're ulcer, you creating content for it could be your block? It could be if you're about facebook or instagram, we're going to really probably focus more on the block right now, but any of those places to generate ideas and to think about, you have so much you've been generating so much, you know? And so how do you get more value and more leverage out of that. Yeah, actually, you bring up a good point about instagram because I'm guessing that people are kind of asking some of those questions in our online audience for their thinking, like, can I just pin content straight from instagram to pinterest? Wait a second so, you know, people are probably thinking, can I just go ahead and pin my content from instagram straight to pinterest? And the answer is, no, you don't want to do that, right? But we can use this content remix, maybe think about I did this post on instagram now I could pull it over, remix it and bring it on pinterest once I optimized the image, right? Exactly, especially in that case, you're doing a visual medium to a visual medium it's, very easy, but there's a lot you could do, even with a text that you've had in terms of creating new images. So a couple of, like, really baseline ideas on how to do that are, you know, going through your archives and looking for both posts where you've had imagery already embedded. So then okay, easy boom, you know you can schedule those out with this schedule er to be pinning those through your archives, nobody cares of your block plus is four years old. You know, nobody is really worried about that except for us and so on and there's even some people with the movement to take dates off of their blawg posts so nobody really cares that they're seeing it for the first time in this new platform if it's something that you've already done so that is a really easy way, but the other thing is that you can go back through and see okay, how can I create an image knowing what my pinterest step strategy is out of some of this text content I already have whether it's an inspiration post or a tutorial or even because of course I am a public relations person like if somebody's featured your work like I think having a media board or a testimonial board or a happy customer board is another really creative way to think about using the kudos and the accolades that air coming away on your pinterest charity too so we would actually take a look at some of the action so we could go ahead and switch over to the computer and I mean if you want a man that and I'm gonna sure sure you pulled some stuff up there so this is actually one that is from my own website and I wanted to share this because I am not a visual person you will have an advantage over me because I'm a writer I'm a word smith but one thing I do is I'll take the questions that I get from people a lot, and then I'll just do, like, a really quick question and answer siri's on my site. So when I started working with pinterest, I started going through these and actually creating images through all of the answers that I've done. So this is one where I created a sheet on the right way to put together a media page for your website and it's actually, you know, just a really simple template. I made it really graphic and visual to hopefully grab your eye when you're going through scrolling so that's one thing to look at is, you know, what is some of the content that you have it's been instructional in the past or tutorial? And can you do a graphic or an infographic than that brings that toe light? And I want to I just interject because I know a lot of our service providers who are watching him been asking about, you know, how does this apply to them? And this is a perfect example of if you're a service provider who doesn't have a lot of visual content, you know, this kind of strategy that bridget's using is perfect for you, yeah, and you know, if you're a service provider like I am and like a sonata graphic designer at all what I actually did is I had the person who did a rebranding for me. But you could have, you know, any graphic designer do this create a siri's of templates. So our branding person put together a siri's of templates that are different payable images specifically because I've been working at meghan and friends of megan for a long time. And I love pinterest just as much as the next person. And so I knew that I wanted that to be a big part of my strategy. So to make it easy for me, this is just I mean, I have photoshopped, so this is just like a psd template that I can switch up when I need teo. So that's a really easy way you have a one and done strategy. Yeah, okay, so this next one is an example from daniella port who you might know, and what I love about this is this truth bomb board that she has is a strategy that I believe she actually started on twitter years ago, and she was having really great, like, pithy quotes coming out in her twitter feed and the truth bombs were really popular and she's used him and all. A lot of different ways. In fact, this is a key example of the remix, you know, she had it on twitter, then a few years ago, she brought it on google. Plus, she now has a deck there's like a car deck of this, but on pinterest, this stuff goes like gangbusters. You can see it thirty eight thousand followers for this one border load because people love quotes. And so what I'd encourage you to do, though, is in your old block post there's play things you could quote yourself on, so I know that can feel a little weird and uncomfortable. Sometimes I recommend hiring an assistant. It was for you if it's uncomfortable for you, but going through your archives and some of your more popular posts, or the ones that are really sharing your philosophy as a brand, you know what air your statements like megan's make a statement other everyday, you know, what are the things that your brands stands for? And can you pull those into a quotable that then you can collect and use for pinterest? So it's, not new content, it's using the intelligence, the brand intelligence you really have, and then the last example I pulled up is actually from the design sponge website, so greece bonnie has been talking a lot about how to keep up with the evolution of these different websites on dh so one thing that I've been watching is what she's been doing with designs funds because I think it's just one of the more professional like really forward thinking sites out there for this and so for herb is ladies posts which he used to do is just you son in a headshot and that would run here and when I saw this image this is actually one of my clients jenna pozzo so it was really excited that she got in with this but when I saw this image it was really clear to me that this is specifically created this way instead of somebody just sending in their head shot but so it would be optimized for pinterest so going forward if you're doing columns is to thinking about well, how can I just give that image a little bit of which brings me the next point of the remix which if you go through your old content and you have an image there pin it but like megan was showing you the cropping you know, before you pin it, you can refresh those old block posts before you actually put them up on pinterest so just going a refreshing um optimizing the language that you're using using the best strategies here making sure that they're really strong and powerful is your scheduling them out and getting some traction that way cathy, I'm ready to go when they're saying refreshing d mean creating a completely new block post, dewey, going back and editing that particular one? Yes, absolutely. Going back and editing your own block post and it's such a simple technique, and I think it's something that, you know, we put something up on our web sites, and we feel like, oh, it's done, but that's the beauty of the web, right, we can always go back and update, so when I did, my rebranding is a great example of this, and we had all those pinnacle template. I actually went through some of my most popular block post that I knew that I wanted to collect until, like, a resource page, so is hoping to get a lot of traffic to those posts. So what we did is we refresh the images, are added images supposed that had never had them before, specifically because it was part of our pinterest strategy so you can crop images, you can add mohr images either of those and just using that old content as a launch pad for that. And then if if I was gonna have a photo that already generates a lot of traffic from pinterest is over there to an old bug post, but you're not happy with that picture because it doesn't really represent you. There shouldn't delete that photo then right? Because it'll delete the link I think it would you can't update a can I don't think I've tried in the past you can't update the pen now if you pull that photo off that post but it's still stored in in your media for the blogged then that image should still be ok on pinterest alright, it'll heal connect right along about image still exist in wherever lived on your server I think you should still be okay if it's not on the specific post anymore okay, but it depends on what platform you're using to sea out to sea that's really gonna work so maybe you just make that image smaller and make the new content and you and I think to in your case kathy, I know you're talking about moving your blogger over so you've been working on this old blog's about block and so you're going to just take some of that great content and you running teo just put them as post on the new block and so then you can actually just go just you and move rush yeah okay and then you know, the other thing too is absolutely go back and refresh those old post but you can also and I know you're really good at this too you can also then create new posts that are roundups of some of the best gold posts right so if you know you have like five great di wise from your blawg so you could make a new post that's like here the five best d I wise and then bring people to that as well yeah that's the technique it's you often if you're googling about techniques for that it's called a resource page and it's a really powerful way to actually drive traffic to some of those post that you're really proud of or have been doing really well in the past and you want to call attention back to them for sure? Yeah, and when I like it when I showed you guys that eight ways to wear boyfriend boyfriend jeans post, that was actually I had done a post previously that were different outfits styled with how to wear boyfriend jeans and then I pull them all together into one new post and optimize that for pinterest yeah, I know we had some exam yeah are we getting any questions online? First j k before we dive into our examples dream flower asked this and in fact five people voted on it. How do you feel about using a logo and your brand name in new are at the bottom of a product photo compilation image to ensure your branding stays with the images especially if people don't think back for something like products compilation images I wouldn't I feel like it it doesn't quite give you the same sort of spirit of pinterest I think if you're already including text if you're doing kind of some of the more images bridget's talking about absolutely I would put that girl at the bottom and I put that logo but on product images it tends not tow work really well and and when you look at pinterest, you don't see that a lot in that type of content so you also I think wanna stay true to the way the medium kind of exists? Yeah on the portables I think if we go back to san yeah, she has her so she has a hashtag truth bomb and then daniel report dot com on the bottom and I love that using the hashtag because hashtags are used on facebook and twitter and so you're just optimizing one piece of content across multiple platforms, but I think it makes sense they're visually where, what with maybe a product image, right? And there is something about that too, but can you make that part of the look right in the feel and part of the branding instead of just feeling like a watermark? That's an afterthought, right? And there are some I think sites that do it really well so actually the block tom and lorenzo, which I only know because you turned me onto they have they're like t en ello it's like a really little red image in the corner of every image that appears on their block and it doesn't feel like that I'm afraid of the internet watermark it feels like branded boom here's our image you got that's so some people can make it work but you have to have I think a really strong design sense or else that comes off wrong like daniel clearly has a great design sense and so it works with those for sure the others are all seeing hannah and has been asking this and several voted for this question what is your strategy on cross promotion of your pinterest through other social media platforms or do you strictly increase your customer base through pinterest because I could see there we have the buttons there for twitter and you say the hashtags work across yeah I personally believe in picking a few of the platforms that really work for you and and pushing them as hard as you can with the understanding that these other platforms exists and anything you can do to help the people in your audience prefer them the better so I mean I think it's okay to say like pinterest is going to be my main approach and I think that pinterest is really great actually driving traffic in a way that some other platforms aren't always but it's so easy especially there's all kinds of tools that can allow you to pin are to post to multiple platforms at the same time it seems like a shame if your if you're posting an image like this they're not also sometimes putting it on your bog or putting up into facebook or putting on twitter and it's it's so seamless to duel that that I really encourage as much as you can optimize for all sites to do so I think the other thing you want to look at too is you know if you're going to use some of those auto generate like if you're going to post to pinterest and let it auto post to say twitter or facebook first of all don't make that automatic if you guys are doing that power pending strategy don't let like twenty things post to twitter the only things I posed to twitter from pinterest are my own content right then I feel like that's where efficient for me but every pin that I d'oh that gets really unwieldy but then you also want to notice how the site does it so I know I think it's changed a little bit but for a long time if you major pin go automatically to facebook it wasn't a very facebook optimized post right? So the better strategy would be to take that image uploaded it to facebook and then include the link to the pin in your facebook post so make sure that if you're going to cross post that you're getting the optimized post for each of those platforms or else you're losing out, you actually stated that sight the citation earlier about how your own content like block content, right, gets more engagement on pinterest, then say, like, your shop pays does, and for me, my approach is really that the block content or the content the lives on my site is primary, and so then I'm taking anne really that's for the remix comes in, right? I'm remixing the content that I have on my site, which I know is a lot different than your approach, but I'm remixing the content that's on my site then and optimizing it for the social media platforms that matter to me and pinterest for me is like one of those big ones, but then thinking then about so if you're, you're starting with your block post first, if that's important to you or a newsletter, then really thinking about making sure you're checking your boxes and that if pinterest is important, you always have a pin and then, you know, is it easy to tweet that out or put on facebook? Sure, but let's concentrate on the one that's most important rite, and I definitely do that, you know, I don't think about all those other platforms when I'm creating stuffer by block I think about making that for interest you want to take a look at some of our in studio audience example? Sure, sure. So we actually pulled up a couple of examples, teo, I think that we would do a little hot seating to see exactly what we could look at in the archives. So tiffany and yeah, so I when we started talking on the segment, I just, like, jumped on this post is such a great example of something that you could actually be real. You re mixing for pinterest so raw diamonds are a girl's best friend. So first off you got already beautiful images, although megan might tell you to crop them vertically for pinterest. But to me, this is inspiration for an entire board. Ray, if rod diamonds is a big piece of your brand than creating a board that mixes your products in there as well as other people's products and keeping it really fresh will be exactly how it use something like this looking in your archives to create something out of it for a pinterest that's good. Well, anything else that you see in this one again? Yeah, I made you think this is one more than you can go ahead and do the crops, and even if you don't want to crop right now, you've done the compilation it's still sort of very square so you could change the way that you arranged those to make that venable image so you might dio stack all three on top or you're playing with the proportions so that's one, two, three instead of one two, three so I actually made that pledge and pick monkey with thick monkey has a drift they dio on that resource. Pdf to so yeah, I might as well start with the pinterest template and I do realize that you meet some of that very vertical content can look kind of funny on your blogged versus on that. So it's okay, if you leave the images in this orientation here and then arrange those same three images in a more vertical format and pin that without actually uploading that second image to this that's all I have done that teo yes. So there's a couple different ways to do that and one is actually I'm going to sneak in here really quickly. I believe when we come in here there's an option to yep, c when it was at a pin even at it from your computer, I did not know that. And then you could just give it that specific girl. Okay, so that's one way to do it, and then viral tag that lets you schedule they actually you upload and out of ur ella's well, too so you could go ahead, upload that more vertical image, plug in the earl to that post and then schedule that pinto having later that's really cool and then thinking about diamonds. Rod, I'm is your best friend. I feel like you're going to find quotables on that like there's, so much rich content. This is such a fun board to get people on there and so it's also that mix of your own content with other people's content that keeps it really fresh. Well, and I think this is a good example, teo pinterest really pinterest favors again content that's related to content that's popular right? So todd reed is really example of someone else who uses raw diamonds who has a really big following, you know, he's, really his brand is really exploded in the last couple of years, so I would venture to guess that if you went on pinterest and search for todd read, he'd probably find a lot of his raw diamond images. His product is different than yours, he's setting a different he's doing a different but he's also used and known for raw diamonds. So if you can then pin your images in that context with hiss, you're going maybe start to show up on some of those related pins and that's gonna help your content get found e take a look at one more, one more with the use of the new collection inspired by the p n w I told you we were going to talk about yes, I saw this and I was strolling and scrolling, and I was like, where's, the pan w girl, like where the picture way orchard and you know why? Because you posted them on instagram for the player. Yeah, so there you go. You've got a whole new board here where when you have a collection and it's inspired some in some particular way, that it's such a great way to take all those inspiration pictures that you already have, the content that you already have your product photography and mix that into a board that people are just going to go gaga over. I mean, people it's fun because people who know what p n w means because I'm a transplant, so I want that also, yeah, so people like I didn't even at first p m w what does that mean? So people who know what that means, like are going to go crazy over this board and it's such an easy way to mix something. So this is in your archives from august, we're not going that far back, but you could just keep going back and thinking like is this, you know, a product that I really want to be focusing on? Always kind of looking at through that lens, right? Like, is this part of my overall strategy? And if so, building out around it, one in from portland, and so it probably be great for me to have, like, a portland board, just things and hikes my inspiration, and because that's kind of more like arrested collection that actually did even release online yet, and it's solely in my studio only be kind of interesting. Well, you don't know about your customers that your customers very local focused, so you could do this with the pacific northwest, you can do it with all of your great oregon photos, and you could build many more bog post in addition to this, just by pulling all of those images that I know you have into your vlog in the format that's optimized doesn't have to be a a real in depth post it's really about highlighting those inspirational moments, but then, you know, your customers are really engaged. Now that you're living in oakland, they're very into that local oakland scene, so you could do the same thing, yeah, with that area, too, so it could be oakland or maybe it's fairy what, however you decide you wanna frame that, I think you're hey, there, there's a strong oakland by, right? So there might be a focus on that, too, and you know that something is going to draw on your customers. Yeah, well, and going back and just singing how these work together, too. So, you know, one of the things you can do with your blogged going forward, if you're going to be creating more content to have something to pin back teo is really looking at, like, with those five statements that I want to be making to my customers all the time about my brand and just so constantly posting different twists on the same thing. So, you know, you could be doing more and more features on there is you're living and traveling and showing how that's influencing in your work and that would be really powerful, and that would help you come up with more block content to without feeling stressed about it, like it were a good looking couple of cathy's now, yes. So here we go. We have I pulled up a d I y here to get started with because, I mean, obviously, I know megan talked about this. That tutorials are just a great thing to be using, and I know you haven't been posting in awhile, you definitely had to go through the archives. Here to get some more content but that's totally ok I mean that's why I actually wanted to talk about it because you know going back through your archives it doesn't matter how old they are when you're putting him on pinterest you don't have to worry about that you could also refresh it into a new block post if you want, you know, valentine's days going to be coming up every year? S o so that's a great another great example of how you can actually go through your archives spent like an hour digging through and just make a list of things that you might wantto pin an update and that's actually one thing that kathy is going to be doing because we talked about she's going teo move off of block spotting onto a new block that's all branded under a consistent name, so you're really actually party on the prowl for your best blood posts from the old blogged that you're going to pull over into the new site so now you're just being able to remix and optimism so even better in their new version. Okay, yeah so I have a question when I when I do that when I move it over the existing photos they're on in on ana pinterest can I just change the link and then link it to the new like that could probably that so you can catch the link on your pins but it's not going to change on pins that someone else created from that photo yeah so what I would also do because you know this old blood does exist is on on any of those that are getting traffic coming and add on that post like it come visit us at this new site or even better than that is there's an updated version of this tutorial click here right because companies is on the new site is okay, but if they know that there's an even better version of the thing they wanted to find that's going to drive them over to the new post okay, integrated yes, fabulous idea. Okay? And we have one more here, which is the black and white and bit of gold in between she's something but it really came forward and all of your different posts and so I was like, well, this obviously has to be a port thiss obviously has to be an entire bored and I love here you're talking about interior design book in your post your linking tio you're linking to a siri's so you actually have content in here that you could link teo and start your new board, which is amazing you you know you've already got a bunch of that in there and then your own work is mixing in there s o it's just another kind of example of like you already have a ton of content within the site that that you're running and so there's already a lot there that you can get started from and take inspiration from and you know and if you really wanted to take that even further so let's say you created this like black and white gold board and you wanted teo make that actually because bridges so spot on and noticing that's a big part of your brand like we know it is we talked and she don't even watch that knows that I'm looking you right, so you might decide that every week you're going to do a round up of like your four favorite black, white and gold products that you found around the internet, you could do that once a week, and that would be a ton of pinterest friendly content that would be super on brand and would actually come together really quickly, right? And then you get to the holidays and you could do the black and white and gold gift guide so you could own that color combination and use it to very quickly generate content every week. You got it juicy content, teo so are we get any more questions from our online audience for bridget and you guys have any more questions? I know sarah, we didn't really talk about years because you're sort of in a very transitional bug, but you've got a lot of great ideas that you're gonna be moving with going forward, where you're highlighting, maybe women who've gone through a great transformation, and so you'll have a lot more to work with you. I have been blocking to other people, but jewelers, right? Yeah, you're making that big shift so came in, which is not so perfect this second, but I would like to ask a maid, because bridget has such a beautifully sexy french name. So san dream is on the line, saying, half I have a question about language because I'm based in canada on most of her clients actually speak french, even though she she she deals with it in english. Do you think you should do bilingual pin descriptions, or should you be posting them separately with different different language tax that's a great question. So first of all, what I would say, I would actually go into pinterest analytics and it's going to be analytic stop injuries, dot com it's going to show you who your followers are it's actually going to show you what language your followers have chosen to use pinterest in so that's, the first thing that I would look at is who's actually following you, but then, you know, I would go ahead and and maybe not cross post or not using the same kind of unwieldy but maybe some of them do in english and some of them doing french and some people you know, I actually don't speak french at all I'm terrible at it, but for some reason I follow marie claire maison on and I repent to open french all the time because I don't know what it says, but it looks really pretty just because some things in a different language doesn't necessarily mean someone might not still pin it yeah that's such a good question I actually do know somebody who does tio two different languages she does that for her block content I believe she does it for her pinterest content as well because her her audience is split between portuguese and english and she's looked at her analytics and it's pretty clearly split but you're right it can get to be a long product description in that case and so I make sure to be really short and sweet and if you if you're in that position, the question came in and we actually have this early in an earlier segment as well, because bridget, you seem to be quite keen on hashtag where is making you seem to be thinking they weren't really valuable we're gonna have to arm wrestle here well, you know what I think for other social media platforms right yeah I do hashtags because face facebook and twitter and google plus all used tax and instagram so you know that whole yeah my bias is like make it is easy to copy eyes for other platforms as you can and so I like to use hashtag and they're cute and they're using a couple it's okay I just know that one pinterest updated the smart feed pinterest it's not me that's our in house especially pinterest and so they're starting to you know, downgrade posts that have a lot of hash tags partly because they see it is the same as like keywords stuffing right? So if it's like one or two hashtags that are cute and fun that's fine but when you start to get ten or twenty in there pinterest says that's the same thing as keyword stuffing we don't want that we wanted to look like a human we're your description and so that's where I just want to be careful o and I completely agree with out I mean I think for every planet forums use a hashtag works within within the context of what you're saying and maybe want ad one of the end if it's funny or write really relevant but definitely when you see people posting like ten different hashtags just your eyes glaze over you feel like you're being you know we know we're being marketed to but that just feels a little heavy handed good advice. Thank you. Any other questions? You have more questions for bridget, as we're kind of wrapping up her her part of this segment, I want to make sure we've had a chance to ask her all of our content remix questions that we might have, so I have a question while they're looking, where do we find you online? Oh, thank you for having I have a site, it's b b for bridget b think forward dot com, and that is my public relations media site, and we actually do a lot of pr tutorials on there because in addition to working one on one with clients, we teach people how to take pr into their own hands and go out and get media placements and guess posts and tv appearances and things like that. And then all over social media, you can find me at bridget lions, so yeah, I'm like megan, I used my name everywhere just makes it easier for us. We've got kind of one more on the bridge, it can really kind of give us that. You know how we're going to get started using this content remake strategy? Yeah, the beauty of the content remake strategy is you can do it during the next break, right? You get started unless megan has other five for you, you can get started during the next break it it's so simple and easy to use that it's like a quick start teo all of your kind of different pinning and outreach strategies so the first thing to do is go through your archives look for those block post that you felt really resonated with people or that you felt really strongly about because maybe when he posted it three years ago you didn't have audience you do now so it time to refresh it and then you want to repurpose that content refresh it using anything images that have round up search tutorials or infographics are so popular so you can take an entire block post and make it visual quotes or any other kind of visual content that you can create around that and then create boards using this mixing it with other people's content that are going to tell your brand story and really engage that audience on pinterest I don't know I haven't been blogging but I've used facebook aton so does this same thing or I mean it's a a different type of absolutely so I'm on facebook when your I know you were talking about some contact strategies are you going to be taking any of that too and putting it on your new block well that's what I get probably have been doing it for so many years I don't even remember what I've done but I have to go back and look through it yeah, it sounds like that's the archives you can mine yeah absolutely so exactly the reason I ask that question is you know, linking back to facebook can be like a second you know, third degree link back but absolutely and so you can mind facebook if you've been doing it a long time and actually create block content, pain content, any kind of rich content that you need just going through those things in refreshing them I showed you daniela port who's using her twitter feed to create tenable content so if you've been active on instagram it's thinking about that so definitely whatever you've been using so focusing on blawg because it can be easy there's often maur content there in terms of the length of a post right there's usually more to pull from but you can go through anywhere you've been participating actively and pull that and use the same technique yes, and the most important thing is wherever you are wherever you were creating that content wherever you're pulling it from you want to put it on your blogger website before you pin it to pinterest we don't want to bring people back to those social media platforms because we don't have control over them and we one we don't have control and we can't figure out what their next steps are because we can't optimize them for conversion but to then they're not going to show up in your analytics as seeing that traffic having come from pinterest to your site. Awesome. Well, thank you, bridget so much. Thank you for bringing me out. I wanna join you today. Awesome. Thank you.

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Megan is a gifted teacher and fantastic presenter. I have enjoyed several of her courses on Creative Live and as always, great content and great style in every lesson. I have learned so much more about Pinterest, strategic pinning and having a long term marketing plan. Since taking this course, I have implemented a content pinning strategy resulting in a huge increase in views + new customers to my Etsy shop. Thanks Megan!


SOOOooooo worth the purchase -- I am so amazed that one little one day class could help me so much. I'm just overwhelmed with information. Fortunately, she includes information and workbooks to help you step by step. My analytics show that 80% of referrals to my website are from Pinterest, thank goodness for this course to help me with all that new business!

Mirka Laine-Pietila

This was my first Creative Live course ever and I found it totally worth the price. Megan is very knowledgeable and professional, plus her way of speaking and telling is very pleasant, which I think, is also very important when following classes like this. I´m not on Pinterest yet, but her class gave me the encouragement to join and make the best of it. Thumbs up, absolutely!