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Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

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Your Pinterest Plan of Attack

Megan Auman

Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

11. Your Pinterest Plan of Attack

Lesson Info

Your Pinterest Plan of Attack

Now make sure that we know very clearly what are pinterest plan of attack is what comes next, we've established kind of our entire plan, right? So we are establishing our pinterest profile, we're going to grow our pinterest presence by using that really strategic power pinning strategy, going to create content that specific for pinterest we're going to commit to doing that once a week, once a week, we're either going to make a new piece of content or we're going to remix something that we already have and make it better for pinterest and they're going to make sure that we're converting traffic. We're going to make sure that we're capturing those emails were going to make sure that we have all those little details on our site, tio no end confusion and gain trust and that's really the pinterest plan of attack, but one of the things that I want to kind of highlight here and that it's okay to focus on one step at a time. So when I actually started doing this, I spent a solid amount of time...

in step two, and part of that was because I didn't actually have the advantage that you guys have now, I don't actually know this plan like I was a step too, and I knew what I wanted at the end. But I wasn't really sure what was gonna happen in the middle so I actually had set a goal for myself that I was going to reach ten thousand followers before I worried about what I was going to do with them right? And I actually learned a lot because of that because I spent a lot of time on the site and being engaged I was able to really figure out what I wanted and that's what led me to develop the content strategy now you guys probably aren't gonna wait that long right? But you don't have to jump into content creation right away if you don't have that solid platform so if you're really new to pinterest and you maybe have one hundred or two hundred or three hundred followers you don't have a really critical mass give yourself a little bit of permission to spend some time and step to work on getting your boards in order work on curating that great content and then set a deadline for yourself so maybe you're gonna work on that for a month or two and then you're gonna dive into content creation or maybe you're going to work on that until you hit a thousand or two thousand or four thousand followers I can't tell you why I picked ten thousand wasn't a magic number it just felt really good in my head and also again I didn't know what step three wass nobody told me I hadn't figured it out yet uh so it's okay to focus on one on one step at a time because the strategy really builds on each other yes, you could dive in right now and start content creation and yes, you can do those things to start optimizing your site that's not a bad idea to do some of those optimizing things but you know it's also okay to build the platform because when you build the platform you're content creation is going to go further so it's okay to work on that so I want to make sure that kind of everyone knows what their next steps are and you guys go ahead and chime in on line two because I want to keep everybody super accountable so tiffany, is there anything you still need to do to establish your presence? I need to rearrange my boards and rearranged the look of that perfect and you might need teo also tweak your profile right? Oh yes, the idea of my problems right now I need to change my name and you change your name because you're still here you're ellis still tiffany what? Yes, what do you need to do is establish your profile consolidate so they're kind of all over the place yeah industry mining those and creating an overall look like you said in the first yeah, you know, a few boards or ten ten fifteen boards yeah, I think for you changing your board covers there yeah, you know you have a really great consistent visual presence on your sites and doesn't quite come through and your pinterest account so I know that you have that visual sensibilities you want to make that really come through in your boards sarah what do you need to dio to establish your pinterest present change my um uh profile yeah rearranged my boards and make new boards yes you definitely need some new boards that are more a little more customer focused for sure what are they saying online extinct lee dan created carol says post related content on newly titled boards shan vasquez says I simply need to start penny more often don oberlander is saying I need to re brand first and she really got that after watching in the earlier thirsty then cherish says I need to focus my boards on topics that relate to my brand on dh says I need to verify my profile and then create build my president so I think a lot of them are really understanding they've got to start with basic fantastic and you know one thing to keep in mind for those of you who realize that you have some brand building two d'oh is that even if you don't have your website sordid even if you don't have your brand kind of sorted on all of those other places you can still actively use pinterest because it can become a great platform to start toe understand and visualize your brand esso I mentioned daniel crest who actually team teaches practical pinning with me and danielle really started using pinterest of the strategy several months before she even launched her sight style for a happy home she was using pinterest very actively before that so that when she did launch her sight, she had this really great foundation and she had a really good understanding of her brand. So those of you who are working out those branding details you can start to apply steps one and two to that pinterest strategy and actually going to give you a boost in that brand building. All right, so then what are you gonna do to grow your pinterest following? So in this case, you know, we know we're going to pin a great content, right? So what kinds of content are you guys would be looking for? And you guys can chime in online to what kind of content are you really gonna focus on pinning what I need to sort of rearrange my boards and put some things together? But I actually think I wantto I want to do like, a little more scenery portland, california local stuff and sort of rearranging my board so that my jewelry can fit into each of those different little categories and what? What are you gonna be pending? More of? Maybe how to kind of create a space in your in your home was that you're gonna you're gonna find more that kind of thing, right? Yeah. Call it in and awesome biggest creep towards what you can find more of, um, well, depends on the new boards that I make, but I think some of the ones that I've mentioned, like there will be focused on, uh, women and their stories, quotes, inspirational quotes, um, fashion and, you know, definitely fashion, um, with some of my jewelry put in there. One thing online, jan says, I simply need to print pay more often and says, I'm going to focus on remixing posts to start with creatively. Carol is in the cart business she's saying birthday related content to go with birthday cards, wedding related for wedding cards and invitations and then the same with babies that's, that's! Awesome, yeah, and there's a lot of like birthday planning birthday that's a big area on pinterest so there's it's right for content there? For sure love betty design says, I'm going to be spending more of my products in style shoots of my popular boards, which are fashion and accessories excellence, great ideas there, yeah, and then making sure that you guys air creating content that we've talked to out so we kind of went through and talked about, you know, the post that you guys are going to focus on and then making sure that you're converting that traffic right? So making those changes and as we saw ah lot of those conversion changes their little tweaks, right? So you can go ahead and make those unless, you know, major website overhaul, but if you don't need that major overhaul, you can go ahead and make those little conversion tweaks so that even while you're building your your pinterest, you know, kind of presents if people come to your site it's a little more optimized for conversion, you know? And then the other thing about conversion is, you know, you can experiment with that, right? So sometimes I'll change the pop up. Sometimes I'll move around the email list, you'll change the call to action, and with that conversion, you could actually be really specific. So what, you could d'oh tiffany, if you really wanted to know what's, the best thing to say and not evil pop up is you could go ahead and you could leave it at twenty percent for a week, but you could really track this is how much traffic I got every day, and this is how many emails sign ups figure out what percent is converting right then next week you could make it a completely different joined the v I p list and you get this how much traffic? How many sign ups? What percentage? And maybe you do a third version and then you see what's converting better and then you use that and then maybe once you kind of ahonen you can then shift the language a little bit so I said want to join the v I p but maybe he's not the right word maybe there's something cooler right you ran might be kind of more fun or funky than the word of the I p right? So maybe you play with that language a little bit so conversion is really a game, right? It's all about making those changes looking at those metrics and then tracking it to see what's working anything else online says I will focus on converting my personal content on pinterest into a focused profile that fits my products and branding on dh then creatively carol against us get a better economist sight than etc wait something you know we only talked about it a little bit here but it's something that I found when I worked with a lot of people in practical pinning is that till it's all said and done, you realize that may be sc isn't serving you the best and what's great is that you know something like shopify can be affordable yes it's not quite the same structures at sea but really a lot of those fees kind of wash out together and ends up being about the same price and you have that full and total control over your brand and how you're you know, converting that traffic when it comes to you. So if you're really serious about something like using the interest is the marketing strategy and really converting that traffic that shift even though it feels kind of like a big deal can actually make a huge difference and you could still have a shot to exactly I still haven't you solving a tea shop yeah absolutely it's still there ideo that's actually your degree point I keep it I don't always keep things in it I'm not so good about it but every so often I do throw things in it's okay if someone's looking for me there I would hate to miss that opportunity for sure it's my predominant source of income I mean my website is where I'm driving people grow and driving them back and my email is but she is still my predominance right yet for me if that's not the case for me to have a tail but it's still nice you know it's still nice to have you don't have to shut it down completely but I'm driving all of my traffic to my other site for sure she says they are going to add an evil pop up on a pin button remember the evil popov is the welcome mat, so even though male chimp calls it evil, we're going to use it as a way to invite people into our space thank you and says she needs to put opt in buttons in more logical places and then she'll have a fake page on the site as well and cherish me says I need to work on the branding and include conversion in the stretch jennifer site, a shopping cart and a block people really understanding from what you've been saying, megan what they very specifically need to do is fantastic and, you know, and we were talking at the break too, and I think this is such an important point to kind of drive home is we're looking at wrapping up is that the strategy that I outlined for you guys in terms of using pinterest is a marketing tool is actually a strategy that when you do it makes every part of your business better, right it's all those things that you know you should be doing if you are optimizing your content for pinterest it turns out you're also making it better for seo right? If we're optimizing our pinter's traffic to convert, we're actually optimizing all of our traffic to convert right? We probably all know that we should be blogging anyway but this actually gives us a legitimate reason that feels fun and directed, right? So even though this is about pinterest marketing, this is really a strategy that can improve every aspect of your online business if you follow it right and, you know, when you are spending that time on pinterest when you are re pending and looking at what's happening, you're also getting those insights into your ideal customer so pinterest is one tool, and I think as we've learned it's way more the social it's way more than social media such a bigger platform than that but that one tool can have a huge impact on your business, so I know you guys have a lot of things to d'oh d'oh, but what I want you be really clear about is what is that one specific step? So we've got a lot of things but what's the one thing that you're going to do today as soon as we get off this class, you haven't already, I know our girls on the couches haven't yet. So what is the one thing that you're going to do today to kick start your pinterest marketing what's one thing you're gonna do? Well, I mean, the first thing I'm going to do is change my euro and take me there yeah, yeah perfect convert my personal to business perfect, I'm going to make a list first of all, the boards that I want have perfect, you're going to brainstorm those board ideas? I love it. How about online oreos? Red wine is saying I felt like I was pretty good of interest before, but this course has given me so much more than I thought possible on I'm so excited to put into practice what making this given us so thanks for that feedback yes, let's, tell us what is the one thing that you can do today? It will take a little bit of time, but let's get this here's the well and already said she needs to verify her sight have it on, betty says I've got to convert it to business and cherished says pin more relevant content, so they do know those things, but less is more. Yeah, and I know that you guys are all gonna get out there and start painting like crazy, and I'm not the other thing that I want everyone to remember as we go forward is that this is a fun marketing strategy, right? Like I don't want you, you guys don't feel I can see like the faces like I have some work to do, but actually this is fun, right? This is really fun, so it's a good companion for the branding to consider it will help for me anyway defined this my new brand? Yeah, yeah, hendricks is a really powerful and I know I am that you guys might have some technical questions and we didn't get to answer all of those things on and when we didn't get to dive into kind of some other stuff, so we didn't even talk about promoted pins, right? Which is pinterest new paid advertising because quite frankly, I just gave you a ton of tools to do it for free, so you should absolutely kind of use that. But if you do want to know about promoted pins, I did create a whole bonus video for everyone it's in one one of the bonuses with purchase, you know, I have been experimenting with them and they're very interesting, but I can honestly tell you guys what I just showed you hear works better works better and it's free, so I want you guys to get out there and have fun with this and you learn about your brand and learn about your customers and really use the strategy because it really can work anything else that we're getting from our online audience scale starts says I need to start scheduling pins and making content that is also important. On dh arias is going to say this has just been so much from pinterest it really is my favorite platform until now I wasn't a pinto pinna before we started so I know I realize now that is something I really need to look at and get going yeah, thank you, thank you. Well, fantastic megan any sort of final empowering thoughts you'd like to give our online audience before we before we end today. S o a couple of days first of all, we talked a little bit about stats and analytics but don't get bogged down in them it's really easy to feel like I'm gonna check my stats and and the needle doesn't move as much as I wanted and get frustrated don't worry about that. What we're actually doing with this strategy is we're playing a long game I gave you a strategy that absolutely works, but I didn't give you a strategy that's going to change your business overnight so I want everyone to be really clear about that, right? You're going to get in, you're going to do the work and it's going to build over time, but the beauty of pinterest is that those links that you're spending time putting out there those pins that you're spending time putting out there they live a really long life, so your pinterest marketing starts to build this mo mentum of its own and so when you get to those times where it feels a little bit rough when you're getting a little bit frustrated first of all, it's okay, take a break every so often I take a few days or a week off from pinterest if I'm traveling, I let it die let it myself take a break that's okay, that actually helps you keeps you from getting burned out, right? So if you're feeling a little bit frustrated, a little burned out it's ok to take that break, but remember, we're playing a long game, right? What we're doing is we're building this really solid marketing strategy that's just going to keep snowballing and snowballing and snowballing and it's really gonna help you grow your business, so keep at it because it totally works and I know you guys can do it and have fun with it from the experts, so we know that it can be done on earth a huge thank you to all of you joined us from all over the world today. I just saw a quick comment from and she says, this has been a brilliant course. It's almost midnight here in the uk, and I've been glued to the laptop well. Go yourself now and go to bed. We are done but thank you so much for joining also thank you to our wonderful students. It's really been great having you here and thank you for sharing your stories and we really would like to know how things turn out for you. So please do let us know you can go back to the course page any time and share your stories with us and we'd love to hear what your progress is. So thank you to all three of you for being with us today. It's really great having you? I got some great comments that came in from everybody would landor was saying I want to tell megan a huge thank you this is better than going out christmas shopping like I was supposed to do today the dog is depressed from neglect, but thank you anyway, megan, thank you so much for being with us here on creative life. It's been a wonderful course and indeed the course we did earlier in the week was fantastic too. So great having you back with us, we hope. See you again. I hope so. So just a final thank you to everybody it creative live the wonderful team of people michael, our producer john, our studio manager and line producer and director he's doing everyth today, christine vanessa, who have been in the chat rooms, of course, and then ben and daniel are broadcast text. Chris, alex, eliza, have bean here in the studio, on camera, and then we got the edit team whose work starts. Now that steven, david and stacy arpaio, lisa our hair and makeup, elisa and justin, I hope you didn't forget anybody. If I did, I didn't. I mean to your old, wonderful people. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you course to megan, thanks to our students, thanks to you, we'll see you soon, but for this course, it's a wrap.

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SOOOooooo worth the purchase -- I am so amazed that one little one day class could help me so much. I'm just overwhelmed with information. Fortunately, she includes information and workbooks to help you step by step. My analytics show that 80% of referrals to my website are from Pinterest, thank goodness for this course to help me with all that new business!

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