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Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

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Class Introduction: Build Trust and Increase Sales

Tara Swiger

Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Tara Swiger

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction: Build Trust and Increase Sales

Lesson Info

Class Introduction: Build Trust and Increase Sales

The problem is this: you love your product, you love the thing you make, you love the thing you sell, and you love to talk about it, and you're amazing when you talk about it. The problem is that your customers have no idea because your website or emails or your Instagram is dry and stiff and you don't sound like yourself, so your passion doesn't really come across. Well, a podcast is the answer, because in a podcast you get to talk about what you absolutely love, and it's so personal, comes right into people's ears. You can do it with video or just audio, and it really lets you connect with your customer and lets them get to know what you love about your work and what's special about your work, and it comes in your own voice, so if you feel like your voice is missing out in your online presence, a podcast might be the answer for you. If you feel like Instagram or emails aren't really working at selling your work and connecting with your audience, a podcast might be for you. So let's t...

alk about how to do that. So I started my first podcast, "Explore Your Enthusiasm" about three years ago, and it totally changed my business, so I'm a teacher and a writer, and I was writing these long blog posts and pouring my energy into them, and yet people weren't reading them because it takes a long time to sit there and scroll through a post, but people are listening to podcasts while they do the dishes, while they do their crafting, while they go through their life, while they're ignoring their kids, they're listening to podcasts, and so by switching my blog post format into just talking it out with people, I now fit into their life, and since I started doing that, it increased my business 50% every year, and there's just so much more podcast listeners than you even know, so studies show that four in ten people listen to a podcast at least once a week, and so there are lots of podcast listeners out there that are wanting to hear the kind of content about the things they care about, and not that many people are making content that isn't like a radio show or a news show, so today we're going to talk all about how to do it, how to do it easily, how to fit it into your workflow and create content that keeps making sales in your business. So, specifically, today we're going to record your first episode. You are going to go from no episode at all to a episode that you are ready to post on your podcast. We're also going to learn how to get it online using a host and how to submit it to iTunes. We're going to talk about why iTunes is so important, how it can help your podcast, how it's going to let brand new people find you. And we're also going to talk about how to make it an effective business tool. So none of us has time to spend just recording because we feel like recording. We actually need to make it effective and make it make sales, so we're going to work really hard at making it an effective sales tool that translates your listeners into your buyers. You're going to learn how to create content that does that, how to make clear calls to action so that they know what they need to do, and basically make it a tool for your business, not just something that's like a fun hobby that you do.

Class Description

Are you obsessed with podcasts and wondering how to develop and produce your own? In Podcasting for Crafters and Makers, you'll learn Tara's one-week podcast launch plan and how to make a show that's effective at reaching your goals. We'll generate a big list of episode ideas and find angles so you can produce show after show!

You'll learn:

  • Why Podcasting matters and is important for your business
  • How it builds trust
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to choose a format
  • How to start a podcast in a week!



I design embroidery patterns and I love podcasts but I wasn't sure what I would talk about in my own podcast without being able to show pictures. After watching this course I already have 20+ ideas for podcast topics, plus I now know how to get a podcast up and running, step-by-step, AND how it fits with my business goals. Tara Swiger is an excellent teacher and coach. I filled page after page with notes!

Rhonda M.

Excellent, practical information.

Dawn Craig