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Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

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What is a Podcast?

Tara Swiger

Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Tara Swiger

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3. What is a Podcast?

Lesson Info

What is a Podcast?

Before we go any further, I need to explain in case you're not sure what I mean by "podcast." A podcast is an audio show that comes out regularly, usually weekly, maybe a couple times a week, or every other week. And we're gonna talk about how you post it online, and that creates a feed, and then something like iTunes or the podcast app, or however you're listening to podcasts, uses that feed to catch new episodes. So it's really important to note here is that if you have a blog, people have to remember to go to your website, they have to remember to go back. Even if you have a YouTube channel, people have to go and check into YouTube. Your podcast is delivered into people's phones. That's super awesome, that means they don't have to remember that they liked you, they don't have to remember that they like your show, you're just gonna show up. It's gonna be under new episodes, or recently updated, and that means there's no friction for them getting your newest content. So if you wanna t...

ell somebody you have a new product coming out, if you want to do a launch of something, it's gonna just be delivered right to their phone, as they're listening, you're just gonna come up in the queue and they're gonna hear it. It's really awesome. So lots of you who told me you were interested in this class have said that you were not quite sure how to get started, or things were holding you back, so in the workbook on page two, I've asked you some questions about why you haven't done a podcast yet, so I'm gonna ask you to fill out page two. So some of the questions I ask are, "How long have you been "wanting to do a podcast?" And, "Why haven't you created one yet?" I really want you to think through what's been holding you back because once you do that, you're gonna realize, A, what questions you have that we need to make sure to answer today, and also identifying your blocks that have been holding you back are gonna let you work through them. You're gonna realize, "If I thought it was the technology, "but now Tara's explained the technology to me, "I have no excuses, I really need to do this." If you think that coming up with ongoing content is the problem, we're gonna answer that. If you think it's that you don't know how you're gonna keep it going week after week, we're gonna talk about that. And then the last question on page two is, "What questions do you have about doing a podcast?" I want you guys to think that through now, write it down now, because at the end of the day, I want to have answered all of those questions, and if I haven't, then we will answer them, we will do a couple sessions of Q and A's so you guys can ask your questions in the chatroom and I'll make sure I've answered all your questions. So Liz, do you want to share what's been holding you back from doing a podcast? Technology. Technology? Being overwhelmed by how to get it online? I know how to record a podcast, like on my phone or on my computer, but how do I get it actually onto iTunes, like that's my struggle is all the steps in between those two. So that's where the disconnect happens for me because if it's not easy, I just get overwhelmed and frustrated, and I'm like, "I can't figure this out." Yeah, we will go through all of the steps today, so yes, you will leave here knowing how to do it. So I want you guys to identify at home what has been holding you back, and then let me know so we make sure and cover it.

Class Description

Are you obsessed with podcasts and wondering how to develop and produce your own? In Podcasting for Crafters and Makers, you'll learn Tara's one-week podcast launch plan and how to make a show that's effective at reaching your goals. We'll generate a big list of episode ideas and find angles so you can produce show after show!

You'll learn:

  • Why Podcasting matters and is important for your business
  • How it builds trust
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to choose a format
  • How to start a podcast in a week!



I design embroidery patterns and I love podcasts but I wasn't sure what I would talk about in my own podcast without being able to show pictures. After watching this course I already have 20+ ideas for podcast topics, plus I now know how to get a podcast up and running, step-by-step, AND how it fits with my business goals. Tara Swiger is an excellent teacher and coach. I filled page after page with notes!

Rhonda M.

Excellent, practical information.

Dawn Craig