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Be Memorable: Paint Pictures, Evoke Emotions

So quick summary of what we did in module one you really have to connect to the audience now it's all about being memorable how do you get the owners to remember what you actually said here's the test if someone can remember what you said three days later you delivered the content they can't remember what you said three days later you just presented the content so what's the difference what people remember what people forget so each team has taken their yellow card you're gonna come up whatever ordered the spirit moves you roberto will film will play back and teach each other we're all becoming the coaches were all experts were all learners and folks online did their own practice as they will with change and then you can get a second round to see even more improvement who wants to go first protest his throne laurie under the bus mona spot is the boring cousin off monotone it's better to pace but the best approach is to go with your audience engaged them talked to them remember they hav...

e something important to say whether you think gina I think that's ok thank you all right good job team too hey shona hey shona okay, now that I have your attention I just wanted to tell you about this awesome new technique I learned called lowering the filter of your audience member getting their attention going emotionally where you want them to go to to tell your story it was a great example because she not only got my attention she then kept it because she was enthusiastic about the content and it showed in her voice and in her face and in her body language good job team to jane and harry I'm just so mad I can't believe you did that I don't want to do this any more seriously wait wait let me explain myself I don't want to hear it I don't want any of it see how much more powerful impactful it is to start with the scene and we didn't start with the beginning or the end of the scene we put the audience in the middle where they had a situation or a problem to deal with and I and richard and jack so strong communication and weak language we're going todo a little game here right and you're gonna start correct alright two arns first work right paint second word I was paint pictures right right ok and then the next two words are throwing up no strong emotion there you go all right so strong language is painting pictures and evoke emotion all right good job what did you notice that a team did well other than your own what team do you remember what they do well folks online did you notice that anybody did well ok all did great but what specifically well since we're in term cisco what specifically I think jennifer seen picking up the actual prop that was a visual that showed you you were speaking louder that really helps very good so in module two we're gonna teach you all these tips but you're the teacher so we'll just kind of fill in the tips along why do props work? What's prop profits short for the term stage property and it's just an object that has symbolic value and why does it matter normally when there's a speaker how many senses does the audience use normally? How many census doesn't audience usually use when there's a speaker to which two eyes and ears so when you have any other props coming into play it deepens the learning you all understood the concept of weak language before we said did the silly thing with the soda in the water but tasting it just makes it a little bit more impressionable and senses rank in terms of how closely they connect to memory hearing this one of the weakest ones touch is one of the strongest so when you get your audience to touch something feel something or even watch you touching something it is a stronger memorable impression but who else do you remember? Why do we remember skit? Remember that skip because I was instantly curious as to what they were fighting about good and what what animal are you when you're curious human the alligators don't know what's going on what was happening here good what we're here for the folks online uh let's see dream life also remember the argument arguing scene uh three eighteen media said today had great chemistry good let's talk about arguing and chemistry why is arguing get our attention problem it's a problem and it's conflict were instantly drawn to conflict drama just autumn and he grabs our attention and what was the second one? Uh let's see uh they're people when you're sharing let us know exactly who you're talking about but we have for example not do not know who said that they remembered the loudspeaker active using the prompt very good and then earlier person mentioned chemistry chemistry matters they used to be and you're going to see more more team presentations in your industry whatever your industry thirty years ago you didn't see many of these there was a speaker there was one in fact, if you watch the news thirty years ago how many people did the news thirty years ago one who won who are some of the most famous cronkite if you watch the news now in any city in the world how many people do the news two three four five news weather sports why did the industry change? Is this chemistry it's more interesting? So if this is abc cbs, bbc fox there although it's all the same news we're drawn in part a lot of different dimensions, but one part is the chemistry of the team, so if this team of anchors subconsciously our mariner and tell us where they actually like and respect each other and this team, we could tell they're really smart, they say the right things, but he can tell they don't really like each other. We're drawn more to this team, so each of you had good chemistry when you support your teammates and you just you're with them, it just pulls the audience and even more okay, we're gonna watch the videos are oscar nominated movies, but first let's talk about feedback. Oh, come on, bill, we know a lot about feedback already, so I give you advance tip on feedback and this is the superpower too making your progress unstoppable bad leaders block feedback. They're not bad people, but they're bad leaders. We all had some people like this in our life that never accept any criticism. Namur never change. Okay, leaders tolerate feedback, timelessness! Nice handwriting here. They don't really want to hear it, but they pretend to listen. What do good leaders d'oh seek out? Embrace what? Embrace welcome courage we're getting approval on its welcome come and improve well, it's not enough, not enough anymore let's say you are leading a staff and you go to your staff and say, guys, I want to make my staff meetings even better. So if you have ideas on how to make my means better come see me, my door's always open. How many people are gonna come in the door? Why not? You're seeking it out. You're welcome unit you want improve what's the problem chest right there and then have them engaged. There is a huge barrier and there's politeness in here. We've all learned it's better to not be too honest. So I'm gonna teach you a fourth gear about feedback if you want to be great at anything what's the secret if ask, ask isn't strong enough was stronger than ask count state again, jack demand demand feedback and I learned this from a guy named tony robinson might know who tony robbins is great speaker, author and I got to work with him on a project with general colin powell, ray chambers and many other people many, many years ago, and one of things I learned from him was I had asked him I was a motivational speaker when I was younger, and he was one of the best in the world, said tony, how did you originally get so good? He said when I was a young salesman I was required by the boss to do one speech of months we'd get better at speaking all the salespeople to do one speech among he said, I signed up to do three speeches a day and I was not getting better the first ah ha's practice alone is not making you better we all sit in how many meetings to the automatically get better because we're in a lot of him? Not necessarily we just get more comfortable if tennis the perfect communicator in europe for the more you speak, the more comfortable you are at four, but you don't move the five, six or seven to you incorporate new techniques I'm gonna ask for bear too. In a second, what was the efficiency of the meetings of this group's life experiences? Roberto, what was the number of this group's average life experience for maybe eight percent? Thirty eight percent of the average of the sticky notes you started the session with and a lot of people entered online and the worldwide average is thirty seven percent. The good news is you're above average bad news is we'll hear it on nice and loud thie averaged over these group thirty eight percent thirty eight percent and the worldwide average is thirty seven percent thirty seven percent thank you, by the way for pointing everybody pointed me if you pointed people some people hate that the whole gun thing some people don't mind it but if you point with the palm up it works in any culture in the world everybody point to me with your palm up all right now pointed to people in the room and say their names while you do it ready go so you can point in any setting but point with the palm up so meeting efficiency is low thirty eight percent let's take your number not mine thirty eight percent of meeting efficiency sixty two percent in efficiency wise sixty two percent inefficiency okay with you big shot doctor wise third sixty two percent inefficiency okay it's not okay it's not okay well why do you tolerate it? I will not tolerate what allows it what allows you to continue? You have to understand what causes things before you can change them gino has just become the standard it's the norm good in our show like impetus to change and you've got to break some of the direction price and I want to jump in everybody jumping because we're all in this together we're all experts were all learners what else makes inefficiency of meetings? I think the only people that can make it more efficient they are not into the high levels ofthe management of supervisory and they don't feel comfortable with a hold on let's do it like this or change the place so they're not feeling comfortable changing things who taught you howto run medians you go to meetings school example no so example who they learned from their bosses back to about two fifties and we all learn that a meeting agenda is a list of things to talk about until time runs out it's a system we all inherit it almost nothing stops us from filling that hour, but we'll give you some new techniques for median efficiency in the coming days so come back to feedback so what was tony robbins secret? He said I was not getting better even though I'm doing three a day, he said then they change one thing and I took off I went to a whole new level and it was a tiny thing that have changed after every speech he said would grab somebody and pull him aside thirty seconds to jennifer real quick, thirty seconds what did you like the most about my speech today? What was really the best part for you and then you'd say and what didn't work? What did you not like just didn't click for you, he said ninety percent of time everybody the same answer oh tony was great don't change a thing it's awesome keep up the good work is not gonna help him improve so he was ready I appreciate that jennifer but I'm not letting you leave I'm not fishing for compliments you don't get to leave until you tell me the thing you like the best and then one thing I could do to make it better he said I always had to pull through the politeness to get that data but I would take those two answers and put him in the next speech keep building on the positives and addressed the weaknesses my approach three strokes of love for one stroke of challenge early volunteer days it's the fastest way to get good so when it came to feedback tony didn't block it he didn't tolerate it he didn't seek it out what was his philosophy? He demanded it it was not an option not to give it so if you're my staff and I say taking laurie's idea if we go around right here right now at the end of today's staff meeting everybody has to go around say one idea and how to make our meetings better everybody's gonna give one idea the end of today's meeting who all share when we do that everybody will good idea why why will they give an idea then both because you've asked for it because it's safe to give it very good and it's the army you don't have a choice we're all doing it so you're on a very good guess mirror neurons so we're gonna practice that now but first let's make this a little bit less intellectual in a little bit more personal. Which of these does you folks online? Which of these is you? You blocked most of the feedback that the world gives you tolerate it, seek it out or demand it when it comes to most areas of your life which of these captures where you are? I'm going to slowly move my hand down the page down the board when I get to the zone where you are in real life, I want you to quietly raise your hand for those online just type in where you think you are you don't have to use these words, you can use other ones where am I when it comes to feedback being really honest when my hand leaves his own where you are put your hand back down, everybody understand? Ready now where do you want to be this's the superpower secret? You can't be great at everything, but if you want to be great at anything would be a great golfer. I want to be a great dad, I want to be a great swimmer feedback learning to demand it's the first few times how does it feel toe? Ask demand feedback from somebody feel strange and awkward you make them feel strange and awkward mirror neurons but after two or three times what starts to happen gets easier and comfortable and new enormous created in the brain so we're gonna practice in the next three days nonstop so after we show back your video the team that was just on screen has the choice they don'thave tio they stand up on stage and demand feedback from the rest of us you could is give us the feed there grilled and it's always the first question is always a positive one what did you like? What worked for you? What was good any form of that question and then audience will give you two or three quick ones including our online experts and then the second question you ask is how can we make it better? What going to improve it not what sucked what was negative do you want to know what was bad or do you want know how to make it better the way you asked the question determines how good the data is if the team doesn't stand up here and demand feedback after their videos done we're not gonna waste our time on that team we're going to go on to the next one you don't get what you deserve in business you get what you negotiate, you only get feedback if you demand it, I'll help the first couple but then I'll become a rhythm we got the idea let's watch team number one is the hard part you watch most boring cousin his face but the best approach is to school with your audience engaged them talk to them remember they have something important to say what do you think you know I think that's great thank you alright good job hey guys we're divided you tell us something that is something that you like about what we did please like that you engage with the audience thank you anything else? I really liked your use of space and he was meant I liked your enunciation with every word how could we make it better? Uh more positive get some online I also like that you started out move with movement and start out with a single character and then brought in the second character that made it more interesting anything online that they like uh we are asking let's see atticus says nice energy thank you alright second question now you can ask okay is there anything you think we can improve often? Can you please help us be better? What do you think we can do better please I think I understand the room just as we have heard aboutthe lighting and so I like how you broke the rules and it came out that was good and it from the audience perspective that is good but from the internet audience that that made a difference so understanding the room better you and I do apologise audience sorry now you know gerry so protest. When you first started, I thought you wanted, uh, addiction wasn't is clear, and you weren't as loud. But then eventually you got loud enough. Uh, so maybe start with, uh start louder. All right, good. Good job, guys. Nice team, too. Hey, I tell you about also technique alert lowering filter of your audience member. Getting their attention going emotionally where you want them to go, teo, to tell your story. It was a great example because she not only got my attention, she kept it because she was enthusiastic about the content and it showed in a voice and in her face and her body language. So what did you guys like? I like the scenery. I like the way you guys interacted between the two of you. I always have appreciate good annunciation tone bosses. And I think you guys were awesome in all of the above. I like how you listened while she was speaking. So I knew to be watching her. And I liked how you were using. I mean, your body language. It was really kind of, you know, exaggerated, but not over the top. It was really kind of punctuating what you were doing in the concept. Because similar comments actually from the internet as well marry louis, saying she likes the body language and the gestures three eighteen media saying this great chemistry there and, you know tennis saying he loved the prop use and dream life actually coming to that they really liked how direct your question wass what did you like? But and I like that you started out with an extreme emotion you're like extremes are extremely effective when you do half the emotion it's only half effective so very good alright, we've built up their eagle enough let's bring him crashing back to earth what's the second second question what can we do better if they were gonna do the same one again? What would make it even better the second time? What can we do better this time? Next time I think you speak like I speak which tend to be faster and so slowing it down a little bit. You're like your body language was great, the pacing just a little bit slower winograd anymore not slowing down longer positive after shitting difference three immediate notes that the first speaker had her back to the audience and, uh, good attention it did not have much acting to contribute. It was more of a summary and conclusion. I found the active bias toward the role of the first speaker christine I know what's great about communication is no perfect so we let go of perfect it's all about memorable and connected all right, you guys can have a seat nice job everybody say this with me and say it with your hands shift your position shift your hands go shift your position shift your hand change your topic change your feet go change your topic change your feet try to move your feet say it again changer topic change your feet folks online I want to do the same thing if you're sitting on your desk if you feel silly that's not the goal that's just a bonus for the whole universe changed your topic change your feet one more time change your topic change your sheets you're all excellent writers at the end of every sentence you put a period why do you put a period boss that makes people stop and think about what you just said good so period tells the reader time to breathe that idea's thought we could start a new one new paragraph means new scene etcetera you don't have these when you speak you have to use pauses in shifts to tell the audience were now onto a new subject that's what happened with customer last week now what'd I just tell you with my hands on the new subject so whenever you change topics on stage, you change position so when? When the role play is done, you step out of the role play. Now the reason we did that was ex every time you step your telling, the audience were now onto a new thing. Little stop means little changed. Big step means big change. We'll practice a little bit more of this harmonizing to come back to set start with the scene everybody raise your hand when you can think of a tv show that was on the air mohr than twenty years ago type it in if you got think of one type in any tv show that was on the air mohr than twenty years ago. Alright as they start to come in, let me hear your to say it out nice and loud project your voice, jack mash, mash, gilligan's island, gilligan's island it could be the same or my same one. Same one this instance star star trek oprah oprah night traitor knight rider with me, mork and mindy and who were here online all favors marylou saying I dream of jeannie melanie's saying the same laverne and shirley from julia got gun smoke and ponderosa going back through old westerns by the brave heroes. Yes, john contributed the brady bunch and we do work with a lot of tv industries and we learned a lot what about the tv thing? One mash, for example. Do you know the opening scene in mash with the nurses are running to the helicopter. They showed us in the malibu hills where they film that scene and there were ten women who wanted to be extras on the show is nurses and they only had room for five, so they line them all up in uniforms and said the first five that make it to the chopper are in the show. So when you see them running, they're running all those tv shows had one thing in common. They all start the same way. How did all those tv show start? The theme song? Very good shot. And what is the theme song of the heart is the characters it's, the actors it's the premise it's the theme and its signals that the show's about to begin the number one shows now my wife's favorite show, c s I nc s all these great crime shows had a meeting with some folks at cbs and they jokes, why don't we just call ourselves the crime channel and be done with it? But they have all these great crime shows that a lot of the networks dio how to cs I start a scene, not a theme song that starts with the murder or the crime or whatever it is it doesn't matter what the episode or siri's is there's a dead body in a parking lot in las vegas and then the theme song now I'm not that bright. I didn't figure out the answer, but see if you can figure out the answer. Why did the industry switch from starting with a theme song, too, starting with the scene before the theme song? See if anybody can guess why you're grabbing indeed and emotionally more, yes, but there's more see if you guess, type it in online why'd they switch? I didn't guess it's so see if you you're smarter than I, if you think it's, because they didn't want people to be channel hopping in between programmes. Yes, but there's more to the next one. Yes, but there's more you're on the right track, predictable, yes, what's the goal of every business. People get bored of saying the same thing, what's the goals that I have to make money, so how would it make them more money to start with scene? Why would they mark, make them more money? Because they don't have their not wasting minutes on the, uh, theme song and opening. Ironically, someone named matt lock says, you need to show up before the show starts in orderto catch the whole thing, matt lock, I'd bow to your greater so all of you were starting to figure it out it's all about advertising so they did research and they found that if locke was your favorite show and as soon as the theme song come came on people got up off the couch and went to the fridge to make a sandwich they like the theme song, but they don't need to see it to hear it and who cares about the commercials and then come back with your food before the show starts but if your cs I do you want to miss the first thirty seconds that's your favorite show so you've already got your saying what you already sitting down and when the commercials come on, they're gonna have a few more eyeballs on the commercials make a few more dollars that's the only reason they made the switch was this have to do it presentations? I don't know, I just think it's interesting oh wait, there is a reason when you start your presentations, meetings or pitches with high I'm really glad to be here here's what we're going to talk about lets get started what is that for you feeler that's your personal theme song and when you do your personal theme song okay there but let's get started here I am here's the agenda let's go mentally where the audience go making things even if they like you like the topic they don't need to hear it that's not really new cement so they go away their filters go up so I'm gonna give you homework sometimes say bill your good trainer all the own room people are such great trainers but you're too socratic you keep asking us questions you're supposed to be the expert tell us what to do well here's an example I'm gonna tell you what to do for the rest of your life every meeting, every pitch, every presentation you ever do should start with a scene a scene could be a story a skit a question ah problem a statement a statistic a business cases many, many different kinds of steam a joke a quote but if you start with the scene the filters will all immediately come down if you do it over and over let's say jack is running this meeting is in three months and in a row he started with a different kind of seen the fourth meeting everybody will drop their filters even before he opens his mouth why? Because they know he's gonna be engaging gary why it tells a story they don't know what this guy's going to do but they know when jack opens his mouth the show is about to begin he has no ramp up no warm up it's immediately pulls us into the middle so this is what you want to do and you want to vary the scenes. So let's say you're going to run five meetings in the next five weeks. Give me any way you could start a meeting. What kind of scene could you start a meeting with anybody? Give me an example of how you could start a meeting. Start by asking the audience question. Probably so they happen, so just start with question. No ramp up. No let's get started. Just immediately start with a question. I guarantee it will work. Okay for a week to you can't start with a question. So what's. Another way you could start with the scene. Give me another wasted nasser's provide some answers. What else? There was a huge issue that happened yesterday. Bingo. Start with a problem. Why do problems always engage us? Because we are himself. So problem instantly engage that's. Why it works in the crimes. Okay, start with a question. Uh, suggests an anecdote and colby suggest playing a game very good. So start with an anecdote or a story the next week. Start with a game each time you vary it so there's many, many different kinds of scene. You just keep switching them out after five or six times, go back again and it will feel infinitely fresh forever but your condition your audience to be ready when you open your mouth as opposed to conditioning them that there's a lot of weak language and I'll pay attention when I need to later let's watch the next team I'm just so mad I have everything that I don't want to do this anymore wait see how much more part of it is to start with the scene and we start with the beginning of the end of the scene we pookie autumns in the middle where they had a situation or problems I love how you guys manage don't give anything they didn't demand think was good about ours our demonstration uh I love how you guys managed to create the drama really pulled me in right away anything else you want to see seem to what happens I like how you many trying to start to walk away it's like wow this is really a good level of drama start of a very strong emotion it was a very good attention grabber brucie says it was convincing and devious as it was interesting you know everything I really like is like thing you both use your own strength gina you are more dramatic on gary you're more slow, more commas using your own words and you'd use your strengths and I really love that and now we would like to ask for some feedback maybe one feedback from each partner would be much appreciated whoa you're getting greedy no way um I think the proper usage help draws and but I didn't quite understand what the point of the football wes okay, I forget the exact script it was something like see how you can do this and I think you could have gotten rid of see how you can you say do this and be more effective very good when you are helping your audience you khun embolden yourself to be confident so we'll help we're on different ends of fundraisers, right? We're all involved in lots of charities want help wherever we can if when you're asked king for money who's doing who a favor when you have a really good charity and you're asking somebody for twenty bucks who's and they give it to you who did? Who a favor brian uh the person my favorite of the charity you have to have this mindset in sales and fundraising that I'm doing you a favor. So if you buy this product for me or you give twenty bucks to help these kids or this charity, you're not doing me a favour I'm doing you a favor because I'm making sure it gets to it and you can really make a big difference with it that's the mindset you have so when you take richard's comment when you tell the audience something to dio you don't wanna have to it go do this the next time, make sure you do this and you're really going to notice a difference you're doing them a favor you could be very bold about it if you truly believe all right, I know we could go all the way around the studio but let's pause there good job you guys have a seat talk a little bit of how we use the stage most people have is the last this team before them is mono spot the boring cousin of monotone people stand in one spot just what they're used to and then people say okay, I went to on the room I have to start moving around and then they begin to pace the caged tiger approach to public speaking if someone's pacing, who were they thinking about themselves that their folks on their content in their heads it's nothing wrong with it but that's where their heads are out then they begin to circle and circling is a little better than pacing because when you walk around the room I'm not allowed to leave the stage or gentle beat me up, but when you circle the room you've created a little bit different eye contact angles it's a little bit better than pacey, but the best step is when you step into the audience when you step into the audience and back step into the audience and back who are they thinking about when you step into the audience, who were they thinking about the audience? It doesn't matter how far you step, it has the same effect, so if you're in a meeting and you sit and you're making a comment and you lean and even this much when you make your comment, if boosts the signal with the audience, if it was a three bar signal on your cell phone with the audience, it just went to four everything is about connecting to the audience makes sense in theory, the first time you walk around the room when you speak, how you gonna feel self conscious, self conscious and when you feel self conscious and awkward, how would the audience feel when you're doing it? If you're worried that it won't feel right the first couple of times you do it in real life, I can magically remove that worry and guarantee it won't feel right the first time or the second time, but as you start to move around, what starts to happen, you feel more and more comfortable, comfortable when you feel comfortable, the audience feels comfortable and then you've got it for life like this is ridiculously easy, but you have to do those two or three steps climbing up, stumbling up the mountain to reach that next stage communication isn't about big things. It's all these little things but they add up to big impact and each one of these rounds and models it's more more practicing for the folks online a lot of people who get the download it I need to rewind that I need to do that one again and again do it a few times and you got it for life the more you practice outside the meetings more comfortable if he comes in the presentations on the stage let's watch the next team so strong communication and language we're going teo a little baby here right? You're going to start two one paint pictures right two words are strong emotion there you are right? It was a painting shire's end evoke the emotion ironic applause for all the teams for these guys so what did we do? Well, I like the way you are becoming your empower yourself you have changed so much in the past three hours you're big you're feeling more comfortable with yourself I love that on actually you were so funny, wei have jamie who says the guy guessing managed to convince me that he was actually guessing and didn't know the words you got three eighty media echoes of this and there's good tension by using the game and get got the crowd sub subconsciously involved well done but I do like this idea of your personality so we're learning more more than richard to say is a stand up comedian trapped in a doctor, successful career and jack same way you guys have such great personalities and as you're all learning and everybody online, we don't need to put brilliance into you don't need to put talent into you. We need to let it out, and I let it out. It's just well, what if I make a mistake? Well, what if it were all gonna make mistakes? Who cares? Get over yourself. Just focus on the audience and that's where everything started to happen. There is no perfect. We're all trained from kindergarten. Be perfect or you hand gets slapped. Spell it right. Get the numbers right or you're wrong. That's not life life isn't about perfect about connected it's, about memorable. Both everybody feeling something or remembering something you want them to remember? Second question, uh, please tell us what we can do to improve line saying that you have a very interesting face, but you should face the audience will be more engaging. Okay, I think I got I want it from full moon and we're lucky because we have all these wonderful cameras here. A creative life following us in fantastic crew hopefully get to meet thank them at the end but in real life you have to make sure that your face is seen by as many people as possible once in a while you have to turn your back but try to make it always minimal other thoughts that make it better as they're coming in I just actually I find it interesting that when we asked for positive feedback they just flooded but then we asked for the like negative feedback it takes longer it's interesting people kind of fighting that that instinct that your gina did. I think that having a more solid conclusion would have help summed up the hole seen our topic so here and this is almost all the teams can you remember what the other teams set some of them much better than usual? I gave you a b on the last one. I'll give you an a minus on this one compared to what most groups really well done. But what each of you did was what I would call an island of creativity. You made this really creative idea of your own and everybody's idea was fantastically successful, but the island of creativity needs a bridge back to the mainland so one of the ways you start that you're all going around to us you're gonna practice and you going to individual ones because you start out with your tip I want everybody to remember a b and c when you do your presentations boom, you step into your island, you act out your idea bubble bubble law and then step back out and the reason we did that is I want you to remember to do a b and c next time you do a speech so you build a bridge in and you build a bridge out you may think it's completely obvious what I'm teaching and what I'm trying to communicate, but the audience is you'll see doesn't unless you have the bridge makes sense okay guys have a seat now we're gonna do round two a quick question if you don't mind wheels for feet says I use a wheelchair does bill have any advice for using movement and stage control for me? What do you guys think we're all expert? Yes, absolutely I don't know if he can move his upper body, but he could do says we'll explain he can move forward and he used his hands that he can turn so he can absolute really do it so the angle and the movement is less important than the than the purpose so the brain detects even the slightest movements the slightest changes and sound volume pitch pause, so leaning in and turning even a little bit creates that same emotion when here she feels the same feeling we're going to feel it with them great. Okay, here's, what we're gonna do, roberto? And I say, go is gonna give you all another card and you're going to rapid fire now do the same thing, but this time, instead of a team, you are the team. So whatever your card says, you're going to think while we're sitting there and we're going to talk with the folks online and asked them for someone going questions, you have a couple minutes to think and then we'll pull you up and you're just this time same exact exercise you could look at the card. Okay, I get the idea. You're gonna get up in front of everybody. Same twenty, thirty seconds. No more. Build your bridge. Do something really creative to make the point of whatever's on the card. Do your second bridge and you're done. Everybody understand the idea. Okay? Khun ghost, hand out the cards. If you really hate your card, you can switch or asking for another one and let's go to our folks online. Open up for any questions we'll build. What about this? What about that? I'm uncomfortable with this or I get excited about that or I'm an expert and I have something to share world. We have some very knowledgeable people online who can share some of their tips, anything we're hearing or anybody wants to raise. Certainly we have a lot that have been coming in throughout the day. Shrew. May I'd like to know why politicians use the knuckle rather than the open palm. Do you know? Is that kind of the same a different solution to the same problem, I think. One they learned not to point, so they just folded back in, but everybody's little different. Some people like to have a pen in their hands. Bob dole. I've done work with republicans and democrats love all politicians equally, and some of them just some people feel more comfortable with a pen in their hand. Some people and then that's great. My mouth is too slow for my brain. I have so many thoughts, and when I speak, I tend to stumble over my words because I speak too fast it's results and becoming more nervous repeating this audible cycle of pain very good. So experts is there such a thing of speaking too fast? No, what we need to do pause talks as you want, think become more and more comfortable with the power of silence in the upper module teach you teach you a technique called think at it speak that solves this problem very, very smoothly to give you more, more time in the in the silence, in the paws to be comfortable. And you'll always be in the right cadence.

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Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

Ana Alexandre

WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)