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Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Lesson 8 of 31

Body Language

Bill Hoogterp

Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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8. Body Language


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Body Language

Okay, now I need everybody is stand up pick a partner and faced me and I need to people on stage who hasn't been on stage at the precinct okay richard why don't you come on up with shauna you guys partner here and jennifer over there with jack okay everybody face a partner and whoever is facing one person faces me one person faces away from me one person faces me one person faces away from me okay? The person who's facing me I want you to read the first quote with no words on ly body language you're gonna read the first quote with no words on lee body language when I say go you're gonna find your inner marcel marceau your mr bean your charades just kind of acted out ready go okay we're not playing charades actual shreds laurie but okay now when I say go once you do the exact same body language you just did in layer in the words as well ready go for things come not back back the spoken word sped arrow past life and they neglected opportunity okay now switch positions and pay back time y...

ou guys do the bottom quote and first time no words on ly body language ready began okay stop there are online like what happened audio audio engineers thie crew by the way has been great they've been interactive and all the things did you guys tell the crew by the way russ and john that they're gonna be doing the final speech at the end did you guys tell them that we'll let them know all right now same exact brilliant body gestures we saw and later in the words as well ready go only after the last tree has been cut down only after the last fish has been caught on lee after the last river has been poisoned on lee then way realize that money can be ok so what do we learned so far about body language and roberto can hand out the cards what do we learn about body language from this is having is half of what you say it's even more of our total communication of our words they measured this scientifically you guys can all have a actually just form kind of ah full circle very right come on up on stage everybody come out on stage roberto go ahead and hand out the cards they measured this scientifically and communication experts can tell you the statistic is a little bit flawed but for learning purposes it's been a little bit debunk but there's a truth in the general but of our total communication how much comes from our words how much comes from tone how much from by language any guesses very good somebody remember searching for snakes thirty yeah oh such a show off fifty five percent card uh, so when you plan your medians, person pitches and presentations, guys, how much do you focus on the words? Words are powerful, but they're just a starting point for everything. Well, does content matter? Of course content matters, content is king. Everything starts with content. Thirty percent is tone that's the speed volume, pitch pause, inflection of your voice. All these things were learning and fifty five percent his body language, half of that is in the face. And then the hands think of it a little bit like the motown singers of the sixties. I don't know what I'm talking about. The motown fingers get the three women the background going to do your words are like your lead singer. Very important. Everything starts with the words your backup singers or your tone. They just have to harmonize with the words. And the band is your body language. When the song is fantastic, all three are what? Okay, let's, do a quick exercise every form a circle and turned to the page where softly is the first word softly is the first word and guys turn turn to face me turn to face me. Go ahead. All right, we'll start with jack. Are you gonna read word number one, then we're number two, three, four, five for online if we haven't if you haven't seen the posting to practice the same thing to the questioning before what we do to practice our voice might read we're number one loudly quickly good now what are they already doing? Well, they're harmonizing the words with the tone let's do it again but let's bring in body language I want your whole body, your face your thing to say the word your hands are they broken loudly, quickly, slowly positive upset that you're upset, we'll have an offline aboutthe good shout could eat all I know right now let's make it a little bit tougher so we'll get work together don't really fit together I don't do it but I want to do the same thing, so become the word and switch when you have to go slow to market good no when you watch people in cnn, fox what we've trained a lot of those folks say they slow down the word slow and go back to normal on market so if they say this product was really slow to market it's almost imperceptible but the impact is powerful fast mover good. If this is fast, I need something different from mover give me something different for mover fast over, okay strong we good transition to see how she had that pause in the middle upset about the outcome what upset aboutthe upset we're back over here loathe problem deal with geniuses sometimes earthly details escape them got it fourteen funny we should not give fourteen tow lorry so focus and relax give me two different gestures focus focused and relax excellent cash flow all right so this is flo. I need some different for cash how do you say cash with your hands? Good. You're all together cash flow put in the sentence for me cashflow went up by eighteen percent. Excellent good collaboration excellent fixed costs quit. If this is fixed, I need something different for cost goods so fixed costs put incense for me uh, fixed costs ran up this year. Good. Now in real life do you have to act out every single word? No, but about thirty forty percent is world class she just picking the things you really most one emphasize. All right, let's, keep going. Strategic merger good up and down chart strong manager we work with both the left and the right. We've gone hot and cold on the steel. My ego was a little bit too big at the time. Nice way need to think with our heads I know what hearts nice eighty percent of decisions made emotionally could how do you say eighty percent that's a tough one, these air getting harder and harder well, you could do this. You can do eight, you can do this more than any way, way, but just give me anything that fits for you. Um, I would do eighty percent of decisions are made emotional. Excellent because they're really getting good from high pitch toe low bass voice, good leadership sets the tone of the culture nice net profit needs to grow quickly. Good. What would be a good stretch goal? Relieved to be finished? Great. All right, here's, your last task when I've been lying to the same thing. When I say go, you're gonna pick a quote, any quote and I want you to put it all together and all I want this time is brilliance I want everything volumes, speed and body language and you get a practice on ly by yourself for one minute you're gonna walk around and quote just like the word tell you what to do with your voice that quote tells you what to do should you get loud should go fast, slow down but everybody should have at least one crazy long three second pause somewhere in the quote or you own the whole stage if your quote has three parts to it, how many parts of the stage where you going to use and you don't go back and forth you say this happened blah, blah and then this happened richard did before and then this happened and you don't rush the middle that's the most powerful part of quote when your mirror neurons are firing their feeling what you're feeling, so go pick your quote and practice being brilliant begin folks online you've got these things to practice with and you've got the quotes that you could get from the website every time you practice is getting stronger and stronger in your brain take questions while they're preparing well some comments I mean, people online are actually seeing the improvement and everybody in our students today on they're all commenting on that say how differently after this morning, a day off this afternoon so clearly all these techniques are definitely working. Yeah, they sure are it one of those things where a lot of our workshops we do hear people, they get a lot of information, but it takes months for them to implement a marketing plan. This is something where we're literally able to see people improve by the minute and it's fascinating to watch it's really exciting so shrew is wondering for this this exercise where they were talking to each other and just basically conveying the thought without actually speaking is the exercise supposed to be mining the words at what point doesn't get to be too much and too forced there's definitely a place where it's too much where you can say, oh, we've left the campus and ridiculous most people are nowhere close to that border, so if you are, that means you've got some strength in real life. Up to forty percent voice modulation is world class if you're doing more than that, it tends to be about showing off and the real test is will bill wait a minute, we're we learned to be actors here are good presenters, haven't you showing off your fantastic skill? It's all about you showing yourself it's acting if it's about helping audience really understand something or feel something that is presenting what the intent of really helping them but think of it this way when the audience needs you to be serious what should you be serious when they need you to be silly? What should you be, it's? Not about you, it's what the situation requires so you walk into a room and everybody's like this what do they need? Warm energy power brings bring the rain if they're like ah, then what do they need? Focus but leadership is situational communication situational so you read what the room needs and that's what you give them what you like, what you prefer but what they need in that moment they need a little more energy you do even more modulation okay I'm gonna invite everybody to come back and have a seat and one at a time you're gonna come up I don't want to see any cards and all I want is brilliance become the quote become the character and have fun with it roberto will be filming so you're making sure you can he can see you on that camera then we'll play it back and the goal of this exercise now is to make bill look good and how do you make bill look good by stretching your range don't worry about good and bad just worry about christine how much would be arranged you can use and I don't have jack start us out and then whoever wants to get next be ready to jump on the stage when he's done and they're all yours you can conquer any fear if you put your mind to it for remember fear doesn't exist anywhere except in your mind scary that was good I think jack promise me you're not going to start a cult at any point because I would join that one richard you get everything you want if you just help you get everything you can get everything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want good see how nature trees flowers grass grow in silence see how the sun the moon the stars move in silence way we need silence to be able to touch souls all but intimate with few and let those be well tried before you give them your confidence never tell people how to do things tell them what to dio and let them surprise you with their ingenuity if you want to destroy a people take away their culture and their language will soon disappear successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly whereas average people make decisions slowly if at all and changed them quickly you don't get to choose when you are going to die or how you only get to decide how you're going to leave all right let's have everybody all right we're gonna play these back some quick before and afters but what did you notice? What do you seen happening engaging more engaging now from the first time you walked in this morning and read those blue cards to these monsters that we're creating on the stage fantastic brilliant using more of your range what is enabling you to get so good so quickly I want to understand what causes it where's the improvement coming from practice practice that's part of it what else? The comfort in the room were changing the standards altogether very good this is the ah ha it's not just the techniques yes they helps not just the practice of coaching the camera all of that helps it's about giving yourself permission to be brilliant come on bills now that simple it's that simple give yourself permission to be brilliant to be you all of this stuff is inside of you just gotta let it out the practice helps feedback is super effective to see what's working what's not working okay we're gonna play back very quickly the before and after and I want you to turn to your partner and make notes and online folks our coaches as well as our participants and I want you too when you see your partner on the screen I want you to write down what they did well plus plus plus and a minus so if gary was my partner I got some scrap paper and I write down when I see him oh good staccato nice pause excellent gesture one thing it could be better you could have done different gesture with this work for example and then when you see yourself in screen I just want you to focus on leon how amazingly attractive you are well, I really am so good looking today won't you train yourself to see the positives don't ever sell one thing I'll be the police about don't ever let yourself be negative first ever and steven when you hear somebody else we can learn from each other in any situation but train yourself to see the positives first so let's run through the first all the before and when you see everybody else on the screen beside you in your coat when you see everybody besides yourself and your partner I want to do the same thing that I've been doing but in your head oh good staccato nice speed good super fast really good inflection oh I love that whisper whatever you know it the more you do it you're had the more expert you're becoming and roll make decisions quickly and change them slowly where is average people make decisions slowly if at all and jesus were it not for myself then who will be for me and if I'm not for others then whatever if not now never tell people how to do things tell them what to dio and surprised with their ingenuity whatever the heart thing feels the head must think about with the head of thinking aboutthe mouth speaks with speeds booth past light missed opportunity and the spoken word see how nature trees flowers grass they grow in silence sea the sun the moon the stars they move in silence we need silence to touch souls you don't get to choose how you're going to die or when you can only design how you're going to be trees with all but intimate with you and let those be well tried before you give them your confidence okay what do you notice seeing that now some a few of you use gestures if you use the stage but somebody you're only using a part of your dimension now let's watch the after you can convert any fear if you put your mind to for remember fear doesn't exist anywhere except in your mind everything you want if you just help you get everything, you can get everything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want, see how nature trees, flowers, grass grow see how the sun, the moon, the stars move way need silence to be able to touch, so he carries all but intimate with few and let those be well, right before you give them your confidence never tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their ingenuity. If you want to destroy people, wait, successful people make decisions quickly and change them slew where s average people making decisions slowly, if at all and change, you don't get to choose when you are going to die or have you only get to decide how you're going to leave? What do you know this war is the improvement coming from body language confidence? You can have it all, but you can't have it all at once. Every step is about growth of the mountain there's no giant leaps, it's all baby steps, practice feedback, practice feedback you have a camera, you have a picture of a meeting of something coming up don't go do it in front of mere doing from the camera don't do the whole thing just the first few minutes start with something strong modulate your voice that gives you a lot of confidence so quickly reviewing there's different ways you can do body language in fact there's more than one right answer to most of it so everybody close your eyes on the count of three close your eyes count of three I want you to say no way with just your hands and then freeze them in that position ready one, two, three no way open your eyes look around for those of you who peeked or if we did it with our eyes open what happens within a hundredth of a second we mirror everybody else but if we keep her eyes closed we all have different ways to so say no way and we all have different personalities it's all fine so long as it's clear to the mind of the audience that's something to be emphasized okay, we're gonna step out of voice modulation now you have to put in the practice so we're going to give everybody homework and those of you online you're gonna like this one so each of you is gonna tell a joke preapproved funny joke now if you have your own that's fine but we have fifty jokes they were texting you the link to or you could go toe on the room dot com under training under jokes and just pick one now some people say, well, let me pick the shortest one bill no, you don't pick shorts when you pick the very first one that you think is really funny and when you think it's funny will think it's funny, so we're going to hear some very quick jokes at the start of the next module pause here for final questions, then we'll step out of voice modulation what's coming up next is the power of telling stories well want to tell stories better and better and better so that next task for module for the last one of the day is each of you and we're going to use the cool technology called dial smith and dial testing is going to tell a proud moment story to the audience a moment when you felt like you made a difference. You helped solve a problem you helped a colleague you help the company, you overcame an obstacle, anything you're going to tell a one to one and a half minutes story and we're going to see the progression from content theory, technique voice words that are not ours now into words that are yours, how you do the same things we've been learning but in your own story using the space, using your voice, using your gestures so you have time in the break to think about a proud moment that really you felt like you made a difference. You overcame an obstacle. I'll give you some tips and telling better stories, and everybody get a chance to practice and see it. Technology of how we really connect to an audience.

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Get ready to find your authentic voice and communicate your greatest potential. Join CreativeLive instructor Bill Hoogterp for a three-day workshop that will transform you into a powerful, dynamic public speaker.

After decades of working as a public speaking coach, Bill has developed a clear, step-by-step system that will help you own the room each time you speak. You’ll learn about reading your audience and keeping them engaged. Bill will cover the importance of being memorable, the role of humor and audience involvement, and the keys to developing a strong opening and conclusion. You’ll practice applying your new skills in a wide variety of situations and build troubleshooting strategies to ensure that every speech will be a success.

The skills you learn in this course can be applied to elevator sales pitches, business presentations, motivational speeches and beyond. You’ll be prepared to speak clearly, confidently, and to a captivated audience in any situation.



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This is the best online training program I've ever purchased! At such a low price, you get a 3 day training from a master teacher in his field. I find Bill's sessions to be lively, engaging, and lots of fun. I've learned enough from just Day 1 to lessen some of my fear of public speaking and agreed to a new speaking engagement. I highly recommend this program, and will look into Creativelive trainings in the future. Thank you so much!


Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!