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Powerful Communication Owns the Room


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Body Poll Exercises

So I'm gonna have roberto tell me which team goes first you guys take over the stage, I'll be your timekeeper, you'll have three minutes every knows what we're doing now you'll have to introduce the topic as well to the online audience since we won't know what it wass roberto who should we have come up first? We'll lay them pig is ready way have to celebrity guest audience members daniel and melissa are gonna come be seat fillers with us, daniel, one of our audio news and melissa, who is our production coordinator, and and then brian brian will be the third and I'll be time keeper was francis ready and begin? I'd like everybody to think of one word the first word that comes to mind when I tell you the falling word and I'd like the oil line audience type in the word that comes to mind to the word is before we start, we're gonna have you once you think of the word what we'd like you to do is take football, pass it around and tell us the word when she asked you to, we'll start over here s...

o name the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word exercise bloodies demons exhausting yoga pushups help feeling good yoga treadmill uh julie eight nine to five uh I would get that one, but I would say healthy as well thank you now like be a hell of a demon's name going on today host would you be willing to summarize for us sort of what the audience concensus is about exercise it seems to me to be kind of split between people who are positive about it and people who are very, very negative about it yes, some people are saying you're feel good happiness everything others saying naptime block so its extremes on either side excellent. All right, so next I want you to think, um think back to the past week and put up with your fingers on a scale or hold over their fingers the number of times that you worked out in the past week go so again hosts what would you say? Do we have a lot of people exercising here or a few the majorities in the authority of the group it's not about the online are they different from the online audience? Different from the studio? It seems to be a little bit lower on the online it's free seems to be the average but there's quite a few zeros on a couple of twos and nobody above seven right now. Wow, big difference except for dana devi I see who I think is our troublemaker who says the exercise thirty nine times good troublemaker okay, so we just have one last exercise guys unlike all of you to pair up with your neighbor and give each other the best health tip that you practice not that you have read but that you practice barrel guys take water one order I weigh like tryingto waste my life in the restaurant that's the trouble number three go ahead wrap it up okay so we saw most of you are how that ex brian and bill are of course uh you guys need to get a life six times a week okay so, um but I hope all of you guys are blind a great help tip and look for improving our health together. Thank you. All right, so uh what do you folks think we did? Well I like the combination of going around the room with a prophecy well, why is that good wise the proper help why's it all except the audience follows them the focus we know where to look and what good's like lower the flies who's got the confidence it's very clear who is speaking right? How many of thea different uh things did we get in there so they didn't around the room? Yes, it was a body pole pair up they use props and they gave jobs the host so they ran the table all five well done other positives online again team owners say you gave very good directions but kim borders the same perhaps repeat the question as well but good directions seems to be the common thread all three of them presented equally I mean they were all involved was very, very good and everybody has to have a media role doesn't mean they have to have the exact same role, so let's say you're in a meeting with pitching of a couple of junior people give him something to do, even if it's one slide to present, everybody should have something to do involving people on your team and when you're dealing with the online audience sometimes are people who will have, you know, a glitchy feed or have to look away because their kids were there for a second. So repeating the question multiple times will help the people when you're dealing with an online audience and even a heads up give them the time to type it in because there's a thirty second delay always staying one step ahead, and I like the nice bridges. There was a nice thread of fitness that goes and and obviously built on itself. All right, second question, what is something or a few things we could've done better for this presentation, senator on the same presentation again, what would make it even better could use the stage a little more, and whoever speaking can be upfront dominating the other two, you're gonna have body language, okay? No, I never met hillary clinton, I haven't met her, but I notice that when she first ran for president if president clinton was on stage with her what did he have to do during her whole forty minute speech he had a look at her like that's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard a human being say for forty minutes if he looks at his watch once click that's on cnn so when you're speaking jennifer step out front with the rest of us can give her energy with our body language or we could be stepping off shot and reading the audience know where we got people where we losing people let's see think of us our next step for setting things up but you're always communicating even when you're not the one that speaking team energy and chemistry is a big deal all right good job team yeah roberto keeping the time again don't worry if you get all them in just have to find a stay okay so how many of you have ever been sick raise you hand if you haven't been sick so everybody has ever been sick sometimes in their lives our audience I guess so how many of you have visit actually a doctor excellent I won't keep your hands up how many of you have access to the cost of that care the radiology records all of your blood tests the information that you're physician wrote on you right now okay I would like you to do is pair up and discuss why that information might be important to you so pair up and discuss why having all that information at your fingertips right now might be in for important to you and how you manage your health care and just one phrase get one phrase on how this could be good to please the audience the same theory has any feedback on that go ahead buy insurance from which city when I switched on their plans or hospitals pretty much after retails for my history it's probably way nobody knows anything it's compartmentalized and it's not you don't know that some of the elson said it would be amazing at database just know I'm letting our year one okay so don't ask this football around so for each of the team so you guys are gonna come up and tell us the one idea okay so I'll pass it to this team first go up there you could stand right here yeah uh mine was that I think it would help me eat healthier great my who is that it's not important to me I said knowledge empowerment and yeah together we thought empowerment because each person deserves to know about their own health it's just good to know it's useful information just oh future research on your own would be helpful but not interested so so if you have your information we can use that to do research in the future absolutely okay I was just thinking logistics wise switching doctors switching hospitals it's easy to say here here's my information sara did it could be portable it could go where you go exactly. That was the conclusion we came up. We both agreed you said the same thing that he said yes. Okay, so I think this is something that we have to think about because it's gonna happen you're gonna have access to this information wherever you are whenever you want it. Thank you. Ok, stop there. All right, so what were some good things that we did but you, uh you all moved around the stage quite a lot and you step forward when it was your turn? Yes, I think, uh it was great was it didn't seem like gonna be anybody brought a problem to us then kind of idea of the solution at the end like, wow, this is gonna happen. I wasn't expecting that. Great be worley says great engagement as a team and heidi says great wrap up conclusion peggy suing suis saying they pose very good questions and they took terms and they fed off each other to keep the flow moving. Thank you. So what are some specific things that we could do to improve you had us pair up and talk about it together and come up with one word, so each pair had one word, but we had to stand up individually so we all kind of had to come up with another word on the spot so we could have came up with better instructions yes or no time limit would have helped us well, yeah like made me agree on one word and then one of you share the words that's right? Let them go so so agreeable inward and then a timeline here you have thirty seconds to do this so that you knew how much time we have to talk about us they weren't midsentence when we stopped the more you practice is the boar you'll say certain things or ten second exercise certain scenes of thirty seconds certain or two minutes but it just gives us a quick sense if you don't if you say you have five minutes to do the same exercise but well, most people do first check their email gonna check their emails or get a drink if you say only have thirty seconds what do most people do first finish effort? It will get the task done so it's just the more practice now maybe see if the group still go he might say let me give them more time, but at least they're focused uh, trev said some good points was that you touched on a subject that everyone has an opinion about which is important on pace to say you should have asked the online audience the question you neglected part of your audience agreed people also seemed to think it perhaps petered out of the end and kim bolt is saying they didn't understand the conclusion so it did seem to end a bit weakly perhaps I like that you had some balance because sometimes we come in with a bias while we all gonna want to state and we're gonna do things with this data and when you get an answer like I don't care it's ok to respond so some of us don't care you validate some of us think that's gonna be very useful that's gonna help us with our own our own assessment of our care so it's good to validate and then take that where you wanted to go which I think you did because this is coming be ready all right good job team last team so sean and I are pretty big sports fan she loves baseball isle of basketball so we want to know who else here are also sports fan so we'll address the online audience first since it takes a little longer if you guys are sports fans just type in goa team and if you don't like sports at all just type of big long boo and uh so now we'll ask the audience here raise your hands if you watch sports and you enjoy it any kind of sport wow we have half of the room doesn't really like sports so china offended but we're still going to continue with this exercise way yeah merrily go teams a single boo and one go bears cal bears well hands almost must really hate sports is easy it's the longest way want to go around the room really quickly even if you didn't pick a sport maybe some other exercise of physical activity you like just say that one sport that you like and we'll go from you and go around back running strength training boxing football jack sleeping I mean baseball cycling basketball we've got hockey gymnastics wow trapeze running belly dancing I like that as a sports we have a really good variety then so what I like to do is it sounds like we've got some personalized sports rights we've got the running and uh the weight training so doing sports individually doing sports as a team which was the football in the baseball and then those who don't like sports right so we have those three options okay? We we had the individual sports team sports no sports those are three options so I want you guys to dio is if you have a piece of paper and a pen is draw your version of your sport I have extra guys they can be a pretty easy scribble of your stick figure drawing of that sport that you like you have about a minute so it could be just a stick figure I don't think I can do anything more than a stick now stay figures are encouraged hopefully there's enough emoticons for each of these give you another ten seconds bill, can you give us a ten second countdown five three two one time so I want you guys to do is once you're finished is tio raise your dr in there and then you're gonna find each other so we'll do the individuals put on this side the team's work though it all and then the personal I sports no sports on end and then go ahead and move find my section that was most related to your one over here and people online just find the other person and maybe do a personalized chat with them about your space favorite sport which way we're here tio way individual sports right here team sports the three team players and jack are you a no sports okay, so it looks like we have a lot of people who like to do physical activity on their own we have some great team players and doctors as well and then jack can be sleeping on the end over there awesome, I think yeah, okay, wait, you guys think we did well being each getting off on thinking and, you know, join on that everybody likes something different and it's okay that there was a lot of blood of energy. Energy was very good. Human communication was good. He also thought you had great enthusiasm on heidi, saying there's a great wrap up their great summarize ation. I like the quick drying I hadn't, but I think that was effective. It was, uh, you know, energy and involvement was good. Drawing is a very powerful way to release energy and creativity. And because we're so visual and the worst the artist are, the better it works. You have to make it safe for all of us. Okay? We can't draw it all but that's ok, we're gonna have fun. You get your kranz I got your markers and everybody makes this it's a really good way to rid the center's gonna say part of part of five. It was what seen everyone else's trying since we got together. Like next time we'll have a nice big markers so we can show it on the screen as well. And jane, jamie dennis art online is saying that they really like the approach is very dynamic and what you were doing was based on the audience response on their answers. So that was good. And do we have any feedback for how we could do better next time? I think and just experientially the raise your hands up and then not knowing when to put our hands down I think that that's something that we can all do better okay released the audio and it was the decreasing body poster every raise your hand if you know who your doctor is now lower it every time I answer a question you don't know bull bull bull books you're setting up this thing because you want everybody eventually to be down to zero coming from bold move you made a non sport seemed you mean jack seem like an outsider by not choosing sports and you tried to make it positive like jack will be sleeping, but in some ways you want to always validate. So give me any controversial politician anybody who's like people have more hate of them president, president obama. So for some people that say I'm asking a poll about president obama or a sarah palin or somebody who's really polarizing so present obama people who say wow he's really effective guy he's out there he's doing the best he can and he's getting things done or this guy's not getting anything done, no matter what my own personal feeling is, I have to validate those extremes to make it safe for people to answer, so how would you validate something who's not doesn't play sports well, you need to sleep and get your good eight hours out hours of sleep so that you can place about making them feel like they're even better than the rest of us. He's the smart one he's he's a smart one thie restless they're playing these silly games so you're always validate everybody and then it makes it safe for all of us to relax, okay? Good job team all right and we're gonna leave the football for the crew they were already playing around with it passing around during the break right? Why does all this matter what's the difference? Why do we need to involve the audience? Think of it this way let's say this is the level of engagement of an audience and this is time in a normal presentation or a bad meeting or presentation how involved is the audience if it's a bad meeting, how involved are they twenty thirty percent at best, right? So so what? So they're not really involved. So what the problem is you only have this much room to get your content through so it could take a long time. It feels like we're in a meeting for sixty minutes what we didn't get very much done so think of each of these techniques as telephone poles, friends in europe, a vehicle whether telephone poles, my kids to grow up not knowing what telephone poles were put a telephone pole is a way to lift the engagement of whole audience, so if you do about a poll, if you do it around the room, start out everybody's engaged not one hundred percent, but pretty high for just a moment after you're done with the technique. Where's the engagement level going to go, going down why's it gonna go down because they're not doing basically something anymore. It's always going to go down filters are always gonna try to come back up a little thing called gravity kicks in so every few minutes, what do I need another oh, pull! So in real life, if you only have three one of the beginning, one of the end and one in the middle, you'll still have your ups and downs, but you'll have them in the higher ranges. What's the impact you can get a lot more done in the same time. So this isn't just about being clever and creative and everybody remembers you. It is impressed by you, it's about math. You could get a lot more done in a lot less time. Team presentations involving the audience modulate your voice. All these techniques will catch on. Think of it like a train train's coming each of you online and here in the studio have a choice. I want to get in the back of the train bill I agreed all these things are going to catch on but I'm gonna wait when everybody else is doing these things around me and my company my team I'm gonna jump on the train I'll do these things too or I want to be in the middle of the train I don't want to be the one the first to do these things I feel uncomfortable but I'll be a fast follower so if one or two people start doing the things around me I'll do it too or I want to be in the front of the train I want to be one of the first people in my company in my industry in my my space and everybody looked at me that strange for two seconds and then they're gonna love it and they're gonna start following me where you go on the train it's a comfort question only you can make that decision but the train's coming why is it inevitable that these techniques are going to catch on anybody because they work because they work and because they're fun not only for the always just fun for you this is my favorite module of all the modules because to me this is the wave of the future once you learn how to involve the audience you can never go back to not involve in the audience will never feel right to you nobody learns to ride the bicycle and then walks the bicycle somewhere you go always just get hooked on getting people involved, and then you'll find your own ideas in your own formats, whether it's online offline, we're all I have great ideas are always trying different things. How much is too much? How much is just right? You wouldn't do a technique every minute, but you do it when you need them and energy starting a flag, let me do something to get everybody engaged now everybody involved the audience three, four, five times in on ly three minutes were really strict on time. What excuse do you now have in a sixty minute meeting that you never had time to involve the audience? It doesn't take a lot of planning doesn't take a lot of practice just do it, and every time you get better and better, we're going to take more questions, an audience involvement, and as we wrap up, I want to ask you for an ah ha moment and I want the ah ha moment delivered brilliantly, so you get up on stage one or two sentences gnome or this isn't around the room in close, what was your ah half from this session might have been something you learned from one of your teammates fromthe colleagues from the online communities, comments from the host you know what really struck me that I think I could use in try from this level block one or two sentences but use your voice modulation used to space do something different a creative use of prop anything you want in your I thought here we got the idea who wants to go first? Richard way want to take one question really quick before we weigh start that please you were great molly, mom from bellingham, washington when inviting or instructing the audience to do something, is it better to say I'd like you to do x or please do x talk about can you talk about phrasing for getting the idea is to do what you want? Well, molly, what does molly think we should do? Good question a cz we hear from mine and say you'll be your personality but don't be afraid to be forceful and charming at the same time. I really need you guys to help me with something here's, what I want you to do, so I'm being polite, I'm being nice, but I'm not really indicating that you have an option not to do it so you can be pushy if it's gonna help the group when you're the leader, your job is to get your people up the mountain we're in this meeting, we've got sixty minutes we've got to get from here to there so sometimes you have to kick, but sometimes you have to inspire, sometimes you have to be patient, but it's not an option not to move your people, so the first couple of times you do, it'll feel unusual, and then they'll get used to you taking command. Wait, I like, we were just saying, we're talking about engaging on how do we engage the audience? And I think that's my biggest takeaway and this idea that it's something that's going to evolve right now, we're here, creative, live, and we're taking chats, um, participation, this is something that I don't think any of us would have imagined five years ago, and then to think about how this is going to change five years from now, how we're going to be able to engage with each other, how will be it going to be ableto have more impact with each other on and from a personal perspective in health care, how we're going to be able to engage the patient, how, when the patient leaves the office, I can still engage them and help improve their health. Um, and I think these sorts of techniques, it just opens up turns on the light bulb of of the possibilities that we have here, right? Thanks, richard, as jack comes on up, that reminds me that nineteen years ago nobody you know had ever sent an e mail or used to cellphone feels like these changes are gradual but they're not gradual it all and they create so many possibilities there's actually a there was a great family circle cartoon with the kid looking at a digital watch saying which way's clockwise and looking at his volker laces and saying how do I tie my shoes so yeah we have changed a lot for me uh I spend a lot of my time building presentations in terms of understanding the audience and trying teo provide material that the audience in a way the audience can understand but I haven't taken that too the meeting portion of it and saying how do I engage either at the presentation level or at just a meeting to discuss the presentation how to engage my audience in that meeting and get them interactive and involved in it so that's a big takeaway for me is how to get people involved in it much easier thanks jack carrie and then shauna so the big takeaway that I got from this module was uh the technique where you ask people to pair up together I thought that was really helpful because the first thing that it does it builds report between the two people that repairing up they come to a consensus and the become more comfortable each other and filters automatically come down and that was very powerful for me my biggest ah ha moment so far today has been the validation of the data, so jean and I made a plan when we walked in the door to have three sports picked out, but then when half the audience didn't have a sport that they liked, I changed inflicted over to making it three different categories instead of what we'd originally planned, and I think that helped get everybody involved instead of trying to put them in a category that we'd originally I thought would have been, you know, the top three and so I really like that, making sure that even if it's not according to our plan necessarily making sure that that data's validated and that everyone in the audience feels involved as laurie comes up that reminds me of what we're doing a training m I t and I are very, very large auditorium raise your hand if you play a team sport like two hands went up and I said raise your hand, you play musical instruments like almost all the hands up and you could tunisia bridge a big sports really aren't important music is much more important, so if anything be jealous of off them but everybody's different, so no matter what, just laugh, smile and adjust your audience my biggest home moment today's bean the whole involvement off the audience in the studio on our there is the whole it's pairing too because we too you have to be involved you have to involve people the different ways to do it I never really saw it that way on the different thinks you can do to actually get people be part ofthe and I think that was awesome thank you thank you laurie gina for me my biggest ah ha moment wass the body pole especially the one where you had to use ten fingers because as we all know everyone is so attached to their phones that they can't really have one hundred percent on their mobile device and one hundred percent on you so if you ask for that ten fingers they have to put that down and be involved and think about the answer and really be engaged with what you're talking about thank you gina from jennifer and then I'll get you involved in some of the things you could do to purchase the course or learned on the room dot com how we can help you more one of the things that really stood out to me where the two things were the around the room in the body pole particularly early thinking about webinars or conference calls settings where you might not be actually able to see people do things so doing things like asking people to type in like numbers or or just even say like yeah suit that was an ah ha moment for me my hummel moment was that by using this audience involvement techniques, you can definitely get the engagement up. But the real aha moment was that I make audience the star. By using these techniques. I make them feel good. So even if they might not remember what I said, hopefully they'll remember how I made them feel. And the fact is, you're going to remember a small part of what I say. But you'll remember almost everything that you did. So the experiential aspect.

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Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)