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Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Lesson 22 of 31

Close with Action

Bill Hoogterp

Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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22. Close with Action


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Close with Action

This last time we're gonna work on is the clothes there's lots of different ways to close any presentation, meeting pitch or conversation but the one we talked about tying a bow on it bringing back some of the things you start with but today I want to focus on action getting the audience toe act roberto I'm gonna ask you to get a bottle water for me and have everybody come stand up here close to the stage right on the edge of the stage and put your hands out put your books down stand right up here on the edge put your hands out now I'm gonna give you a gift don't drop it don't drop it don't drop anything on the monitor you gonna freak out the don't drop it not don't let anything at the floor okay, now I've given you my pure message how's it feel what motivated you with my message what's the problem what you're dropping out what's going on she's dropping she's dropping my hands have fingers and there's facing between this is like every time we motivated we give our message and then we g...

ive it to them and it runs right through their fingers as soon as they walk out the room what should I have given you first you can throw it on the carpet now it's just water a bowl, a cup some kind of you guys go have a seat, I'll get some napkins for you I should have given you some kind of vessel to hold the water otherwise you can't maintain it for very long so whatever you're trying to inform motivate persuade if you don't give the audience something to hold the emotion they can't hold it assumes they walk out the room they're going to be bombarded with thousands of external images in internal thoughts and I could remember what you said I can't remember anything that was said at work last week well, you remember that people said it worked last week so most of our memories run right through our fingers so in order to help you remember it, you give a vessel in a vessel is an action something for the audience to do give me a couple of business cases and then we'll do some role playing exercises to come up with good actions on different topics even random topics so case study a book called cool cos off a company that was losing a ton of money on utility bills they had these factories and these factory utility bills were enormous hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars for heat and light for the building and every year they tell of blue collar folks, you guys are smart give us some ideas how can we cut down on the heat bills and every year they got nothing zero and then one year they did something a little bit different they put by the time clock a little box pencil and paper and said if you write your idea in there and if your idea works we'll give you twenty five dollar gift card at the end of the year they went through all the ideas and of all the ideas twenty seven them actually worked I remember one of them was so simple one guy wrote down in the break room there's a crack in the glass outside and his solution was to put tape over the crack very simple idea he thought if he wrote it down they acted on it they did it at the end they figured out they were saved about seven hundred thousand dollars on their utility bills because of all the ideas that were implemented well we don't need to do that again we already got some of these ideas well let's do another year every year they got more ideas and they calculated after five years they saved about two point two million dollars in utility bills. Now the first part of the story they kept asking for ideas and they got zero the second part of the story they got a whole bunch of ideas that saved millions of dollars what changed incentive so once you know what makes up the vessel incentives what else reward reward they made it what a friendly competition it provided a feedback mechanism very good they made it easy they put a rate by the time clock everybody stand there for two minutes waiting to punch out anyway easy time to be chatting and writing down they put the pencils right there the paper right there so when you create an action step for the audience you want to have these elements make it easy make it simple have some incentive some recognition and there's lots of different things that sent us second example there's a british celebrity chef named john ashton and he was asked by parade magazine to do a tour of the united states and very popular guy his first stop was going to be pittsburgh and two thousand people were paying money to come watch him cook for two hours and first stop on the tour and they said, well, you work with john and john is a wonderful guy very bright, very intelligent doesn't need much help he just has such a great personality two hours on stage everybody's mesmerized but it came time to do the closing all right bill, what we should do the closing I can't do is british accent maybe john can help me out well, do you closing what would get bracewell what's your goal? What what's your whole thing he said, well, my whole goal is to get everybody to cook with the family come together with a family and cook together alright so his hope was that people would leave the presentation and go home and cook with their families so we came up with the closing and it was a combination of some techniques you already know with a couple new ones he said alright last two minutes is the most important part of the two hours I want everybody to stand up pick a partner and face me boom now I want you to become the celebrity chef in your own kitchen I want everybody to pinky swear thank you swear stronger than a promise according to my little one pinky swear that you are going to cook one meal this week with your family all together as a family now as the celebrity chef you only have to make two decisions right now you're gonna pick what night you're going to do it or what time and what the theme is so you made say tuesday night we're going to italian or thursday lunch we're gonna cook portuguese or saturday lunch we're going to asian stir fry whatever this so everybody I'm giving thirty seconds turned your partner and make the decision exactly what day exactly what theme every well details will save for later everybody understand the challenge go for thirty seconds you had two thousand people talking and making decisions and who knows what they were saying or who's really going to follow up but they did and then he said, okay, it's, bring it on back let's hear from some of you and he called on someone left on someone the right, the back, the middle and people start saying who what they were going to do, he said, I want you to when you were done cooking, I want you to go to the website and type in what happened, let us know now what percentage of people do you think actually ended up cooking a meal with your family out of two thousand? Give me number one percent ninety nine percent make up a number one percent fifty percent one thousand I don't even know what it wass but it was a lot if he hadn't done that closing if he'd just said thanks for coming today go have a great time what percentage of people would have cooked a meal with your family? Five probably whatever it is it's a lot lower so what was his closing? What was the vessel that he created for the audience? An assignment on assignment how do you make the assignment work? How did you make people actually do it? So when people pledged to their peers it's the one of the most powerful and binding commitments we ever make well our peers are actually a bigger motivators than almost anybody else even then our bosses I mentioned that I spoke after college and a lot of college campuses organizing volunteer programs with some terrific terrific colleagues and when we used people like dorothy day and mother teresa and martin luther king is the examples people were kind of motivated but when we used examples of young people who were really doing change today it was much more powerful and that surprised us but wait a minute mother teresa dr king caesar chavez these air like icons why wouldn't they motivate us more anybody know yeah they're almost on a pedestal almost like yeah those guys are great but I'm not like that I'm not one of those but this kid's in a fraternity and he did all this cool stuff I could do that so piers are one of our most binding power forms or commitment so when you get people to say in front of another group I'm gonna do x there ten times more likely to do it than if they just say it in their heads what else made it work? What else made the participation higher so saying it out loud very they're very specific about when and where what very good they had to make concrete decisions that were easy to make it was easy to say friday night was easy to say italian you just had to make a decision but there was no details the easier you make the decisions the more people will make them hard decisions are and this is a key to fundraising this is a key to sales if it's a yes or no question people are more likely to say yes if it's an open ended question it's not as easy to say yes if I say I want everybody we have a great charity that that lori's involved and I want everybody to pull a dollar out of their wallet right now and let's all put it in a bucket it's easy for us to say yes in fact are automatic answer with another human being asked us a question is yes, unless there's a reason we say no you have to have a reason not to put the dollar in otherwise you'll do it if it's an open ended question put a poster on the wall come on out to our fund raiser on saturday automatic answer is no unless there's a reason to say yes that overcomes the no in other words, a concrete direct question will you do x now it's we have to say yes unless there's a reason to say no this is sales one o one will you commit right now we're low uncomfortable, but it works and last is he had a reporting mechanism it matters if somebody knows if I did it, so if a partner's going to check on me this is alan on twelve steps if someone is going to see it on a website if I get to tell people I did it it's much more it builds the energy makes sense in theory all right we're gonna do some practicing we're going to bring out the yellow cards we're gonna pick random topics and we're going to have you come up with great closings no matter what the topic is let me borrow the yellow cards thank you roberto repair too by the way is a great trainer in his own right in fact he's more talent to deny because he can not only do the whole training he could do it in spanish or in french and has done all over the world for different companies so here's what we're gonna do when I say go we're gonna have two teams con stage and two teams stay here and we're gonna have russ and john pick a topic and when they picked the topic you're going to assume you just did a brilliant speech on this whole topic everybody was wowed amazed inspired wired they got all this information but now it's time for a close and you have to come up with last thirty seconds of the clothes what do you ask the audience to do a couple tips make it simple ah baby step that everybody takes is better than a giant step that nobody takes so if you say the topping is poverty and I want everybody to go out there and dedicate your lives and give away everything you own and fight poverty for the rest of your life how many people in the audience they're gonna do it love to think that everybody could do it but they're not so the simpler you make the step the baby step that everybody can take is a more powerful motivator than a big step that nobody takes and then they feel bad that they didn't take it everyone understand the idea okay I'll let you guys choose and the last exercise we're gonna ask online community to think about what they would offer as a challenging topic for us all right let's everybody pick a partner you haven't worked with recently two teams on stage and two teams down here all right richard jennifer come on up and let's have protection gary come on up okay once we draw the topic you decide who goes first I don't care who goes first to go second and then you have thirty seconds I think that it speaks step into your audience and say and just pretend you're doing enclosing in front of a thousand people or break out the idea assumes you're done quick feedback and then the other person goes this topic will be is tolerance, prejudice and appreciation ofthe others so you've just in a tremendously successful speech and tolerance prejudice appreciating differences now it's time to go for the clothes I have to come up with something to get the audience toe act on that some step that they can take when they leave the room everybody understand whenever you're ready you may begin well come on over here tto catch up with our online community what will they do for a close us as well as any other question we haven't got a comment from noodle on it actually he was saying this has been so cool because it's very fast pace it's with lots of information but because it's so interactive and the audience demos it on the spot it really sinks in so she feels she owns the knowledge who's that noodle on it he's actually been with us for the last couple of days as well right? I was in front of these people I wish I knew their real names because I don't feel it coming noodle you're the best I'm sure she appreciates that exactly antonio star saying no doubt as well thank you antonia now they'll start sending in their clothes is a cz well soon um and I know wrong answer there's no right answer it's all about best answers and good answers it is and her name is kim jong name is so great to meet you yeah noodle is a regular here she's been around a lot lately it's always awesome to see people really get just kind of dedicated to the idea of learning parents from the sixties I mean who would name their kid noodle that's what? I don't understand it well name their kids john kennedy I mean but I always have to come back just as bad russell thomas let me the works and I can't imagine anyone who would it be like cursed with that when anybody get any flack about my name I always say I looked out my sister's cool robber breaking actually my name my dad's middle name is also thomas and I thought for twenty years of my life that I was named after him but it turns out no they decided on russell and thomas was the only thing that even sort of worked so they're like well like that arty let's check in a group you guys both went both done done yes did you both do it or not? Yeah you guys are both done alright let's just stop freeze there. Okay, show me with your arms how good the closing waas so the vessel that you created was fantastic. Your partner's vessel was wow I think I'm gonna be doing this action when I leave the room and this was their clothes and wasn't good at all I didn't have any anything to hold the water ready go how good was your partner's closing all right, jack, why don't you come to your closing live for everybody how I have to think and add it again to what all over start all over what everybody else including the online community keep thinking about what would be a great you can modify the one you already did but what would be a great clothes cameras moved on me the next time you're walking down the street and you get accosted by a bomb please remember that that person might not be asking you for money for liquor but in fact might be your next door neighbor who just lost his house so instead of ignoring them take a few minutes interact with them and asked them what their problems are great so first of all the way he delivered it there's no weak language the pause and getting fantastic the cadence the flow of your voice very impressive. Okay so closing wise excuse me one moment may I ask if there was anything I could do better anybody please help? Well, I just want you to move a little phrase is fantastic but maybe a little better body older than that I think was perfect your feet are they bolted to the floor. Okay, so even that once half step into the camera has almost the same effect change your subject so the next time you're walking down the street and someone comes up to you for money so you can make that movement coordinate with your thoughts thank you good so that's a good one so part of it is we all see this especially here in san francisco there's homeless people that sometimes you can count on the street so what do we do? We all feel uncomfortable so you validate that emotion and here's what we can do if you don't feel comfortable giving money just you know offer to buy them coffee but a couple of minutes of your day can make a big difference great all right? Any other thoughts of a good closing in the online community have one absolutely we have question who says holding in silence holding a little bit of silence because the time that you did demonstrated to them that you believed it so maybe a little bit more of a pause this missing good comments positive cata choose was saying was very good that you asked for feedback on liliana is saying perhaps move your hands accordingly and libya suggested maybe offer some kind of immediate action like discussed that one requires a certain situation before you act anybody have an idea of something everybody can do on this topic what would be a baby step that everybody can take on the stop online community any thoughts yet questi they had suggested is their clothes each day find one person who is different you might find hard to tolerate it could be a coworker a stranger and find something in them toe love and to appreciate why'd you look at me when you said someone it's hard to tolerate so we had a similar one you guys had a similar one yeah so finding something simple like excuse me we'll listen to a different radio station a music usually don't like just give it a little bit of time read a book you never read but it's about giving everybody a simple action step that's so easy to do that we feel we can do it okay everybody switch partners get a new partner and jack stay on the stage don't you go with rakesh alright let's pick a new topic and do another one this is adult literacy and education so the topic is adult learning to read and write or education overall so adult literacy or adult education so you just did an amazing speech online community you are so compelling in your speech were we can't even imagine we're so motivated so excited but if you don't give us something to dio is going to run right through our fingers so everybody do you decide who goes first thirty seconds come up with a great closing what could you ask everybody in the audience to do that everybody khun d'oh that day immediately within an hour or even on the spot what could they do that would further that cause that would move them one step in the right direction if I understand the challenge ready begin I would actually like to see something built based on our last topic because I always try to acknowledge homeless people. I feel that it who knows where my life is going to go, I could be there myself. You just never know, but I've always done that in san francisco, but one time I did, I got a barrage of abuse from the person I thought I was being nice to by just saying hello, I can't help you on that really made me withdrawn and not want to do it again in the future, but should we be just carry on and try to do the positive things and not be knocked off? Course by the negatives? That's a tough one, and I actually did a lot of work after college, I wrote a book on homelessness, and we did a lot of work with different groups. A number of people are mentally ill, first of all, so you have to be ready second is I think any time you go out to make the world a better place, you're gonna pay a price. Yeah think of the greatest leaders in history, what usually happens to them? So when you step out to do the right thing, just be prepared instead of getting rewarded, sometimes you're gonna get hit even so I'm not a fan of giving money because sometimes it's going to make the problem worse even though our intentions are good so taking time is not always easy but to buy food to drink you never really know and just chat with them hailed by your sandwich take a few minutes and if they say I don't want a sandwich well you know what they want the money for but least you offered that's a tough one mona points that no good deed goes unpunished that's a good moment absolutely but we still do it anyway because it's a good thing and there are a lot of programs and there's a lot of people in the streets who know about these programs so if they can't get by in the street they will go to the programs and they will get a little bit of help thank you. Thanks, brian so as a reminder for everyone the topic that you're supposed to be closing on is adult literacy and education so we would love to hear your closes in the chat room on that topic all right you guys are both done both done both done okay quick body pull how good was your partner let's open the adult literacy book if they was completely all they got everybody to act and book is closed no I don't think I would actually do what they said they would do. Okay richard let's have you do yours live so tonight when you go home I want you to read to your children at bed and in the morning I'd like you to have your children read to you to wake up a um so what did I do well did you just say what you do well he had a lot of things well, style is well of content yes I thought it was a very simple ask and something that's very immediate good thank you had some great pauses in there thank you. Great icon great eye contact with the camera and how can I improve just to let you know bull moon love the symmetry uh would you do it at night and do it in the morning? I really like that thank you and uh patty waterbury awesome eye contact with us online nicely done. Thank you. Yeah great delivery system local thank you. Keep me awake on the other hand what if we don't have children? Good point. Good point and how do you use um humor there if you don't have kids pretend gets the nieces nephews, cousins or go to the store and read some you know you find some way to just make everybody feel included yeah now how long did it wasn't implied that they would need to read to do what you asked him to dio what was the amount of time that you think they should have read? Yeah I didn't imply that so what would be a good time amount of time ten. Fifteen a chapter what is what's better, shorter or longer? Shorter. Very good. Why? Because it's shorter morning duel takes less effort. Yes, very. I want to break a promise. You just two minutes on ly two minutes you're going to read your kids just two minutes and you want them to read to you for two minutes now if you happen to go longer great. Now in real life what's gonna happen and I start reading for two minutes and how long they're really gonna read fifteen minutes exactly. But if you say taken our tonight to read to them how many people are gonna do it a lot less so you want that baby step just to get them started is all you really need and then it goes naturally where they wanted to go so simple steps lorraine had a suggestion for her clothes you all have my email pick up a book you've been looking to read and scheduled time each day to read just fifteen minutes from it. Then email me and tell me what you've learned. I love it's not a reporting mechanism and you can hold people accountable if you're doing a staff meeting and say whatever you do acts this week say next week we're going to start the staff meeting with everybody doing around the room and say what you did no shoot I mean, really I do it because they're gonna go around and I don't want to admit that I didn't do it so the reporting mechanism voluntary or required really boosts the signal of the action but any other thoughts on anything anybody could have done if I were to do over again, I would have started back here and then as you wake up in the morning I would have moved towards the camera and what prop might you have used a book? Yeah, very good. So props are all around us. Just you pull something in your pocket there they don't changed the game that's just a little spice in the dish, but it makes it better and it gives you a little more comfort gives you something to draw some of the energy so it makes it even easier for you to be bold. Another one is be different. So we all read books. I know certain books I like to read. I read for fun trash science fiction and then once a while aerial real books, serious books but it would challenge me to read something different. Read a kind of book you've never read before, okay that's a good challenge, but still the decision is mine the creativity is mine and a much more likely to do it and see where it goes and question had a great suggestion this was about adult literacy and education as well, they said they're close was tonight go online and read an article in a foreign language that you don't speak how do you feel? Was it anxiety, frustration, anger or confusion? You've just experienced a moment of illiteracy. Wow, that's brilliant! Just tear up right here and you could know jaffa tears don't drop the tears dropping on, and you can put that right in to a power point you could start out by. I've seen a lot of speakers do this. You just start out speaking french for a few sentences and every is like what or spanish or you put up a slide, something a different language and they can't read it, but something swahili, said that's how it feels, so is it extreme? Is that hokey? Yes, but don't underestimate the power of hokey small tea is very powerful way to pull people into the experience to give you a little exercise that will switch up again keep practicing repetitions is how we get better let's say you just did an amazing talk on fitness. Everybody's motivated everybody's fired up here on the third floor of the conference center and you just didn't incredible talk now, it's time for the clothes, what would be a good close after a talk on fitness very well spoken. Most people say we'll go out and you commit to a ninety day plan. But if you say nobody takes the elevator, I want to break a pinky swear nobody takes the elevator just for right now. Take stairs downstairs and the next few times, you get a chance. It's only a couple of flights take the stairs. What percentage of people will take the stairs? Almost everybody. Because the power off the power of the social pressure on the group, the mirror neurons now are working in your favorite. Well, da jack. Okay, everybody switch partners, and I'm gonna let john and ross pick a topic that they think would be a good challenge. And after this one, the online community is going to pick the topic. So who hasn't been on stage and come on up? Grab a partner? They're gonna pick one online community wants you to think of what would be a really random, difficult topic. Like, wow, what would be really closing on this one? It could be one that's real in your life or just won that you want to make up and you're gonna put him into john and russ and they're gonna pick one and assign it to everybody here, so what would be a good one? But first I think we've got one we're gonna have everybody tuck on personal finance personal finance now there should be props that are easily accessible when you think about this one imagine you're in front of a thousand people your stuffy and it's time to close time to close the deal what do you want everybody to do that's simple enough everybody khun do it but it's directional it's pointing them in the right direction of whatever the angle of your speeches every got thought all right take ten seconds think about your idea think at its peak whoever wants to go first begin it's interesting are on like she is sharing some other very tricky subjects the noodle on it just saying legalized marijuana kicking that one absolutely kicking italian is saying artificial intelligence that will be a very diff but once it alright get around before we get to picking one why'd you guys pick personal finance that's a great one well just looking through and that seemed to be the trickiest one that came up in the piles that was less also controversial about quite a few there about the environment and politics etcetera but that one seemed to work well it was on the topic that we hadn't really addressed yet in the last so far and it's something that is very well personal to everyone everyone struggles with their personal finance and so every person here is going to have an opinion on it whether it's a do this terribly or here's what I think you should be doing right? Yeah, another subject coming from sony tv is transgenic seeds no, I don't even know what that is, so that might be a good one for us to pick I have to explain so you guys get the final decision on one from the online we may have time to do another one and put it all together and in the last discussion lots of people were saying used the stairs that seems that came up with a few other people were saying park further away so that when you have to enter the building and do a little bit of a walk good I like that one it's interesting that the thing that you're asking us to end on is an action rather than a thought that to me is is contrary to what I would have thought initially because you know usually you want to think like I want to end them with an inspiring message, something that really just sticks in their head but really it's more I want you to actively do something is that common for every subject you think more than you would think so if you just have the thought, sometimes you nail it sometimes you don't but it runs through very quickly if you give it the action the thought will come along for the ride sickens here's one other way to do and then go and then you share your thoughts now it's got something to hold it so well last sometimes for years I was I did one speech in new orleans when I was twenty two and on the way into the speech it was all about how we're all connected and I bought a was a thousand people in the audience a student conference and I bought a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle and as people were coming in everybody got a little piece and hokey schmaltzy and said you know but we are in this together and you don't have to make the world a better place you can leave and saw your peace away right now or you can hold on to it as a symbol that we're all different some of us have an edge some of us don't we're all different shapes all different colors but you can't solve the puzzle without us and we can't solve it without you pretty schmaltzy right and that this is simple and I must have laid it on pretty thick because I had people come up to me years later and say they pull out her wallet and they had the puzzle piece so sometimes the action can have a disproportionate connection to certain members in the audience that's fantastic love it all right let's check in with our crew five seconds left three two one turn back this way all right, now let's uh throw some end of the bus whose partner had a good one hasn't been on stage at this morning. You had a good one or she did you ready? Sure okay, you have a problem? You need a problem. Um what do you want to yeah, I'll make a problem. Okay, you have one. Okay. Okay. Ready? So personal finances so important these days so many young people in the united states do not know how to save money as the first step I urge you to go home and transfer five dollars, just five dollars from your bank account from your checking account into your savings account just five dollars five dollars into your savings account tonight as the first step try to get with that that's all that's all my wife let me have today. Today I urge you to go home and transfer five dollars from your savings from your checking account into your savings account. Thank you. Good. And send me a five dollar commission gary at okay good unlike community what you think and what you guys think direct eye contact to use the proper um he was moving towards for the ask um I think the pace was good um and it was passionate that it felt like he really meant it wear really you're telling everybody what to do your being my friend shells, ember said, we can't say bossy, you're being strong and executive in your presence, what allowed you to do that? What makes us feel comfortable telling people what to do when you really believe in it and when you're doing them a favor if they all take five dollars and start a savings, alright are who's doing who a favour? I'm doing them, you're doing them a favour. So when you know that you're doing the audience of favor, you really emboldened you to be strong guys, I really want to do this. You're gonna thank me. You're gonna owe me dinner later. You're gonna be so glad you did this. So when you have this in your mind, you don't hold back, you're really helping them, and I think you could press that even more. Okay, so how do they know if they did it? You know, just how much do they do after that? And if you like it, keep doing it every week if you didn't. Well, at least I gave it a try. So you make it take away all the obstacles that they could have thought from the online community. Certainly we have cylon who liked the eye contact and thought you had great voice modulation. So nicely done on that and I think the simplicity of the idea is appealing as well. Dream life is saying that was a very simple task and then dream I've also suggested maybe five dollars into an envelope or jar or savings account something so that literally everyone could do it even if they don't have a savings account. I'm mark ellis sharing that gary has very good pauses and kick it italian our apologies on name if I'd seen gary do that the first day I have thought he was already fairly experienced as a speaker impressive difference and just so you remember the power properly keep the five dollars and now it's time to pick a topic from the online community so they've been coming up with really challenging difficult ones for us let's see what their host decide so this one we we went with one from dream life and this is something that I think everyone is going to have an interesting take on for couples, kids or no kids and the question of overpopulation well, an easy one. All right, everybody pick a new partner and this time I want you to pick a man woman partner so pair up man and women together to two couples on stage two in the you keep it sure you know save it, give it somebody all right, you guys come on up stage and I'm gonna have them repeat the question repeat the question I'll online community you're not off the hook either let's hear your ideas of what you would do for this one imagine it's a thousand people and you've talked to the whole audience and this is a really tough one so what action can you take that would be inclusive of everybody that would be helpful to everybody? So repeat the question and an online community type in your answers as well so this is the question of as a couple kids or no kids on the question of overpopulation but it doesn't just apply to couples as well anybody has to make that decision do you want to have kids in your life or not? Okay so uh just a final call out dream life we're gonna be looking for one for you since this was your idea all right let's do a little bit different thing I want you to present your clothes as a couple so the two of you will give you thirty seconds to come up with an idea you're going to stand together and say here's what we encourage everybody to do okay so come up with the clothes that you could do together as a team as a couple to a thousand couples in the audience on the question of kids or no kids and overpopulation take thirty seconds think of your idea five seconds left three to one turn back this way all right who feels like they got a close they get they think might work you guys will do it together all right? Ready? And richard and gina I'm gonna have you go school, child a camera line and go here's what we want to do go home tonight and make a baby? No, not really. If you guys are still undecided about whether or not to have a kid here's a simple exercise which might help you take one step closer to that decision find a kid could be in nephew niece for ok from a grocery store we spend two minutes with um just pay attention. Tell your thinking and feeling as it's happening great nice on ever come up with these right off smart but what was good about that one? You may I loved the humor there's a lot of making babies there's a whole lot of rich humor in that potential and I love how they played together. How one set up one on one came up with an exercise is a task for everybody and not just take the kid for two minutes but think about how your feel with your with them very good they were comfortable, it was comfortable watch them, their body gestures were comfortable, the language was comfortable and I'm seeing the use of pauses and modulation in a way that isn't over the top I love love that analysis a lot of knowing you guys now personally your real personalities is what's coming through coming through on command instead of on this way with my friends and family but a different way when I'm in front of a group or on camera now it's the real you incorporating some of the new techniques and it's integrating very nicely it doesn't take long couple days of this practice you can see a huge improvement and now what would make it better in real life if that was in front of a thousand people? What would make it even better if they did it again? We're talking about a thousand people the audiences very wide on for example, there wasn't a lot of movement that that could have been something maybe it's just the body positioning if the two of them were facing each other like a conversation and then one of them turns and then when they're done looks back at the other individual in that way or you're kind of a part of what's going on very good so if you're aware of the camera and the audience is there, if you start here and then step into the camera has a powerful effect if you start in in conversation and go to the audience it even more powerful and you can go back and forth how do you make everybody feel included on such a polarizing topic you could make that your assignment, so for those of you who have kids until I everybody has to have kids find some way to include people who don't have kids make sure that they feel included in that they feel validated because that's a choice that they've made and we should all support that if you're on the other side, you don't have kids and you wanna have kids, you know, I hate that people find some way to involve people who do have kids, so the more you give them the assignment to reach out to each other, it emboldens them to do the same thing. So dream life's clothes, which was actually just along those lines, says, go home tonight and talk to at least one person who has a child and ask if having a child was a conscious decision. We're not good, okay, so what we learn about closes what's the key to a good close promise a simple ask simple ask and what when should they do? They ask what's the best time for them to do the ask immediately? Very good. So if you say just go do it it's, not as powerful is do it by tuesday and better than do it by tuesday is due by three o'clock today better than dubai. Three o'clock today is do it by when now right now so I had this well bill I wanted to go to my facebook page you want them to like my facebook? Okay then say are this doing exercise in social network? Everybody take out your phones right now everybody take out your smart phones you guys don't have yours everybody take out your smartphone right now I'll teach you a lesson and social media go to facebook go ahead, wait for them now go to this page everybody with me thousand people with me now press like boom good so what's the lesson aktau get them to do it now if you want them to learn about fitness and practice and fitness when should you do it right now let's do three jumping jacks and then take the stairs so the more you make it safe and inclusive and make it now the easier it is for everybody to do it and that's not the end step it's just the first step in the direction that they want to take her that you're encouraging them to take um I would actually encourage everyone to go to facebook dot com slash blue planet training follow the folks that owned the room because they are amazing as you've seen and roberto would remind me to say we have our social number you could come to only room dot com you can follow me on twitter, you can follow facebook I've gotten about a hundred linkedin request every night because of creative live and I'm happy to link with everybody and it's not for me to connect with you guys and to be part of your network so you can come to our website learn about our open courses I'll do a bit of a close on that but before I do that I want to give you guys now transition so you're gonna step out of closing and into a presentation before we step out of closing a case that's one question from adam what about situations for example a technical presentation where the aim is just to get a lot of information across that doesn't necessarily lead to a simple action any suggestions for either how to close in those situations or how to find a simple action in those situations? One is you khun bury an action within the sharing of the information so I'm gonna put up a bunch of technical information for you and I'm gonna ask you guys what do you think is the most worrisome part of all this and what do you think it's the most optimistic part of all this for our company now what will everybody d'oh and they'll focus in on what you just put up because you gave them in action? You gave them something to d'oh we're all wired if you give us something to do, we will do it if we don't, we're mentally gonna have our filters often thinking about a lot of other things. It's, human nature on the conference calls you don't give me thing to do, I'm gonna hit you and do my emails or do other things. If you give me something to do, I will do it. We're wired to comply when we get a direct request from someone we like and respect, but you have to create an action within that. So when you're presenting data, finances, give the audience something to dio, even if it's just on the spot and then they're done great question any last questions and closings? I think we do have one other one from shrew me that I'd like to ask, just taking the vessel analogy a little further. Wouldn't you want to give the audience a vessel earlier during the speech? I like that even better. So by the end of this speech, we're going to give you a piece of homework. It's super simple only take you two minutes. They don't know what it is yet, but they know what's coming there already kind of primed for great points from me.

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