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Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Lesson 2 of 31

Communication Exercises

Bill Hoogterp

Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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2. Communication Exercises


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Lesson Info

Communication Exercises

Okay we're gonna do some warm up progressions now everybody taken ipad from brian from the team opening up and turn it on folks I hope you are doing your thirty second exercise as soon as you're done you're gonna join us in these progressions open up and turn on the video camera it's the top button of power on if it's not clear roberto can help you as well very good and turn on video camera now flip it around so it shows you're beautiful smiling self once you have the camera up then switch it from photo to video so should be camera looking at you photo to video raise your hand if you're there okay all right now I want you just to record yourself by pushing the red button saying hello stop play it back notice one thing you did well and deleted records of those toe hello stop playback notice one thing you did well and then delete it go hello hello all right folks online same thing record yourself saying hello if you use your smartphone he never did it before it just takes a little bit of...

practice and say okay hello play it back and then deleted his trash can delete the evidence okay round two this time I want you to point to your face and say wow this face is really attractive stop play it back knows something needed well and then delete go wait really attractive richard's like do I have to say it? You're gorgeous get over it really money everyone's trying okay how would you know she did well give me some positives smiled you smiled gina same thing same contact contact everybody look at the lens you don't look at the middle of a tablet what do you look at point to the lands with your finger that's what you look at so always focus on the lens okay, this time you're going to turn to a partner you two you two you two you two and you're going to record your partner in one sentence saying who are you and what do you do? So if gary's my partner on see how do I say in one sentence who I am and what I do and you're gonna record to your partner and then when you're done you're gonna turn and play it back until you're going tell your partner one thing they did well say care you had great eye contact good gestures anything everybody understand go way to go all right folks online same thing record yourself who are you and what do you do? Try to put it all in the recording that captured back playback and always notice deposit what are you doing? Well more you focus on the positives the faster you can improve wave your hand so russell how we here are people doing the exercise, how are they feeling of the struggling way? Do have some people who have said I can't follow along with chemicals? I'm listening while it worked in the office and like coworkers would look at me oddly, says ray, so I think people are going to start doing it when they are at home, but people at home make sure that if you are at home, participate and jump in the chat rooms and let us know your reaction to what bill is having you do and for the people are in the office, of course you have the option to keep watching and listening, and then when you do it yourself, go through the same progressions steps are going to get you up to the top of the mountain when you're all done. Delete the evidence cleverly, guys switched ipads. Very clever wait, okay, when you're all done, turned back this way and go ahead and delete. I know it's hated to leave, but this is a safe space. Now give me something. What you notice when you watched each other's videos did you notice? What about the eye contact? Very focused looking at the right very good you don't look at the camera and look through the camera. When you look through the camera you imagine yourself talking to someone the other side what they used to teach broadcasters is imagine on the other side of the camera ten feet away is a family of four sitting there watching the news of course now it's out there waiting for people walking through the kitchen maybe washington tv but you always look through the camera good what else did you notice? The smile smile what about it? Um it was honest and there's humility there and you could at least as I was watching myself to see the discomfort but then at the end as it was over the smile very good alright anything anything else you saw your partner do? Well, I thought he was way more calm than I wass which was rakesh has this kind of calm quality anyway, so we all have strengths when it comes to our personality you want to get really good at this stuff guys focus on your strengths, keep adding to your strengths. Who says I noticed that lots of my actions were really rapid and so I slowed them down a good raise your hand if you're a fast talker your whole life everybody told you to do what you don't need to slow down you need longer causes your speed is your power but you have to have the pause to extent it wide all the things that the audience understands is in the pause after your words not the words so when you slow down, you dilute your power but if you speed up with the right amount off pauses you augment your power so we'll keep coming lots of questions and tips along the way okay, put the ipads on your chairs and you have on your paper a little yellow sticky notes and for those online I want you to text in whichever chat room russ and john tell you a number answer to the following question think of all the meetings you've ever been in in your whole life thinking jack's like, oh no think of all the meetings you've ever sat in in your whole life whatever the purpose of the meeting whoever's running the meeting you were in the room if you put all those meetings together on average, how efficient would you say they were? Don't you think of a number between zero and one hundred if your number is one hundred? That means every minute of every meeting never sat in brought us to nirvana as a society solved all the world's problems if your number is zero waste of time but they need to be in anyone ever have a number in their head? I want you guys to write your number on your yellow sticky note and hand it to roberto, our ceo and great colleague and for those online I want you type your number in which chat room live room that's the that's the live the on topic from the creative live room you can add comments as well well, already already jumping and you can add comments as well. Let's, start with your number. All right, next question e j answer with your fingers and those online I want you to type in your number zero to ten how much do you like public speaking? Ten means oh, bill that's my favorite thing in the whole world. How did you know? Zero means I hate speaking in front of other people. Any number between everybody understand the question online post your number and you guys show me with your fingers. Hold him up. Hold him up. Interesting. Okay, you can put your hands down high numbers you're normal. You are gonna like it even more by the end of the day, lower numbers you're also normal. The number one fear americans have a british magazine extra did a survey of our fears guess what? Our number one fear wass public speaking? No, it was number two death deathless number two not meetings or death five meetings either one and jerry seinfeld the comedian has this great joke about thesis that can't be right we can't be more afraid of public speaking than dying he said that means when we go to the funeral we want to be the one that lays in the box instead of doing the eulogy speech so very normal very healthy next question with the fingers if ten is the best communicator in the whole world and heroes the worst and for this question want youto average all forms of communication big group small groups one on ones conference calls put it all together if ten is the best communicator and zeros the worst how good are you now at this point in your career? It's hard to be objective about ourselves where am I right now? Everybody think of a number online you're posting them and one, two, three put your hands up good put her hands down any numbers we're hearing from either the folks online yet we're hearing a huge amount of variety actually it's kind of impressive to me like we've got people who are tens and we've got people who are zeros and every number in between it's it's kind of grouping towards the centre now the force through the eights there kind of dominating it is interesting earlier I think people would judge themselves quite highly say eight, eight, nine or one and two but in the second question people more now in the middle five six, seven ten is the best in the world the average person I've seen is about a four not good, not bad. Almost all of us coast on talent, the coast on intelligence, charm, charisma. We don't really have all the techniques. And when you add the techniques, just go to a whole new level. All right, when I say go, I want you to turn to a partner and folks online, you're gonna put your answer in the chat room, you can turn to a partner, and each time I say, turn to apart, trying to pick a different person and in two words, describe your speaking style to the world when you communicate to other people. What two words? Capture a little bit of your personnel a little bit of your approach. Listen to your partner and remember they're two words ready? Go prepare to get the football I would say I'm passionate, but, uh, election. Okay, okay, now I'm going to start and if you want to get brian to heart attack, throw the football anywhere near the cameras or the booms and gently pass the ball to somebody. And when it comes to you, once you just stand up on the room, don't rent the room, baby on it and tell us who is your partner and what were their two words now everybody quickly check, wait a minute, what were the two words? So what's the first thing we noticed about our listening skills even though it was only two words most of the time when we speak who we focused on ourselves or others so one of the things to become a great speakers to learn how to really turn and listen ok? And russ and john are great sports already we're gonna have a lot of fun I'm gonna teach you guys you're gonna tease me but everybody can participate and anybody who walks into orbit is fair game this brian knows okay gina when we start with you who is your partner in what were their two words? My partner was richard and his two words for public speaking was casual and with humor great now gently pick somebody else my partner was laurie and her two words were personal and passionate alright let's pause there now you guys you know pretty good but I might know where is your voice need to go when you speak to an audience here I know where it needs to go where do you where do you send your voice when you talk to a group towards the audience close we have to send it further than the audience if you'd send your voice on into a land way too short if you send your voice to the four corners or whatever room you're in and lands on the audience years perfectly well, but bill on them in a room with the cameras only one foot away doesn't matter you send your voice to the four corners and it lands on the years perfectly so let's amp up the volume a little bit gary pick somebody else yeah, my partner was china's that and her two words were passionate jan start again a little bit louder than your voice on the corner okay, so I've always worked to turn my voice down because my voice carries so my partner was shawna and shana's two words were passionate and engaging very good, right? One more jennifer engaging and structure gives instruction great what are we hearing online? So we have a number of them? We have three eighteen media knowledge, knowledgeable and quirky we have terry who is authentic and inspiring sd photos quiet and sweet you nervous scared is coming up a couple of times as well as something else we've been singing about but a dollar photo saying caring and humble that's an interesting one, honest and excited, knowledgeable and business like some interesting pears they're great. So what do we notice since patterns learning about pattern since this what we notice from all these words summer personality and characteristic based good what else? And this is called the socratic method? I'm not looking for any fishing for a specific answer I want you to wrestle with content the didactic methods when you talk at the group this boil saw as we're kids growing up to teacher talks at the class and it works but you want to mix it with socratic were you trying to pull content from the group everything we notices all the words are different cause we're all different your personality is perfect for you everyone copy and belts his personality you become mohr you is the best way to connect when you hold back from your personality you're blocking yourself from the audience back to the fingers we talked about how much we like it we talked about how good we are last question with the fingers how good do you want to be wait slow down cowboy well I have to say tan billets communications seminar creative live know ifyou're afore and you're happy in your state of forest life is in harmony you could stay up for the next question is coming is why do you want to get better? You can't answer that question till you know where you want to go so this time on your fingers or online how good you really want to become ready go all right when I say go you're gonna turn to a different partner and in one sentence listen carefully to their answer why do you want to get better ready go online? Why do you want to get better? What happened first time yeah, yeah. That's true. So, what number did you get up? We've actually got a couple of people who are at eight, nine and as well out everyone who used to be perfect way do have one of two people who are the spinal tap eleven so there are no real tens in life. I think we're all experts and we're all learners. Why? The topic is infinitely interesting. Absolutely. All right, bring it on back. Protest to gently pass the ball to somebody. And again, what do you have to do? Stand up, project your voice, tell us who is your partner and why do they want to get better? And everybody see if you notice a pattern in the answers, see what? What they have in common? Uh, so, gina, she wants to be a public speakers so that she could be inspiring and empowering, inspiring and empowering. Good. Pick someone else. Carrie, my partner was lori, and she wants to be doing this program so she can become more honest, direct and to the point, when she speaks, strike the point. Great. Jennifer, pick somebody else. Uh, so richard wants to change the world good love it, but you did it does anyone who hasn't gone yet, richard well, I want to change the world, jack wanted to change himself, which I think is a good place to start. That's very set guys will bring us to a brazen space. Okay, so what are all those answers have in common? And let's, hear from some online got brave planet. So people take me more seriously. We have. Jennifer sanders wants to add credibility. Uh, photo land today to be able to inspire people when I talk. Yes. I'm right and he's saying he wants to be a more convincingly convey his message on dh courtney I think it is is to be able to sell myself better to reach my clientele. So if people see using this business is, well, fantastic. That was. Anybody knows any pattern in the answers, what they have in common. It's a mix they would improve themselves when improve themselves. I was gonna say it's improving the people around them, proving the people around them. Lots of battery life says that it's to create change. Oh, great. And folks online, I want you to know we're all leaders were all experts were all learning. So you can say what you notice, even at any point.

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Get ready to find your authentic voice and communicate your greatest potential. Join CreativeLive instructor Bill Hoogterp for a three-day workshop that will transform you into a powerful, dynamic public speaker.

After decades of working as a public speaking coach, Bill has developed a clear, step-by-step system that will help you own the room each time you speak. You’ll learn about reading your audience and keeping them engaged. Bill will cover the importance of being memorable, the role of humor and audience involvement, and the keys to developing a strong opening and conclusion. You’ll practice applying your new skills in a wide variety of situations and build troubleshooting strategies to ensure that every speech will be a success.

The skills you learn in this course can be applied to elevator sales pitches, business presentations, motivational speeches and beyond. You’ll be prepared to speak clearly, confidently, and to a captivated audience in any situation.



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This is the best online training program I've ever purchased! At such a low price, you get a 3 day training from a master teacher in his field. I find Bill's sessions to be lively, engaging, and lots of fun. I've learned enough from just Day 1 to lessen some of my fear of public speaking and agreed to a new speaking engagement. I highly recommend this program, and will look into Creativelive trainings in the future. Thank you so much!


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