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Powerful Communication Owns the Room


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Dial Testing on Student Pitches

Whatever is going to give it a try, here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna take the same technique we're gonna ply the elevator pitch technique to a riel business sale. I want you to think of something you have to sell in your real life. Live a meeting next week, right? To sell an idea, or I'm selling girl scout cookies for my kid or I am selling my mini cooper next week in the neighborhood. Whatever it is, I want you think of a real life thing. It could be something you just did. I just did a sale a couple of weeks ago. This would help me something you have coming up make israel as you possibly can in your life, and each of you is gonna get up and do all three steps. We'll do a quick, dry run, practice round, and then we'll dial test each other doing an elevator pitch so we can see what's working and what's. Not like everything else. This gets easier and easier only need three or four repetitions, but you need the repetitions before it clicks into your brain for it layers into the co...

gnitive mind. So I'm gonna give you thirty seconds to think about what you're gonna pitch online, think about what you would pitch if you could. Who would want to practice and then we'll do a dry run which means everybody stands on the stage like electrons bounced into each other and do it one at a time boom boom boom and then we'll do in life will dial each other playback as money as we can and this time I want to start live with whoever didn't go onstage last time so a couple people didn't get to do theirs on stage so we'll start with them and then we'll watch him and learn from each other so thirty seconds everybody map out you can write notes but try not to look at your notes when you speak so go ahead take timeto map out your elevator pitch so anika has a question how would you sell your own skills to a potential employer using this three stop system or is this something that you think that would be appropriate for? I think the model works and it works in any setting because it's the way the brain works so take annika's question how would we apply to employment? A friend who runs a big tech company said one one there favorite hires with somebody came to them and they said they came in with this whole thing of what they were great at the resume and they threw it out and they asked the most brilliant question she said what is your biggest problem and how can I help you solve it and the big shot boss device like, wow, actually, my biggest problem is this, which is all about hr the person wasn't trained in hr, but they hired him anyway and they became one of the most successful executives in the company, so we think of employers as businesses as non people, but they're all problem based, so every employer has problems when you say what is facing you, and once you figure out those what those are, then you've hooked them interviewing the interviewer so you can even do that so let's take example on it. If you have an example off the kind of industry you might hire into, we could make it even more specific what would be a generic example you want to work for? We'll wait for that, and just while we're waiting fill h once from just remember it's just an elevator pitch here, not a full presentation with a full close, just a casual, great party. Philip you're just going for the next step just enough to get to the next up everything else khun cell further down the line, little johnny's making a very pertinent point that is saying that once you have this structure in places, the creativity then that takes over yes, like all the techniques we've been learning for three days that techniques their techniques, their generic they are bland it is your ideas that make them come alive, your spontaneity, but there's still a structure that will help it. I'm a big fan of structured creativity. If there's no structure, the creativity doesn't have a form and it doesn't have his full power. So following this will help you become even more innovative and how you think about things. So we get a annika is in management consulting, right? So if you were pitching a consulting company and you want them to hire you, I would start out with what is your biggest problem. And I can tell you what most of them are is they get clients with the top dogs and they pass it off to the junior folks. So the big shots go in the rain makers and get the client, and they hand off the work to the junior people who are never really fully prepared to do the job. So how anika could you help that? The more you describe the problems there facing them or the like, she knows she knows this space, she knows where we're at, and she has ideas that's the next part of the pitch, she has ideas and how she could really add a lot of value to us in that process, so if you could bring in deals. You're automatic plus in anything anybody who can sell a bring in clients goes to the front of the line or you khun ad any part of the value chain I shall also something on from thiss will help me personally because I know that I follow some of the examples that you've been giving but I end up tending to duel the interviewing myself and I'm supposed to be selling me and I'm finding out too much about them and then later on they say, well we don't need you for this show that well I've done that show before they said well you never mentioned that so when when you are asking questions it's very hard for me to not to get too involved in asking the questions I'm not giving enough information about myself exercise for you john I want you to breathe in go ahead breathe in now breathe out now do both at the same time you can't it's not possible try that we re spire by breathing in and out in balance you walk with one leg or two so you ask a lot of questions then you a certain make your case you could ask more questions in a certain make your case but when you do on ly one and not the other you're hobbling but which everyone you do do it I don't have to it whichever step you're doing to the elevator pitch do it most people blur it. They start out with some questions and they do a little bit of hook and they go back to it would be great if you did that it's not gonna have its full power good. If they want you to sell, they want you to make your strong case interesting. Another question from shrew me is it possible to have a message? That's too powerful, for example, I did business pitches for a product for families facing dementia. For investors who have experienced apparent with dementia, for example, they immediately go into an emotional space reliving that as I'm there to talk about business, I want them to feel emotions but not get lost in them. They answered your own question. You always have to customize how much is too much? How much is not enough? Read the audience and feel you are just enough to get them engaged, but not so much that we become overwhelmed with the feeling great great answers. Okay, let's, do a dry run every come on on the stage, pick a different spot and face the cameras for those of you online, I want to do the same thing. I want you to stand up and be prepared to do your elevator that you were just gonna wing it just do it so if I stand up now, imagine when I say go that means the camera just went red and then I'm gonna called sixty seconds but mohr less start with your hook moved to a different spot to your line moved to a different spot through your sinker but really acted out like demand that promise that pinky swear whatever is you're gonna do just to get a flavor every ready and begin those we online go ahead just start walking around the room how would you start again? Sorry I wasn't clear my fault my fault so same thing dry run means you're all doing the same thing you khun talk but not very loud you're just acting all out this is a practice run ready begin so this is a good useful the camera and the timer is gonna help you get better and better doing immediate doing a pitch presentations just put the camera time yourself and walk through it there's no perfect but it's going to make you feel more more prepared every single time I love it so okay how do I read their feedback when I can't see their eyes like if you're on the phone if you're doing a pitch like we do when we sell to the folks online so lots of different they've won you're anticipating best you can so one is you can use it's called a reflexive to do the same thing you could say now if I was you see uh come on that can't be true so you're taking their objection and flipping it around now if I was hearing this I might wonder well how do I know it's gonna really work well here's how you know it's gonna work one minute and stop all right show me how done you were ten means I was one hundred percent don to means I was twenty percent done okay, so for purposes of practice we're going to give you a minute sign and then I'll give you another half a minute if you need it so you have a whole minute and then I'll say one minute and then I'll give you another twenty seconds and then I'll do the ten seconds wrap it up off the stage so air break its practice in real life it may be a men it may not but I just want you to be concise if it's taking ten minutes it's way too long don elevator pitch anymore okay who didn't get to raise your hand if you didn't go on states the last module a couple people didn't so why don't we start with you two you decide who goes first everybody else have a seat and grab your files all right so online I want you to be part of this so chyna's focus is the audience but she can also ask the online community she can ask our friend the red light to join in don't worry is if she doesn't, but that's the stretch goal that we all have. You guys are dialing, too. You never stop moving the dials and it's all about how effective the pitches you don't need a reason I thought that was super effective. Crank it to one hundred. I didn't like that I didn't it didn't make me want to be on on board with this. Crank it to zero and then when she watches the data will help teach her. Why do we need the data? Smart people are stubborn learners. We don't really want to change habits quite as easily as the theory tells us, but the data will help us say, wow, that really works. That doesn't work so well, okay, and let's, get a seat filler if we can to help do the dials. Fishermen brian and roberto signal to begin there's an open roll out your company, there are piles of resumes. How many of you raise your hand? Have extra time to go look through hundreds of resumes? Nobody raised her hand? Not really. So what you need is job job by is amazing system that allows you to categorize your resumes for people that are actually qualified for your jobs, you can search for who you're looking for, you've been searched years of experience and that way you pull out just the people that actually will fit for your company it also allows you to send resumes to other people in your company that I need to put their input in on this roll make sure that they give a pass on this candidate as well so what I need you guys to dio is watch our little thirty second video just to see how easy the system is and see if it's great for you so what did I do? Well I think you described the problem well I love the raising your hand without raising it made it really strong good twist yeah it's who's had raise your hand we all started to win the suit or the reasons the singer was really crisp and non committal I knew that I don't have to be to us that video and the real you is coming out yeah I mean you are so dynamic and personable and funny and warm it's like wow, I know what I'm talking about you're good to go all the time you trust it when you know what you're talking about clean floors raised a good point saying automatic selection can also miss outstanding candidates are following on from that you didn't address any of the negatives that some people may have had maybe that's something that could have been incorporated very quickly and how many people committed to watch the thirty seconds nobody because you didn't ask for one so just give me the last ten seconds were you props make them promise you they're gonna watch thirty seconds go so promise me you're gonna watch this thirty second video can I see it? We all give me cross your fingers promise that you'll do it everybody for us from online people cross your fingers yes we have been who's pointing out that us you did not look into the camera uh at all and it could be I'm gonna send you a link by two o'clock today I want everybody to just watch the thirty seconds before you leave that's it so the easier you make it, the more concrete, the more tactical them or compliance you're gonna get fantastic who wants to go next? Actually, shawn and brian you guys could just take the seat of whoever is there our brian if you want my moving thank you. Have you ever been stuck in a training meeting where you learned absolutely nothing? Have you ever been stuck in a meeting and had your phone blowing up with five hundred different e mails and phone calls and text messages all urgent getting you to do something? I hate wasting time I heard I think everybody hates wasting time and I think everybody hates losing money over wasted time so I'd like to ask that we set up a meeting to talk about three just three different ways we can improve our workplace productivity and I'll provide you these three things and I'll just walk you through them and only take ten minutes um I promise please promise me and raise your hands and he's set up a meeting with me to talk about these things hey, I don't see jack and I see rust and very good like I don't feel comfortable doing that do it your way now this isn't gonna work unless people really gonna do it you're not really gonna come to me and let's not do it but is it worth a thirty minute meeting for us to save two hours a week for the next year? Okay, so who's gonna come who commits to come tto we'll have two different times those who could you really push but it's your style your way but you do not let them flop away from the boat you do not let the conversation end until they commit to something that moves you forward. I'll be on this. Jennifer the reason I didn't give you my pinky commitment there was because I thought I didn't see the point of having a meeting to discuss how boring meetings are so I felt that was a bit of a negative there in your coffee table book about coffee tables some positive feedback dreamlife did like how you moved the three places he did have good stage presence it's gone and beatty bill is saying there was no filler it was good pauses try to move perhaps a bit more naturally now for some people what you do is you move from one spot and then sean you move back to the same spot it's easier if you think about it linear this is number one this is number two this is number three when you go back and forth you're blurring a little bit in your own mind it's a little overly simplistic but is a good step for most people it's going to help you take a step one more comment from philip h you're strong you're confident but then you're sinker was ill delivered you almost asked permission to ask for a meeting we'll be stronger you said I would like to ask you if you would so tell them instead all right last one question please so for the majority of time in our meeting space we don't have the kind of room to move around that much jennifer you can have a seat next person come on up and get ready what do you do if you don't deal with that besides just using you know you're standing but you only have a certain thing so everybody do this number one number two and number three same thing in the brain okay this problem and this is how it solves that problem and here's what I need everybody to dio everybody boom so even if it's done larger small it's the distinguish er that makes it click great question I think there's some also worth well no in sign language when they are creating a scene with their hands and basically talking about past or future going from here to there it's always consistent so here is always over here and there is always over there within the context one conversation so you can use that consistency to really establish place when you're moving your hands on dream floor is making the point to say demand because mariano's say no will commit to a meeting like the way you asked. Great all right, richard, do you wanna live in a city that appreciates you? Do you want to work at a job that wants you there and respect what you're able to offer? Imagine owning a house with a yard and a garden it's affordable imagine living five minutes from work and not spending the rest of your life in your car come to fresno big city opportunities with a small city vibe I want you to promise me that you're gonna call me today and then we can discuss what fresno can do for you all right, what did you see that went well? Full moon says finally he smiles as he goes into the line. I like the harmonize steps were very clear which stage you were in very barbell look I mean who doesn't want the perfect job I was gonna say I was it was good I was trying to figure out where we're going the whole time very much like every question you're asking like okay what way in a good way not in a patient would appreciate that it is a funny example here of different people taking things different way dream life richard I like the motto big city opportunity small city vibe dream floor cliche big city opportunity so the best part wass you got them half of the book with the joke come to fresno now everybody laughed how many people would actually call him today I'm not gonna calm talk about fresno call richard talk about other things but I'm talking about how do you take that a little bit stronger what's the one thing you could get them to dio uh call me and I can we can discuss uh uh and I can show you what present has to offer you a good think about it like an invitation that's hard to say no to I invite you to watch this thirty second video I'm going to send you a link I want to read it just watch it for thirty seconds and next time somebody makes a joke about fresno you say uh it's a pretty cool place that's a step say friends yes prez yes like or I won't invite you to come to fresno and we're gonna take you out to dinner it's hard to say no to that one is the schedule allows but find different ways where it's really difficult to say no, it doesn't sound like a work step sounds like a fun step now if I was in there, I'd love to take you up on that, and philip h is pointed out that there wasn't too much line in what you said there weren't a lot of objections to white people wouldn't want to move to president on a few people are asking that actually market is also saying is everyone skipping the line? Maybe the line is something we need to work on you think you have to? They're not going to get there if you don't anticipate what's the real objections about moving to fresno could be boring, but I don't have a job there. I don't know anybody there that's a lot of time and money to move to a place I don't know. So these air riel objections that you glossed over? Yeah, I can feel like always stepped aside, but the problem is they're not going to commit because there's, you've given him nothing to commit to what you've sold somebody rich because sony t she's moving there right now? Yes, all right let's do another one, lori so you guys start to get the feeling I'm starting to see now when you watch a lot of this stuff, you're gonna see this stuff around you, you're gonna be clicking, you're gonna be watching the news and you're gonna see they just use your diaphragm. They just used to staccato you're gonna be watching people sell things in meetings in life and real like, well, that's a great hook, they're sinker wasn't there they had everybody there and that's when you're becoming expert because you're recognizing how it's all happening, we all want to eat healthy. We want to be healthier, but usually we don't have the time and we end up in a hurry going out, buying fast food and spending money on food that's unhealthy now, if you call us if health food we actually take the food to you is healthy and it's inexpensive when you compare it with fast food so we can deliver it to you and it's a monthly basis on we give you a million you can choose from what you do is then when I send you an email with the menu and a quote for a month, choose something from the menu. Tomorrow we'll send you to lunch and you can try it, all you have to do is open city prices she's something I will send you something tomorrow we were told to stop there and finalize the dvds were gonna play a couple those back but you go ahead and finalize those ones and so what did you like about that authority online is saying they were very clear instructions uh mariana was saying the sinker was perhaps a bit a little bit too sales e for her but surely that's what the sale is rachel you keep smiling with you e I like the comparison to fast food yeah that's good that's a really good problem that problem fast who caused these problems so we needs one that's fast but still healthy I think there was a developed lying to I mean they were you had a lot of good points there as two reasons why okay on the other hand the hook wass to me didn't catch may because it assumed things right and that's where you have to be really thinking about very different members of the audience are in very different places you almost have different parts of the hook to pull different people in now if you watch sales go to costco and there's a lady at the end of the I'll with hair not giving out the free cheese samples what's the sinker for them this taste the cheese just take this one step and when you do x percent of people are gonna buy the cheese a lot of free mediums to premiums it's why they work just get away take that one step try it why percentage of them go on to buy the product it's worth the money more more you have to get them into some step. Otherwise, nothing happens. All right? Who wants to go next? Now you can turn to put the dials under your chair. We're not gonna use the dials for this one likes out a little bit and we still need a seat. Seat filler somewhere and jack, they're all yours. When people look at their weather your website, can they figure out what it is you're selling when you make a sales call? Is the first words out of your maura mouth? Don't look at my website to you really understand what your website says about you. Joe bob's marketing team specializes in developing product marketing website content. All we do is the content we work on one project at a time and it's a fixed bid basis. So what I'd like you to do is look at our website and see if you can understand what we dio and then call us to see if we can help you. I want you to coach him. You guys tell him what was good and what could make it better, like the way you use the stage very well are moving llena de across the stage thank you. The problem was really clear, especially the line of I like don't look at my website like like that's what I hear that all the time too so that got me good the hook seems to be the thing that's resonated with everybody online tardy saying she was hooked dream life yes hooked um and shoot me saying good book on very good eye contact thank you on the other side belly up says uh you didn't close when when am I supposed to call you? Good point I did not yes uh the voice modulation was all kind of in the center there was nothing that you peeked that it's sort of like you're excited about? Yeah, okay, the first part felt kind of aggressive in a way and I'm not sure if that was your intention and I'm not sure if anybody else caught that, but I felt that it was very aggressive at first and then kind of tone down a little bit and then a little bit up again. Okay, good, good feedback thank you very much and whatever you make that little better seders how many websites are there in the world making the number million's a hundred million web sites in the world and most of all, we're not really sure what therefore is that you do you ever find yourself saying, don't look at my website so it's just a softer version the same catch how the sinker in real life and I get pitched these things all the time will do this for you do this for you billy I wouldn't take the call because it's too expensive of a meeting all they want is my business on that thing I don't mind so if someone says we'll give you a free quote a free estimate of what we could do for your website it's easier for me to say yes why the whole idea will come to landscaping for your house and we'll come out into a free quote it's easier to say yes to the free quote then to say yes we'll hire you to be do my landscape in why less commitment it's less commitment there's an opt out there's a way that I can assess so if you say let us look at your website and we'll come back to you with a very quick sense of what's good what could be better than about how much it would cost who's gonna say no to that a much lower number I want yeah I guess I could like some feedback it doesn't cost me anything why not so easier way to get higher compliance and uh noodle had a great suggestion for how to bring in even more people maybe say and if you think you have a perfect website get in touch because we'd love to showcase you thank you thank you remember that one? Yeah good a little bit of humor you're always thinking about everybody different and how to pull them in great let's do another one to your passengers feel like a sardine in a plane stop making your passengers feel like cattle the airbus a three eighty is not only the world's largest passenger aircraft ever built it is also the most economic and the greenest airplane ever built it can fly from san francisco to new york and to choke you in forty eight hours talk to your account magic today to see how you can give your passengers the magic carpet experience and now could I get a pinky promise here that all of you guys will call your account manager today? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you all right okay. Uh what did I do? Well, guys related I love the imagery of it. I saw that earlier the dry run or the practices and I thought the sardine cattle imagery was really great and then talking about being economical grain uh forty fourteen hours like I was sold at that point awesome. Thank you. You are very clear, super concise and zero week language. Awesome. I just need to control my skating well, I was going to say if you take smaller steps and it's okay to step twice just one remembers the idea ofthe moving from one idea to the other so that's all you need just a little movement got our aircraft come with anti skid brakes? Dill says there was too much commitment, it was it was talking to the account manager too finalize the sale is what it sounded like rather than just, you know, check out our website or something like that, the movement felt contrived and don't look down as you're moving, it looks like you're moving from spot to spot established and not just naturally it closed on that one. So almost all of you and every one of these skills as well as the macro imagine it's a bridge from this side of the river where you were the other side of the river to what you're capable of most of you, I see you're a third of the way across the bridge, so you're starting. Teo look, it retires starting to use the space he's using steps it feels contrived, but it's not quite smooth yet don't go back to stop doing the steps, keep doing them and every time you do, it'll get a little bit smoother, a little bit smoother keep going forward when you're uncomfortable and it will be get smoother don't go backwards so very well done the sardines I love the image come on over here let's make it even stronger, so show me sardines on the plane sardines in a can tell me body language like this that's that's. One way to do it like this that's one way for you to be silly and go what's the sardines face it was like, so you go for sillier serious, but either one the body language, accents, the story and philip h said the same thing. He had three good points, but it didn't feel like they really connected to each other. So sardines talk about armed space cattle. Talk about leg room and connect the metaphors to the actual experience. Very good. You guys are getting fantastic with the insights. Anything good? All right. Thank you. Potash. We're going now. Watch a couple of the tapes. The last first couple just cause I want anybody to see the science of okay. What's working. Where? Doing what? Connecting what's. Not let's. Go ahead and roll the tape, ben there's. No role iron. Their piles of resumes. How many of you can have extra time to go look through hundreds of resumes? Nobody raise your hand? Not really. So what you need, this job job is amazing system that allows you to categorize your resumes for people. They're actually qualified for your jobs. You could search for who you're looking for you could search your experience. And that when you pull out just the people that actually will fit for your company it also allows you to send resumes to other people in your company that I needed to put their in putting on this roll make sure that they give a pass on this candidate as well so what I need you guys to dio please watch our little thirty second video just to see how easy the system is and that's great for you thank you ben what did you notice watching the data now it was just you started out right away grabbing everybody good problem hooked then the line lost people little bit who could remember the name of the product jab jab right how you spell it a j o b b I t that's because I know that you're doing that you've done this for three days you rushed the names and the numbers so how do you say that again so everybody can remember it come here come here and tell everybody including on my eyes I will never forget the name of this product for the rest of their life remember job bite like an invite for your jobs very good that's better than anything I could think when all else fails stop say it with long pause and spell it job job fight like job like a job fight the I t and then you said it even better than we could have but you have to click if it doesn't land they can't remember and everything else doesn't work. I don't remember the name of the product you see this in commercials all the time. In fact, a lot of advertisers are guilty of this were clever, too clever by half cos brilliant creative commercials no, we remember what the product wass he ever say fuel you don't care were just like making fun commercials, but the the sign ease keira lot because I'm not sounding more product, you know, remember what's the product? All right, let's watch another one band role have you ever been stuck in a chain a meeting where you learned about? Have you ever been stuck in a meeting and had your fun pulling up five hundred different emails and phone calls and text messages all urgent meeting you to do something? I hate wasting time? I think everybody hates wasting time and I think everybody hates losing money over wasted time, so I'd like to ask that we set up a meeting to talk about three just three different ways we can improve our workplace productivity and I'll provide you these three things and I'll just walk with only ten minutes up there I was at the end then there was the promised part, okay what's the promise apartment promised me set up a meeting to talk about these things stop there so calling out names again just do with humor no names or anything but jack you're just different ways but you're taking command don't be afraid to put people on the spot don't be afraid to tease the audience and let them tease you don't be afraid to call them out let them call you okay what do we know this from that data just a quick one really what we're talking about the commitment we did have a question and I forget who it was from do you use like pinky promise with executive let's see if you can think of that what do you think e think you can in fact it works better on executive why it's unexpected exactly so for me to say but the bridge is my daughter ana or my son peter if I say I want you guys promise women don't know my daughter honest says pinky promise is stronger than a promise daddy I think he's the strongest one it's so silly it works they've probably got kids to connects to them and let's get to a little bit the underlying thing is I think of a lot of the sales techniques were coming along you guys were getting it but a lot of this what stops us from being bold what stops us from demanding asking, pushing what's every note a tap root of a tree is you know a tap root of a tree country children city children suburb children, country folks what's a tap root of a tree it's the large root that's at the very center that is just bigger than everything else and really provides a lot of the nutrients and stability for very good. For every tree has roots and somewhere on the surface you can see him in the grass. Some are a little bit deeper, but the taproot so when they go straight down that all the other routes tie into how do I know we had to dig stumps when I was a kid in the country have come home, cut the tree down would clear the way land and the boys had to dig up two stumps and it takes a while you can cut out all the roots until you move the taproot ain't nothing going anywhere. Once you do that one pops right out. So for you guys, the techniques or surface issues, confidence practice but what's the taproot what's the taproot in terms of feeling like I can really push and work with my full level of confidence, fear, fear of what a failure and rejection. Yes. Okay, what else? Looking stupid, stupid. Give me an example of an audience you'd feel uncomfortable selling no somebody give me an example of somebody who at your real job is your superior they're not your peer you don't have to say a name you could say a title of somebody give me a title of somebody who is on a higher level than you ceo seo had a production had a production so I'll give you a simple secret and a piece of homework I want everybody include dollar folks online for the rest of your life from now on there are no more superiors for you ever everybody for the rest of your life is your peer nobody's better than anybody else? Well the head of production the ceo of the company well that know where are they is based on the arc of the journey of their career I've coached all of your boss's boss's boss's or a lot of them are their equivalents they're where they are based on the abilities they have the opportunities they've had, the luck, the work they've put in it's a whole bunch of factors that brought him to where they are are you better any of us then the people who got up today to make a dollar day to grow the bananas that ended up in the kitchen are we better than them? You know we're just where we are facing the arc of our career, our life based on who we are, the opportunities we've had the work they've put in lock a whole bunch of different things no he's better than anybody else and when you remove that barrier that that person superior I should be more nervous with them because you're all great when you was friends right take that sign same mindset to everybody we're all on a journey and when it's all said and done whether you made e v p or s v p does it matter? I think it matters that you reached your potential that matters that you did your best that you help other people everything else is false barriers so this is one of the top routes you can sell people when you're helping them you can fundraise when you're making a difference but you have to trust your instincts and trust that everybody else is in the same position as you I'll prove it let's say you have four interns who worked for you for the summer and three of them are like this dr hoosier report is there anything else you need me to do? And the fourth one comes up and said richard here's your report but I need five minutes tomorrow I have some ideas to make the program even better next summer now off those four interns which one could he keep for the fall if you could only keep one of the four which one should we keep the last one but the other three would peel grapes for him they pick up his dry cleaning why would he want the fourth one because it's gonna prove him it's gonna improve him, and because they treated him in equal as an equal as appear. So you treat everybody with respect. You respect your position, respect their title, respect who they are, but you think of them is appear, makes sense. Yes, absolutely. Part of this selling is if you don't think it's gonna help them and don't sell it. But if you think it's gonna help your boss, do it, push him lost. I think we should. I tried something a little bit differently means I think it would help you get what you're trying to get done. Do you mind if I give it a try? Are you open to some thoughts? And what you want is what they want. I coached some oil bill. I'm trying to get my people take more initiative to come up with more ideas. Now, sometimes we're our own worst enemy. We trample the ideas and we don't understand why they don't come up with more, but they think they want it, get another practice or to make sure we stick to the schedule, we can play another tape to gina, I'd like to do one, he likes to do it all right? Come on, a creative live is an amazing space, doesn't it deserve all the best resource is it can get it only has a few hosts and we love russ and john and kenna but they're flying back and forth from seattle all the time wouldn't it be nice to have a fresh new young face me my name is gina and I and freshly out of college I have a young new perspective I can be a funky new female entrepreneur to connect to those young people that love tto watch creative life so people online let me know if you think I can do it and I would love to speak with brian and kirsten and elizabeth and if you can give me a little promise punch that I can talk with you a little bit afterwards I would love to try to add my value to the space theme and the promise punch the newest public speaking okay let's talk about the technique site and talk about the courage that she had to do it from a technical standpoint when she do well I think she uh closed very well good what else she smooth I mean she has the words there and there's ah ah an energy and a charisma that she has about her that is believable we believe it because she believes it could all right what about the idea of the courage to jump up and sell yourself in a situation like that? What most people do that know why not what stops us here fear of what failure my heart is beating really fast if you want to eliminate the fear of failure I can magically remove to feel fear that failure might happen once in a while by telling you failures gonna happen a lot greatest baseball players what's your batting average greatest athletes musicians call first if you want to learn a language for language can you learnt it without ever making mistakes miss interpreter what's the best way to learn a language I'm making mistakes become the fearless lerner the reckless trier and all things are yours nothing can stop the combination of technique and try you have the greatest computer ever invented if you just stop you would never stop trying you will get there a marathon is a very simple thing to do it's not easy but it's simple one foot again from the other for twenty six miles so just keep trying you give a little out of the end now of the other day you say all right we really want to consider you and you might be a great host but we're not quite ready okay, fine but they give me advice on what I can do now there's no downside whatsoever it's okay to be bold to give you feedback because there's no way they can not say yes to atleast the medium because they don't want to feel uncomfortable to let somebody down so fear is nothing more than the brains warning system it's natural makes sense, but overcoming fear is how you climb any mountain in your life. So what do you afraid ofthe what's holding us back? I remember watching a show kind of a national geographic special show called mutual of omaha's and I remember the showing your kids and it was marlon perkins in his colleague jim and they're always catching animals in africa. Do you know the school style's must've been about ten years old and this is one episode where they're trying to catch the zebras and the zebras are way too smart nobody can catch them there and the herds and they could never get them to go into the corral that kraut with shaped like this they had to open the crowd every time they moved in with the helicopters they would outsmart them and get away so they finally tried something that worked. They dropped from the opening of the corral a fence about this high and ran rope about four hundred meters and dropped black paper down the rope and this part of the corral they dropped another fence just rope with black paper non rope and when they got the zebras corralled in, they move him in and they pushed instead of running through the paper they came into the corral that close to gates and you caught him how the zebras could have just run through the paper why didn't they they saw it as a physical object because they couldn't see it they're afraid of it that's us we're afraid of what we can't see even when there's no barrier there at all we're in the greatest time of trying things in the history of our species you could do almost anything you want nothing limits you you can write a book did you need a note from your mom to come today the only one who stops us is us so what's your black paper was it that you want to go for because you think it won't work just go for ten and if to work the other ones are learning opportunities there chances to be courageous we'll have kids in our life that we care about our own nieces nephews cousins do you want them all to grow up and be fearless learners in life is that what we want yes then who do we they have to see b a fearless learner first every time you have the courage to grow to take a step up towards whatever mountain you wanna climb your making it safer for everybody else to follow every time we hold back subconsciously were holding other people back let's do a quick haha from elevator pitch or anything we've covered thank you gina and I want to keep practicing all the things we've been working out so I want your ah ha this time to be on stage couple sentences whateveryou want could be something related to this module or anything we've covered but I want it delivered very succinctly using the same voice modulation movements do something different user problem I don't care but do something different what was your ah ha from the last hour and a half and then we'll kick it back to russ and john tow walk us in who would like to begin? Uh very few people will say no if you ask him the right way my ah ha moment was the sinker how very few people will say no if you ask them the right way a very long time ago I learnt in spanish actually we use widows have you? And then we have instead that's a sign of respect a very long time ago I learned to use use you because that brought everybody to the same level I have always seen that we're equals what I never saw it that way how we can help overcome fear that was my biggest ah ha moment I always tell young kids every company I'm in have coached your boss's boss's boss's and every single person at the top is a walking bundle off hopes, strengths and insecurities they don't have them you think they don't have him but we're all human my biggest ah ha moment was just go for it embrace the failures and the successes I just I really appreciated the guts of that the people in our class have to come up here and talk you know when we have a few seconds or a few minutes to come up here and given elevator speech on dh so that's what I learned I learned that really with dedication and attention andan interest in and really communicating to others that we can really do great things so my biggest ah ha moment was when you taught us the red box technique uh for that technique I will be able to bring back to work and facilitate meetings and make the much more efficient but the other side benefit was the ability to uh I learned how to recognize people and to thank them and it's a currency that's free that I could give out and I have unlimited an unlimited currency and supply of this so I want you guys all to make me a promise we see it let me see it thank you swear any of these that you will make your audience is make you a promise and those people teo so clever follow that should make shawn always go last. Yeah well I've always been much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of the camera but working here with everybody here I'm learning not only to be more comfortable in front of the camera but also how to accept feedback and how valuable it really is my ah ha! Moment is if you have a goal or a dream, don't be afraid to ask even if it doesn't work out. You have people to support you and if anything, you've paved a path for someone else to try this thing. Two parts of the last session one is motivational speaking. How do you motivate any audience and really moved them? And if you want to be a motivational speaker, I really want to be a professional paid speaker. I'm gonna teach you how to do it, and everybody will get to do with their final two minute talk something we've given everybody today to say let's, put it all together, your topic of choice, which techniques you want to practice, no dials just you get up there in front and what do you want to show what you can do and have fun? My goal is to have everybody enjoy it. We do all these silly things have fun, we have some laughs. Part of that is intentional is when it's fun we learned much faster. Most people take oh, I don't like a hateful lucy. I can't do this thing the intensity of how much you think you don't like it is how much you're actually gonna like it when you reverse the lens. When you flip the mirror, tow, focus on them and your ideas instead of yourself. That's. What it's, actually like a rush. It's, really fun trying things and see what works. How are we gonna something be, albeit talented, disease to maybe not. Maybe we will. We don't know until we try.

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)