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Dial Testing Student Stories

So we're gonna watch the dvds and roberto is gonna explain a little bit of how the data works that's just keep up the first few seconds ok pause well alright prepared to explain how the data works way have all their sound okay so the speaker is doing her job on the line is moving so we got one dialled a ten kapil dev is a fifty sixty on one eighty of one ninety so this is the average of all the dial's somebody doesn't like what she's doing a lot of people like what she's doing? So this is the average what she's saying right now is this line here it comes from right to left all right thank you so in any audience everybody's not in the same space you can say or do anything and some people love it some people don't and then it triangulate now the first words out of her mouth it dipped out a little bit why she was some week language whenever use weak language it's gonna pull it down like an anchor for your boat and then something went out why did go up? What made it coop talk about losing ...

her sight exactly and why would that why would that make it go up it's compelling it's compelling it's conflict its character its I want to know what's gonna what happens so now you'll watch when the next words out of her mouth if it's policy if it goes up if it's weak it's gonna go down let's roll me u s u v wait I need to see what's going on my side finally I was diagnosed with renting in touch that I have a certificate ready so because you realize it wasn't it wasn't very hard years I was speaking for the computer I have for julian I wouldn't mind a little my perception of business my machine for three years I started my voice or I didn't have to use mine I know how she changed and I'm thankful for that all right stop there and couple things when she do well what do you notice from the data? What were the strongest parts of what she did she did she said then my life changed there was a nice long pause for the better and it just went why I agree that that was the ah ha that was the zenith but why it was that much holds connection is emotional pivot pause and without the pause it's not as powerful claws and it's a surprise it's called the reveal it's like wow I didn't see that coming that gets our attention great let's roll through that gets to richard assed harvest season jumping out of a perfectly good airplane I'm an individual who likes to take challenges and I've heard some people say that you're born a physician now I was that kid in sex education saw dearest and passed out I was a kid who was in the classroom together kid threw up and I threw up I was first you cut my hands and I saw the blood and I passed out and so I'm in medical school and with all my best friends they guy deep voice and we decided we're gonna jump out of an airplane and so we go through his harvest season and get up in the airplane and we jump and we hit the ground softly and we're walking back to the parking lot. I asked my friend how was it big guy? He says it was a race and that's what I like to approach all right, stop there, freeze gary in here and I want each of you could have a second run at this now you could do a completely different story or the same story again, whatever you think is gonna help you the most folks at home. I want you to keep practicing online filming your own stories as well as giving us feedback on what you're seeing here. So I want laurie to think about a couple things she could do differently to try just for your own growth growth matters good doesn't matter, I don't care about good and bad I only care about up and down and trying new things so how's this gonna help my business? How is this gonna help my work and there's a slot back in? So for lori couple things that she could do better what's what was her strongest scene? You were the one thing about the reveal we talked about for the better to set that up what was the strongest part in the beginning losing all of the fear of losing sight fearless and how did when is she realised he was losing it? Stop sign so in the stuff when you saw the stop sign where you're standing or sitting I was driving so what should you be doing the stage than standing or sitting so you start out their strongest scene is I pulled up to a stop sign and I realized I couldn't see it and it hit me so hard because I've been having all these problems with my vision and it was so scary that's your strongest scene got the idea and then you set up into next one for richard what how did he use the space he had so many great scenes with in there point to the place on the stage where he jumped out of an airplane? You can't because you were jumping all over you so just be segmented so one places the airline one places this in one place but be super clear in your mind and then be clear in ours let's roll gary, your paws start there was just a little bit of confusion that charms as far as like where this data is coming from could we just explain that really quickly? One more time. Sure, everybody hold up your dials and showed the numbers to camera. So what? These guys are the dialers? So as they were telling the stories, everybody is dialling fifty is the baseline and then when you like it, usually towards one hundred to zero so all the raw data is coming from their peers. Okay, so most people are really insecure. First time like, wait a minute, I want to go up to one hundred straight over. Well, that's not how it works. The average presentation it's in the thirty to forty range. Most of time we're not really connect with the audience, but we're not really losing them. Everybody's gonna have your ups and doubts I love this philosophy have your ups and downs but have them between good and great so you want to start at fifty and then you're gonna go up, have your rolling hills but you want your rolling hills up on this ride of fifty, not on this side of fifty but if something drops that's a great learning moment for all of us that's the best way to learn trust me, it's our failures artie much better teachers in our success but we learned from both everybody makes sense perfect thank you let's watch carrie design team and it was a team of engineers and there was another designer who was a rock star is that his name was jean it was one of those matter of fact this is just the ways your design sucks and mites the best and he was one of those guys who wanted to be him so bad so my team of engineers way have last design experience he had over twenty years of design experience have maybe five way got together and we said we're gonna beat this guy what we did was we got together I thought about different ways we can do in any conventional way can't hang for a design we made it more personal and we talked to other people we said how can we improve this how can we be george and wait presenter designs and people got to vote for us we campaign and way wanted by a landslide like way we're so proud of it and it was one of a really great accomplish more bars all right from the data what do we learn what was his strongest part had two or three really strong parts what was the strongest the strongest but I I knew this was uh when he said we really wanted to beat this guy and that to me he woke the rocky moment all right it's gary against rest of the world and that that's what I thought being very good and the other one was making the bad guy the character. So how why? Where do we start to not like the bad guy when he's when he said what he said your product we're just the best your design sucks instantly we now don't like that guy so I would start with that and by the way is his name jean or george you decide but have a committee on that one get that one and even if it's not you can't say his real name just say let's call him jean but then jean becomes a bit so start with the bad guy genes with those engineers here twenty years and he looked at us and said your designs sucks we're so much better now we don't like him then you create what we had a contest it was us against gene's team and guess what? We want to beat him so bad and then how it's handled the final votes came in and we want to set up a little bit that pregnant boss I was part of a class at u c berkeley called media for social change and at the end of that dock my teacher says you could teach this class as a student I was given the opportunity to teach a three unit class for one entire semester have my own students being a student myself now this scared me so bad how how can I teach other students when I just finished learning this course? So I put together my curriculum I planned everything out I tried to learn as much as I can. This cost was called art for social change I interviewed these students I wanted to make sure you were passionate, excited be ready to learn with me so this young student comes in his name was sean freshman blond hair nineteen curious he comes in and I said, why do you want to be part of my art for social change? And he said, because I don't think our increase change I was so terrified how'm I gonna teach this class three months go by teaching I am learning I'm nervous this freshman is trying to learn from me and he doesn't even believe in the topic. At the end of the semester I did interviews for the classics. The first person to come interview was shocked he loved the class and wanted to teach it the next year and that showed me that if you're passionate and you're inspired you can help other people why did it spike at the end? Why was it going up at the end? The reveal? I think the revealed and the conflict is been resolved every sitcom you have twenty two minutes to resolve the conflicts like we crave that conflict being we craved the good guy winning it's just we're not happen till it happen when it happens we like that now if this was a play how many acts were in this play maybe three very good so seen one is I get the opportunity to teach the class good scene too is I interview shawn says I don't believe in this topic and scene three is the class is over and I interviewing you and stuff and sean interviews because he liked it so much one way you can set things up is to set up a small number of words something like this five words changed an enhanced my whole college experience five words and they were when the professor sat me down after art for social change and she looked me straight in the eye and she said you can teach this class and I did next semester I was there but I had a problem freshman blah blah blah blah sean blah blah blah and then my biggest surprise and what made the class magic for me was seen sean come up and say I want to teach this class so you see how you set things up stories about setting something up for later let's roll I know why they gave us this task of firing a completely new production crew for san francisco huge huge task, because our team in seattle is forty amazing and already on part everything already had our culture laid out. So we have this huge, huge idea basically bringing in, uh, what's called batch day, which is candidates that are just lined up one after another, different roles, different beings see if it's you who doesn't see how to create our team. So I got this idea in my head to bring in somebody that I knew who I thought would be great for creative life. And when are all these interviews shut out? My team was amazing and help me do this. And at the end of the day, we had a conference where he talked about everybody likes whoever who everybody didn't like hell things lead. And there was one resounding thing that wass there was one guy that everybody left. It was my guy, my guy who's sitting here and the line producer for this course and every time we rapid course it's just huge whiles about brian and about how this whole process has gone and it just makes me super proud of that. Not only was he my hired, he was somebody that everybody loves, and you made me proud every time finishing last. All right, it's pause there now I want you guys speak from the coaches next week so online as well. Now I want you to take thirty seconds and think of what could shauna was fantastic it's so many things but for her to take one step higher what could she do differently when I say go? You're gonna turn to a partner and or online one or two things that could make that story go to the next level think of all the things we've covered so far while were doing out in addition to brian, we've got ben matt john we've got a lot of really great people that ted cruz so we're looking for more chances to embarrass some of them if we can okay, so thirty seconds turned your partner and see what could you do to make shauna story go to the next level? Go online anything we're hearing absolutely flower says she could have used less of a monotone and some or expression okay, yeah would have been helpful alright full moon is saying is perhaps simplify the story of more pauses and more modulation exactly saw the beginning you had them you've got the whole idea it's match day when you were gonna like and then you said the same thing again and then you sort of lose heidi and cali girl both agree there was a number of weak words that we're just kind of filler, but which I realize is ironic, as I say, it was just kind of filler. Ultimately, the audiences judge every situation, okay, let's, hear from you guys, what's one thing, guys that you think would make shawn a strong better? Well, I think one of the things we're experiencing is telling a story in a minute, and, um, I think we have a purpose of pausing all of us that I think you're seeing that are pauses in her head are a lot shorter than what they are when we're up there. And so, um, as I washed, I think there were great stories separated by pauses, mohr impact so even longer pauses and that's not dead air that's the strongest part of your story because that's, when they're feeling what's on your face there, feeling your mirror neurons in your transitioning in your language, anything else from you guys that would make it stronger? All right, look, I want you to have this saw that you are the coach every thinks I'm making you better presenters today, it's not actually what we're doing, I'm teaching you how to be a public speaking coach and your number one client is yourself if you keep applying the tools to yourself, I watch, get myself feedback. With a partner I give myself feedback and now I know all the things that are working that I can build on as well as the things that I can do that holding us back someone who I suspect named themselves this just so that I would have to say it is the wiz e says uh clip it less words more drama the difficulty of firing someone and then wrecking recommending someone and they can either succeed or fail that's where the drama wass uh and so focusing on that really hitting that and what was the high point for me it was batch day and you could just step pull and say it was batch day and batch day we'll be curious because alligators I don't know what that means and you pull into what match day is hard and then a little bit of history and their seattle and so forth and then finally the best part for me I was making this decision boom embarrass brian and every time we do a show it's fun for me too but all right let's roll jennifer first time I lost jim I got gloves on hand wraps on all ready to do the punches I couldn't even hit the path I know I am formation so greedy classes the owner of the gym over and he's like just practicing smooth just actually just not there practicing, punching speed back over and over and over a woman frustrated thinking I was the only person who would not be ableto punch anything but within three months I was able to step in the ring and participate in flooring which was a really awesome moment for me to start it here where I can't even hit anything to be actually actually we were just waiting with all the other students all right? What'd she do well anyways she stepped back and forth so she used the space we know where the speed bag is. We know where the gym is. We know where she started. Good she's boxing. Yeah. Yeah. And everything made sense between hitting the pad to speed bag too so forth. Good. What could make it even stronger? Sometimes she mumbled and looked down and to me that took away from now I also want to think about the camera. The camera is another member of your audience that you lock out. We're gonna learn more about eye contact tomorrow, but just like if this camera's hot or this one that can look in and it creates a different impact for everybody online if you agree or this one you follow the red line harford's roberto so every once in a while you can zoom in and I watched the tv show the office office every once a while, what do they d'oh they break character and look into the camera. No tv show ever acknowledges the camera they do so in the middle of scene let's say that's the camera, the middle of scene there'd be like it's still it's only show I've seen that does it, but you want to think of the cameras a member of your audience to instead of looking down kind of looking up that will help the last ones find a knockout blow at the end so your your breakthrough was that you've got to spar after three months make it more personal make a moment what was the moment when you got to hit joe in the in the left hook so hard that he actually said it hurt or something that set up the story's always about setting something up for later let's watch rakesh as I regained consciousness, I realized that I had crashed on crashed my plane into the rockies in the dark in a snow star. I lived to my right side to check if my three year or son was my sole co passenger on the plane with me was he there was and I found the sea empty and the first thought that ran through my head wass my wife's gonna kill me I heard some cries outside try getting off the aircraft to go get my son realized my leg was jamming the rather better later on I found out that I had broken my body three great basis my ankle my spine and my neck so far managed to crawl outside located my son I asked him how is he if he was hurting anywhere it turned out america was that he was completely fine the same craft get broken in three places it was completely fried fine but the second danger I just I don't like the second danger that that my dear survived across the night off hypothermia because sub zero people both wearing t shirts and sharks I managed to put my son into the baggage compartment off the aircraft I covered wrapped up myself with tarpaulin which was used to come with the aircraft and its part and I kept sending distress messages they found us eight hours after six a m then there was light because they couldn't do any search and rescue to give a snowstorm in the darkness and out they brought in two helicopters they reached my son off myself out my marriage survived I'm completely fine sinus completely fine and be still all right obviously so many wonderful things about the story in his delivery of it but I want you to understand what made them let's make it was actually look like mountains didn't it was just something that what was great about it not just a story but the way he did it I was going to say that a very compelling story I think was one of the strongest one from strongest points to you know think description of those the snow storm and where he was stuck in the plane all of that really thinks that you're there with him and so characters are not just people characters can also be what places brands companies, teams, families they can also be careful he may feel alive what was happy in the plane where we were, what part of the plane he was in what he was using so the character of the scene came alive for us very well done now when you woke up from the crash were you standing or sitting? I was strapped in the seat so where should you be on the stage when you tell that sitting so even if it's down like this so I woke up and I was like this and crazy as it sounds the first thought that came to my head was my wife's gonna kill me then you get up and tell the story you acted out would you go to that extreme in real life let's see what happens when you did something nice at the end it's called me putting a bow on it at the end of the bowl at the end of the story what he tie back to what what survived his marriage said not only was my son whose names they might remember son's name all characters need a name, so you want to introduce the name so we can hold the character at the end? Not only what is his name that's kind of john this purpose. So for a purpose. So, john, not only did john survive and I thank goodness, but even more important, my marriage survived. So it's called a boat because you take concept, you start with my wife's gonna kill me for mayor survives and you put it, pull it back in draws like a red threat. You decide whether you want to try that or not, but for purposes of practice go outside. Your bond is outside your box and to see how it feels john reigns. But this is back in the day when we didn't have cell phones have caller id, so you sort of had to answer the phone to figure out what was going on. So I go out to better come veteran with phone as answer the phone and it spread. Craig is tall australian who is basically set out to be the world's biggest jerk. I think he's just giving me grief because the guy's supposed be on an airplane to france. However, he has discovered a buck. This is a guy who was so dedicated that walk is on vacation, flying to france from the bay area he has decided that he's gonna read his own code confined so he calls me on the phone we said they're tying to figure out what the bug is solved bob and save the company money get a lot of things. Well, what was he was working well, the way he moved around the way he used gestures the way that he created this story from beginning to end if I rant in the street a week from now so what do you remember from jack's story? What would you remember online let's hear some of the same things? What would you remember the phone call here? The phone call very descriptive of old phone you had to answer it very good. Ten million dollars ten million I thought he described craig very well how he was, you know, kind of a jerky guy and he would call him in the middle of the night and now it's okay that you who are you allowed to make fun off when you're speaking you're still yourself in your own group you can make fun of anybody else's long as they end up looking good in the end like men comptel jokes that make fundament dutch people could make fun of dutch people catholics and make fun of catholics you men cannot make jokes that put women down unless the punch line of a joke is women are smarter than men so it's okay just paid a character as long as at the end he looks smart so you always want to be really careful about that. All right, so what could make that one stronger? What could make jack story even stronger next time? Probably edited a little bed and use more his stone of voice good and be very clipped with your scenes. So if this is the phone scene and then this scene and then this and then a little bit more on the reveal and the final thing it didn't say this ten bucks I didn't even say this ten thousand it actually board of directors so happy save us ten million dollars and then you take a little bit of the threat what's the red thread through the whole story what's the feet what are some of the themes the people being obnoxious calling you in the middle of the night, which is he was bugging you all right? So what's the new red threat that it was worth it bug bugging me again I mean he's supposed vicky she's calling in the middle nice guys always bugging me the whole thing. The problem is that's what craig's life is he's always looking for bugs he does the code and he can't even sit you find the bug well, it turns out that particular bug saved us not ten dollars not ten thousand saved us ten million dollars so for the rest of the history of our company craig is our favorite bug book you take a concept that your own and you weave it in and out you decide what's where uh again a suggestion from busy busy and this can ties into your making people look good after you've kind of made fun of them uh says you know he didn't want to talk to him he's a jerk but you've gotta love a jerk who can save help you save ten million dollars very good nice job is he was it's a nice transition could all right here's what we're gonna do the rest of the jokes we may not have time for round two on camera you could do a little practice off camera but for those going home every time you do it you're gonna get more and more practice try something different you don't get it all at once in life but you get a little bit to the time try new things each time you're saying oh that works in real life and I get emails from you guys all the time and those of you online go to my twitter feed if you go to own room dot com you confined our facebook page you contend this e mails I get emails from you guys all the time it's always the same e mail bill I had this big presentation coming up and not just all the techniques I learned from you guys but I have my own idea of something I should try I decided well should I go for it or not go for it's a little risky should I do it not do it really life business is this gonna work? I decided to just go for it and it works so well I got such amazing feedback I was so happy it's always the same e mail the problem is I've become addicted to getting these e mails and I need more what's the lesson trust your instincts and act on them faster the best ideas you get aren't going to come from any trainer any book any seminar is going to come from inside of you now we've been going for a little bit while I want you to stretch your arms stretch your arms such body now raise your hands as high as you can raise your hands as high as you can now raise them three centimeters higher wait a minute I said as high as you can the first time and everybody found an extra three centimeters where'd the and I learned that from my friend cory booker and cheryl sandberg didn't invent that but where the extra three centimeters come from where'd it come from the whole body the whole body why did you raise your hands an extra three centimeters. Why did you do that? Way? Didn't start at one hundred percent. Good. But then why did you do it? You all raise next three centimeters. Even the crew. Why did you do it? You said you raised it. Actually, senator is just because I asked you to. And this is the power of leadership in communication. It's not just these brilliant statements or questions. We all accidentally sneak one of those in once in a while. It's the power of simple questions. You stretched every point today because I roberto in the whole crew. Russ and john asked you to, but after today you have to be the one who asks of yourself. All right, my pitch is good. What's one thing that could make it a little bit better. My meetings are good, but what kind of make it a little bit different and it might be a proper might be an idea. It might be a scene, but the best ideas come from within you. But they don't come out unless you ask for them and then you can ask them of your teams. This is great, but what can we do to make this one just a little bit different and in real life will build all the ideas always work in real life. Ten percent of the time in real life your idea is gonna be gold coming out of the box like whoa, where did that come from? That was magic once in a while you get the other extreme you try something completely bowled and itjust tanks justin work at least you had the courage to try most of the time in real life what's gonna happen it's gonna be pretty good but not perfect and then you tweak it a little bit and you tweak it a little bit and now it's gold you could do that same thing anytime you want but still about the same thing taking the chance communication is about leadership and leadership is always about courage we're going to our last jokes who hasn't done their job can't raise your hands and who wants to go first? Richard so my wife and I were driving here this morning and it's kind of standard but while we're driving I'm in the passenger seat so I can do some work and she likes to knit while she drives and so we're driving along and I'm doing some work and I look up and I see there's a police officer who's driving right alongside us and he's shouting something and we have no idea what this police officer is shouting after my wife say what's he saying she says I don't know he rolls down the window and we hear him saying, pull over, pull over and my wife says no, neither socks, nothing like a good knitting joke to get the audience going all right, but you did a lot of things. Well, let's give him two modulation change. He became the different characters. What else? Oh, I was gonna say that the same thing he was a policeman and you shouted like a policeman. It sounded just like and even the rolling down the window. Yeah, I have a very girl excellent looking at somebody mentioned the fact that you personalized it and made it as though it were you that was in the story and not like there was a guy and his wife driving and they yeah, he makes me feel like I already really meant it. Like maybe this really happened. Very good. Who wants to go next? Let me just say as an emergency physician, do not it while you're driving attention, not try this at home. Thank you. Next thing you know, gina, just move this. So a computer programmer is crossing the street and there's a frog in the middle of the road and the frog says, hey, I'm a princess if you kiss me, I'll turn into a beautiful princess so he bends down, he gets the frog kind of smiles at it puts it in his pocket and he keeps walking and the frog calls out again hey I'm a princess if you kiss me I'll be here I'll be your princess for one whole week I'll stay with you he smiles at the frog and puts it back in his pocket and he keeps walking and after a while the frog calls out again and says I swear I am a princess if you kiss me I promise I will stay with you forever and the computer programmer looks at the frog understand this I'm a computer programmer I don't have a lot of time I don't have time for a girlfriend but a talking frog that's pretty cool thank you think well let's give her a couple I like the whole walking around and carrying the frog and yeah that was nice I could even picture the frog yes good different whistles blew a tiara and everything you thought you could use the stage could use a hand gestures couple people sharing that you loathe okay I'm gonna try this um imagine at my husband okay never mind that one in million ok we have the husband the phone rings and he goes and picks it up he says hello what are you talking about? How do I know I don't know like a weird man to you and he's just slams the phone and then he gets into bed with his wife his wife honey, who was that? I don't know this guy I just go I wanted to know what the cause was clear thehe rest ofyou all explain when you're a little bit older okay? She had a lot of things well let's give her two and then brian's going to a joke after gary she made a noise against the chair when she said he slammed it bone she's left and it's a really good characters like you could tell what's going on excellent all right gary so a man was walking on the beach he was walking along the beach and he found the bottle and so he opened the bottle and a junior came out and the genie said thank you for your kindness I will grant you one wish and the man says well I wanna um can you build me a road toe hawaii I'm afraid of ships and I'm afraid of planes so can you build me a road please? The junie says that's that's really tough I can't do that can you think of something else? The man says well, the other thing that I've been thinking about is I want to understand woman I want to know what makes them tick and the genie thanks for a few minutes do you want two lanes or do you want four lanes things well from a technical standpoint, what did he do that worked and what didn't work the prop the problem we have props all raja just look around you'll spot something and he had the courage to use it and make it come to life made a completely more powerful and richer fantastic jeannie crossing arms with super almost picture with the turban the whole thing excellent. Okay real said their joke all right, brian, come on yes uh so two guys are walking down the street and a mugger comes up to them and says give me all your money and they start pulling out their wallets and one of the guys turns the other guy and goes here is that twenty dollars? Are you all right? Jokes have fun but the timing matters the words matter in the first time tell joke if a little bit off didn't quite get the response and you just practice and then you hit the right point once you've got it you put in your pocket you've got it for life. All of these tools were learning here you don't own them, you're just renting them you own them when you apply them in real life two or three times each voice modulation do it a bunch of times and you got it for life movement telling jokes, telling stories everything you've learned and this is why the download is really such a good plus nobody can absorb all these things and this topic is so inexhaustible nobody can master it period I world speech once for a president clinton that he looked at and read to the camera about teddy roosevelt like he wrote, it is a masterful communicator, but nobody was born doing the keynote speech speech were always getting better. So as you're mastering each of these things, the more you apply them in real life, the more you have just have them and it gets easy. So part of our challenge now is going to be how do we take this? Keep going. The number one tip is feedback keep practicing demanding feedback. We made it safe. One of the books made that point at the break. We've made it safer for each other all day to get braver and braver and stronger and stronger, even with our wonderful online community. But outside of this, when you go out of the box, people aren't going to make it safe. You're gonna walk into a room of people you don't know. They're not rooting for you subconsciously, even if consciously, we are so you have to give yourself permission to be great, and as soon as you do, the audience will adjust to you very quickly.

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Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)