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What made you improve so much once you understand what caused those things so that you can make them happen on command practice practice what else going through the uh uncomfortable face but if you don't feel uncomfortable you're generally not climbing things are easy are you going up the mountain down we're all afraid of this other comfort selling out of breath stumbling looking like we're gonna make mistakes but that really means you're moving up not always what else made it possible for everybody doing proof we're all in it together we all learned and grew together what made it possible uh having a master teacher you're very kind but it's not just the techniques it's not just a teacher what is it gina well I was going to say us all being positive and supporting each other within positive feedbacks to help us improve that's jack just had lunch we've got this great question okay after three days then what what we do to keep improving the number one thing you can do to keep improving i...

ts which thing that we learned feedback feedback here's the big bridge we talked about you're on this side of the river and where you just handed was another side of the river but there's another river in front of you and there's bridge is broken in the middle so you get to that feedback if you jump over you're gonna never stop going never stop improving in its feedback keep practicing feedback so everybody's homework I want you ask feedback in the next forty eight hours four times from somebody what was good about that? Just help me I don't care if you do it well I don't care how long it takes just do it when you do it four times it starts to become a new norm we'll talk about the four steps of cognitive learning in the second but you've got to cross the bridge. There is no way to do it without that little bit of courage you can make it easier by telling everybody it's a bridge guys, I was on this thing called creative live and I worked on a bunch of things but I need your help so I can keep going so I don't fall back into the same habits so after every pitcher meeting I'm just gonna grab you if you don't mind for one minute I ask you to simple questions and you do it so now they're on your side but you still have to do it most people don't and when you stop asking for feedback, you plateau. So if ten is the best, most people are afore after you go through this, so I just moved to a five I just moved to a six if you stop asking feedback, you'll stay a six you won't backslide too much, you'll stay but you're not gonna grow it's all about being relentless and reckless keep asking what kind do better and building on the strengths if you start beating yourself up it's not gonna work we talked about you guys are more city slickers and country bumpkins like me raise your hand if you've ever wrote a rowboat type in the word role he ever wrote a rowboat if you roll with one or not the elder where do you go circles circles you run faster still searching so all you do is beat yourself up tough I hate how we looking camera hate this I hate this being tough on yourself is part of what made you greats part of what's got you to where you are but ain't gonna get you where you want to go if all you do is tough on yourself you gotta go in circles trust me I coach people of the office of problem all they do is everything great in everybody else's fault sometimes the people who are high net worth or famous like work with my kids you work my teen jake work they're not everything's arabella this fall and they don't beat themselves up enough to move the bolt forward what do you have to do you have to balance could be your toughest critic but you also have to then be your best cheerleader I really am doing a good job I really am learning I really am making a difference and I can do more I really did accomplish a lot I really am helping my family I really am growing and I could do more as that balance that moves everything forward whenever you feel like you're moving in circles on anything ah project a relationship a career just ask yourself which horse not moving what's all the balance here and sometimes it will help you to think through what's out of whack got twenty minutes left so we're going to need a little time at the end for an extra long wrap up extra long pitch and sell how we keep growing we want everybody to have this feeling and I take it those of us who are watching how do I how do I help me now? Okay these guys were great but what about me? What about my needs bill how do I get better and we hope we got you fired up but let's give the steps let's give you the rail to go up the mountain working you sign up for in person courses on the room you purchased this wait billy is saying you're just trying to help these guys sell downloads right exactly because I'm doing you a favor if you get the download there is no more greater investment than yourself and the world won't make it on ly you could be ruthless enough to make it everybody think of a company that you wish you bought their stock the first day there I feel everybody think of one you wish I really do it type online I wish I'd bought stock in this company what was I feel I'd break out one of their heads give me one good go google disney, disney, apple, priceline, apple, lululemon google we'll see some coming in online today you are the great the brand and this is your I p o all the times I wish I wish I had learned these things years ago well start yes yesterday years go by fast guys remember ten years ago remember your fifteen twenty it goes by fast so whatever you want to get good at but it remounted you wanna climb whatever you want to learn to master just do it but put it on your schedule put it on your calendar you can have it all but you can't have it all at once I want to become a great speaker great take all the classes books you can do it the next few months you'll be a great level then pick something else I'm a big fan of scratch the itch is until they don't anymore the most successful and the most happy people are the ones that trust their instincts but they act on them good or bad they just try it you want to learn how to knit take a knitting class on saturday you did it for one hour okay I don't want to anymore that was fun good done check the box keep going you want to do more, you keep going most people don't act under instincts they don't trust their own instincts why not it's almost like people drive with their foot on the brake I'm afraid I might hit the curb what happens if I take the foot off the brake? You hit some curbs raise your hand if you like to dance to go down to once a while who's the best dancers in the crowd always like I'm pretty darn good if you go dancing and once in a while you step on somebody's toes what do you have to say? Sorry if you step on their toes is their life over no do they cancel the whole rest of the dance keep going what's the one hundred percent sure way to make sure you never step on toes I don't want to that's no dance most of you need to step on your toes because you're trying to hurt somebody say sorry if you do it but because you're dancing at a higher level take the brakes off we'll hit some curves hit some curbs the greatest leaders in history did they ever step on toes the greatest people you admire did they ever hit some curbs hit more let's get some comments from our online community photo love says we're really our own worst obstacle I know I need to get out of my own way goes back to your giving permission permission or giving yourself permission to be brilliant amara lewis saying start yesterday invest in yourself and it's just one step one step has been trademark did you guys get a hard on dream flora saying yes it's all about risk having faith in yourself so wells blocks us what of the other top roots? What stops us has all sounds good we all agree but what stops us we compare ourselves to everybody else well uh I'm I'm I'm not as good as that person my son gets his well I'm not the facts past this kid in my class this year and there's always gonna be somebody faster and somebody slower that's not the question a lot of times in life were asking we're answering the wrong question is it perfect if you look outside and look in the trees outside right here in san francisco if you look at the trees are they perfect? Gina said no so should we cut them all down? No, they're perfect in their imperfection it's the wrong question is a tree perfect what's the right way to evaluate a tree how would you evaluate a tree? Do you like it? Do you like it? Is it alive? Is it growing it's a very in fruit is it giving shade? Those are the right questions perfect it's the wrong question so you guys are you perfect? Yeah line are you saying yes there yes don't answer the wrong questions that life confuses you with are you perfect is the wrong question what's the right question for evaluating ourselves you were closer to trees that we are the math are we happy happy? Are we alive? We're growing are we burying fruit? We're making shade for others these are the right questions and as you're doing more of these things give you purcell permission to doom or it's not about comparing ourselves anybody else if you live on a cold a sack with three other houses and it's warren buffett, bill gates and ted turner and you only have one hundred million dollars can you call yourself poor no there's a theory of sixty thousand dollars and I heard this theory on the sociological survey couple service came out you know happiness plateaus right around sixty thousand dollars in income very good. So they tested well is there any correlation free money and happiness? Any correlation they found out there is they proved it scientifically people made twenty thousand dollars a year were they happier than people make ten people were thirty happier than twenty forty was happy to the thirty. They proved it all the way up to sixteen and stops goes flat fact that the upper levels people make one hundred sixty or five hundred sixty eight trips donald and comes back, but it never goes higher. What's your theory as to why online what your theory is too why sixty thousand would be the max and he guesses your basic human needs are covered at that point and the rest is just attitude bingo palace! Good kids got game after that once you've got enough to place to live close to where your kids go to school somewhere it's all about mohr better, bigger, I am uniquely qualified to give people counseling on money. I live for ten years on next to nothing. I closed my basketball a few thousand dollars a year was happy as a clam and then some accidental success in business like some of you, but the only thing of money gives you is more choices. It doesn't make you happier what happened makes you happy is climbing the mountain, helping other people, making a difference growing these are the things that make a difference, not what does that mean, bill? I should pass up the promotion. I shouldn't try to many more. Yeah, I'm trying to make more money and do good things with the money for your family, for a broken world that needs you, but not because you think it's gonna make you happy in a moment, we'll each share ah ha! Whatever you feel like a couple sentences on stage or sitting, you decide and get our final thoughts for online group as well as our final pitch to each other. Part of our job is to pitch you guys to go through what they did option one, you can purchase the course and just rewind it over and over the ascent, the determinant of your angle determines how fast you improve. If you say I'm just going to keep watching it over and over and over, you're not gonna automatically improve, but if you try a little bits of thing, you'll improve a little bit. If you become the complete nerd and say, I'm gonna do that exercise again and again and again, I'm gonna get a friend, we're gonna watch the tape, then you're gonna go way past us, but you determined which way you're gonna go. What'd you sign up for in person course, so many great companies and great trainers around there at the very end, roberto, who let's, give him a round of applause bythe.

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Get ready to find your authentic voice and communicate your greatest potential. Join CreativeLive instructor Bill Hoogterp for a three-day workshop that will transform you into a powerful, dynamic public speaker.

After decades of working as a public speaking coach, Bill has developed a clear, step-by-step system that will help you own the room each time you speak. You’ll learn about reading your audience and keeping them engaged. Bill will cover the importance of being memorable, the role of humor and audience involvement, and the keys to developing a strong opening and conclusion. You’ll practice applying your new skills in a wide variety of situations and build troubleshooting strategies to ensure that every speech will be a success.

The skills you learn in this course can be applied to elevator sales pitches, business presentations, motivational speeches and beyond. You’ll be prepared to speak clearly, confidently, and to a captivated audience in any situation.



Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

Ana Alexandre

WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)