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Involve the Audience

We start this morning about how to make the audience the star the audience never really cares about your agenda whose agenda they care about their own so when you make them to start get them involved in get them thinking, talking and sharing then they're open to your agenda so we're going to teach you to several techniques and how to get the audience involved first just a fun little quota ledbury read that figure it out for themselves I just think it's clever somebody did that I thought was good and let's talk about several techniques and how to get the audience involved you're going to learn all of these all of you and then you're gonna practice them you're going to run some team presentations here on stage and your job is not on ly gonna be how much you khun involved audience that sitting here when you're up here will have some seat fillers from the crew but you also have to involve all of our terrific colleagues online so you have a few minutes to prep and then you can see how many ...

of these techniques you can use in a few minutes in a small team so the first technique is called around the room everybody say around the room around the room I start most of my real life medians within around the room you just go around real quickly and everybody share a quick thought about that topic so give me any topic gets in the news right now what's in the news a lot these days anybody health care, health care all right, let's start with jack we're gonna do a quick around the room and I host jump into and everybody online when you think about health care what's the first thing that pops into your mind good, bad or ugly we're not judge and you can be anything but only a half sentence answer I don't want nothing more than a half sentence we could start with jack and very quickly what's the first thing that comes to your mind we think of healthcare we got the idea very expensive, very expensive, laurie no idea very well people be able to understand the new health your change is doctor, stop thinking about health care and start thinking about health good will come back to our host the second it's a result of the poor food industry corporations will take care of yourself now before you needed how come we're the only love nation not to have anywhere so health care, expensive insurance I'll say prevention I'll say, uh basically protection yeah helping people in times of need it seems to me it's run by the insurance companies interesting so folks online same thing people online are saying obama care people are saying money wasted uh that's why I got so when you're the leader, your job is to make it safe doesn't matter what they say, every option is valid and you pull them in now, why do I do that? I accomplished six things with that one technique by doing a quick around the room like that, what do I get out of that? What are the six things I get out of that if I'm running the meeting? Gary, you get people engaged good so filters are aware up or down, down, down, you can't answer the question with your filter up good, what else do what else to achieve where people starts are good so I'm getting data, I'm here in your thoughts, I get a sense of where your head is that on that subject number three you get data over each other's heads are we could have a thirty minute conversation of opinions or even in that short time you get a sense of where other people are, how long did it take to do a minute? Mohr but in that minute I'm getting a lot of things done. What else? Number four, I get a break, so unions in my union contract, I get thes thirty second breaks, so while you're answering, I'm listening to you, but what else can I do in that time? Figure out what you're gonna say and I can't think of my next piece I can take a drink you can set things up when you're one step ahead of the audience life is princesses and rainbow it's all easy and very relaxed when you're a step behind the audience okay, I forgot what am I going to do right now? You feel like you got hit by the bus even though it's one step difference it's a big comfort level change so you're always getting these little micro breaks that give yourself time to think and plan ahead, but the most important reason you're achieving is emotional engagement in the subject raise your hand if you play a team sport ever as a child let's say we were all a soccer team football team and you never touched the ball the whole game ever how emotionally involved you feel in the game? Not very much and my theory is until you touched the ball you're not really in the game once you touch the ball, the game is alive it's interesting everything is israel it's the same way with mediums and presentations until you say a word in the meeting everybody the audience is not actually in the meeting psychologically emotionally, if it's a poker game they didn't put any money in, but soon as each of you had your two seconds to be the star you're focused emotionally on the topic and that lifts up the engagement of the whole first third of the meeting to accomplishing a lot of different things in that one minute now why did I limited to a half sentence why would I have a time limit it all so that people don't last very good so people they're going to get carried away so if I don't engage you and put a limit on I will wipe out the energy the meeting if jackson's normal brilliant two billion self and he goes on for a minute or two I didn't tell him not to then everybody follows and all of a sudden you've wiped out the meeting instead of building energy you've lost energy time limits make all of these techniques work without time limits they don't work how could you justice to any size group let's say you're in front of a thousand people at a conference a hundred tables ten people the table do you have time to do this no sure you could how would you do it around the room if you have a thousand people one hundred tables ten people at a table pick one from each table that's one what's another way to do it do it with each other bingo well spoken young paddle wan so you just say okay I'm gonna go around the table half sentence gnome or start with whoever feels the spirit just quickly around the table and it takes about the same time, and all the tables are doing it simultaneously. It doesn't matter if nine hundred people hear me give my answer or nine or one if another human being here's me give my opinion on the subject. I'm emotionally involved in subject. Everybody got the idea. You're gonna be using all these techniques multiple times in the next hour. So okay, I get the idea of an around the room. Everybody goes around and gives the subject. Gina. What if they're not in tables? It's just like a large audience? Good question. So you could make them groups say, form a group of four or form a group of five or three. I like to mix up the numbers that leads into one of our next techniques. The second technique is a body pole, it's. Just a term that we made up it on the room and a pole. A body pole is different than a pole. A pole is a binary question. Raise your hand if you've ever been outside the united states it's a poll, you only have two possible choice and you only have to think this much to answer the question, show me with your fingers how many different countries you've been to goa? Got the jazz hands going over here. I don't know why jazz hands always gets a laugh. But any time you say jazz hands everything's it's funny. So the more a body pole has a different range. So who's got a second hand on their watch anybody shine onto you time how long this takes to do? Are you ready? Would like everybody to show me and folks online do the same thing. Show me with your thumb and report your thumbs out. Where do you think the economy is going? In the united states? Five years from today, I think is going to go up a little down a little up a lot down lot. Go now. Freeze! Who's! The most optimistic about the economy in the room. Maybe russ or richard, who is the most worried about the economy in the room. Wait. What do you do for a living again? Could be in trouble. Freeze! How long did that take to dio? Thirty seconds. So in that thirty seconds, what did I achieve? Why would I do that? As a facilitator? Is a speaker everybody's physically and emotionally engaged. Very goods the same six things. Filters go down, you're engaged I get data, you get data, you're emotionally reconnected to each other and I get a break they get a chance to riff. Now when you get data from the body pole you have to react to the data there's lots of ways to react. But if I were to say, show me how effective you think obama care has banned then I turned my back and go on to the next section everybody would be like what's the point why do we do that? You have to react. Think of the data is clay you take the clay and build something with the clay you can make a joke or let some in the audience make ajoke most of the half the humor you will ever have in a presentation will come from the audience because you create conditions for it to happen. We work with a lot of smart alex, let them be clever. They want to be clever, so just create conditions and then have fun with it. You can make serious comments. You can look for averages. So show me with your fingers zero to ten how excited you are for the weekend ten means this is gonna be the best weekend ever zero means I'm dreading the weekend all right, what would you say is the average of the group good, I could figure out the average as quickly as I could ask the question, but why would I ask the question of the group? Don't give them engage very good so you're synthesizing the synthesizing of the synthesizing, engaging everything's about bring it together, you can deal without liars say, who is the highest? Who was the lowest? Why'd you say the highest why'd you say the lowest but it's all about taking that data and making something out of the clay and then building a bridge from that into your next section. So a body pole definition is a poll that you asked the audience where they use parts of their body to give an answer. Carrie question so body pulls can be very simply, you can use these in business all the time. Zero to ten how worried are you about this client? The client all upset about something guys real quick zero to ten ten means we're gonna lose them zero means they're fine, you could have a twenty minute discussion or you could get largely the same data in seconds. They could be very simple. So with the thumb are things getting better or worse or they could be wildly creative as you are about to find out when I say go, you're going to pick a partner and online I want to hear some of their ideas as well I'm gonna pick a partner you can have one minute to create a body pole the world has never seen before and you're gonna execute the body pole right here, right now you're gonna come up one at a time on stage and you're going to do your body pole and we will all participate including the folks online you have to find a way for them to participate. I'll give you a couple of examples, but I won't give you too many because every example I give you is now off the table so one from one of the previous classes was show me how much you like soccer in fact, women soccer are you a fan of women's soccer? Show me with your foot so it's easier to show you than to tell you everybody stand up on the count of three you're gonna show me with your right foot how much you like women's? Soccer this means all best sport ever this beans were sport ever this means I could care less ready go we got a few people were fans nobody hates it or at least not willing to say it some people have balance issues, okay, good, so now why would I use the foot? Because it has something to do with the question ready second example when I say go and I want the host to join in as well I want you to show me with your body language one of your favorite things to do when you're on vacation when you're on holidays what you like to do for fun and if you see somebody has the same activity is you I want you to walk closer together so you're gonna show me with your body language what's one of your favorite things to do on vacation and if you see somebody a similar walk together everybody understand one, two, three begin okay let's look around to see what we've got keep going so russ is passed out drunk more taking sleeping I think he's taking that shot uh eating uh zen tanning this's biking I thought I was boxing again from yesterday and diamonds starting very good and the readers sleepers, the readers and the sleepers. Okay, good. Now, how long did it take to do and what I get out of it? Same six things we'll just go down, everybody gets to be the star we looked at each other, we're engaged. We're learning a lot about whatever the topic whether it's a silly topic or a serious topic it's the same technique so and why have you moved together if you had someone similar great connection between us exactly begin to use the space what body pulls did we do yesterday in the class way did thumb waded value speed, speed we picked our teams by birthday have people line up my birthday people that's always different people all of their birth so we have the same. The bigger the group, the more likely you are to have two people in the same birthday to create all these little connections that is it silly. Yes. Okay, but sometimes I get a bill. I'm serious business person I understand these are fun techniques, but come on, can you do these in real life? Think about serious business is the bricks that you use in any industry to make a presentation. But if you just have a whole bunch of bricks can you make a bridge? No, the bricks will fall one of the bricks need to link them morning mortar so the mortar is the silly little things he's clever, interesting things you don't take a lot of time but they make everything else. I work a lot better even even stuff content it's a lot more serious. A lot more a lot more thoughtful so I could give you more examples but every example I give you is off the table everybody understand the task so you're going to with a teammate come up with a question you ask us can be professional personal or silly, I don't care. We're just practicing the technique so it could be work related. It can be something in the news vacation, celebrity, whether anything but you're gonna ask us the question, tell us what body parts we used to answer the question you get bonus points. It's not easy to do. If you can figure out a way to involve our online group, for example, you could tell them to type in a number type in a word type in anything you want. Everyone understand that the challenge we're gonna talk with our online folks while you're doing that, you have one minute begin thoughts and questions from our friends online. Absolutely we're gonna have people jump in and start sharing their own suggestions or thoughts for now, let's. See, I think we're gonna get online think of your own body pole, invent a body pole, and we'll rush, and john will call a couple of well, actually do it for you. So you could the first words out of a good body, pull our show me with your so if you say, show me with your fingers, or show me with your elbow or show me with your nose or your face, and then what do you want us to do and we'll see how it works, absolutely. It's interesting because noodle on it who was with us yesterday is saying that she was a bit nervous in following some of the examples of you using just doing it on her own in her own home but I encourage everybody it doesn't matter the order you don't know who you're with everybody conjoined in these exercise and if you feel silly at home that's not the goal that's just a bonus for the universe and for the rest of us so first couple times it is ridiculous and then it just works that's actually a funny kind of way observation that I had which was that as I was doing that you know, sleeping here and interacting that way when I thought about it in intellectually it was very silly and it was why am I doing this? This is ridiculous and then but I did it and I was engaged in it and it was interesting and so it's one of things where when you ask someone to do something even though they might I think it's ridiculous it's still has the effect of that you wanted to have even if they're opposed to it at the start just being interactive and being engaged really changes people and makes them like the football coach who says our our offensive play so it's like nova cain they know it's coming but it's still gonna work right souls a cylon is saying show me with your eyebrows how happy or upset you are with the fact that winter is coming good that's a good one or show me with your body what type of sport you enjoy that's from p waterbury very good david barnes show me how lucky you are by crossing your fingers or legs or arms I like that I don't like that too so when you guys to pick a couple that you're gonna have the whole group do live and all right show me with your fingers how many minutes you need to get ready you ready? You're ready you're ready all right everybody have a seat who wants to go first and then it come up on this okay guys and after each one you have the choice to demand feedback so after the body pole is done you could say ok what was good about her body pole what could make even better and instead of just teaching you all the technique up front will back load and give you some tips as we go all right I want to hear from the audience your impression of creative life okay and we're gonna do with chicken dance so we gonna tweet it to the world you're happy about it hands above your head tweeting all right it's going in circles not sure were reserved for booty dance this is going to the ground all right so what do you think yeah. Everybody's tweeting. All right, unanimous tweet to the world, your creative live above a bar book book book back there. What could we have done better? Uh, what's the first question what did we do? Well, doing a funny yeah, I like the social media aspect and you acted it out. So if you were to say, you know, jump up and down if you like this but you don't jump over now we're not going to but the fact that you guys did just made it so easy for us to follow on the on the other side noodle on it does says that was a pretty corporate booty dance d m rs zero is saying booty dance was really awesome he's going both ways of saving the day I'm having a booty dance way are the two guys wearing jackets? Yeah, what's one thing that could make it better I think you held the tweet part up for a while and we all ended up doing that part with you before you went through the different choices gotcha. And generally, if you ask a question, everybody has the same answer. It's you want to change the question up next time, so if you do this one against a well, rachel, and if you want to make more money it's not that interesting of a question every is going to give you the same answer so if you come up with something, make it safe for somebody to give the other answer you know, say so far there's different ways to do it second you wanna create a trigger so you were ready for them all to participate but they don't know unless you create the trigger right trigger could be on the count of three until I say three or it could be when I come down to one or when I say go so you create the trigger and hold it back when I say go, you're gonna stand up not till I say go now you know what the trigger is and don't be afraid don't always make the audience stand because it creates energy embrace stand up ready go and then they know when to begin good job team one let's do one more and then we'll do a couple from the online community then we'll do a couple more okay, so everybody stand up so we're gonna try toe tryto figure out what your favorite beverages so the three options are coffee water okay on the count of three you guys were gonna do the action of your favorite beverage one too three yeah, all right, great and you are what's this I was picking fruit so well I'm not wine but my wife likes wine so any what positive feedback do we have for you? Three I like the three different levels because it's it's always your hands that might be hard to see in a large crowd but if you had the different levels than that helps you determine how many people you have it's more invisible very visible the way you acted it out I like to question just generally because you everybody has an answer everybody has beverages they like this and there's nobody who couldn't participate fully in the question from your internet audience with internet and always still coming coming of the lost souls well I'm sure we'll get some thing and one thing you did is I will often throw you a curve I'll give you an answer that wasn't one of your answers just to see how you handle it and you handle it very well some people like first really wait a minute you're not doing what you're supposed to do and then they really but you're doing my job for me you're getting everybody to think about the question of beverages so when someone does something outside your range that's a plus and you just call them well what's going on over here and it's an opportunity for humor for engagement because your whole goal the body pole is to get people to think about beverages so no matter what they say it's okay validate and use it wherever you want it to go on a second question, uh, what we what can we have three things that we could have done better? I think in the same thing that it was difficult for us. We didn't summarize, and we were interested in the question, but then summarising it. And then, as you said, riffing off of that, I think is something that, uh, that could be improved upon and that's where you could step in and just see what you notice you could begin to use the stage. I see some people did this. Some people did this there's a kind of a pattern. Are you surprised or not surprised, but play with the clay, build something out of it. Good, I by the end of the directions, I couldn't remember what the first one wass and so I couldn't remember the actions. They were fairly complicated. Now by the end, when you just give the instruction to mind your favorite beverage that I was like, okay, fine, I'll just do I'm opening a soda, but, uh, if you wanted it to actually be a three part choice, it would have, I think, needed to be a little bit clear exactly what people do. But in addition to that people waterbury and noodle on it are both said in the chat room that they like the fact that you split up who did the actions and who gave the directions and maybe use even more sound effects what's the sound effect for opening the soldier very good so anything that engages more senses and more movement more range will work good job team too all right let's have a let's have a couple of body poles created online russ and john can lead them well the first one I like because it's something I don't like myself came from three eighteen media on they're suggesting and their poll is it's just a one choice but show me with your face what you think of the taste of black licorice all right let's do it live go ahead show meant black licorice long people like it I don't think gina likes it good and what they did well who is that? That was a three eighteen media so eighteen media was really good about he starts with words show me with your there's no weak language so all body pole start with show me with your elbow show me with your face show me with your ex body language so very well done so this is kind of using a traditional motion but alan ater says show me with your smile how much do you like politics you can use emoticons online uh that's what I really like that's clever so let's do to show me with your smile or emoticons how much do you like politics ready go I was trying to make a little bit of both tonight my mouth wasn't co operated by the way politics comes from the word polity which means people working together it's a good word we've made it not a good word sometimes with our own behaviour but in theory it's a good word are this to a couple more and then a couple more online who wants to go next after that? Very well let's stand up now we're going to remember a little best close your eyes think about the happiest moment you ever you have it in your head okay open your eyes with just your body shows how happy you were jaws jewels that happiness go on, you have it okay, tell us then were you in front of an audience or were you a part of an audience? So it all happened so yeah, he was happy clapping okay and demand feedback please say it. Tell us anything good with it so I really like the closing the eye part it really makes you imagine that scene yeah, that was very powerful, very advanced adam noted that you used yesterday's pausing quiet and then die from spike so she thought that was great that's true, I think I like that you made a stand up. It increases the energy in the room and a happy memory is automatically a positive five in the whole room way always get comments about your enthusiasm, lori another one there from three eighteen media saying I really liked her enthusiasm even getting all day yesterday as well. All right, so we've built up their egos enough let's bring him crashing back to earth. What's the second question you ask uh, what could we have done better for this exercise? You made me work. You made me think e like that part, though, incorporates sound because happy and you're like, but yeah, got it s o sounds could work and also you what you really want like for me, my happy memory was, well, it's getting married to maria and so I was using my ring it didn't lend itself to jump up and down. So one way you could do is to say, show me with your body language what were you were doing that made you so happy, which will be more visual? Yeah, be deal agreed needed more direction. It was a little too open and, uh and not enough direction and then, uh, full moon point out that only one person participated wait, don't leave anybody trapped behind enemy lines on stage give everybody a good meaty role so always give the audience sometimes the directions two or three times. Why? Because they're filters air off. They're thinking about things, and the last thing is usually you saved the media's part for the last, so you get everybody stand up first say, this is what you do and then leave the actual question why? Because once you release the question mentally they're gone, they can't hear anything else because they actually start thinking about the question you wanted them to pose. Great good job team, just so yesterday we talked a lot about why we were also involved in being like, on stage and in partners is that there was a safe space and that kind of I didn't feel like it was a safe space because we all got awkward and not comfortable in our own skin. So green that's, safe space. Very good, so very good. Good insight because you're getting really good. All right? Last team. Okay, uh, gina's from socal, I'm from north cal, so we'd like to get a pole here if you're from narco or if you're from seoul cow yeah, so if you're nor cow, we're gonna do some stare typical pride is hippies in the city and if you're in from sow cow and you surfing in the beach in the sun we want the aloha sign so let's see everyone's nor cal or so cal pride and if you guys can stand up and find find your part of california let's see let's have let's have so cal over here and nor cow hippies in the city over here I think I win thank you guys what what is that that's texas knows math of michigan with the upper peninsula way having outside all right and I'm a liar over here. Okay, okay everyone can have your seats. Thank you. Do we have any positive feedback between the two of you? Oh, my life and you're getting really good with your subtle movements every time you shift yourself you stiffed your position very good and I think the energy of the hand gestures was very strong. Anything else I'm asking online anybody have any feedback positive for for this team so you wasn't so the question was whether you're from or whether you like it north callous whether you like what you like okay? Because you heard too. So where you from and then which one do you like? So you mixed them a little bit I think I'm confused people online actually as well because they're saying what about internationals? Adam is asking that same people we're not from california I thought you meant where you from? And so I was a little bit hesitant. I mean, I live in the bay area, but I'm not from here. So it was a tricky one to answer. So I think people are saying, perhaps of a third option number of reactions to that. Okay, great that's good to know that gets into the improvement already. But one of the things a positive note p waterbury. They acted like they were enjoying it. You guys were having fun with the question and antonio star. You interacted with each other? Well, so you played off each other. Great. And so one thing, just to be clear in your mind, they're both good questions. Where you from? What do you like now? If you were doing again, which one would you use? Uh, I wanted to say I am from nor cow she's from silk out. So you want to know which one do you like? Very good. So you have to be double, triple clear. That way, everybody can participate, whether you've been here or not. And what people, if they've never been there. So which one do you think you would like? But you're always thinking about how do you keep groping everybody in so nobody feels left out? All right good job thank you one or two more online sure absolutely kind across every guest uh we do have the rainy day store I really like this one I'll be curious to hear your reaction to it uh hold up the item that is most important to you that you always carry with you let's all do it ready hold up their end of the most important to you that you were with okay so look around what do we got guys at a rosary or is it just I was going for some deep religious meaning way you've got some phones coffee and a pen y a pan richard what you you know you raise your wedding ring so you kind of outdid me but uh I sign a lot of things so very good to your word your commitment a wallet the wallet very important stuff good all right so what do we learn about body poles what's good about them engage people put the filters down they drop the filters it's very natural ice breaker is a very quick icebreaker I would say sixty pretending my real live big speeches I start with a body pole so let's say you're in front of two thousand people at a conference what percentage of them is already looking at a phone nineteen forty one ninety percent so if I say show me a zero to ten how much do you like public speaking? What happens everybody in the audience has to put both hands out zero to ten is better than zero five why just a cold hands and you can't use your phone we literally have to be all in and then everybody sees it and you can't really not participate so there are very great way to get people's attention and jump and then build a bridge so if you have a question a body pool related to your topic it's even stronger the bigger the audience, the better it works you could could you do this all the body pulls you just did cause you do them in a stadium of fifty thousand people absolutely so it's a very fast way to get everybody engaged everybody gets to be the star and given opinion have some fun and then you take that energy back where you want it to go so you're going to use all these techniques in a moment so we've done around the room a body pole and next one is called pair up we did those all day yesterday that's where you take the audience you put them in pairs give them a task and they share the results with each other and back with the same group so pair up is very simple it doesn't have to be too could be groups of three four five like to mix it up but two is the best number why put the audience into pairs. Why is to the best number of people demands interaction? Very good there's no option to not participate if you save form groups of five it's possible for me to be in the five and kind of mentally gone, but you can't do it if there's two everybody's listening or talking if they have a product, creates an energy and a result to show back true story of producer asked me, bill, I have a big speech in front two thousand people, I need a good opening. What should I do? So here's, what we came up with for him. So what do you want talk about, he said, we'll talk about movies and talk about the progression movies, okay, so everybody stand up and pick a new partner and face me hosts. I need you to stand up and you're partners with each other, it's best you or pretend you're standing thing all right, this one is going to be a gentle competition. I'm gonna give you a question, you turned to your partner and you answer the question assumes you've answered at you, then have to agree on an answer to a question, once you've agreed you sit down, we'll see who finishes first and who finishes last for those of you online, I want you to just give your answers. As quickly as you can so I'm gonna give you the question you in turn to your partner and you both answer the question then you have to agree on an answer the sewers you've agreed on the answer then you have a seat we'll see who finishes first who finishes last everybody understand now I gave the instructions two or three times why don't I give the instruction so many times before I give you the question they're a little complicated need every two understand each step once I released the question what will happen immediately start doing stuff they're gone you not going to get them back they're not gonna hear anything else and then you kind of half chaos there starting and you're still trying to talk to them okay you ready for your question a movie you've both seen in the last few years and you both liked the movie ready go terminator wait all right we'll get some questions some answers online on first the movie pass award goes to these two they're working too much they're not seen enough movies so we get you guys a couple free movie passes and let's say out loud so I think you guys finish first what was your movie I am man iron man any particular one one two or three first one that came to mind we want to sit down fast ok superhero answer uh terminator terminator same question one two or three you've seen all of them finding nemo, finding nemo, I have kids, I haven't seen a movie in eight years and he never cartoon character, so I can relate and you guys are still working on it way with skyfall eventually stifle that you could remember the name of the movie, but we both agreed we like the last james bond film and any online ones coming in. We have got avatar finding nemo, another finding nemo, dark knight fellowship, star trek I like the surfer movie that was the true story, very good, so no what's the technique peril it's actually the highest level of engagement you can ever have with any audiences a pair up, because if you do this with fifty thousand people or is the producer did with two thousand people, you have a thousand people talking, you can't have more than have to people talking with another human being actually listening to them, and you always give instructions two or three times, make it super clear and then executed when they're all done, you have to riff off the data people share what they are now. If you're in front of two thousand people, you can't have a thousand pairs share their answer, so you just do a quick, random sampling raise your hand if you want to share your answer. First person you call on doesn't matter second person should be the furthest from the first person so if the first hand I collins on the right who is the next one I want to call on left and then front or the back but you're constantly pulling and then there's always one or two more people who are dying to give their answer let them there doing your job for you just bring in more energy to the hoop and then you take that topic whatever you do with the pair up and build a bridge to your next topic herb, I understand these three big ones around the room body pole and pair up just to two little ones then you're gonna get a chance to practice and put them all together we talked about props yesterday what's a prop I used to build a scenario again a symbolic object very good toast can I use your pen for a second? So this is what I think and it's no longer an ink pen puts the magic dust on it for me that's the magic dust on it. All right, now we're gonna pass it around when it comes to you you're going to tell us what the object has transmuted into and move it the way that object moves you're gonna turn it into something else with your mind say it is now a blank tell us what it is and then move it the way that object moves and pass it to the next person everybody understand start with shauna reporter one very good three two one zero left up so rocket the butterfly butterfly hey, it's a cane cane good fly fishing nice, my dad'll like that one it's an elephants trunk way can we not about long, bob baseball that baseball bat all right, now, let's see if you remember when I point to the person everybody say out loud online as well see how many you can remember? So what was it for? Shauna? Harry potter's wand right, kane doing coke a lollypop we all remember all of them that's the power of props thank you very so just accents everything you're doing so you have props all around you small objects, even a pen could become a problem and last give jobs you were when you're the speaker, you're the general. The audience is your troops, they're all your captains and lieutenants put them to work when on the speaker I'm gonna put you to work when I'm in your audience you can put me to work with a couple rules about giving jobs what are some of the simple jobs that weaken given any meetings or presentation, what can you ask people to do that people often dio take notes take notes time keep time has something out past things out very simple when you give a task give thanks thanks is their pay so if you employ people you have to pay them or they get cranky when you give someone a task taken you right something's up on the board then afterwards hey thank you so much small task small thanks big task big thanks thanks for all the group leaders at the table ronde applause et cetera what other jobs can you give me props or will if you find a problem b a group leader form a group of five whoever's birthday is closest today you are the group leader boom! Now imagine your boss's boss's boss or the equivalent in your world is comes into the room and aaron presentation what job would you not give her or him? And then we'll talk about what you could give. What job would you not want to give them? Take note take note you get me a coffee, they might do it but it might be the last coffee over. What job would you give that person summarize? Very good. Any job that lets them be the star I remember doing a project with the white house and parade magazine where we honored fifteen young people were doing community service amazing stories around the country and the night before, we have a lot of families telling the stories and we had a senator joined us and he was on his blackberry, you know, hard working person we're just glad that he's there but a little distracting for the young people so I said, all right, let's keep going with the stories and at the end I'm gonna ask the senator which of these stories he thinks we should focus on the press release because he's a really good sense of where the country is, which one of these might resonate okay, shovel down a little bit thick, but what do you think he did with blackberry? You kind of put it away because I gave him a a job, a task, but one where he gets to be the star and when you give them the task, you kind of turn away and so I'm gonna ask the senator and I'm taking the attention away so he can save face it's always about letting your audience look good and be good, but taking their energy and put it some useful purpose, everyone understand the idea. All right, here's, what we're gonna do when I say go, we're gonna break up into groups of threes and twos, roberto is going to match you up in teams and mix up them a little bit differently you're gonna have six minutes we're going to kick you out of the studio you can go in the kitchen, you have six minutes to plan a three minute presentation the topic can be professional, personal or silly it doesn't matter in those six minutes the hosts and I are gonna talk to you online community any questions that they have about audience involvement is or anything else so we'll have a nice time just with our online community in that six minutes I want you to use see how many of these techniques you can use and this time we're not going for quality going for quantity. Okay? So let's say shauna and jack and I are a team okay, maybe you start with it around the room that I'll do a body pole and you do a pair up what we use for a proper what else could we use for a proper could we give somebody a job now if you say bill, can you hand me a marker that was a job any jobs count you may use in three minutes? You may only use two techniques you might use three you might use for it doesn't matter what your goal is to see how many of them you can use everybody understand roberto has in the folders a list of all of these if you don't remember all the techniques so you're this is a like running a six minute mile you're gonna have six minutes to go sit down, create a presentation, all of you are on team, all of you are doing different things, you're going to come on stage and then run your presentation. You have only three minutes. I'll be the timekeeper, do the same signals. At three minutes you stop, we'll see how many techniques used bonus points if you can involve the online community, so you might say, ok, pair of good, but wait a minute, but all our friends online, what can they do? So think about what they could do type in a word type in a number emoticon any way you can think of, to involve them. What job could you give them? What job could you do with them? Everyone understand the task, okay, we'll go with roberto and you'll form two teams of three, and one team of two will see you back in six minutes.

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)