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So now let's talk about motivating raise your hand if you want to be better at motivating audience almost everybody does so we're gonna teach a technique called motivational speaking so a lot of people get paid a lot of money I used to get paid money to do motivational speaking and their specific things that work so we're going to start with a story that you're going to build inside out and then I'll add a couple pieces of it to show you how to turn into a motivational speech I want everybody to think of a life lesson you learned growing up from somebody you cared about think about a lesson you learned about what really matters in life and you learned it when you were young from somebody you cared about it could be a parent grandparent's sibling teacher and uncle coach wow I really learned something that matters in life and I learned it when this happened and you're going to tell a story couple tips number one we always start with a scene what does that mean? You start with something l...

ike I was eight years old or it was a hot summer day or my grandfather was six foot five you start with the middle of a scene immediately pull us in orbit got that then in about one minute you tell a story if there's three parts of the story used three different parts of the stage in some linear fashion so when I was six years old in my uncle's butcher shop and he was chopping working away boom boom and then this happened and then this happened and what I learned from that that stuck with me for the rest of my life was blah blah blah ever got the idea you can use any props you want you can pull them from out of thin air from your pockets from the back of the room the studio you can make the room a prop so if I was telling a story about a butcher's block worse the butcher's block on the stage very good I can see you've had the butcher's block she's chopping so you can make anything become anything to make the space become alive so I'm gonna ask everybody online to think of what your life lesson story what did you learn that really matters in life? It doesn't mean the most important thing but just something that clicked that you learn from somebody else painful lesson a good lesson wow and that moment that I learned it was x what happened was why so I'll give you sixty seconds to think about your story while we take some questions from the community the online community and then we'll have a few of you tell your stories and then I'll give you some coaching and how to make it motivational how to build elements around it that takes it to a whole new level sixty seconds go ahead and begin and thoughts from our online community absolutely so everyone is just really enjoying this on being able to see the constant improvement for people I love that we're gonna be able to see beginning to the end here this is just a really exciting experience to be able to watch these people improve the way that they have folks if you have this is kind of the last segment sadly, so if any of you have any questions, be sure to send them in people have been really riveted and so I think they haven't been thinking about anything else but what you've been asking them to do, so go ahead, send in some questions and we'll see what we can or comments or ideas were all experts when we can all teach each other. I mean, you have a question from dream flower, actually, and they're asking bill how do you, uh how do you think when you're in a noisy environment and need to concentrate? I was in immediate front of minors at google and I love going to google first of all, because the food is free if you get invited there. I was definitely the only one with gray hair walking around the campus and I was doing a big charity thing with him and I asked him, can you help us think about what we do here and in the middle of this crazy cafeteria, I asked him a question and most of the short answer quickly I said, what what do you think is the key to what we're doing? And he stopped like this put his head down like this for about two minutes to holman since I was able to eat a lot of my lunch they finally came out and he had the most brilliant answer. I mean, it really was a breakthrough for us because of that answer. So what did he do in the middle of the noise? Just shut it out, be comfortable tuning in, be comfortable tuning out and you can create the environment that you need. So we have dreamlife who would love to hear bill's favorite books and inspirational people who do you look up to? Great? Well, for me, it also a mom, a dad. I like to try them that I had what I realized much later in life was a functional childhood and little league paper, all big loving family. I was one of the first off fifty some cousins to goto college to travel to learn another language, etcetera. So I really have no excuse is if I do anything good it's because I was supposed to do good if I mess up, it was all me and so luckily my family and my heroes and the saints are the heroes there so many people we can learn from and I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people all over. As for books, I have trouble with big words anything more than a syllable, but I have studied a lot of people in history and like we said, there are no superiors if you think of people in history as friends, it's a whole different read and almost everybody who was a great leader, I wrote a little thing about young people who changed history that most of world has never thought off and found one hundred fifty examples of young people who did amazing stuff, but people never heard of them and they all had a similar pattern. They couldn't walk away from a problem take mother teresa is not one hundred fifty, but we also weigh all saw the homeless people saw that there was people starving calcutta she couldn't walk away and she got pulled into and she had to make a difference, so a lot of great leaders and then those books it comes from them seeing a problem and they can't say no they have to try to make a difference they stumble, they don't know what they're doing and little by little they become those heroes so long answer to a short question, but short answer to a short question, what language I barely speak english on a good day, but I studied to get study in paris and I'm recommend everything I make all of my nieces, nephews, pinky swear literally at age two that they will do one semester abroad when they're in undergrad in a different language and my kids same thing and peter is very clever, he started realized I'm not sure I really want to do this so dad what if we went to some place for the summer together as a family then I won't have to do what I'm in college so we actually that led to us doing five weeks in spain this summer maria peter non and I with some friends and family visiting and they started to learn a little bit of spanish and that was really wonderful for me that they begin that process we americans sometimes we really miss out learning a language laurie can say this better than I is well, everybody show me with your fingers how many languages you speak online hominy type and how many languages do you speak? So for a lot of you you know it's like you discover a room in your house you never knew you had you came and describe how cool it is ok, so you've got your story we had to start out with whoever feels the spirit you're gonna get up and tell the story and then I'm gonna give you a look coach and you're all going to help me coach that person and how to frame it out with some different things richard you mind kicking us off and then the test will go second and I wanted so to be clear you want me to tell the story of the okay um in high school I was a skateboard punk rock kid all right I got a d minus in biology my high school grade point average was less than see okay I was interested in running the radio station and as I moved into college first of all the question was going to make it into college and then would I graduate and it clicked what my interest wass and I told my parents I want to be a doctor I have great parents and it did the appropriate thing they laughed at me and and what I learned though um at a young age was that what you do is you pursue your interests and it's the pursuit the constant pursuit of what is interesting to you and mastering those interests that's what makes you happy great let's stop there so fantastic story we're gonna take that as thie building block now to make it a motivational story what would you say is the message of your whole thing if you could put it all into a sentence what is it and what would you guys say it wass all the dreams your dreams what else well and that it isn't just that it's not dreams it's it's actually pursuing um doing the hard work tto learn something and always trying to gain mastery good now if you were to turn that into a bumper sticker what with the bumper sticker be moved to fresno so pursue your dreams but now take let's put a clever twist on it some element of the story that's difference they pursue your dreams okay we all agree with that but that's planned right how do we make it spicy special richard has its own richard flavor from skate punk toe dr winter's last name right and let's take the skate idea let's there's many many right answers let's take four I like the idea of the skateboard so you really skate uphill to be a good skateboarder, right? Yep because you have to go up the hill and do all your tricks and one of the keys to being good skateboard you have to skate uphill and you get your spins and that's where you get all your cool stuff and then you apply that same thing to the middle and everything I don't want the doctor they laugh to me because this is where I was and this is where dr isn't it's up the hill but I decide I want to skate uphill and every time I think about my life there's always challenges but the only way the scape is uphill so you set everything up to be their bumper sticker and this becomes your mantra so you start out with something like this there's a kid sit in a classroom got another d minus kind of a punk rocker love the skateboard is also like to do is skate skate skate all these tricks go uphill that kid with me and then you tell the rest of your story whatever and one thing I learned and you start out the whole thing before you get too there is skate uphill you don't know why you're saying that nobody understands it and you tell your story scene one scene to going to college seeing three becoming a doctor and every time in my life I feel like I've got something uphill I remember but that's great because that's how I escaped now there's times when all of us feel like life is a feel something is just too hard it's just too challenging everything is trying to pull us the other direction and nobody supporting us but remember the advice of that punk teenager no matter how law tough life gets skate uphill I'll break out the idea so we're going to another story we're touched his next and you're gonna take the essence turn into a bumper sticker and set up scenes around it and then eventually we'll have to see richard's book skate uphill yeah dr richard winters ready so this time when he tells the story I want you guys to help me turn into a motivational speech help me what is his bumper sticker what's his element what are the scenes that set things up? It was a summer of two thousand won I was living in paris france uh I had just gotten out of my first post college up and I was very eager to launch my own starter. However, this was the time right after the dot com crash and I was hesitating a lot thinking if this is the right time in this recession time is this the right time to truly start something on your own and as I was hesitating thinking about it um my business school buddy came to visit me in paris I used to get a lot ofthe visitors and carries I don't know why so ugly place you know, uh must be the bug it's uh so this guy he had had lots of experience starting companies doing mergers, acquisitions and one night as it were semi drunk I told him this that I don't know what to do I quit my company and I have this idea it's it's really burning inside of me and I I want to be the next you know, the next bazillion year googler and what do I do uh and he told me this I have done thanks for that I timed and I've done things which I never time I just thought the right time and one thing I learned was the best time to start something was yesterday in the second best time is today next morning when I woke up sober I incorporated my company fast forward to years I sold my company to a publicly coded company and moved here the united states all right great story now let's give it the motivational whitewash what was his bumper sticker? Lots of opportunity that's come up with some ideas type them in line what would be his bumper sticker? The title of the book the cross country tour seize your opportunity now good what else? The best time to start is yesterday very good make it shorter start training start yes yesterday boom so you get up I have a gift for everybody it's actually to work but start yesterday still seen one scene two and everything sets up the part I talked to my friend and we're semi drunk I wasn't sure what do what do you really think I do? And he and he looked at me and he said two words that I will never forget for the rest of my life because they have changed my life he looked at me and he said start yesterday the next morning I incorporate my company because I had started yesterday and there's times every once in a while little things, the big things I feel I need to get to this. I need to do that. I need to call this person. I need to make amends with this. This person and I remembered the advice of my friend. Well, it's friend's name. By the way monkish and I remember bank cashes to great words start yesterday how guys there's things that you have in your heart your dreams, your hopes, your things that are undone in your life when should you do them? When should you start? Say it with me. Start yesterday. Good. Now can you see him, tony robbins style doing that speech all over the country? Yes. So what do we add into a normal story to make it a motivational speech everything's about building up in mobile should speak to something that makes sense. Later you start with the two words you set the whole scene up to build around. Those two words you revolve around those two words is this was my lesson in life. And now this is my gift to you. When you face a situation, you can apply those two words who wants to go next gary and then shauna so when I was about seven, my grandmother used to take me out for walks and she was an old lady shoes about maybe this tall very tiny, very old and she used to hold my hand and take me out for a walk we'd walk together and one day she sat me down by a bench we both sat down and she said, gary, you got a long road ahead of you life is a journey tonight and I thought to myself, what are you talking about? What is this rodent that I have to take and up until my late twenties I didn't understand what she was talking about I thought I don't know what this road that you're referring to but when I was in my twenties I was facing a very difficult time in my life there was a lot of changes he was very tough and I thought back to her phrase and she said, gary, you got a long road ahead of you and I realized life is a journey you have to take life one step at a time even if you fall and you stumble you have to just put one leg in front of the other and keep going so remember that when you're facing a challenging time all right, now you gotta help me online community let's take this talented product this raw, unvarnished lump of coal and turned it into a diamond how do we take that great story and turn into a motivational speech what's the phrase what would you do? Gesture wise? What would you do to make that story even mohr motivational heidi says it needs specific instances it needs more detail you need moments, moments life isn't about minutes it's about moments so that moment when your grandmother sat you down and she said a phrase I'll never forget for the rest of my life, she said, and that pregnant pause pulls everybody into everything's about setting up that phrase great and then you're revisiting that good what else? What's the bumper sticker mariano suggests keep going keep going life is a journey life is a journey that's good I like that but let's make let's care if I it let's give it a little gerry's flavor life is a journey is good but it's we've heard that before. Well, you know that's why you need something your story to give us some some things as what was different about that journey that path that moment it was different in your twenties one step journey one step it could be one or just just one step spy itself. Those two words I like that stuff and, uh I didn't wantto do anything and she just said two words to me that always remember one step what life is a journey all you have to take this one step I was facing this I don't know what to do and I remember my grandma's words I just took one step and I was okay there's things you all have that you're facing right now that aren't easy to talk about their any easy to think about how do I face this how do I face this person? How doe I admit all you have to do what my grandmother taught us just take one stuff see what happens so you're taking the before after and setting everything up is a gift for the audience so later today when you're wondering what's the right thing to do how do I get from here to there what's the answer one step but all right so we're getting a hang of the technique thank you alright let's do one more shauna there's a little girl with her mom in front of you at the grocery store you're standing in line waiting to pay and you're watching her and she's standing in front of all these rows and rows of candy roses are taller than she is you see her look at her mom and say mom, can I have some of that candy and her mom goes no honey what's in the car is what's meant for you that little girl is me it's all of us we want the immediate gratification of that candy bar we don't want to wait for what's in the car what's actually meant for us and so when I'm being impatient about something when it's taking me way longer to get where I'm trying to go then where I actually should be I remember the little girl in grocery store who's mom told her to wait for what actually meant for her what's in the cart we'll also patients man it's my biggest thing everything that wass just way awesome thoughts, comments jack, get into the motivational side I just want to congratulate shauna on really slow getting the pauses in there. There was not a single we word or a single point where we said, what did she say? It went by too fast. I like how you tied it in back to the at the end from the beginning um and you can you said it's in the car on michael h from online is sharing a great use of your hands to support your story. Well, be my bumper sticker was there like mine help you're it or what's meant for you is in the car it's pretty called yeah, because it works on so many levels it's long but it's like a great movie when I was a movie too long and two short when it's a song too long or too short when you're engaged, what what's meant for you within your cart, it makes you think well, heidi resting just short on that it's in the cart for flores saying minds in the count one of the best bumper stickers was practice random acts of beauty and senseless love it's a long one but it works well it's parts there anything very you know you were amazing and I think you incorporate the elements you had it was a gift for us it's not just mummy look at the candy we all want the candy so you had some of the elements already bought in can I ask the questions here, please? I get too close to the edge of the stage and then I don't know howto back up how do you back up gracefully without looking like I'm just quickly one ways you deflect so come on up here with me were all those little kids who want the candy and don't want to wait for in the car can you think of a time where you felt? Oh, I have to have it now and you weren't really well ready to be patient, so they're thinking they're supposed to take that time for thinking so what do they focused on thinking exactly instead of focused on you? What do you think about like intentionally turning your back on the audience tto give them space like that was just something I was thinking about is a potential is like turning away lets them really go internal. Instead of focusing on me exactly like even a half term, just take a moment to think about what's. The candy that you want right now versus what's really meant for you that's in the car. What is that candy that you can't say no to right now, and so you're turning away, which just giving them time with your hand, do with me time to think, and your signal with your feet were moving on to a new thing, but we're not in a hurry walking, so we're not in a hurry. Take time to think. Three, four, five seconds, whatever it takes it's, just one more for shot, because this is hilarious. Etiquette says hi archana.

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)