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Power of Recognition

Takes roomies thought and say, this is the goal and your strategy is your path up the goal. So let's say you are an owner of a restaurant and you gather all of your staff and say, guys, I'm really frustrated. We're losing ten percent every month. We can't tolerate this anymore. I have to fire two people from the staff. Otherwise we're not gonna break even. So what's the goal that he has stated we need to fire two we need to pick two people to fire that's actually his strategy but he's made it the goal his what's, his real goal reduced class that's, part distractible think the goal is to become profitable. He wants to be profitable. What's the strategy that he proposed cut to people and in real life sometimes you do have to cut people it's never fun for anybody involved. Certainly not those two people. But is that the only strategy of the mountain? What else could you do to become profitable? Increase revenues, increased sales doom or market there's a lot of different options where we g...

et in trouble is when we make the strategy the goal we become irrationally committed to the strategy. Do you know this expression english wed to your own ideas become married to your own ideas? Have you ever heard this? I don't think it's strong enough I think we all fall hopelessly in love with our own ideas once we put it out there we become irrationally committed to it and lose some objectivity so I want you to think the goal should always be firm this is where we're going lead follow or get out of the way you don't like it get off the bus the strategy should always be flexible and you want your teams to come up with improve strategies then you start with so you tell your the restaurant owner what should you have started with goal goal and the goal is guys we need to get to profitability it's not an option I'm sorry and I have one idea we might have to cut to people but I'm open to other ideas let's spend a little time if we don't have any other ideas and we have to cut to people so let's say you're in a meeting with your boss who has fallen in love with their idea and how do you convince them that there's maybe other options besides cutting those two people I would ask the question exactly the way you did it so boss I hear your strategy I hear what you're saying are you open to other thoughts or is that really what let's just commit to it and a lot of times the boss will say, well what other thoughts do you have but you're asking them if they're open to another strategy, and sometimes the truth is they're not opened. We've all been boston different times and times, I don't want to hear it and this other time well, what do you got? But if the boss is smart to say, this is the goal, if you've got another strategy, and if people argue we could still fliers, we could get more people in, then you might say, okay, well, let's spend a month if we can't increase revenue in that month, then we'll go back the other strategy, but least we tried. You've got a really interesting question here, bill, actually, from progres online, and they're asking what's the likelihood of getting in less than quality decision just to fill in the box in the interest of time. In other words, are you giving a choice, which diminishes the end goal? Very good, so you're going to control the quality of the box. So you may say, for example, do we want you eighty percent prepared or hundred percent prepared? You're determining how important the quality is for this retreat decision, it's something we should all feel good about, and if we don't feel good about it, we can't fill in the box most people will be stubborn on the right goal the right decision the right policy they're not going to just to get out of the room say yeah I think we should change the hospital policies and I don't really care even though it affects me no they'll have strong opinions but it's a really good point about how important the quality is and that's the risk reward question for all of us you can spend six hours to make it two percent better is it worth only you can make that decision everyone understand the idea of a different winning goal in the strategy so it's a really big difference for you what's your goal in your career what's your goal for this project for this job for this relationship and when you think about it in those terms and then strategies can always be flexible there's more than one right way up there okay so let's do a demo of a real meeting and the meeting I would like to propose is for all of us to experience more of the power of recognition in our daily lives everybody the online community going like this one I want all of us to commit by the end of this meeting to a specific strategy that you were going to do to practice more the power of recognition well what does that mean? We'll give you some examples but I want you to think about things that will make other people feel valued make them feel special but with two criteria number one it can take a lot of time number two you can take a lot of money well I think we should give everybody money that's not realistic I think we should spend eight hours a day on it that's not realistic so we're gonna all come up with ideas will share a bunch I'll offer some as well and we're going to commit each of us to one thing we're going to do that we wouldn't have done before this meeting to make people feel valued to make them feel recognized now that's the goal in fact the product is going to be we've handed out paper and markers everybody hold up your paper blank piece of paper any color and by the end of the meeting you guys including the hosts are going to identify a strategy of what you're going to do to use the power of recognition more of your life you're gonna write a really big on in your marker so somebody can see it from the back of the room when everybody's papers up here then the media is done we'll get a bunch from our online community as well when all the papers air up here the media has done it may take twenty minutes may take forty minutes we don't know it's all based on when we get the product done so that's the goal here's what I propose is a strategy to get to that goal that we start out with some brainstorming I'll give you a couple of examples and then we'll do a pair up online community will give us a bunch of ideas of things that make people feel special on recognized but don't really take a lot of money don't take a lot of time we'll share a bunch of ideas we'll put some categories up and along the way some people might find some that they're committed to then we'll come up with some more strategies until we reach a critical mass where everybody feels like okay, I've got one that I really want to dio makes sense is a plan okay? So let's throw in a couple ideas right off the bat online communities well, what things can you do or you've seen people do our people do for you that make people feel special personalized? Thank you good say more about that richard um I made up some special cards at one of the online shops that has a picture of a um uh sheep and a rock and if he opened it up it says you rock it a beaut rock and I say, you know, thanks for all that you do um loosen humor people like it on dh I don't give it to everyone, so the idea of thank you was a category and personalized thank you's a subcategory raise your hand if you have personalized note cards and I have these online community you have one type and you have him everybody know what I mean by that it's cards card stock and envelope that matches that size but your name on it if you have those most people keep it in a drawer I suggest you keep him on desk if you're not setting out two or three a day, you're not using them enough especially in elektronik age a hand written note can have a big impact let's take the idea of personalized to another level when we started our internet company club mom my friends andrew michael in a terrific team over there all internet companies believe in keeping engineers is caffeinated as possible so that they are around the clock working so what? It's coffee soda so they by a lot of soda for the office and at first it was just the two big brands and there was regular and diet that was it and then somebody had the better idea. Well, why don't we ask them when they're hired what their favorite flavors are? Whether it's diet carrier or spread zero or what have you they're still going to drink the same amount of soda four five cans a week but now they get their choice so now the kitchen is stocked boats with everybody's favorite flavor didn't take much more time didn't take much more money and it made them feel recognized all right other ideas? What else makes people feel recognized? Wait excuse me suggestions coming in online uh we have handwritten notes like that personalized we've got uh employee of the month employee of the month way have something I like dream life saying saying my name and with the specific reason why did something great just remembering something about the person especially a bigger company I think they can really impact people recognizing that you're not just a car absolutely I think other company of water the employee of the month is another one above and beyond somebody who really went above and beyond what they actually required to do in their daily role and how would you do that? How would we say that those names how would we give them an above and beyond uh somebody suggested a company newsletter recognized in a company news letter so recognizing people in meetings using more names paul functions are very good at this. Politicians always recognize you throwing in names even if it doesn't quite fit because they know how valuable this let's say you've got junior people helping you make slides just put their name in the corner of the slides that help make two point font doesn't matter just makes people feel special when they have their name on things during meeting asking people to recognize someone else and so it's like double recognition the persons recognizing gets recognized for recognizing and then and they get to be the star and it's right around the room you say something nice that someone else on this team did boom it just gets everybody this positive energy it was point out that's part of why when we read something on line we always make sure to read who said it because we want to recognize your contributions because we really appreciate them it is helpful to us it helps make the class flow better you give really great ideas and so we love to be able to read your name and give you that shot up let's take recognition thank you personally to a slightly different level up I want everybody to think about your favorite candy or treat or sweet something like well I just love these ever think of one online community type them in or even a local dessert place like this is just my favorite favorite favorite alright every got one in your head when I point to you say it out loud mom what is it? Mama will is lebanese cookie sorry mama loved these cookies that's a caramel nougat caramel nougat uh red blossom tea red blossom tea chocolate covered shaban nice high class drinking chocolate drinking chocolate well, you guys don't use the normal candies chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse butterfinger butterfingers uh I like cross on saleh skittles sour skittles so I did a lot of people have coach said I said take your favorite thing if you're the ceo of you're the cfo etcetera get your favorite thing and when you go visit the factory bringing box if it's our skittles and after you've been there if somebody sees a bunch of sour scales in the break room to say john must have been here today it's your thing that you're sharing with other people you like toti roles give out to tea rolls you're not pretending it's your thing it's really your thing and learning what's their thing so when they have kids and you hear somebody mentioned they like this they like that who likes who's a book person those books my admin knows that when I like a book she's I know by fifty of them because you're gonna give them out articles but whatever is your thing and you're giving it out because genuine it's authentic for you okay let's do a quick pair up I'm gonna have you guys turn to your neighbor and in one minute generators many more ideas you can things that make people feel really special and valued but don't take a lot of time don't take a lot of money ready begin three two one turn back this way start with a trick question what kind of employee feels like they don't get enough recognition anybody guess what kind of employee feels like they don't get enough recognition all employees give it away with a trick question in the history of the business world in the history of our species nobody has yet gone home and told their spouse honey, I can't stand working for this company one more day I just get too much credit for what I do or I'm getting paid too much and I'm just not going tolerate it anymore everybody feels like they're not really appreciated so once you know this you have a disproportionate power in the currency of recognition because we all use different currencies in our everyday life certainly in business what currency's do we use money in time? Company pays you money you give them your time and your talent there's many other currencies the most undervalued ofwhich is recognition so let's come up with some examples have you share a couple of what you came up with and let's start with I think it was dreams idea off these little gift cards dream floors idea was just something to put in the bank so we all money money talks so it doesn't have to be a huge amount when you give out five ten dollar cards to local places it has a disproportionate power I've had in sales if you take okay you're all my sales team I'm gonna stick a twenty dollar bill on the corkboard and the first person makes a sale today gets that twenty dollars it has a disproportionate power even though it's not a huge amount of money relatively but keep making everything personalized so everybody think of a local ice cream place that you loved maybe from your childhood maybe from or use to go on vacation maybe from near where you live right now anybody think of one right what comes to your mind smitten in berkeley um santa clara ice cream and what's the one around here mitchell's so for those of us who are local we wouldn't know any of these but when someone moves to town for their part of the team give up things to that that's your place it's special it's different yes chains air cooled and starbucks hard to cool and all these other ones are cool people getting coffee but it's even better if it's a local place that special has a little bit of atmosphere a restaurant that you love a free drink coupons at your favorite place has more power than just a generic one all right let's share some ideas but if you guys come up with this go around each one per team what makes people feel special? Start with the back uh we've done um similar to what you said is giving away starbucks cards star bright star field one that we've done good how about one from you guys something from the yard. So what do you grow fruit or vegetables or we have backyard chickens to give eggs those sorts of things great. So when you bring those into the office for the group or to individuals so let's say you bring in uh give me anything that you would bake what could you bake cookies cookie? So you once in a while bringing about your cookies and send a note out email I made cookies for by their in the break room when two or three people start to do that what happens? And it becomes a part of the culture. Well, I just was at the grocery store I saw oranges were on sale I just got another box of him and then bring him in but it's your thing it's your idea you do it when you feel like it but it becomes contagious doesn't take a lot of money and we're all ended up with the same amount of calories anyway. Other ideas I love post it notes and just draw smiley face and say anonymous and just give it to someone oh, I like it so even anonymous anonymous smiley post it note on their desk just to mess with them I thought similarly you might be too much but like pranking them with like a million and one of those post it notes on their desk when they come back from lunch I love it. And how long does it take to dio let's? Say you had a tough meeting with the team. Everybody's been working really hard. The end the meeting you looked about of ray. Say guys, I just want to say one thing before we go. Thanks look atyou like blunt force just for being a great team how long does that take to dio disproportionate power of recognition in our daily lives is enormous. The mantra I want you to think about is if you feel it and it's positive say it. You see somebody doing something while it's a beautiful jacket. Just train yourself if you feel it is positive. Say it if you feel that it's negative, try not to say it if you feel this positive saying other ideas and then we'll get our online team spokes to interesting people. So introducing people so networking this is a really good one. So a lot of you guys are big shots online. You can bring your junior people to the meetings. I used to annoy companies because we bring in two or three extra people like what'd you bring these people for? I said, don't worry, it's just they may contribute a little bit, but just being in the room is how you learn and introducing people to things you've got tickets for things don't let him get wasted given away to somebody, get stuff at home, I'm not going to use give it away to somebody, and the more you connect people, the more you're bringing them a value right online. What kind of ideas are we getting on? What makes people feel special? There's been some really great responses on the beware joni's saying she lost that, and if you feel it and it's positive let's get you some cultural discussions as well, the english is saying they like to have tea. The americans like to have coffee, yes, so that's coming up a bit as well. But richard, your comment about from your garden, we had a comment there the same that they bring avocados from their way have bob, who is somebody, one of our chat moderators back in seattle, who has an amazing garden, and we'll bring in fresh vegetables or zucchini bread that he's baked himself and it's always very, really, really cold. I know ben and matt up, audio opening booth doing such a great job and these guys work so hard and don't take the credit for what they're doing, but roberto saw that they love throwing around the football a couple football season, the class, so he gave the football hey guys, keep it have it for fun little things that can have a disproportionate power we have a very handsome audio team who hate getting complimented on how handsome they are but handsome matin handsome brian just beautiful people check important just not only your own team but any people you interact with so french, since my wife has a very bad habit of leaving her badge at home, so she has to ask the door security guards to sign her in every time she does that she stops a dunkin donuts and gives them a doughnut for a box of doughnuts for the guards because she does it so often and those little things matter, especially when you've got one of those jobs you know, none of us is better than anybody else. We all do the best we can with what we have in the situation, so making people feel appreciated. Remembering people's birthdays is an easy one facebook makes it easier just track but do something different on the birthday you leave a voice mail do something special doesn't have to take a lot of time or money but let people know how you feel about them a great time to thank people is when there's no time just call somebody up let's make this homework for everybody the next break I want everybody to call somebody and say some version of the following I couldn't think of any reason why I should call and tell you that I was thinking about you and it made me smile, so I thought that was reason enough, I just think you're great. I don't tell you that enough put in your own words, your own idea, but just for no reason call somebody and tell them they're awesome. How long does it take to dio want you train yourself is when you're feeling it when you're on the bus to train to drive your thinking about it, just do it. You can do it all the time, but the more we do it, the more they still authentic. You never say anything fake talk about beautiful and handsome when you're as attractive as all of you guys are, I think you have a responsibility university take more photos and people love their photos and when we started club mama cafe mom, we did focus groups in the moms and they also I hate how I look in pictures. I don'twant pictures on the web. They're not safe, of course what's the number one feature within about a minute. His photos so fifteen million moms sharing photos and photos have a disproportionate power because you now know they capture so much. The images and the emotions of who we are, so putting people's pictures up one of them idea that I heard from somebody else who you thought was brilliant and I begin to follow it is if you have a company retreat once a year if you have a picnic, if you have a family re union, hire a professional photographer and set up a nice backdrop and when everybody shows up, take family photos so let's say we're all a big company and once year they have a family picnic to the spouses usually one to come to the family picnic. Maybe not, but if you tell them when you first show up the family's gonna have a beautiful backdrop, I'm gonna take a real family photo for you. Most families don't have time to go toe sears or local studio to find it so it's really a nice value so the photographer is relatively cheap. Two hours of work isn't a lot of time and you get them framed and you give one to the spouse and you put one up in the hallway the office it takes very little time and money, but it creates a disproportionate power. Most everybody has a website and most companies have a website and a few people's pictures will be on the website whose people's pictures on the website stock photos and so which people are in the executive team ceo, cfo, cmo board of directors etcetera so what's the signal we're sending to the world they're the only important people how much does it cost to put some things picture on the website we did this in south america with a company and one of them so well why don't we put pictures up so they did it and they got to debate well, okay this secretary's why not? Well, we don't need to put the janitors on there so we said why not? And one of my favorite moments was watching a fifteen year old boy look at a computer screen and they let the janitor's not only get there come for photo day, but they let them wear a tie and the look in that fifteen year old boy seen his dad with the tie on a big website had a disproportionate power for me photos can capture emotions and emotions make people feel recognized train yourself to look for ways to make people feel special that are authentic, never fake but don't take a lot of time or money if you feel it as positive say it show it put it up all right our whole goal of this meeting is for everybody to come up with one thing maybe already thought about what you weren't doing or you heard here that from somebody else you know what I could really do this now I wanted when you write it on your paper I want to be so big you can see it from the back of the room so if you didn't write big enough you're gonna flip it over if you feel like you've got one we can start sharing him if not, we can keep climbing the mountain and keep sharing strategies is anybody feel like they have one already I'm gonna do this one I must try this one I'm gonna start doing this one if you have it write it down really big block letters filled a whole paper with your commitment your idea what is that you're going to dio online once you guys do the same thing we're all in this together what would you gonna commit to try? I'll just tried a couple times I'm gonna do this one I'm gonna try it a couple times as soon as somebody's got one they're ready to commit to you're going to come up on stage and what do we use in brian roberto magnets or tape so we'll put it on the stage when everybody's air up the meeting is over and we're done anyone's online community waiting for them to start coming in all right gary, won't you come on up tell us nice allow what you're gonna do and roberto on brian I'll help you fix it to the board we're going to put it on uh you go on the clipboard. The magnet. Melissa, who has done such a great job? Melissa not on. Ly keeps us all prepared and it's one step smarter than us all the time. But she arranged a lot of set design. Really clever. Well, she did that. So minus sending postcards. I really like to do that. I write a thank you note and it arrives in the room. It mailbox and they're pleasantly surprised. Lovett postcards has the picture element. Go ahead, jack. I will be doing a newsletter, actually, for my wife's company next month. Right? Good. Jennifer, wait. I don't have a we'll get a magnet for it. Um I put call one friend a week to say thanks. So I'm thinking of you now hold this thought. One tip to make this one come true is what goes on. The calendar gets done. What gets scheduled happens. I won't say the name, but I was working with the mayor who later was found to be corrupt had to go to jail all these different things. But you can learn great wisdom's from all of us world. None of us is perfect and he had an amazing even though he had a really strange life and political reality, he had amazing relationship with his wife and I said, what do you do that keeps that connection? He said once a week she doesn't know I put it on my calendar fifteen minutes to think about her and my first thought is that's it I mean fifteen minutes do you think about your wife that's all he said no fifteen minutes in the office I close the door and I think about one extra thing I could do for her and I might order flowers in that fifteen minutes I might write a poem for her I might schedule dinner but something that makes me figure out what I'm gonna do special for her this week and I've been doing it for years, so when you put on your calendar eight a m to eight o five a m tuesdays from nine at nine o'clock or eight tuesday eight o'clock think of somebody called then you'll do it if you don't put in the calendar, we typically forget to do it all right we'll get a magnet for you go ahead, richard so it was with a thank you card idea, which is, and so I'm going to send them to some of the nurses uh from some of the physicians there's a department which may be having issues there and identifying the nurses that the physicians are really enjoying working with are appreciative of an amplifying that I think is going on good I like to see how you wrote thank you. You could make a little sheep on there. That's, right? Very good love. Oh, so clever you are, shauna. I'm gonna ask our host what the online community and anything the hosts want to do and I know they tethered to their chair but they can say there's out loud for new hires. I want to find out their favorite breakfast cereal and have it on their desk when they showed for the first day. Wow, that's world call some shoes very good, very good and see what jack just did had some fun recognized her good I recently I used to listen to news while driving, but now I make sure that I'm just picking up a friend randomly who have not spoken with recently, and I just call them your commute. Yeah, just checking up on you, how's it going, man and this random stuff is what you're trained yourself to do if somebody came over our house saturday and they brought a jar of mustard like, we don't need mustard, but they said, I just love this mustard, so I got two extra jars and I brought one to you, but I'm still thinking about that mustard with such a random thing to do, they just felt it, they liked it this share it but who hasn't shared yet anything from the online community while gina goes up we haven't got a great one from sony t which I really like she's saying he's gonna put a post it note in her husband's lunch back saying how much he appreciates him oh, I love that cute I get them in my luggage sometimes and sometimes I do it for marie and the kids these notes don't take a lot of time you don't want to do him every single day but once in a while post it notes uh giving a friend of random hug just because I like it alright gina and and lori share yours gina fun was say I love you too more than one person gina heart laurie has a picture in dangerous off someone and sail them a nice know that they don't have then just give them a call and tell them the same thing so I do it clean it and then make the phone call and I want to thank some of our team back rachel and antonia and dolly all of our team is watching in our new jersey office and they worked really hard on behalf of all of us dmitry chris so we've got a really great team there, so you guys inspired me to get some more thankful to them, all right? Anything else from the online community we've got plenty the rainy day store sharing a positive picture quote or video on a daily basis on facebook and rebecca saying sing happy birthday to people on their birthday not just not just rewards, we'll call them and sing to them and if you get their voice mail, sing it anyway sing it anyway why not? Why not? Life is short to get over ourselves just have fun. All right, everybody shared one correct so let's see what patterns so lots of different ways we can thank people and there's lots of ways to personalize our way, connecting to their way things that they like and things that we like. You want to have a good tracking system so whether it's software or your own system tracking people's birthdays but their kids names are what their friends or whether it's customers or someone you don't want to fake it just genuinely care awards whether it's putting stuff, the newsletter putting names and almost all awards are silly if you think about what are some of the most powerful awards and sports, what are some of the most famous awards in sports? M v p and what do they get that trophy? So what if you what do you get if you win the stanley cup a cop it's a cop, what do you get if you win the masters green jacket? Okay it's, a jacket so all of those awards a little brown jug that this that that they're just silly stuff so you can create silly stuff in your own community we're gonna have the jack the jack award for the person who did this in our company this week and just make up crazy silly stuff it doesn't matter mean anything to anybody else it means something to you we used to do in the service movement volunteer movement getting college students volunteering there's a lot of really great people running the movement and one trick these two have is they would want congressional people on the hill to come to the events in washington and the trick was they just make up an award. Well, we want to present a congressman with a giant plaque about his great service to the service move and they just make up this stuff it's all made up now if you get twenty invitations to speak tuesday at one o'clock after lunch what I was going to give you the award in the other nineteen are really nice groups which one you're gonna go to the one where they get it because you go in their offices and they have all these plaques so there's all these different things that you can dio you can invent awards, you can invent trophies, they could be serious or silly whatever you want but they have a disproportionate power we've talked about the idea of photos we've all been the weddings where people take the leave the instamatic cameras on there and people just take pictures we all see the power of social media maura mohr pictures and pictures and pictures people like them and just finding a way to make people feel special and put their pictures up in a good light doesn't cost a lot of money all right? We've come up with some good strategies here I just want to address something that carol had brought up in one the chat rooms says I find this feels like giving children rewards for doing the right thing instead of teaching them to do the right thing and having a desire to see the good intentions of the group and cooperate to achieve these intentions. Jeff any comments on that is this tricking people instead of getting them to actually legitimately care about their job it's a good thought what do you guys think? Brian it's? Not if it's not genuine in that case it's not genuine you're not really thankfully just trying to get them to do something that's a good crowd terri and because max what we said yesterday which is if you want people to think that you're going to genuine area if you want people to think you care about them I genuinely care about them if you feel it is not true you don't really like their shoes then don't tell me like the shoes, but I completely agree when it comes to kids, our I'm old school, but our kids, they don't get an allowance, they have to do their chores, it's just what you do and so I completely agree with her at the same time and I see this in the one on one coaching is a part of all of our courses, we do one on one coaching a few minutes and people really open up, people are starving for recognition to feel valued, to feel like they matter, that they really feel special, everybody craves it, it's human nature, we need tohave it and if we don't get real recognition that's genuine, I will accept any fake substitute we confined part of it is that at least our society gears are adult life towards negative feedback loops, and our child children's lives towards positive feedback loops. Once you're an adult, you don't get that recognition or reinforcement for positive actions, but you do for negative actions, so this is a way to change that and build into a positive reinforcement. What a great insight! Wow, shi du hoc rio I've class just on jack's philosophy, thie well, I think kids should gil a bit tougher, I think we should have kids to work a lot more, do a lot more stuff and not get too much I agree with the online thought at the same time adult we should do it more for each other but only when it's real only when it's genuine you're in a restaurant some he gives great service call the manager over and tell him but if the service is bad call the manager is over just make it real but the more you can make it positive the more you reinforce the things we want to see all right I don't want drag us out our whole idea was to finish the meeting so we did we could go all the way to twelve o'clock but we're not gonna because we're done early we'll take time for a couple other things but meetings don't have to be bound let's step out of the whole role play the real meeting so by creating a product which is everybody committing to something it makes the meeting more effective more efficient why I could have gone up there and just told you all my ideas had you share some of their ideas but what did the product do? What did the red box due to the media to solve it's also really visual? Some people are verbal lerner some people are visual learners most people are visual learners if we can't see it we can't remember it there's a small number of people who are verbal lerner's I don't need to see it to learn it but we are sometimes not good visual presenters. Well, I just explained it all. Why don't you not remember? Because most people are not like that most people are visual, visual or rather the verbal mango seven is asking some people may be introverts, and they may not want any kind of public recognition. How do you recognise introverts versus extroverts? Good question. So what kind of person doesn't want recognition is, I think, also a bit of a trick question because everybody wants recognition. That question is they don't want it in certain studies because they're not comfortable accepting compliments there, not comfortable being the center of attention. So if I was coaching that person one on one, I would say it's, not about you. If they all want to thank you, your job is to make them feel good thinking. You let them feel good don't reject, you know, your aunt sweater, but at the same time, there's things we all liked better than others, so we think this person for this and this and this and they don't really matter what matters to them, is something else. So the more we personalize it on their end, what would make that person feel special, the more we can find something that fits.

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Get ready to find your authentic voice and communicate your greatest potential. Join CreativeLive instructor Bill Hoogterp for a three-day workshop that will transform you into a powerful, dynamic public speaker.

After decades of working as a public speaking coach, Bill has developed a clear, step-by-step system that will help you own the room each time you speak. You’ll learn about reading your audience and keeping them engaged. Bill will cover the importance of being memorable, the role of humor and audience involvement, and the keys to developing a strong opening and conclusion. You’ll practice applying your new skills in a wide variety of situations and build troubleshooting strategies to ensure that every speech will be a success.

The skills you learn in this course can be applied to elevator sales pitches, business presentations, motivational speeches and beyond. You’ll be prepared to speak clearly, confidently, and to a captivated audience in any situation.



Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

Ana Alexandre

WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)