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Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Lesson 23 of 31

Putting the Pieces Together

Bill Hoogterp

Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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23. Putting the Pieces Together


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Lesson Info

Putting the Pieces Together

Okay that was taken exercise and begin to put these pieces together I'm gonna ask you to do a hero speech you're gonna each get up thirty to sixty seconds and talk about a hero now the hero could be something your family should be something in history be some in your community somebody do you just think she or he is pretty cool dude or do that and I did some cool things but all I want strong openings what technique you use imagine words, body pole whatever you want to start with the scene then tell it a story about that hero and then a closing what is that? We can all do that khun further the work, the lesson or the thought of that hero to come up with a good opening and a good closing so you anything you want in the middle story all the stuff we've been working on modulate your voice used the stage harmonize your movements and your space good opening and good closing so I'm gonna have all of you guys kick out of the studio for two minutes you could walk around think about your hero sp...

eech no more than a minute so thirty seconds to a minute good opening strong closing and just integrate no right or wrong answer just practicing a little bit what we doing while you guys were doing that we'll take more questions from our online community and see you back in a couple of minutes okay here's what we're gonna do we have some of our heroes get up and talk about their heroes roberto will film I don't think we'll have time to watch him back but you guys can on the break or at lunch watch them and by the way at lunch we'll talk about a two minute talk that you're gonna be doing at the end of the day which will bring a lot this together but this is the first step so your hero speeches just just bring us some of the pieces together there's no right or wrong answer I'm gonna be the timer was roberto at the back of the room you know what those signals mean? This means ten seconds find an airport this means wrap it up finish your next couple of sentences and this means okay everyone else needs a chance to finish that sentence and if it's the idea is not to be rude the idea is just to give you a sense of where time is in the first couple times it throws you when people doing these signals and then it's just part of what you do you're recognizing acknowledging and then you bring it in for a landing after each one very quickly demand feedback so we're learning from each other who would like to begin I saw lorries hand first then gina good morning I would like you to please close your eyes on online france into the same let's imagine let's imagine that you're flying to disguise our blew through clouds if you're so soft with your friends your family and your loved ones you can feel the joy to see the earth blue green flowers everywhere now open your eyes do you have that feeling the feeling of joy for film in peace we can all create that world through our actions we human beings ju are my heroes because you can make that happen what I would like you to do today and every day is to something to create our world to make a real eye starting today I would like you to your star smiling just mile smile from now till the end ofthe day human beings fellows your friends anybody for anything just for a beautiful orange bride's beautiful just smile take baby steps to create in our ward that I know you're capable of creating a jew my heroes group okay quickly the manfred please would you please tell me what you like about my speech but the imagery was very good I like the tones that you use is very captivating like the clothes I thought that worked well the first twenty seconds you started perfectly with imagine and ended perfectly with the ask it was a good cohesive start an end thank you now would you like to tell me please where can I improve on so when you asked us to smile uh starting today smile maybe you could say that smile everybody let's smile right now because that's a good one thing it wasn't cute did you smile right away now everyone loved the whisper but um bull noone thinks that maybe there was too much so it wasn't modulated quite enough okay patty waterbury has been saying it's very good imagery but often less is more and perhaps went on too long it was really good but once you create the imagery and they're with you then you move on to the next one and for a very specific issue heidi great job you started with great camera eye contact but then you got into it you changed into glancing at the camera not engaging us so this is a very specific situation but no that that's really good thank you great finishing with the ass because she went on and told me her because when I could have filled in my own because right so once you nailed to ask focus on them and let it go anything you want to say do it before the ask finished with the ass good good job laurie who wants to go next gina on jack on deck imagine walking into your home opening that door and there's this one thing that makes you smile every single time my hero is my little dog be her teeth and her little tongue sticking out her positivity and that smile is absolutely contagious now I want you to think about your hero right now not a human being it could be a passion that you love that makes your heart beat faster or it could be an object that reminds you of a memory that just makes you smile think about that hero and think about how you can show that positivity and be that hero for someone else think fast feedback uh like you put it on the audience you think of your hero I like how you described the dogs and b b yeah always felt that how you spell it oh, her full name is b b but I call her little bee just capital b capital be good that's important way to say it so people can remember okay? And marylou online is saying for gina good gestures and very good eye contact where's molly pearson fitness is saying she's so awesome thank you, molly that's just a given that gina's also all write a couple things to make it better is philip eight wants to know is just thinking is that enough to be a vessel? It's it's ah porous vessel it's it's okay, but not great you want to come up with something simple so for in the I would add in to say my hero is my dog if I was your mom how would I feel when I read when I heard that so one way you could do this have so many heroes in my life but I just want to focus on an unusual one right now and that's b he's my dog so I've not alienated all the other teachers and parents and relatives people in history that I've ever been inspired by have included them okay so how can you make the vessel stronger what's the action step what could what could in the spirit of her speech what could make it even something to ask everybody to do till somebody else about your non human hero very good feel tell go tell somebody else that and go tell somebody there a hero to you everybody find one person in your life you could send him a note give me a call I had this exercise in my class and I was supposed to pick somebody that just really admires really kind of a hero to me and you were the person that came to mind how long with one other comment uh cylon suggest to differentiate the hand movements your head wounds were very symmetrical that mirrored each other a lot maybe doing a little bit more up and down yeah okay great all right who wants to go next jack is up who wants to be on deck I richard on deck and then carrie after that world war two thie are dense forest belgium it's mid winter freezing cold hundred and first airborne parachutes in in summer clothes well shivering is the battle of the bulge thousand served thousands died thousands were wounded when you leave here tonight take a moment when you go to the bar hugo parting you're buying drinks with your friend and hoist to drink in their honor what did I do? Well there please is short uh dramatic but in that sense it was just short and sweet and to the point I like that short and sweet thank you. You incorporate more movement like the shivering and the battle that really helps like the movement the steps in every time you change subject to change your position I like the hoist to drink because it's very simple but yet we're all going to drink. And so the next time there's a cup that's raised it's going to make me think of this and the word moist kind of matches the world for dean correct you don't get to use use hoist a lot so when you can all right, well seattle family says on line you did have great language it was very dramatic and it was concise and antonio star saying had a very vivid opening thank you what could I have done to improve and that comes from the er studio audience as well as our online causes could have been longer especially where honestly after each part is I was still picturing the last one when you've moved on and so I missed a couple right walk with me thousands of men served and thousands of men died you want the longest pauses after that but I think in two three four seconds longer ripples the stronger the emotions growing and what could make the action a bit suffer the hoist was great if we can all picture ourselves out of the bar breathe a little bit more next time you're at the bar even tonight at dinner I want all of us to just take your cup and just hold it up for a second and think about those men and women who gave their lives if I may ask what you're doing you can tell him or not tell him but just take that second thing every one of us could do it now because whether it's dinner of the bar and you're anticipating what would the reaction be giving them the tool to handle the reaction all right good job thank you we'll do a few more we'll see if we get him all in if we don't we'll finish the rest of the brake imagine a single mom you know hardworking selfless tired nurturing getting things done the single mom is my hero pick a single mom that you know today and thank her right positives short and sweet I like that it's different it's not a person it's a group it's a category that it was effective to think of the single mom it took some time but it took me a while to zoom and once I got it I was like, oh my gosh like this person is like amazing actually claudia online is saying that they love the pause after the imagine a single mom you know, because it gave me a chance to really picture her thank you it's good very good use of stage space from amara marilou on dream flores saying is very powerful and taking that idea but make it better even more time so I think now that you know it's gonna take twenty ten twenty seconds to think what you think of a single mom a picture her in your right what's her name now for those who haven't pictured you were still coming along with you but we haven't lost anything that you're about to say sure what she has to deal with every day how do you think she feels sometimes so really build that one up yes and then step out into I want you to call that person and thank them tell them what they mean to you how much you admire them I'm not sure what I would be thanking them for but you can tell them what you admire them right or just we're thinking about you today yes good last thoughts for richard I've just experientially I felt all of a sudden it was like what your hands doing here buddy do some with your hands yeah and so just trying to open up maura I think that's still something thank her and give her a call thank er never give her a note one of the suggestion from philip age which I like was give a specific I want to believe he actually knows the person he's talking about excellent that's a go for anything that's great for me it's my friend this from my sisters by this name names but details about them make them feel more real very good another thing is you think of a mother or a single mother you know except you had a pause between mother and you know and so I didn't realize they were connected right that's true and I thought that you know was the weak language oh, I got interesting so yeah, for if first it was just a number of other like it's a category right first this one you know these tiny little things thing that's great. Thank you alright and mary you know possibly I mean depending on who you're talking to could also included single beds that's right a single parents you know that I think that would that would be more punk yeah good. So whenever you create stuff from scratch sometimes his gold like all of the gold but sometimes it's silver it could be gold with just a couple of adjustments and you could do that same one over and over this politicians again I've worked with people from both parties and of all politicians equally but they come up with something that really works and they keep tweaking and then they could do it over and over and over in the stump speech really have a powerful effect. All right gary's up thank you to a couple more so protest will be your last one so I have a hero that you all might have seen on tv everybody knows about him who is this hero? He is batman and the reason he's my hero is because he doesn't have any superpowers he's not like superman and he self trained he's trained himself to have brains and bronze so what I want you to do is pick up your pen, write down one skill that you want to train even if even for those of you who are online one skill whether it's coming communication, karate, swimming one skill and tonight when you go home I want you to look up an online course or a book that will help you with that training and you could become batman now he's just showing off all right thing that I did well movement just batman thing at the beginning and end was uh mona pointed out she's doing what you said right now just looking up that thing that you wanted to learn test that's the test if they do it and if they don't do it then you know you gotta keep tweaking it yeah, anything you didn't you made it personal there is a reason that that manager hero but it's ah it's something that resonates with all of us is how do we improve and you put it into a context gave us something specific to do tow to be better it looked like he didn't have no one to with your hands and then when you got into the superman and sometimes he started loosened up and then it just started to flow that was a really good one superman okay? And kiki italian is saying you started with conviction and she really liked really liked the confidence in your voice great and anything that I can improve a improve on. Well, a lot of people pointed this out gary and I won't name all of them, but they've all saying they're now calling you the so guy they say that the words so comes up a lot in your presentations I must mean, I didn't notice it in that one, but obviously some of our audience did you remember and when you give someone the action, do you know they're gonna hit resistance with the action? So one of the phrases I've used that seems to work is so I want you to write this down tonight finding online course and sign out now look, there's a thousand reasons why you can't do this I can only give you one reason why you should because you're worth it boom! So you'd say all these reasons why they not too you've now laid them all out there can't afford who is time I got other things to do I've got so much work to do those are all there, but I can give you one reason why you should do it invest in yourself you care about everybody else in your life you want to help them or invest in yourself so you have more to give you anticipate their resistance and overcome that with a tool with a mindset with a thought all right let's do a test and then we'll wrap it up this is burning a hole in my pocket you guys imagine somebody offered you money a lot of money, enough money that you would never have to work again now maybe even your children would never have to work again all this just to look the other way would you would you take it? I know a man who didn't not once but several times sharp man even shorter than me and not once several times or several years this guy was sure chart his first name it's called shark in hindi but to me he's the biggest man that I know my dad here's what I want you to do before you go to sleep tonight they got a piece of paper and just write two lines there one example where you stood up for something that you believed in I promise you you'll sleep great thank you. Nice bubble you think you're going pocket I'm happy to hold that I wanted to burn off holder uh ra touches pauses were powerful whoa and great story I think you should develop this speech more I think people are really senior is quite a story teller actually retire sha yes, and girl is saying he has very compelling stories and other people are saying every time you speak it's something very interesting I'm not sure if this is what happened, but you reach to put your hand here and you caught yourself hold on that was amazing actually likes the open it was a kind of conversation I wasn't sure if he was starting yet or not but he wass and so it was effectively mean drawing me in and old moon did not catch any weak language anyone who said so thanks so uh what can I do better I would actually suggest starting with your wallet in your jacket instead of in your pants it's easier to get two and it looks a little bit more professional or just have the money that you don't have to stuff it back into your wallet while you're talking uh molly pearson fitness I think he could have had a stronger closing then you'll sleep great yes and clear of our sort of uh echoes as well is she saying take a moment to fade out at the end let the story land great all right thank you rakesh and three cap so close be brief be clear be gone you want them to be wanting mohr you khun tie back to some of your themes especially something an image you start with finished with that image but almost all of the actions what gives form to the emotion gives a vessel to hold emotion to make it last the better the vessel the more the emotion last it could last for years that could last for two seconds depends on what you give something to hold it something for them to do you guys did a great job your hero speeches we'll do a couple more of break and the aa homework you're gonna have for the end of the day is a two minute talk so similar the hero speech I want you to put it all together the topic is anything you wanted to be and only two minutes. But bringing together all the different things that we were working on for. Anything you want to say, whatever you want to cover, to show a little bit of how these things are integrated in your mind.

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This is the best online training program I've ever purchased! At such a low price, you get a 3 day training from a master teacher in his field. I find Bill's sessions to be lively, engaging, and lots of fun. I've learned enough from just Day 1 to lessen some of my fear of public speaking and agreed to a new speaking engagement. I highly recommend this program, and will look into Creativelive trainings in the future. Thank you so much!


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