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Powerful Communication Owns the Room


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Team Presentations

Every team should have a team leader imagine you have five people on stage and you're presenting something for a half hour to a large audience. One of the five of you needs to be in charge. Why that something's gonna happen? Especially when you start using his technique? Something's gonna happen? You didn't expect let's say you four in the front roll and I were on the stage and we get a hostile question that we were not ready for. We did not see this coming. We weren't ready instead of all five of us trying to answer it at the same time, stepping on each other or none of us answering deer in the headlights. The team leader just looks over and says, jennifer, just with my nod, she steps into handles it if she's struggling and I can look over so the team leader doesn't mean you're the star, it means you're the team leader there's times when you will speak to you that way, there's a smooth way to handle anything that's coming up, the bigger the team, the more you need that team leader, we...

talked a little bit about body language. When your colleague is speaking, what do you want to do with your body language? Supporting them, whatever they that means to you, or you can go completely off shot and start setting up your next piece or doing something the board or getting things ready as long as it's not undermining your partner let's say gehry's my partner and he said there's three words I want everybody to remember when we talked about this issue I won't even ask his permission I'll go to the board and write up the three words because it's echoing him is giving him more strength for his message and when you practice, one of things it's helpful is to play the role of the audience involved a customer so if I'm pitching thirty customers but the same a photographer and I think wow these are all potential clients pull one of the clients on stage so as a customer, what are you looking for? What your greatest hopes anytime you involve the audience or pretend to be the audience is going to help you break through why's that matter most of you are super smart creative but you stay in your own head what you want to do is focus on your content but be in their head. I keep thinking if I was them watching me, what would I be seen? Is this gonna be interesting to me? Would I be disengaged? Would that what would I be thinking? And the more you're in their head, the more you're gonna have breakthroughs in the bridge gets stronger and stronger all right, just a couple things to keep in mind. Each team come up. Roberto will help us with the time two minutes. Who would like to go first? Richard and gina. Hi, everyone. Welcome to the seminar. As we know, this day and age, we're constantly bombarded by all these unhealthy foods not being able to walk to places you want to get to everyone's getting a lot unhealthier. So how many of you here would like to be healthier? Raise your hand. Okay, put it down. And now think about this. How many of you think that walking is a good form of exercise that will help your health raise your hand? Great. I have had a wonderful doctor who has come here today to show you about this new technique that we've discovered. So thank you. We went to the lab and we looked at the way people were walking. We want to figure out how can people walk and be healthier? How can they do so and improve the tone of their glutes? How can they do so in a burn? More calories? And how can they do do so and be happier and I think he'd be helpful. Forget some people up on stage and we can demonstrate this. Yeah, let's see, do we have any volunteers who'd like to learn this amazing new tech sneak great laurie and shauna come on up you stand over here first what I will do is all demonstrate this new technique and then you can and then you can show us that you've learned it fast and then applied us at home and this is called short walking and so what you d'oh let's say you want to go read a book you can walk over and you can take a book off the shelf and you can read it and then walk back one minute left and there you have it you burn some calories you've improved the glutes and your reading your book so let's see them do it altogether squat down to a very low squat you want to get deep wait I I'll do it with you since I was part of the research so will get down low into a deep squad into your glutes in your hand strength and this way you walk everywhere a noticeably and still burning many, many calories don't use so much way encourage you to use a short walking at home um and pass it along to your friends yeah so jennifer attached when you guys go home jack yuhas well mention it to your friends and family and online audience too and we also sell licenses for this all right nice exactly two minutes a slow, slow down cowboy any positive feedback loved me how positive feedback is a generic term. What do you really want to know? What did you do? Well, what did what did I what did you remember? What did you like? What did we do? Well, the more the way you asked. The question determines how useful the data will be. Okay, what was the best part of our presentation that stood out to you? Excellent. You know, I like the fact now that I know you. I know that each used their own personality and each took the right goal for your personality and is shining through. Ah, line, folks. What they do well, anything else here that it is enacted and they moved the technique that you were talking about. That helps me remember it. People really like the way that demonstrated people to bury. Said it was very well done on. Mona is saying is very authentic. Present in the book. You really tied in the props nicely. And you made it silly. You left it ourselves. And that made it safer for austin. Say I could really do that. All right, so how can we help you improve our our presentation? I think it's ah, a little dangerous when you're doing something that, uh out there on the edge too has from plate for participation sure are volunteers because you have to be prepared for people who won't come up or nobody will come sure so what if someone came up and they had any injury? Is there someone else? Someone comes up and they have a skirt girl how do you take it up? Let's say there's two hundred people know it's how can you get everybody to practice the technique we didn't get that far I think out loud what would you do uh have them go home and practice it how can you be more immediately everybody stand off then the rich stand up squat down extra share and just take two steps a couple people or things are fit enough to come up on stage and do it with us but even if you even need to be careful trust your own judgement you wear a dress etcetera but you want everybody to do it okay everybody squat down first now even if you could only do to try to do to everybody all at once and then they all laughed all fun but they'll experience the walk and you've asked for who is perfect for beyonce because you set the criteria right good job team thank you want to go next line folks feel free to share your thoughts hey, if we were doing a presentation if it's just me I could do a presentation two minutes by doing a b and c and pulling things together I think that would be great for me hey guys um how many of you here think that you guys are not able to get enough sleep because of your work? All right, at least half of you awesome. I'm here to tell you about some professions which are which actually legally require you to get enough sleep for example a pilot how many hours do you think the government requires you to be sleeping before getting in a cockpit? That is correct doctor uh that'll be eight hours so shana here has some interesting questions for you guys to ask so like you guys to do stand up and put your it does matter each either hand out and with your thumb out and show me with either if you feel great or if you feel terrible after you get a terrible night's sleep either you were out too late or what not so show me how how you feel after show me that looks greater bay looks all the thumbs are pointing down and then how does it feel when um you have to be productive the next day at work after having a terrible night's sleep two thumbs down awesome and then last question how do you feel after you had a great night's sleep? All times are awesome awesome, very good so, guys, the conclusion here is very clear when you need to be at your very best whether it where it's a question off safety in a cockpit or whether you have to be at your best being you're being at your maxim productivity eight hours of sleep matters all right, so what did you guys think that we did well, everybody help in moving the direction was good. I like that. I like the topic I liked it just resonated with all of us. It's the ultimate risk reward question how much sleep you get it's a very relevant question for any industry. Yes, yes, I'm girl says you guys have good chemistry on uh becca is saying they like that you presented a problem and then you presented the solution very good uh what could we have done better? No. Yes, quite a few people are asking why you ask people to stand up on why there was a necessity to stand for this so it's good to do it but as you do it and keep trying things, sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't learn even more when they don't so keep trying new stuff and retest people have noticed that your default safe position for your hands is what you're doing exactly right now I don't know what to do with my hands I'm open for suggestions you you rock this way and this way okay, so in this time walk with me now I want you to step into the audience instead of going side to side go very good step into the audience so if a pilot very good when you see more than one person has the right answer eight hours should you call on one person or more than one? How do you make everybody feel smart? A lot of people have the right answer a lot online just probably wrote in the same answer eight hours he had or you're pretty close. You want everybody to feel smart? You can certainly call out names we know that's very effective but you want everybody to feel because a couple of people the right answer but you only picked yeah, I miss that last one is think about tying the beginning to the end you start out with a brilliant example the idea of the pilot. How do you tie that into the end? What could you do to build a bridge to the end? Uh, I thought it came across when I said uh whether whether its a matter ofthe safety in cockpit or whether it's a matter of being at your highest productivity very good and then add to that sentence you are the pilot of your own work of your own life of your own destiny so like those pilots, each of us needs to get that eight hours you're building a bridge from where you started to where you are to call putting a bow on it and it just makes it feel like oh yeah that clicks that makes sense three eighteen media uh noted that shyness questions were phrase so everyone had the same answer for each one so that's an argument for change it up a little bit I was trying to give you a couple answers that didn't quite fit but you weren't picking up on those so and if one of you is asking the question the other one's good at reading the data so if sean is my partner and she asked the question I should be looking for the out liars I should be looking for the patter urns of people who want a little attention they want to say something different all right? Good job team you guys are doing great using a lot of techniques audience involvement, voice modulation stories, examples everyone was very impressed that your reaction to the comment was I'm open to suggestions that uh it's a compliment to everyone here that you've been so open about wanting feedback and wanting to really implement it so it's great feedback is the super power doesn't do it so we're going to teach you two very powerful techniques when speaking to a large group of audience the first one is eye contact and I'm gonna hand it off to jack to present another one so I have learned that learning names who's extremely important and we have all been here today discussing our names and I have gotten most everybody's names in one form or another I have been introduced to shauna but I don't believe I got your last name could be mere last name please pertain and I know it's protest kamar long and jennifer low and the hosts I was never formally introduced can I have your name on my list is andy's andy's and your first name? Russ russ so it's ross sandy's is in the mountain okay? And it's john I believe I heard but they never got a last name. John john economy my first name is actually john kennedy sean canada connor and I believe you said earlier that you were named after the former president, right? And then in the background we have richard winters richard clarke winters who's named after a famous general are you related to the general at all? I don't know, but I I appreciate that. Okay? And then we have lorena, who goes by the name lori, who is from panama and has a very complicated last name that I would absolutely butcher if I don't practice it, can you help me practice it by giving it to me once tobe born toe bone beautiful thank you and the second one is a boot we used food tab on abu and a buddhist lebanese correct all right and gina we didn't forget you what was your last name? My last name is sue but on screen I go by the last name of heart like a heart okay gina sue right now did anybody notice what my partner gary here was doing the entire time of the conversation ten seconds left jerry was attempting to make eye contact with with gina did you feel his eye contact gina I was focusing on you actually. Well thank you anyway, thank you. So if we could have uh two ideas of what we did well please online is being very positive dream life was saying the I was never formally introduced was a really good line goes well done thank you I think it's amazing how you remember names on last name so well it took it to a whole new level and you had the courage to say I don't remember communication is about that courage it's like we're all past people know hallway and that we met last week and I can't remember the name so we go up to him and say how's it going there buddy but say help me with the name again and that that little bit of courage is a lifter for both of you connect both of you some other good comments becker is saying that is very good use of hand gestures there with your hands open on three eighteen media is saying there's a very good hand off between you from gary to jack, unlike me, is getting so good with your feet backs very helpful. We definitely from the audience or class farmers we definitely appreciate. It really helps. Feels like you're here in the room with us. A last thoughts for these guys, um, on the, uh, uh, constructive feedback. We have affairs. Who and a couple of others hands out of pockets. Jack yes, they were in there the whole time, I think. Okay. And is there anything else we can improve upon? What was your goal? Uh, so work. My goal was to make eye contact with gina. Said she would notice, but I think some of that was lost when, um when I stepped back and jack, was this before or is your goal for the audience? What was the point of the presentation was to communicate the ideas of learning names and eye contact. So you had the island of creativity nailed, but at the end, just at a bridge. Okay, so what we did here, we want you guys to do in your next presentation, so reaching to make eye contact and don't forget to use names right shauna and then so it's a nice little bridge so it's not just a lesson for you it's a gift for them it's a reminder for them and you can be a little preachy when you're helping the audience you can tell people to do what it's actually in their interest you're helping them hey if you push if you hit this at first you can save twenty percent on your dinner before you get in the restaurant should be pushy telling you to do that yeah because it could save you twenty percent and if you don't want to do what you won't do it but you can be a little bold all right good job team bring us home baby bring it home so everybody I want you to take your right hand bring it up and make a c shaped like this and take your other hand ringing up and make another office it see shape and we get together so you're making a heart and keep it up if you heart or love sf almost everybody except for jack jack is a nomadic possibly um so we have a wonderful guest here to sf and that's laurie and um what is the most memorable thing you've done in a scif so far they walk this morning it was amazing I got all but of the hotel and I decided I'm not going to take I'm gonna walk on I walk all the way here hour and a half and I got to meet everybody in san francisco which is amazing. Yes, a welcoming the architecture everything is like come on, I'll hug you and I was I feel huck and loved the whole way here and it was amazing the door from here thank you. Yeah it's a I mean, I love walking around san francisco there's somebody great places to walk. Which brings me to my question for you guys, I want you to pair up and share with each other. One thing that you think is a must see or must do or must e thing to do in sf and online audience share one thing you know, into the chat that you think we should d'oh or if you would if you were going to be in us of what you would want to teo so take thirty seconds or take ten seconds think of me just your bike and go from the beer. You can go right. Go to marin county. Great, thanks. New time is up so really quickly. Um, really quickly? I have a couple can we get two light years? You'd think with these guys jack's so another already can you tell us what you thought about going bridge going a pretty awesome you guys sorry go ahead. We said the same thing renting a bike and going from all the edge of san francisco through the golden gate bridge never there was any consensus online thinking over it. Some people are rainy and lift is saying the trolley up and down a hill e street way got a couple ideas were you in that way all of you will be doing that. So what did we do? Well, representation. I thought you both moved around the stage well and lauren did a very good job of modulating her voice. I needed a nice story. The story of you walking pulled us in nicely. I love that you used the move forward technique in order to get them to pay attention. Mona likes how you started it with scene, you know, little story that drift the pair of worked anybody could do it and you recovered nicely say for those of you online what your favorite? Oh, and if you've never been here, what might you like to do anything you think we can improve often? Just very small things. Some people are saying it's best not to use acronyms saying s f or sfo except when you're introducing and then also a lot of people have noticed that many people today as we've been doing this more extemporaneous speaking have been starting with so which is weak language it's been a fairly constant today and you called on all the teams except for one it would only take you an extra two seconds to have that last team share what there's one and we would recommend it to you short walk is opposed to one of the things I think is recurrent and the thing that we did also was when raising the hands and again giving permission okay put your hands down because I think we're all kind of sitting there still with the hearts and good all right good job wrapped up with a couple of thoughts and back to our host for we break for lunch your job is involved the audience the more you do it the easier it gets so everybody's homework over lunch everybody online same homework I want to use one of these techniques and some innocent bystander in the break it could be a one on one conversation so how do you feel the food is today? Would you say it's good better and it could be a friend but it could be used name eye contact but just you don't only thinks until you practice and they come very quickly our goals involve you on the room we get invited I got a lot of e mails last night linked and say hey, this is great you come to our company do you come to our part of the world we have trainers all over the world. The problem is, the trainers are all getting to be better than I am, and my ego can't handle that very well. The male ego is a fragile thing, ladies so michael below a mickle claus, turn europe. We've got jorge and south america, you've got really great trainers, but whether it's bringing somebody in or going to a class, or going online, commit to yourself, invest in yourself, you're worth it. Don't wait until you're eighty two and take the class at the senior center and say, wow, this stuff is really easy to do. Put yourself first, and you'll see how much of a change you can make, not only for yourself, but for everybody you care about let's. Give him a special round of applause to the host who have been so brilliant in participatory in such good sports.

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