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Powerful Communication Owns the Room


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The 2 Minute Talk

We'll get step now into our two minute talks, and this is how we're gonna do is we're gonna set up our stan shins are red carpet and one time in the same order we started two days ago. We're going to show a little bit of the before picture what was a little of a person's personality before they started and then they're gonna come up on stage and do a two minute talk whatever subject they want know what? We're not not going for perfect, we're just going for have some fun, do whatever you want as we set up the stan shin's don't squish the brain it's question his brain and no dials will film it, but we won't probably have time to play it back, so we're going to each person will do there before video, they come up, do their two minute talks and applaud online community is now going to be our only coaches. They're gonna show it throw in thoughts will get some comments from them. The next person showed their video back let's do four of them will stop, we'll get thoughts on what we're seeing,...

what were noticing that do the last four we want to leave a little bit of time at the end for final wrap up where we're going, what we want to do and celebrating and reflecting on our three day journey together because life is a journey one step all right, so let's roll richard's tape if we can no, my concern is with health care and how we can better have a physician's take care of asians and I see we're in a time right now we're physicians and hospitals are control and I see it's moving to a time where patients are control and so how do we transition to that? How do physicians howto hospitals better take care of patients? How don't we listen to them? How do we give them the data that they need to make decisions it's uncomfortable just like speaking is uncomfortable on dh I want to help physicians and I want a hospital see that transition ladies and gentlemen dr twenty to wash uh term comfortable somebody use that again I think we're pretty good that living comfortably but do we know how to die comfortably? How do you want to die? Raise your hand if you'd like to die comfortably okay so we all want to die comfortably. But what does that mean at home with family surrounded by loved ones fulfilled comfortable poetic that's how I want to die it's uncomfortable to talk about this though this is my job I'm an emergency physician and I asked families every day as they bring in their elderly parents or family and friends how would they like to die? And the answer is everything I want everything done, but what is everything is everything breathing tubes, electric shocks, chest compressions? Or is it at home fulfilled? Uncomfortable? I want you to talk to your family members and understand how they want to die let's flip that, though, and I want you to ask them, how did they wantto live the last moments of their life? Wait don't have to give feedback on that one, all right? We're gonna have gary into the before we'll roll the before and then gary, get ready for the red carpet. So the issue that I want to talk about his obesity, I think it's a very important issue right now that the united states is facing I think this issue will be more low as will become more localized right now, people are not eating correctly. They are, you know, the way food is produced and the way his package makes it so that it's very hard for people to be healthy and taking it to keep from being obese. And, uh, you know, I think this is a very important issue that we have to figure out how, as a society, how do we teach people the right skills to sail? Good morning, welcome, gary, I'm gonna let you all in on a secret, and the secret is part of change your behavior and the way to change your behavior is three things that I'll get into it but first let's take a poll how many of you have been trying to add a new habit to your life raise your hand it looks like pretty much everybody now take one second to think about what is that behavior that you've been trying to add to your life just take about twenty seconds to do that okay I see some nods in the audience and online um how about retest what's the behavior that you've been trying to add uh I've been trying to start reading a book every month. Okay, great. And how about jennifer? We got by seven a m every day ok? And how about gina work out hard for full forty five minutes every day. Okay, great. So it sounds like everybody has a lot of new habits that they want to add to their life now let's do another exercise if you want to change behavior uh let's think about this if the phone rings and you don't answer it, what is the reason? Why don't you answer the phone? You're busy. Yes, I think it might be a telemarketer might be a telemarketer. Okay, white house rakesh uh usually it's because I'm in a meeting, okay? And so it really boils down to two different kinds of reasons one you're busy, you don't have the ability to do it, so for behavior change to happen, you need ability. The other thing is you also need motivation, so for example, you don't want to you're too tired and the third thing for behavior change happen is you need a trigger so you need a reminder maybe a string around your finger to tell yourself I got to go work out or a calendar something on your calendar to tell yourself I have to go eat healthy I'm gonna have a healthy meal now or today, so for behavior change to happen remember, three things need to happen you need to be motivated, you need the ability and you also need to set up triggers so today to change your behavior, go home and the first thing I urge you to do is to set up a trigger for yourself. Thank you I feel bad for the other six of you because they're setting the bar high here. All right, let's, watch the tape on lord everybody is in something saying the animals maybe taking care of kids who don't have a home but I think the most important there is humanity bar all these problems I believe come from inside from who we are and what we do hell everybody to give a hand to give a smile, smile always could it is happiness always good for someone else we won't have those problems so maybe that's something which will work on when our soul from the inside out we get law will receive lock on everything will be so good thank you all the way from panama let's welcome laurie it seems that somehow our society has become very negative everything that happens everything that we do somehow is negative we have become comfortable we complaining your service just sucked that c c o maybe she's been wearing the same boots for the past three days but what about the good things our a friends do the same if you please close your eyes and just imagined a red balloon rainbow the eagle of shield ren a good juicy state now open your eyes your friends you can just type I so we know you're there raise your hands if any of you all of you at some point smile we just fill that tingling feeling inside of joy eyes in their way know that we know that feeling I have a question and pc friends answered type of way so up here they can read it for us for example what makes you happy? What brings a smile to your face with a tingling, joyful feeling friends but our re friends anybody has written so far anything it takes a little bit so they'll be coming in just a moment very well we know this we know how it makes us feel we liked that feeling don't you so it seems that it's easy for us just to go ahead think about the negative and say it but when it comes to gift that joy that's the mile hesitate so promise me that starting today you want to stop hesitated when you're going to give love in any way a list star right now look to the person that's why beside you and tell them something nice anything anything go ahead if friends just look in the mirror why look in the mirror and say something nice do the servant you are awarded so just look in the mirror until something for I had nice eyes anything there that makes you smile so beginning today make yourself a promise at least once a day you're going to tell someone how great they are thank you wait let's all tell laurie that you great one two three e o lets do jack pre and then we'll pause afterwards with discretion here about health care obesity and do it on my little world and I say there's a laugh to the united states of this concept of taking care of himself and self responsibility would like to see is people taking doing their own thing on having the rest of society step out of the way government step out of the way so that we can all live our own lives the way we choose ladies and gentlemen jack imagine we're in a very large auditorium in fact let's crank out our time machine roll the dates back to when we were in college think about the largest lecture hall you guys were in we're gonna sit all the way in the back professor comes shuffling out writes something on the board but you can't see it he starts to lecture but you can't hear it that that was my first college lecture that I ever attended right? That professor he was using his tools he was using his pen or chalkboard and his voice but he was really abusing those tools now let's crank our time machine forward and pull our professor from back where he waas to today he's got different tools he's got a microphone and he's got power point first slide he shows it's an eye chart you can barely read it he reads every word on every slide was I drooling there? Did I fall asleep? How many have you noticed that I fell asleep? That's today's lecture is that power point's fault is microsoft the root of all evil but I'd like to ask you guys to do is to take a very quick moment between now and the end of the day and make one change to your lecture just one realize that we can paint a picture weaken tell a story we can capture our audience and to provide a meaningful message I think the technical term for these first four speakers would be while there's your commercial right there thes before and afters are the best marketing tool for this workshop we could ask for I'm gonna just take comments from that online community what do we know it's about the four little breath and then we'll do the other four there is honestly no way that I could read off all of it you guys have touched people in such an amazing way watching the improvement it's really really just eye catching to see one and then the other actually what I'm doing is I'm copying and pasting all of the comments from the chat room and so I'll get those to you afterwards so that we could get all of them its very best I want you see this stuff is really cool thing I think you're all doing really well is we've all let go of perfect and your coach people one on one we are all some of us more than others well if it's not perfect I can't do it and some of this personality but some of its societal we all learn princeton to the center study and creativity everybody know what an I q test is a test they create a cq test how creative a creative quotient and eighty percent of five year olds got a high score and only twenty percent of ten year old got a high score and they were baffled what's going on and they figured out do you know what kills most creativity in our kids? Guess what isthe happens between age five and ten school school we don't mean to there's so many great things about school but before you get to kindergarden everything is right if you paint a tree blew everybody thinks it's cute if you sing a song off key it's still cute but then at kindergarten you learn that one and one is two it every other answers wrong c a t spells cat every other answers wrong and we learned that there can only be one right answer it's not true for almost every area of life except math and spelling we also learn wait a minute if if everybody saying our religion is right and the other ones must be wrong if the's faces on the magazines are beautiful that means the rest of us who don't look like that must be it it's not true at all but it's a very dangerous concept and we carry that all the way into our leadership our life, our careers but especially public speaking there is no perfect there's only memorable connected riel involving perfect is not your friend and as all of you let go of that and just tried new things and connected to what you that's where the magic's coming from and speaking of magic let's watch on so I kind of touch is a little bit on the way other people have talked about which is about autism I think autism is common extremely president in our society and yet a lot of people still don't understand it theirs a huge spectrum where tons of people have different people fall on and it affects everyone a little differently and think exposure to it whether it's in the media or in our everyday lives is really important because it helps us understand those around us on but also can help us interact with those that like we were saying that we need to be able to love people who are different than ask no matter what's really there in and how they're going to relate to each other and how they relate to themselves and how they understand themselves as well and so I think it's really important that we not only you know go the extra distance to find out why something thinks the way they think and understand how they feel welcome to the stage rate from creator can I just say I counted six homes in that which was awful did you count the likes I did not count the likes I should've counted the likes I don't know if that's gonna say city but sunday evening september sixteenth two thousand twelve get ready for bed brush my hair brushing my teeth giants game on in the background my phone rings hi dad cancer where's your hand if someone inspires you rest who's your person the founder of creative live craig's wants him brian who's, your person my person's my dad my family watched for months while my huge box of a dad whether it away he couldn't eat, he couldn't talk he almost lost the essence of himself. But every day when he stood in front of his mirror in his bathroom and brushed his teeth, he thought to himself things could always be worse. February of this year, my dad beat cancer and so what I want you guys to dio is tonight when you go home and you're standing in front of your mirror, brushing your teeth matter how bad your day has been, no matter how stressed you are and water what's going on, just remember that things can always be worse thank you for that gift tush your choice is education. I believe that if we make twelve years of formal education and you were so right even solve many of the world's problems from years of education will train at us to choose the right leaders for themselves and also trained people to build infrastructure and ritual, ultimately raising the standards of living on across the world thank you welcomes this days thank you guys. How many folks in the audience are familiar with the tale of two cities by charles dickens oh, boy lot simply treat your friends were here today I'm going to talk about actually gonna tell you a tale off two countries and their health care system united states of america and france the average per capita cost of health care in us is fifteen thousand dollars while we're here in we've left our aunts it's about half of that seven thousand dollars now one would think that you know you get what you pay for, right? Usually so uh actually the world health organization rated the healthcare quality in france as world's number one while we're here in us can somebody tell me among the top ten developed nations just give me a show off fingers what do you think america's ranking wass how gary is really, really optimistic over there. Uh it was seventh actually, uh so you guys expensive poor quality not so expensive. Great quality. I think we need to rewrite the stale of two countries you decide. Thank you guys. I'm a little worried that we're creating some monsters here gonna be no stopping these guys let's watch the jennifer channel all jennifer all the time on the general a gentle one issue that I'm really passionate about is how everybody live war fulfill happier lines and the converse of that is how remove stress from every day life they think that they're four main ways people do this one is by just living healthier lives physically getting exercise, eating right mentally being exercising your creativity on an everyday basis spiritually doing meditation, doing whatever it is I can get you out of the stress phone and into kind of a peaceful state of life and emotionally incorporating gratitude and everyday life and incorporating gratitude for oneself and for others miss jennifer do one thing every day that scares you eleanor roosevelt said that raise your hand if you're oh you've been afraid of something everybody pretty much across the room except for the camera guys I guess they're not afraid of anything you can put your hands down I'll tell you one of my fears that I've kept for a long time one of my fears since I was a kid was talking to people I was a kid who would pick up the phone and say hi who is this and I was the one calling them over time I've learned try something say hi to somebody nothing about happens they might say hi back they smile say a little bit more you gain a friend wow getting over your fears talking to people not such a bad thing I would put together challenges for myself even now I put together challenges for myself last year I travelled to new york city and I gave myself a challenge talk to the first by people you see just they hide of them smile anything I didn't stop it five I catch a skip going and going I made new friends talk to new people really interesting so what I want to leave you with is to think about the thing that scares you what is it that scares you in your life? Is it taking a new class isn't reaching out to someone is it looking up a new job opportunity whatever it is I think about the next step think about the next step and big rewards like in home after that all right gina bring his home baby bring us home hi everyone my social issue I'm really passionate about is also education seamus potash I believe education especially in global poverty and several countries isn't this really important because it's an incredibly valuable resource to help you move forward not only help yourself people around you but it affects everyone else and most importantly I think education in first world countries to help better health third world countries that even the most important type of education because that's how we can really make a difference thank you wait so I want to tell you today is about a man who I never met who changed my life me and my mom loved going to this one park near my home so close your eyes and imagine it with me rolling green hills the paths are perfectly well groomed there's hot moms running in their lululemon outfits and perfectly trimmed dogs running alongside everyone looked to me as beautiful now open your eyes and then you're there and there's larry I never really knew his name but he looks like a larry to me he was big chunky sad look on his face that rested on a double chin and he was running up and down this hill constantly he looked really out of place and every step he took looked like he loathed it. It was very uncomfortable to watch and me and my mom would kind of stay clear of larry fast forward six months and I'm running in my favorite park it's beautiful this beautiful people around and all of a sudden there's this dry stretch of brittle dead grass and up the hill I see a face and it's familiar it's larry then fit quite handsome might I add and at one moment larry changed my life if I ever come to a crossroads to a beautiful place where I just feel comfortable, I think about how he took that goal and he worked hard he didn't care about what other people thought about him and secondly he made his own path literally and figuratively went towards his goal. So I ask you all today if you ever are at a place where you're comfortable or there's a goal you want to reach that nobody supports you on come with me to this beautiful park and cherish that dry narrow piece of dead grass and think about larry what we do with that great let's reflect on the eight and first loves basketball on the positives we'll do a pair up everybody turned your partner and chest who do you remember the most and what did they do that was so good online everybody was fantastic but what do you remember that people did that you might remember next week thirty seconds ready go what do you remember that people said you see it's really great because you're so cheerful I don't have time to think that thank you marano says bill you have definitely created eight monsters monsters well I prefer gerald gerald kaye I owe one who's saying a great transformation for all the classes maybe you created butterflies I wish it could be me that takes the credit but we did it we all do it together or run the group saying you've created a giants maybe that's a better analogy I want to give a little bit thanks to mika who and everybody who invited us originally and because celebrity guests natasha who joined one of the sessions on let's bring it on back three two one as we get more online thoughts what stuck with you? What would you what would you remember but let's just start with the praise what was really great about what we just did or what I heard or saw what stuck out free movement. Okay, and I know we all forgot the things that we had written down at some point, and it wasn't apparent, didn't. There were no bump. It all flowed very naturally, and it was so different from where we were three days ago. Three days we can start reading some from online. We have dream life. Who remember who said shauna had no arms, uh, clear of our a I like how jack acted out his talk, uh, jennifer saunders has been saying, shana hanging up the phone and saying one word to sum up the conversation. Clearly, that was very powerful. Maryland remembers the tale of two countries. Oh, on bull moves pointed out that gary had no so well done, gary heidi shauna, using a toothbrush for her images throughout, and her flowers saying richard was unbelievable.

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WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)