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Powerful Communication Owns the Room

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Voice Modulation

Bill Hoogterp

Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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7. Voice Modulation


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Lesson Info

Voice Modulation

Now whatever order the spirit moves you I don't care who goes first who go second want you each to deliver your quote to the room so each of you come on out from whatever order and just deliver your quote who would like to begin successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly where is average people make decisions slowly if at all and change them quickly if I'm not for myself then who will be for me and if I'm not for others then what am I and if not now when never tell people how to do things tell them what to dio and they'll surprise you with their ingenuity whatever the heart think feels the head must think about but the head thinks about the mouth speaks what the mouth speaks the hands d'oh four things come not back this bed arrow the past life missed opportunity and the spoken word see how nature trees flowers grass they grow in silence sea the sun, the moon, the stars they move in silence we need silence to touch souls you don't get to choose how you're going to d...

ie or when you can only decide how you are going to leave, be courteous with all but intimate with few and let those be well tried before you give them your confidence great those online I would like you to do your quote for yourself into your own monitor into your tablet or smartphone what come on bill do I really have to record and play back? I'm the only one that room there's no way you can possibly know if I did it I will know trust me I will know well have fun do it every time you're on camera you're getting stronger and stronger you gotta put in the reps you gotta put in the work each time you're getting more and more comfortable I would like to think I'm the best coach in the room right now I'm not I might be in the top twenty but the camera's always the best coach we're always learning things from the camera always train yourself to see the positives first course there's lots of things we can always improve as a group what did you notice that time when you all did your quote what you notice macro micro individual group I'm not fishing for anything specific but what did you notice an online what did you notice watching them more heart I saw a lot more emotion what else use of the space people are starting to use the space a little bit more richard you're brilliantly a lot ofyou to have different places where you going to use you change your subject and you change your position what else did you notice? You know I think just having it memorized and you feel confident about your memorization helps very good. And some people. What if I get the word? Don't get the words right. Don't worry about getting the words right get the feeling right get the concept right and everything else will flow what? What are we hearing from online way? Well, let's see, um, people are just starting to do this, so I don't have feedback on this, particularly yet, but I actually wanted to if you have a moment just really quick people. Some people did the homework over over lunch, and I would love to read we have dream life who said I did the homework and got feedback already demanding constructive feedback and got it feeling good. And then we have kick italian who said that they sent a did the homework and gotta return message from my sister. She responded in video, too, so I sent her a video of me telling her I love her and I'm proud of her. She sent me a video back and her eyes were spark. You make me so proud. So you are going to some comments now noodles out saying they're learning to master quote, but cortes and the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are on marrying no life always gives us the teacher we needed every moment, interesting quotes there so these quotes, whether online or in the booklet or are good for practicing there's lots of great quote books out there anybody can draw from, but they help you with these techniques, right? Other than your own. Whose quote do you remember the most? What do you remember that anybody did or said we were so focused on? Yes, so that's human nature when we're in meetings, everybody's going around, people are so focused on what they're about to say or what they said three people ago that's hard for us to concentrate, so you really have to break through to get their filters down. So this module is all about voice modulation, so when I say go, you're gonna do two things at once. First you're all going to come up on stage and grab a marker any color and you're gonna write your name on this chart where you think it goes online like you to type in where you think it goes just in your mind think of your natural normal voice you loud are soft do you talk fast or slow? If your natural voice is really loud? But you talk really? Whoa, you're ready first name here, your natural voice really softly talk fast all the time. You write your first name here, any color put it anywhere on the charter. I understand that part. As soon as you're done, I want you to pick a different quote, roberto, spread them out around the place tables and sit in a different chair. You're going to write your name, pick a different quote and sitting a different chair online folks type in ready, go online, folks, go ahead and type in what you think your voices I tend to be this this this, however you want to describe it, so while they're doing that one more quote from someone who did the homework, julie, nine to five, says one person said she cried and the other two said it made their day. I found it being addicting, wanting to send more and more messages to other people. Well, that's, really the purpose of creative lives to get julie's friends to cry exact that's our goal so jointly we've achieved it, julie, nice job, nice job and we've got people who are starting teo bring in their own personal speaking voices. We have am b who is fast but moderate way have dream life who is near loud and medium too fast speed I think that's kind of similar to may minus is naturally a little bit loud and resident, but modular medium speed well you're all bunched up over here okay? This is your voice range so wherever online wherever you would put your voice on this chart anybody guess what's the best place in this chart for a great speaker and he guesses right in the middle anybody else online gas works the best place for a great speaker bottom bottom to trade bullets all over the place all right anything about the middle it's a trick question it doesn't matter each of us has what's called a total starting point to our voice it's where voice begins it's and whether however it is on the chart it's perfect for you but no matter how perfect that tone is as a starting point if you stay in one tone one tone equals monotone which equals boring so what do we have to do with our voice? We've to modulate a range as you heard the eight quotes I want to buy online to type in a number and you guys think of on average what percentage of a range did you guys just use hundred means you couldn't possibly use more of the chart and zero percent means you stayed in your tone like a robot on average how much would you say you used and how much would they say you used and he guesses ten percent pretty good ten to fifteen percent is about what I heard a couple maura couple less but that's where you are and then in this module we're gonna teach you how to stretch your range maybe even double it online every exercise you do you're going to see more and more results but you have to be that reckless fearless learner like the one in remember ninth grade spanish class we all sat in there and there was the one kid in the back who is the nerd who had tried to answer the question every single time you want to be that nerd you want to be that one to just be reckless and fearless and just throw yourself in works it doesn't work you actually learn more when things don't work that when they do okay so within that place you're balance point of the furthest place is from your tonal starting point will come back in a little bit you're gonna go these places have different power for different people, okay? We're going to break this into pieces I'm going to teach you how to three techniques and how to change the volume of your voice and then three for speed and a couple for body language and then we'll put them all together and you'll see something really cool I'm gonna ask for a brave volunteer that person will come on stage and I will teach you three techniques and how to change the volume of your voice you'll all help me her band line will help me and then you all practice partnering up an online you're gonna partner up if you don't have a colleague with you than your partners your camera your smartphone you do it in you play it back and you keep noticing what you did well what you could do better who would like to be the first victim I mean volunteer okay all right all right okay they are and so I would like you to read this one to the audience now first I need everybody to take your right arm and put it out like this now when her voice gets louder put your arm up when it gets really loud way up softer goes down really soft way down if her voice doesn't change into volume your arm doesn't move and to make it accurate I want you to close your eyes and on lee go by the sound of her voice okay no they're back online your arms out I'll hold this for you thank you and close your eyes and begin their three things jj away ask off you toe act justly love tenderly on tow walk humbly with your god all right open your eyes how much of her via range did she use ten, twelve percent in there but I see that all right everybody take your right hand I'll show you what your volume rangers take your right hand and put it down like this everybody online same thing we're all going to count together from zero twenty forty sixty, eighty one hundred altogether out loud at zero I don't want to hear you twenty you're gonna whisper and forty and then you get progressively louder at one hundred I want you to scare the scoot studio engineers screaming at the top of your lung altogether ready? Yes twenty forty sixty a what that's your volume range oh well here's the good news you don't have to go zero to one hundred to one hundred get the attention of the audience it's not volume that makes filters go down it's any change in volume that makes filters go down any time you change your volume everybody here pierre cup and they want to hear but it has to be a clean change so technique number one pick in the first line pick one word that you think need some power three so at the word three so there are three things is the line at three I want you to get louder but I want a clean jump so you pause goto higher volume pause and come back okay ready go they are three thanks good so are your arms are they broken? They don't work there are three thanks good now this time I'm gonna control your paws so there are I'm gonna put up a stop sign don't say three until I release you and then I stop you again don't say things until every issue already step back there walked towards me ready? So there are three things good everybody see what we're doing so you just pause shift up to a higher volume you don't have to go one hundred, but shift up a clean ten nailed the word shift and come back and I know how to drive a stick shift a manual car here, online people most people in the world do most americans don't when you drive a stick shift what do you have to do first before you shift gears? What if you don't put the clutch in gina before your shift, bad things happen. Pauses the clutch for every change in your voice. It signals to the years something's about to change some things about to happen. So there are three things. Okay? Technique number two is your diaphragm. Er, put your hand on your belly. This is your diaphragm. When you use your diaphragm, you get all the air out of your lungs at the same time. You say a word on the count of three let's. All say kick at the same time. Slow down, cowboy att the same time you pull all the air out of your lungs ready, let's, try it one, two, three a little more intensity one two three pull in with your other hand sometimes helps one two three that's count of five and see if you can use your diaphragm on every number especially by the end ready what one two three four five all right six in honor of our mathematician loyalist to six but let's do odd numbers normal voice even numbers diaphragm ready one, two, three, four five, six good no diaphragm isn't about loud it's about intensity exactly passion is when you want to give him so what word would you say maybe in the second line that needs some diaphragm let me hear act with diaphragm just act act good it's not about love it's about intensity now what do you have to do before and after act for to him if you don't pause it's not gonna shift cleanly so you can do allowed on three act with the diaphragm walked towards us when you do it ready there are three things you ho as a pass so act good now again to act too good that's what isolates it all right in the third technique is completely different in the first two because when you get loud or use your diaphragm your overpowering the filters that white that's why it works but the third technique is the opposite you pick three or four words and you lean into the audience pause and whisper those words why this whisper work people pay more attention exactly the audience does all of your work for you they dropped their filters and lean into you very presidential because they're always coming to you so what's the three wisest words here with tenderly walk humbly so let me hear on the count of three everybody say whisper online state with us one two three little bit louder one two three weeks whisper doesn't mean soft needs toe aspirant your voice oh like in the godfather movies so love tenderly let me hear that they try enough standard little louder enough tender love love enough tender that good and what does she have to do before and after the whisper all of your pauses need to be about twice as long as you think they do once you get better reading the eyes you'll know but all right so loud dia fram pause and pause start over there walk towards us long pauses go arms out but eyes open whatever she's doing there are three things jack who asked off you tow act justly love tenderly on tow walk humbly with your gun very good round of applause nice job okay but I say go you're gonna partner up for one minute you're gonna practice with each other what we just did you're gonna mess with your partner the way I just mess with laurie you make your partner somewhere loud somewhere die fram and somewhere they whisper and we're going to take questions with our online folks online you can also practice on your own get your camera, get your smartphone and just practice the things and notice what you do pick a partner ready go stand up pick a partner to teams on stage two teams down there ready go way have fashion tv from singapore who says bill in what situations would you suggest we listen first or stop and pause toe listen like using active listening before we continue to say anything else we often get carried away while speaking what's your view on that russ I think it depends on the situation that's the problem is it's so particular to each situation where do you need information? Are you conveying information what's what is the situation? I would agree formulas don't help your brain is the greatest computer ever invented but justin to read the situation so the times when you listen more say more about that what's going on and times when you need to assert take command but trust your instincts, trust your instincts more and act on them faster language saying he understands it it's weak but he feels the user's uses it at times provide nuance to what he's saying or to build a report connection does he feel that weak language orjust bill feel a week language is ineffective at all times I would argue by who cruise questions at a dive called shrimping, so sure, I would say you've answered your own question there's times when it's not weak because it's colloquial. So if you're hanging out with young people and you throw in a young people phrased as long as it's still you being you not being fake, you're slipping in a little slaying, their once in a while, that's you dispense, not weaken that context, but in any context, if you use it over and over, it gets weaker. I like that when you think about what the definition of weak is that there's no content. Sometimes there is content in it in that it is establishing a bond or a communication or a feeling of some kind. So if there is content in it, then by definition it's, not weak language and value comes also from change. So if you're with a whole bunch of super smart people and you throw in a little clever st colloquialism, that's a plus, if you're with kids, you throw in a big word that's a plus, but it's always contextual. Like they say they understand is you should avoid it during presentations and meetings but what about daily casual conversations with family and friends is he thinks it's important to build good habits but is eliminating week language completely agood idea what's your if you john I would say no I think with friends and family you need to be a little bit more colloquial they're communicating on week so to give really um basically as you can all get rid of him in fact you want to get rid of them in private life a cz well because habits have a feeling I'm not they don't respect the borders but you still bu there's a difference between just being you and authentic and having fun and just riffing as well as same things they don't mean anything and had no value they're just crutch words so I would argue and I will back to the group it's better to practice on innocent people and your private life and then you master it and it would play out in both rina's I love it I love it all right five seconds left three to one all right everybody have a seat back and how did volume feel and hear from our folks online how did for those who did the exercise how does it feel what you learn from the volume exercise easy hard difficult about richard whispering to me is really difficult sounds really back again let me hear some whisper I'm trying to speak like kids don't you do it to me it's like so comfortable I don't get it I don't get it it just sounds really bad really now some people say well build he's a really good techniques but they're not natural they're artificial it's actually the opposite I'll prove it anybody here have children, nieces, nephews little cousins is anybody here ever been little themselves when you read stories to little kids, how did they want you to read the stories I do voices loud, fast little whisper in every single one of us can do it you're driving along and there's nobody around and one of your favorite songs comes on the radio what do we do? Crank up the volume and saying and how do we sing? You may have a wonderful voice or a terrible voice like me but doesn't matter every part of the song full settle base fast slow every one of us can do everyone and then you get out in front of grown ups at work and what happens to our voice becomes flat monitor once you understand what causes it, you can counter very easily what causes us to become more monotone with the group nervous partly learned not this lernout very good were all trained to stick out and fit in at the same time it's a very unusual dynamic but this is where the mirror neurons work against us we suddenly pressure each other to never deviate from the norm ever the way we talked the way we walked the way we dress everything in the business world all twenty years ago all shirts used to be what color would you ever wear not white shirt then and then what's the first color jack that people start to wear different than white and whatever else start to wear so what's the dynamic as we pressure each other to do it or belt it's all subconscious in the meeting if everybody sitting what are you going to do? And once you understand it you can counter it very easily so when you walk into a room subconsciously were pressuring you to be mano toe but instead if you modulate your voice you start to change the dynamics of the room but which one's more interesting amano toast point in the meeting or one that's more expressive which one do you prefer to hear so that's what you have to be and then you're making it safe for everybody is to follow okay let's switch into speed so now I'm gonna ask for a different volunteer coach that person on three techniques for speed you're all going to help me and then we'll practice with a different partner and online same thing who would like to be coached all right hold your card okay this time I need everybody to take your right arm and put it to the left you to right arm please left don't hit anybody the other left richard thank you I'll teach you you guys can all tease tease me right back so on the count of three everybody say the word super fast while you move your arm and say it's super fast one two three super super fast come on fashion that you got super you can hit gary he's tough all right so the first technique is you speed up on two three words and that creates a spark and energy that drops the filters and tunes in the ear second technique is staccato slow say it with me now dyke otto slow use your hands if you're not using hanshin at using your voice staccato slow what it's staccato means short choppy words so one word at a time that staccato slow means slow let's put super fast in staccato slow together and what do we have to do in the middle? Pause very good or whisper either ones always get ready super bass staccato slow even faster even slower longer pause superb stick otto slow all right now I want you to read this I'll hold it for you and whatever he's doing with this voice do with your hands faster slower ready go it's what you read when you don't have to that deter mines what you will be when you can't help it. Very good. So I mixed in a little bit of whisper in there too. So here's, what I want everybody to you can take your pens, you have the multi colored pens and online if you've got your quotes right out your quote or printed out, if you can and we're gonna do word groups, the first thing we do him do his with him the way you read that is you said it is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it that's the way you read that. So everybody look at this the way I did this and this is for groups we don't actually speak in sentences we speak in small word groups that we put together, the way you decide to put them together is what you end up emphasizing keep word group small. It could be one word in a group or two or three, but generally keep them a small issue can't so now I have him read it again and this time but let's, take a minute, you want you guys make your own word groups on your quote, so circle words together every word has to be in a group somewhere. Circle words that fit in a word group and because a good exercise online first few times it's slow and laborious then it gets easier and you can do it without even thinking can you grab it a green one and a red one okay so we've got the word group's heir but I understand that concept now I want to I want to test to do on ly superfast in staccato slow nothing in the middle so I'm gonna have you start which one you want to fast which one you want to do slow and it is what you fast that's too too big so it is it is what you read so it's either faster slow okay and so the ones where you gonna go fast I want you to green arrow bret this way and the slow red arrow like it's slow so go ahead do the same thing with your pen where you gonna get fast and where you going? Tto be slow folks online same thing if you just take a half a sentence and you diagram it's gonna help you break it up into a new technique okay let's go ahead and have you read this one and see let's try a couple different things but go ahead do the first part it is what you read when you don't have to that deter mines determines that determines what you will be when you can't help it when you can't help it. Good. Now your arms with a broken, they don't work flow it is what you read like you're making a book. All right, step into the audience when you do it go it is what happened. The arms movie it is it is what you read when you don't have to good stop right there. Step back to the same thing this time. Step into the audience when you do it and I'm gonna be your stop sign. This means stop and don't do the next one until I release you. Go it isthe watch you read when you don't have to, that determines what you will be when you can't help it. Good. You understand the difference between superfast scout slow it's, the conjecture, it's, the juxtaposition of the two that's, what creates the energy, not the speed of the slow itself, so you speed up on some words and slow down on others. What creates the energy where you speed up and where you slow down is just a judgment call, but for this exercise, I want you to have nothing in the middle on ly the two extremes, how the third technique is the most powerful one you should all have much longer pauses than you think you need, but one of the places tell me where you think the longest paul should be I want a three second pause when a crazy long pause but in europe too much to count like this thumb first one two three so right john so we're gonna do this so tell me what's the place where you want the longest pause I would say right before can't before camp okay so after he says what what you will be when you when he pauses there I want you all to go like this count to three if he says I can't help it before we're all done counting three he has to go back and start all over again to become more more comfortable with the power of silence okay start in the back and work your way towards us ready go it is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you I can't help it uh I wasn't gonna go start again use your hands it is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you I can't help it good to see the difference the pause sets everything up all the understanding happens in the past to become more more comfortable one of the questions great question online is like a little nervous when you try to talk fast because you're not comfortable with silence junior people are not comfortable silence senior people milk it more slide you have the more junior I think you are uncomfortable with the pauses okay round of applause for protest nice job thank you go same rhythm very impressed with the juste immediate improvement that we're seeing everyone as you're going through this I just well we're seeing it happen right there so you're getting a lot of support from the chat room and everyone online and we're all coach each other online in person we're all in this together we're coach each other so now pick a new partner and we'll stay in original seats when you come back you're gonna pick a new partner to teams on stage two teams on there and coach just on speed you convicts in loud diaphragm and whisper but just super fast staccato slow and everybody should have at least one crazy long pause move around use your feet use your hands ready go be brilliant any questions were getting online I've got a question personally when you're doing that cause when you're giving that really just pregnant pause giving it a good amount of time what are you doing with your face? Well, because most communication ninety three says nonverbal this is your powerful time so you can see half of all by languages the face so just haven't expressed what you want so if the private pauses I'm angry or setting you up for an action step it just has to reflect that they could also be a time of movement so we need to ask her online question remember one very important thing that movement is setting this up everything's about setting up the next piece and becoming comfortable if you're wants toe step ahead of the audience it feels like life is princesses and rainbow when you're a step behind the audience you're trying to catch up no, it feels like getting hit by the bus even though it's only one step it feels very different it was just funny when you took that step and in that cause I was like leading for was like what's he gonna say to you that I'm sure that went very very well very people you don't know what they're gonna say they used that as the pause I think if you work with a lot of top top consultants in the world doesn't matter what the issue is there's three things we need to dio ok here's what's going on afghanistan there's three things we need to do they'll figure out what the third one is a second but they've got number one in their head or it's four quadrants either one could be the one so victoria q I mean I'm not sure how relevant this is but it's interesting she's saying what about voice only conference calls when you're doing meetings that way to the tips change yes great question victoria so because you don't have body language I want to do this one live for the whole group when they come back so repeat this one again but you have to be even better with your voice you can't necessarily hold the room if they can't see you ah pregnant pause will work but a hand gesture won't but we'll come back to this it's a great question all right let's get going quick question if we want to show me I find it hard to do the voice volume modulation and I think this applies to speed as well with a short phrase how many of these voice mods should we be aiming for in each sentence it depends how much you want for practicing it doesn't matter just it's it's silly you extreme it doesn't matter in real life it depends on how much you want to emphasize but forty percent is world class you're never gonna be one hundred percent that you don't want a hundred percent that's just over the top so another great question five seconds left yeah three two one everybody turned back this way okay have a seat back in your original seats and how did it hot his speed feel how did it feel to be focused on speed was a easier or harder than volume raise your hand if you thought volume was harder type in if you thought volume was harder raise your hand if that speed was harder what's hard about speed it just seems too fast it seems to pass it feels too fast good what else is hard about speed slow all right so we know she was a fast talking e I want you to go get a beverage whatever you prefer do you have one that you're drinking? Okay, I want you to come up here so you told us at the beginning of the course that you are a fast talker you did say that did you not say that you said that you heard everybody say that what is this drink here is coffee do you like coffee? This is your coffee did you everybody hear her say she like coffee ever heard that I have witnesses that thousands of witnesses on a lot of no water go in your butt. Okay, I want you to put your head back all the way back open up open your mouth open your mouth. You trust me? I wouldn't even you know you're gonna learn this lesson you're gonna remember for a very long time open your mouth wide. All right, all of you I'm going to china and give you two choices and two choices only okay back I import all at once or a little the time of those two choices on lee what do you prefer all it wants for a little time a little time okay, I'll give you two more choices you want me to port or you want to put yourself well, you have control issues in real life if I poured it all at once, what would happen to choke spill? Just call over there so fast talker is this what you do? You start really fashion not policy was having your words is spilling all over the place poor little and give them time to swallow poor little more you comport fast you want as long as you give them time to swallow in a really advanced presenter, it is thie audience that controls the pause how is that possible? How can the audience pour it themselves hunt very good. So how do I know when how long the polish should be if I'm in advance? Presenter the eyes of the audience bingo said that again, jack the eyes of the audience so when they're looking up or looking down, what does that mean thinking they're swallowing when you're looking back, they're ready for you in dark fast you want long as you give them time to swallow, we said strong language richard jack presented before his paint pictures of oak emotions got some other fast talkers jennifer when you paint a picture, what do you have to give the pain? Time to dio dry? What happens if you start paying the next picture before the last one's dry colors will learn fast talkers that's what you do you just merge and blur them paint a beautiful picture and give it time to dry pours fast you want to give them time to thank you very much very scared for your son everyone was up what's gonna happen all right so now let's integrate into speed and volume so this time I want you to pick a new partner and I'm going to take john had a great question internet first and then we're gonna integrate in speed and volume together but first the question that we landed with from victoria before victoria was asking do you need thio moderate your voice differently for a conference cool as opposed to when you're actually in the room were all experts what do you guys think including online? What do you guys think of victoria's question I think if you talk the same than if you behave the same honor off the phone both you get practice uh enunciating and speaking moderate your volume as well as microphones and the phone will pick you up just fine very good there's a lot of dimensions to this but let's start with jax you want to practice offline the best people to practice on our innocent people in your private life so when you stopped by fast food on the way home you're not going to say I want some french fries what you going to say want some french fries? Exactly think you're on drugs you might get a discount you know it's getting out of the store faster but you have to put in thirty or forty repetitions before it starts to click in the brain and you could do without thinking so there's lots of ways you can do it you can take the quotes and practice every day let's do a couple you can pick up the newspaper? How many people read a newspaper online or offline the first paragraph modulate your voice out loud just the first paragraph every day and you very quickly you'll start to be able to do it then it happens without you realizing it and when you're in a group you just start modulate your voice you don't even sure what you're doing, it just happens but you want to do it both offline and online and makes it happen it doesn't take long and then you've got it for life other reasons other things we do why do we want to do this stuff in conference calls? Why is important on conference calls visual senses you're relying only on auditory senses very good every one of us went to the same cycle when it came to conference calls the first conference call we are all on we did the exact same thing, we had our agenda, we had our pan, we had our phone and we're fully participating then we discovered the most magic button ever invented in the phone called mute and then all bets are off I know a person I like to do my nails on these calls so and an average conference call give me a percentage how much is the audience listening and an average call give me a percentage seventeen times ten and we're on mute and if you give me something to do all on mute and I'll join in I'm supporting you I'm with you on the call for a reason, but if you don't give anything to dio course I'm gonna be doing e mails and other things on the side so when you engage the audience now most times you have a choice let's set up a conference call or we'll set up a video call what's the right answer you want video call well, bill, I hate how I look on video you're gorgeous get over yourself you want video every chance you can the first few times I feel strange and weird you come out the other side go through the swamp of uncomfortable you'll come out clean on the other side why do you want video ever you can visual allows so much more emotion so much more connection it's just a lot of great things but you have to grab your group and be leader and take him in the video age now personally I don't think this whole internet thing is going to catch on I think it's just like rock and roll to fat probably won't last more than a few more days but on the off chance that it does let's be ready it's the video age guys become comfortable with it you're gonna be going through an airport and say oh I have to thank somebody he was helping me on the project I could sit down and write a twenty minute e mail or I grab my phone set it against the counter and send an eight second video message which one's gonna have more power video is not perfect for everything some things are better for text some things are better for email some things are better for phone but video is really really good for so many things you just have to become comfortable with them okay when I say go new partner knew quote keep switching up and two teams on stage two teams off make sure you don't block the camera line and this time I want you to integrate volume and speed so where you gonna get loud or you should die for him are you gonna whisper where you go super fast super slow and at least one place where you walk around with a three second pause grab a partner coaching partner began on a completely unrelated to anything that we've talked about d j body and victoria and you want to know are there any voice warm up exercises that you recommend actually that's perfect timing we're coming up to the sum that I can we can give you and we'll post online you guys can come on up online carry jack won't you come on up related to the speed? Because marilu is asking she says she sometimes pause is too long people think she's done talking so she loses her turning the conversation she doesn't think her policies too long, but I just need to speak quickly. I think for many of us if we're being interrupted because there's a dynamic where we're kind of stumbling over each other and sometimes it's the group's fault because they're not really listening to each other, we don't listen, we reload our guns and get ready to shoot and sometimes it's us we'll soon as I start talking, I got the floor, so I better make my next six points now, even though it's not an efficient thing, whether it's us or them it's always a mix, don't be afraid to interrupt. If you think it's helpful for the group, interrupt somebody else or interrupt you're still say wait a minute, let me just finish that thought and don't be afraid to let yourself be interrupted it's always about what's helpful to the group overrides what's our personal preference makes sense like that that's interesting because it takes it away from being I am presenting material to you and being we are a group that is uh developing something together and having a conversation which is a back and forth do you see? I know people kind of use the metaphor that you are having a conversation with the audience even when you're speaking do you subscribe to that? You're always having a communication which is always two ways and if it's two one way if it's too didactic it's going to love diminishing returns kicked in fairly quickly so it depends on your goal think of it like you're juggling some fruit what's your what's your favorite fruit orange is so if you juggle oranges did you feed your audience? You know what? If you juggle five instead of four you could be brilliant about how clever you are presenting it doesn't matter what matters is did they get it did they digest it? Can they say it back three days later and then it just creates a whole different dynamic we tend to then cover less and covered much better and listen to them because it's also an effective technique for them to listen to us that's really good advice all right let's zoom in and watch and then start again hold car be courteous to all hands be courteous toe all intimate with you and let those be well tried before you give them your conference good start from their walk towards us and a bit louder this time groups much louder go be courteous to all but intimate with few and let those be well tried or you give them your kinds good excellent all right jack two one mind go ahead you can conquer almost any fear good start again give me gestures of confident can conquer you can conquer almost any fear if you'll make up your mind to do so remember start again and my stop sign means pause very comfortable silence go you can conquer almost any fear if you will make up your mind to do so remember fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind good see the difference the pause releases more more of your power good you guys have a seat all right everybody come on back and last one let's bring up the quotes I'll need a clicker here I actually have a cook and let's analyze a little of what we've been doing first everybody look at this quote and count the number of chefs what number f you see on the count just very quickly count the number of f's everybody online how many f's are in that quote all right now everybody close your eyes and show me with your fingers or type in your answer how many f's did you see ready go see two three four open your eyes what's the right answer jennifer make six six chefs where are they finished come on up point toe files go point tomorrow vanna white finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of most of us don't see those six why not? I think the actual war because we see what we hear which is the sound not the south thank you very much so all right let's go back to quotes so here's one of my favorite quotes and that's the way it looks but the way we read it is inward groups in times of change the learners inherit the earth while the learn it'd find themselves beautifully equipped operate in a world that no longer exists it is the pauses in the micro pauses that make everything pop and the micro pause in proportion to the length of the word is what creates the power so what we just practice for modulation was loud dia fram and whisper river back and speed so this by angelique what we've already done so if you if this is my angela how would she do this one time we want to give it a try I want to give it a try yeah all right come up sure come on up stand right here so first read it normal I've learned that people will forget what you have said people will forget what you did by people will never forget how you made them feel good now let's break it out I've learned that people will forget but you said give that a try ok I've learned that people will forget and then let's whisper what you have said what you have said nice people will forget people will forget and then use this to forget forget forget forget what you did what you did good keep going by people will never forget how you made them feel alright put it all together okay I've learned that people will forget what you have said but people people will forget what you did but people will never forget I made them feel all right and then last time I want you to help me with the pauses how long they should be so I'm gonna stop you after every word group okay, but be very comfortable to give you a super long pauses and you guys put your hand up when you think the stop sign should be ready go I've learned that people will forget what you have said people will forget what you did but people will never forget what? How you have made them feel good to see the difference remember when you go pro I get ten percent of all t shirt sales okay all right, so with speed is to get more more comfortable on the more more we practice, the easier just clicks in our brain so super fast. Staccato slaw really long pauses all the time, but at least one super long. Okay, one more for speed. Who else wants to give it a try? Alright, first line reading normal first when planning for a year. Plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees when running for life. Train and educate people. Okay, now do it with full voice modulation. Uh, what's the green again and the ready fast, reddest, ocado, slow. Okay. We're running for a year. Plant corn could now for voice. But that one when planning for a year. You okay? And then plant corn. Uh, act like you're planting court. Go. Got it. When planning for a year, plant corn when planning for a decade plant don't blow through the stop signs. Oh, when playing for a year plant corn. See how long the pauses are? Yes. So that's a regular beat. This is to beets. Okay, now watch my handles. Help you with the stop sign. Go. When planning for a year. Plant corn when planning for a decade, plant freese. We're planning for life drain and a gate, people. Good. Nice job.

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