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Product Packaging for Podcasts

Dan Misener

Product Packaging for Podcasts

Dan Misener

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1 Class Introduction Duration:06:37
2 Podcast Artwork Duration:14:47
3 Podcast Categories Duration:05:34
4 Podcast Metadata Duration:10:33
5 Ratings & Reviews Duration:03:33
6 Episode Titles Duration:06:08

Class Description

No question about it, podcasts are primarily about the audio. However, to be successful, you’ve got to attend to a number of non-audio assets to help get your podcast noticed and appreciated.

Using examples from some of the worlds' most successful shows, podcaster and producer Dan Misener will show you how to craft amazing non-audio assets for your show, including compelling artwork, well-written episode titles, and Google-friendly metadata.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create artwork for your show that complements your content.
  • Write effective episode titles and show notes.
  • Use ratings and reviews as part of your podcast’s packaging.