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Mining to Create Great IP

Lesson 3 from: Protect and Profit From Your Intellectual Property

Rachel Rodgers

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3. Mining to Create Great IP

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Lesson Info

Mining to Create Great IP

Let's go into step one mining all right so go ahead and turn to page ten and this is the intellectual property audit worksheet and has all the steps in it so we're gonna start with step one which is mining okay so as I mentioned this is the step where it's going to start digging through your business and finding the assets that are there so what we've done is essentially separate this out into several different sort of department's kind of if you will so that you can start picking apart your business because it is sort of a daunting task you know it's like sort of cleaning out your basement you've gotta sort things you know it's like that and that's how you think of it so what you can do is just create a list on dh start working through this and don't feel like all right you got to do it all at once you khun you know schedule an hour a week till like work through each of these sections if that's the best that you khun d'oh but make sure you create a process and you actually start worki...

ng through it so let's talk about some of this content um so customer driven content would be like email templates and script issues with customers let me just tell you that email is incredibly valuable your email is like a friggin gold mind okay not only does it have you know there I bet you a lot of potential customers that air there that you could probably go back and follow up with and that's actually another tip from charlie I know I keep plugging him but he's just so freaking awesome so anyway in your email you know he used to say like if you're feeling like all right I need to generate some additional revenue this month he would tell me go back to your inbox because there is definitely money in that inbox so start working through it and see who you've reached out to who you've talked to about working with you who's never followed up or who sort of disappeared and reach back out to them okay, so that was one example of how your email has a lot of value but also I don't know about you but I answer a lot of e mails every day everybody that works in my business does right and so a lot of times we then create templates out of those e mails because we answer the same questions over and over 00:02:04.212 --> 00:02:07. again those templates create a system to run that 00:02:07.42 --> 00:02:09. business more smoothly and when your systematize ing 00:02:09.75 --> 00:02:11. your business you're creating assets these air assets 00:02:11.94 --> 00:02:13. that people want to purchase when they're buying a 00:02:13.95 --> 00:02:16. business because that means you've created a process 00:02:16.06 --> 00:02:17. for them to do everything they don't have to do it 00:02:17.48 --> 00:02:19. from scratch it makes it easier for them and therefore 00:02:19.92 --> 00:02:22. it has value but one thing I do want to say though 00:02:22.55 --> 00:02:24. is that the mind set when you're working through this 00:02:24.75 --> 00:02:27. is not to think about that doesn't have any words 00:02:27.14 --> 00:02:29. so I'm not gonna put it on the list no you're just 00:02:29.23 --> 00:02:32. gonna list everything don't be judging okay so we're 00:02:32.62 --> 00:02:34. not going to judge everything we're just going to 00:02:34.56 --> 00:02:37. create a list and see what happens so you know like 00:02:37.56 --> 00:02:40. you see here there's testimonials and he step by step 00:02:40.39 --> 00:02:42. guide worksheets that you used to like work with your 00:02:42.74 --> 00:02:45. clients or to accomplish certain things in your business 00:02:46.6 --> 00:02:48. common questions and requests from customers that 00:02:48.91 --> 00:02:51. you get you could create a list of those things the 00:02:51.81 --> 00:02:53. email templates and like maybe a sales script that 00:02:53.93 --> 00:02:56. you use when you're on the phone with a customer or 00:02:56.49 --> 00:02:58. how you take customers to the sales process 00:03:00.22 --> 00:03:03. operations content so this is like if you've got an 00:03:03.46 --> 00:03:07. employee handbook your customer list if you've got 00:03:07.22 --> 00:03:10. an operations manual about how you run your business 00:03:10.85 --> 00:03:13. your list of services your fee menu I can't tell you 00:03:13.61 --> 00:03:15. how many lawyers have asked me for my fee menu okay 00:03:15.52 --> 00:03:19. it's like they think it's gold so so I know it has 00:03:19.58 --> 00:03:22. value because you know people want to know what we 00:03:22.26 --> 00:03:24. all charge right? You want to know what your competitors 00:03:24.32 --> 00:03:26. are charging it helps you decide what you want to 00:03:26.51 --> 00:03:30. charge um so that has values to treat strategic plans 00:03:31.31 --> 00:03:33. especially if you're like working with the coach and 00:03:33.8 --> 00:03:36. you work through a certain strategy and you figure 00:03:36.59 --> 00:03:38. things out for your business or if you just take a 00:03:38.45 --> 00:03:40. little retreat or take a day I know for me it's like 00:03:40.92 --> 00:03:43. sunday is when all the exciting ideas come in and 00:03:43.47 --> 00:03:45. then I'm like messaging trust like we should do we 00:03:45.31 --> 00:03:49. should do that uh so you know think about like when 00:03:49.08 --> 00:03:51. you take down time and you're sitting in your notebooks 00:03:51.46 --> 00:03:53. and your writing like ideas about things you want 00:03:53.51 --> 00:03:55. to do that stuff has value 00:03:56.42 --> 00:03:59. on dh then you know step by step process is to complete 00:03:59.26 --> 00:04:01. things like bookkeeping or payroll or filing 00:04:03.11 --> 00:04:06. any you know applications that you filled out this is really valuable and I've actually done this in my business where you apply for like an award or you apply for some type of grant a lot of times the questions that they're asking you is really valuable stuff and it's also sort of like marketing material that you could then use on your website you could then use it to pitch yourself to other organizations so that stuff has value to and then your business plans and then you've got marketing content which you know there's always a plethora of that and that's you know and this is all just so you know two this is all kinds of stuff that you could copyright as well your blog's a lot of this stuff is copyrightable, but this really jumps out at me your blog's your podcast if you've got a web show any kind of videos you d'oh e books infographics your customer relationships if you've got highly valuable crust customer relationships that's another thing that you should list um and your customer list and then you've got product and service assets so proposals um that you send teo clients that you want to work with strategic plans that you create for your clients you know if you create a plan for them depending on what your profession is formula's recipes product designs blueprints your client files there's magic in your client files I'll just say that okay I know I know I have benefited from sort of digging through some of my client files and seeing some of the work we've done in the path that we've taken customers on its sort of reveals like okay, we have a process I didn't realize we did what we totally do literary works keynotes and presentations like this you know um okay so technology so your domain names that you might own if you're anything like me you own like seven thousand because every time you have an idea you go by the domain you guys do that to you right? Your social media accounts this is often this is directly related to your brand too because if you come up with a powerful brand then you want the social media accounts you want the domain name you know you've built a website around it your any proprietary software you've created databases aps you know that's the technology piece and then lastly is legal right so that's you know you might have rights under joint venture contract if you team up with another entrepreneur and together you guys create something together there's right that you have under that agreement contract rights you know if you work with a client and they owe you money that's a contract right trademarks trade secrets that you have and I'll talk a little bit about what a trade secret is later copyrights patents any licenses you have you have licenses right because we all use technology so like you might have a license to use certain software a license to use a certain funked that you use on your blogged eh so we all have licenses royalty agreements okay, so if you do something like write a book and publish it for a company or something like creative live right you can have a royalty agreement for that type of thing on any permits you might have like if you've got permits teo do certain types of business in certain places like if you're a filmmaker a photographer and you have a permit to use certain property to take photos okay so those are just the different areas that you're going to dig through to mind your business and yes, this is sort of like a labor intensive process but it's totally worth it and then once you have this list I'm going to show you what to do with it next but now we're going to talk teo one of my favorite people trust us hi this's trust she's the operations manager for rate rogers law office and small business bodyguard ankh which are my two companies and she's been with me for at least two years now right or has it been longer that's about two two and a half years yeah and she is the reason why I'm able to function because I don't know how I'd have like two kids and try to run this business without her but anyway so this is you know one of my favorite people she's a magical person ok she does magic to businesses but like I said you can't have r so don't send her any job requests okay I'm sharing her with you so I don't want you to steal her from me s so anyway I wanted to talk about the mining process that we use in our business on by we I really mean you because even though I know I'm supposed to do this stuff I still struggle to do it in my own business you know but lovely have somebody like tressa who make sure we're making this happen so can you give us a couple of examples of like how you've done this recently was with stuff that we have going on in our business yeah, one of the most recent examples that I can think of is our master class siri's yes rachel decided to do some interviews one of which is actually with charlie dokey who you're going to see later andi when we got the interview back we realized that this interview was just amazing and so I took some time and developed a workbook to go along with the interview and it took a couple hours of my time couple hours of our designers andre were able to take the interview and instead of just presenting our audience with you know just an audio we were able to present them with on audio some material helping work through the audio more effectively some material from charlie onda also some worksheets that we created to go with it so I think it ended up being like twenty five pages um that would be added to the audio right that's awesome I love you for that because not only you're giving me like all these examples of this steps that were going to talk about and like when we get teo step three the reworking step there's a couple of ways that you could do that one of the things that you did issue collaborated right so that's another way that you could do that his team up with another entrepreneur they might have some content to bring to the table you bring your content to the table and you can make it sort of like a joint effort you know so that's one thing you did and then she just took the audio and created some notes from it so you know it was an hour two of her time she created like sort of like a fill in notes like you have in front of you in this intellectual property master class which again trust is responsible for this too just so you know so you know there's this just gives you some ideas and then this is something that we can use in a lot of different ways we could use it as a bonus. S o we used it like when we did a cyber monday promotion for our small business bodyguard product we used it as a bonus a cz bonus content and then it was great too, because we get to introduce our audience to charlie and talk about something that is in his wheelhouse and also mine, right? So we were talking about this particular I p class that she's talking sorry, master closet she's talking about we were covering hiring right and building a team now there's a lot of legal aspects to building a team that I know and then charlie knows like that how do you get your business ready to actually forget do that, you know, and dealing with the money side of it and the mindset side of it and so we were able to like both take our little areas of expertise, bringing together and make it something really valuable for our customers so and then you've got this tool that we could then sell it we could offer it as a bonus we could use it to like make our mailing list happy and you know, give our audience you know, awesome content so it's magical exactly and we get to introduce them to someone that we know in love right exactly so there's a lot of benefits so give me another example of another one that you've sort of found lying around in our business well actually we did one for creative love if you end up taking the advanced type for entrepreneurs fuss one of the bonuses is a new dmc e book that we just created oh I think and I haven't dated actually yeah way we're coordinating with creative lives and they asked us you know we need some bonuses for the different courses and so I went through and I looked at what we have kind of lying around that is close to being ready to you know, give to someone and we had a damn a takedown notice siri's that we put on our block a few months ago on dh it was just a few short posts that were, you know, two, three hundred words each on dh but it was sort of the core of what could potentially be an e book on how to do this yourself. So I took all the bob post put them together and then filled in the blanks like what was missing on one of our attorneys helped me with the review of it and helped with the reading of it on dh then I think it ended up taking between she and I may be an hour two maybe three maybe three hours of our time kind of reviewing it and editing it and getting ready and then we send it toward is up and she spent about three hours laying out the book on dh then we sent it after creative life and it's not gonna be a bonus in the force it's also something that will be able to use in a variety of other purposes down the road I don't know how we're going to use it but you know we have it now and it's been created and we could potentially put it on amazon right? He could add it to our nurture sequence we could third boat on our website and just make it sort of a low cost product that people can purchase there's a whole bunch of different things that we could do with it now after you know, six hours of our time right exactly and so this is stuff that we already had and we just you know reworked it and made it ready and this is it if you want to take a look at it and this is included in the advanced type for entrepreneurs class if you decide to take that but yeah and our designer made it really pretty I love her oh their favorite yes on dh that's a really easy way to really elevate the value of our of your eyepiece just add some nice designed to it ok if you make it pretty and it's not just about making it pretty too it's also about making it more accessible right because it's easier to work through if it's well laid out and well designed on and also it makes it harder to steal because it's not just you know copying a word document you know are very simple. Pdf now there's some additional value added to it by making it beautiful so it makes it harder for people to steal from you when you add some design so that's a quick tip that I'll talk about that a little bit more to in the rework states all right, so give us one more example trust of of how you've done this we actually have something that isn't finished yet it's coming hopefully soon it's a fear use white paper that we wrote sometime last year and never ended up actually doing anything with it happens a lot. This is one of the complaints of the other attorney that works in my office. Elizabeth hi elizabeth um she you know I'll be like I was a bit we should do this amazing thing. Can you do it and then she'll go do it and then I won't do anything with it yeah and then I forget it exists but lovely trusted doesn't uh so tell him about the fair use thing and then the zombie thing too yes so it's basically just a white paper on fair use for entrepreneurs how to understand their use in your own business and also how to know whether somebody is sort of using your own content in the right way or I should say an acceptable way um and we thought we would add a quiz component to it and we wanted to kind of be tongue in cheek and I'm somewhat obsessed with zombie apocalypse travels basically anything post apart a puck elliptic on so I jokingly said to elizabeth well what if we made the coop is is it fair use old bar isn't a zombie apocalypse just sort of very tongue in cheek and I get fun because we will stop to be incredibly dry and that's totally not our brand we try to make it super accessible and fun and you know we're very irreverent whenever you know at all possible we can yeah tha s so you know that's sort of one of my projects for the next month or so is to take the white paper and take the quiz and turn it into something at this point I have no idea what we're going to turn it into but eventually we will turn it into something that we will be able to use in a variety of boys just like the dmc damn se e book and just like the master master class that we did with charlie right? Right awesome. This is so magical I love it um and then to just do you have an idea of like all right where is this stuff it's probably just sitting in your files or if you use google docks we use google docks a lot and we just create things all the time and then it's just like lying around in google docks you should be digging through those places and like your dropbox account and these are some of the places where you might find some some magical stuff that you can use and repurpose so if they want to do this in their business like how do they go about doing that? Do you have any tips for them being that you know you do this you know all the time yeah, I mean, one of the easiest ways to start is really just to keep a list like we all have something like the fair use white paper and the zombie apocalypse quiz something that we had this brilliant idea and we started it and then for whatever reason we didn't actually finish it. So keep a running list of all those things that you started and you really have to just sort of think about what do I have that's close to being finished or think about what can I combine right so think about how things kind of fit together you can obviously create systems were on this and you could be really you know much more systematic about it and make things more streamlined but if all you can do right now is just make a list of the block groceries that you have or maybe the email sequences that you have or that marketing brochure that yu for the conference he never attended just you know all those kinds of things that just are sort of line around throw him in one list and then maybe every so often when you have some downtime or when you're getting ready to go somewhere to another event or you're getting ready to launch your next course look at that list before you start creating something new because a lot of times you have something that's just about finished that you never used or you have three things that can be put together into an e book that is way more valuable than just the individual pieces that maybe you didn't even realize until you see all three items on the list sitting next to each other awesome I love it those air great tips and I also think that a great time to do this is when you're doing your sort of planning for the year so ah lot of times at the end of the year we'll sit down and do a lot of planning right we'll decide all right what do we want to do with our business is this year on dh you come up with ideas and a lot of times you get excited about creating all this new stuff well guess what you don't have to create anything new look at what you already have first always make that the first step before you start thinking about making something new because you may find that you already have the pieces to this new thing that you want to create and it's just a matter of sort of rejiggering and a little bit and then you can bring it to market so um definitely always always build this into your planning process I would recommend probably doing your planning like on a quarterly basis as well that's what I do on then you also do like sort of your big plan at the end of the year but you could do this at any time you know if you wantto take your business to the next level and you want to generate more revenue you can usually find it and do it without creating a lot more expenses without hiring a whole bunch of people by just capitalizing on the assets that are sort of just sitting there in your business so trust oh, thank you so much you're so also you were fabulous by the way way already awesome see you later. Okay, so I think we're ready for more questions yeah we have um one viewer who's asking one is the right time to register a trademark I've seen bloggers have been blogging since she doesn't nine but haven't registered their trademark until twenty fourteen is that safe or is it better to register it sooner? I love that first of all one thing that I always tell my clients and I'm gonna tell you all of you is that just because everybody else is doing it doesn't mean that you're going to do it right I know I sound like your dad but don't take your sort of a legal advice and how you go about protecting your business from some other bloggers or some other entrepreneurs even if you look up to them because a lot of times they're doing it wrong so just because maybe they have a decent following or you know they have great content that doesn't mean that they're doing it right and that they're doing it this way and that's something that charlie really as a business advisor drills into my head all the time he always says watch your own lane you know like don't be worried about joe schmo over there and what they're doing because the other thing too is you're looking at it from the outside right? You don't really know what's going on behind the scenes so you don't want to use what somebody else has going on as you know how you make strategic decisions for your business so I would say that in terms of answering the question about when is the right time to protect your trademark it depends it varies you know there's a couple of reasons why it depends but based on your business right and how it works for you so if you've got a really popular website and brands or you're trying to create one and you're starting a blob or you're going to create some products under it or whatever it is if you've got a brand going on and you know you need to make sure that you protected to prevent other people from stealing your stuff then you want to do it as soon as you possibly can but what I will add to that as you want to do it so early that like if you plan on changing the brand you don't put the effort in and the time and money into registering the trademark if you're probably going to change your mind in three months and do something different you know so make sure that you're committed to building that brand first and then as soon as you are take the steps to register the mark and there are a lot of times where I tell my clients like registered a mark before you the launch like with small business bodyguard we registered that mark before we launch the product um and that is sort of the ideal situation but of course we have to manage these decisions right because we don't have unlimited budgets were small businesses we can't always do it like the perfect way so I would say you know if you can't do it before the launch to do it near of the launch you know and 00:22:42.875 --> 00:22:48. try to do it a soon as you humanly can after building 00:22:48.03 --> 00:22:49. up this brand because you're gonna be really, really 00:22:49.88 --> 00:22:52. disappointed here's what what happens often and I've 00:22:52.3 --> 00:22:55. seen it happen lots of times I for example had a client 00:22:55.78 --> 00:22:58. who has been in business for eight years okay long 00:22:58.6 --> 00:23:02. time never registered the trademark big giant company 00:23:02.42 --> 00:23:04. comes along and decides to name their product the 00:23:04.92 --> 00:23:07. exact same thing and they're in the same industry 00:23:08.46 --> 00:23:11. want want for my client right because now he's gonna 00:23:11.88 --> 00:23:14. have to fight this company they put the application 00:23:14.36 --> 00:23:16. and first and now it becomes a fight and now becomes 00:23:16.52 --> 00:23:19. a lot more expensive so with all things legal you 00:23:19.92 --> 00:23:22. always want to be preventative ok you don't want to 00:23:22.43 --> 00:23:24. treat the disease after the fact because that is way 00:23:24.99 --> 00:23:28. more money and often not even within reach for small 00:23:28.26 --> 00:23:30. businesses you know dealing with the legal dispute 00:23:30.23 --> 00:23:33. or litigation is incredibly expensive also incredibly 00:23:33.69 --> 00:23:36. time consuming you know for an entrepreneur and takes 00:23:36.18 --> 00:23:38. you out of your business it takes with a focus on 00:23:38.54 --> 00:23:41. your business so always be preventative s o if it 00:23:41.65 --> 00:23:44. seems like okay, well, you know the filing fee with 00:23:44.46 --> 00:23:47. the uspto is like two twenty five and you know maybe 00:23:47.54 --> 00:23:50. I have to hire a lawyer and pay them you know, fifteen 00:23:50.09 --> 00:23:51. hundred or whatever you're gonna pay them to do the 00:23:51.65 --> 00:23:55. work if that sounds expensive just wait ok because 00:23:55.75 --> 00:23:58. if somebody else registered the mark before you and 00:23:58.48 --> 00:24:00. either you have to fight them to get the market's 00:24:00.52 --> 00:24:03. going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars and 00:24:03.86 --> 00:24:07. then if you have to change your brand because they've 00:24:07.35 --> 00:24:09. registered it first and you actually infringed on 00:24:09.29 --> 00:24:11. their mark then what happens you have to change your 00:24:11.82 --> 00:24:14. domain name you lose all that goodwill that you've 00:24:14.2 --> 00:24:17. built up with your customers you pass that ceo to 00:24:17.05 --> 00:24:20. one of your competitors it can really suck so I would 00:24:20.84 --> 00:24:23. always recommend that I be prevented with every legal 00:24:23.11 --> 00:24:25. decision that you're making in your business okay 00:24:25.86 --> 00:24:28. I'm also have sarah asking and I know we touched based 00:24:28.42 --> 00:24:30. on this a little earlier in this segment you said 00:24:30.76 --> 00:24:35. you know about stolen work yeah how do you find out 00:24:35.08 --> 00:24:37. if your work is being stolen is there certain kind 00:24:37.68 --> 00:24:42. of way to kind of search that or yes actually there 00:24:42.13 --> 00:24:45. is great so there's a couple of different ways to 00:24:45.8 --> 00:24:46. do that there's some tools that you can use for like image searches for example I kind of went into the detail about this in the advance I p for photographers because you know, stealing photos is rampant unfortunately in their industry so they're a couple of one's there's one called ten eye there's another one called dj mark I think there's a google image search tool as well um and these are some of the tools that you can use to search for images I believe you can also search videos a cz well so anything that sort of visual you khun search on those tools then forwards you can use google alerts it's this free and some of these tools are actually free by the way some of them are paid google dot com slash alerts okay this is a great tool this was a tip that I got like years ago when I first started my business and I love it so you can actually do a search so that any time that there's a hit on your brand name for example or your product name or your business name you'll get an email from google on and I have actually done this for my own name so if you're talking crap about me out there I know about it okay s o just an example like uh um you can put you'd do it for your name in each of your different brands each of your different products it's free you just set it up and they don't automatically contact you and let you know it's not one hundred percent foolproof but it will let you know a lot of the time and then another. Great tools copy scape they have copy escape dot com they have some um freeways to do searches and then they have like a premium thing that you can use I think we have the premium one where you can take content doesn't even have to be live on the web so let's say you have like une book that you know it's not available to someone unless they purchased so it's not like sitting on a web site somewhere you can actually have that book scanned and they will search the web to see where else it's sitting you know and so that you know ifit's somewhere unauthorized you know that someone is infringing on your mark so 00:26:44.698 --> 00:26:48. that's a really good tool too okay um and I'm gonna 00:26:48.68 --> 00:26:50. ask this because we actually have a lot of boats on 00:26:50.24 --> 00:26:53. its from jean ashes says hi rachel I used quotations 00:26:53.59 --> 00:26:57. and some of my artwork I know some are in public domain 00:26:57.01 --> 00:26:59. if before certain year but what about quotations in 00:26:59.5 --> 00:27:02. the past eight years I have heard quotations are okay 00:27:02.27 --> 00:27:05. to use others have told me there is a certain number 00:27:05.09 --> 00:27:08. of lines of a quotation that are okay well this is 00:27:08.57 --> 00:27:11. really about the fair use discussion so we should 00:27:11.2 --> 00:27:15. probably work on that thing that we talked about and 00:27:15.24 --> 00:27:18. no no I'm gonna answer it I'm just saying way obviously 00:27:18.82 --> 00:27:20. need to do that that's confirmation 00:27:22.29 --> 00:27:28. yeah but so uh for uh using quote um there's a couple 00:27:28.23 --> 00:27:30. of different elements to that one is that if it's 00:27:30.82 --> 00:27:34. in the public domain then it can be used on dh there 00:27:34.3 --> 00:27:36. certain rules I think if it's like created before 00:27:36.89 --> 00:27:39. nineteen twenty three and they're a couple a couple 00:27:39.9 --> 00:27:42. of different elements I really dig into that that 00:27:42.54 --> 00:27:45. question specifically in the advanced for entrepreneurs 00:27:45.41 --> 00:27:47. about give you sort of an overview of what I can remember 00:27:47.3 --> 00:27:50. off the top of my head right now um so one is the 00:27:50.0 --> 00:27:52. public domain but sometimes the public domain is not 00:27:52.38 --> 00:27:54. one hundred percent reliable I'll give an example 00:27:54.4 --> 00:27:57. that that I use in my business so we have this column 00:27:57.63 --> 00:28:01. on our small business bodyguard blawg called spb dictionary 00:28:01.65 --> 00:28:04. so we take legal terms and like put them in plain 00:28:04.14 --> 00:28:06. english so it makes it easier to understand what the 00:28:06.42 --> 00:28:10. hell that even means right but in order to define 00:28:10.58 --> 00:28:13. that word we're grabbing it either from you know, 00:28:13.04 --> 00:28:15. some dictionary right? So that somebody else is content 00:28:16.3 --> 00:28:19. so what we do is, you know, we get our our definitions 00:28:19.29 --> 00:28:22. from black's law dictionary but we specifically use 00:28:22.13 --> 00:28:24. in addition from I think it's like nineteen, forty 00:28:24.02 --> 00:28:26. five or nineteen twenty five like a really old school 00:28:26.51 --> 00:28:29. one which all honestly makes it more hilarious anyway. 00:28:30.45 --> 00:28:32. But we use a really old school version because it's 00:28:32.47 --> 00:28:34. in the public domain. So just be careful of that because 00:28:34.88 --> 00:28:39. you may find that maybe, you know a book or a poem 00:28:39.24 --> 00:28:43. or something exists in the public domain but the version 00:28:43.86 --> 00:28:46. that you're quoting doesn't that's actually owned 00:28:46.26 --> 00:28:48. by the publisher and it's a separate edition so you 00:28:48.72 --> 00:28:51. have to be careful with that my rule is always get 00:28:51.98 --> 00:28:54. permission whenever humanly possible so if you can 00:28:54.64 --> 00:28:58. contact the author or the owner then you should get 00:28:58.55 --> 00:29:02. permission that's the best way especially if you're 00:29:02.04 --> 00:29:04. doing something that's very common nowadays which 00:29:04.34 --> 00:29:06. is creating prince you know there are a lot of artists 00:29:06.98 --> 00:29:09. who create these beautiful prints out of you know, 00:29:09.05 --> 00:29:12. powerful quotes and you may see ah lot of that happening 00:29:12.19 --> 00:29:14. that doesn't mean it's not copyright infringement 00:29:14.03 --> 00:29:16. just cause it's happening often you know just cause 00:29:16.48 --> 00:29:18. there's a lot of it going on doesn't mean that it's 00:29:18.33 --> 00:29:20. not copyright infringement so whenever possible get 00:29:20.73 --> 00:29:23. permission otherwise it could be considered fair use 00:29:23.78 --> 00:29:26. in certain circumstances so example like like I'm 00:29:26.74 --> 00:29:28. using a quote in this presentation right or you might 00:29:28.8 --> 00:29:32. use a quote in ah blawg post ah lot of times you're 00:29:32.21 --> 00:29:34. using its search sort of to add either criticism or 00:29:34.94 --> 00:29:38. commentary to that you know piece of copyrighted you 00:29:38.85 --> 00:29:42. know, content or material right s o if if that's the 00:29:42.25 --> 00:29:44. case that's usually okay that falls in one of the 00:29:44.8 --> 00:29:47. categories of fair use which is criticism commentary 00:29:47.61 --> 00:29:51. of using it for scholarship or news reporting you 00:29:51.57 --> 00:29:53. know, educational purpose like teaching of course 00:29:54.4 --> 00:29:57. not necessarily your own course where you know you're 00:29:57.13 --> 00:29:58. creating it for commercial game that more like in 00:29:58.75 --> 00:30:02. an educational setting those air some instances of 00:30:02.1 --> 00:30:05. fair use but it is a sort of complicated topic so 00:30:05.97 --> 00:30:08. my blanket rule of thumb is get permission whenever 00:30:08.86 --> 00:30:13. humanly possible okay okay awesome. Any other questions 00:30:13.67 --> 00:30:16. from our in studio audience I want to give you guys 00:30:16.3 --> 00:30:18. opportunity right now before I kind of jump in other 00:30:18.47 --> 00:30:19. stuff here 00:30:21.35 --> 00:30:26. I'm really enjoying this so meaty there think yeah 00:30:26.22 --> 00:30:28. I'm a novelist and I helped novelists yeah I also 00:30:28.9 --> 00:30:32. have a lot of educational courses well several that 00:30:32.06 --> 00:30:34. I have outset ral coming down the pike yeah so do 00:30:34.9 --> 00:30:39. I need to copyright protect each course as I would 00:30:39.65 --> 00:30:44. say register a novel or a non fiction book or and 00:30:44.75 --> 00:30:47. I'm naming the my school where I'm gonna house all 00:30:47.38 --> 00:30:52. my videos yes something is that a trademark now at what level do I have to go down how granular do I have to get in terms of registering each of the pieces of course is maybe a workbook right so there's a lot of content I'm generating yes yeah you are I love it yeah okay so this same way that you'd registered a copyright for the novels that you're running you'd also registered the copyright for your courses okay um absolutely and then you're also going to write a story each of the different elements right? So you if you've got written lessons but then you've also got maybe have some audio and video video you register all of that as part of your course okay okay you commissioner all that content and I'd highly recommend that um and it's not expensive it's something you can do on your own it's thirty five dollars or fifty five depending on a couple of variations that we won't get into but but yes definitely register the courses and then when it comes to your brand if you got like, sort of a name for your school then yes I would definitely registered the trademark for that so that people recognize your courses when they see them right because sometimes you might forget like rachel roger's like that's a pretty common name you know people might forget my name but they might remember the brands especially if it's a powerful brand and we're actually gonna talk later about how to create a really fun or powerful brand names so that it's recognised in the marketplace and has a lot of value but yes it's worth it to protect the school now in terms of each of the courses if they're sort of sub brands and you don't want somebody else in your same industry using that mark yes you have to register the trademark for it that's the only way to sort of stake your claim on that brand and that's why I say like I try to be really strategic with like legal nunchucks or example and just create a bunch of different versions using the same name so I don't have to register one trademark that's really because I'm trying to control costs I mean I do my own trademarks right because I'm a lawyer but I still gotta pay the filing fees you know though and also it's just a lot it's a lot to manage right you have to manage all of your trademark you have to police them and make sure no one is violating them so you know make it manageable for you be strategic when you're coming up with like brand names so that you don't have to go crazy with having fifty different marks because that's hard for a small business to manage can I ask a follow up question that about licensing yes you may get into this later we're definitely digging in licensing lately like I love licensing I e I'm curious about this on as a teacher as an instructor I have all these courses other people could take I I want them to take my curriculum and follow it and use it and have a method yes and so I have no idea where to begin oh we're going to talk all about that okay that's perfect you're like the perfect poster child for my licensing discussion coming up in a little while yeah, I'll tell you exactly the steps to take for licensing but licensing can be very powerful, nike said like you know if you consider yourself an educator and you've got this great content there's. Only so many people. You conserve it one time, right? You can teach. So why not license that content to other educators who can deliver to their clients as well? For a small sum, of course.

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