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Reach All-Star Status on LinkedIn

Lesson 4 of 6

Grow Your Professional Network

Marcus Murphy

Reach All-Star Status on LinkedIn

Marcus Murphy

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4. Grow Your Professional Network

Lesson Info

Grow Your Professional Network

You have an opportunity, when you get in here, you're gonna see the network section on the head when you're on your feed. When you click on the network section, you'll see a bunch of people that it just recommends that you connect with. It'll say like, people that you're connected to that you know, you might know, that your friends know, that your mom knows, I don't know. But it'll basically pull together, these are the people that have like-minded jobs, things that you've liked on Linked In, this is the people that we recommend. I actually recommend you do not connect here. So the reason why is if you connect here, you can go ahead and start doing this but you can connect here right from the site and what that will do is that will actually just go away. There's no way to personalize that invitation. But if you click on someone's profile and hit connect, it'll bring up an opportunity for you to write a personalized message. So you can write a personalized message here and be able to sa...

y, hey I really want to connect with you, I met you here. Or hey, your profile looked great, these are some of the things. You want to be concise, though. So here's the rules of thumbs with that, rule of thumb is have you met them? Right? If you've met them, be able to make sure you put that right inside that piece. Be concise, so why you wanna connect with them. What is it that struck you in their profile that made you want to send a connection request. And I actually ask people, if I get connections with people I don't know or I've never met, I usually go, hey why do you want to connect with me? Right? So if you ask it on the front side, tell them. Tell them that and that personalize, any commonalities, are there people that you know? Did you go to school together? That's always a really good one. Yeah. So, and then compliments go a long way. I think that people usually, when I connect with somebody I really wanna connect with them, I'm like man, I really loved your article on this. I really loved what you said here in this profile statement. I mean, I think it's really incredible that you worked at that company. Those compliments go a long way because it shows some thoughtfulness and that you took the time to go look and do your research and not just trying to connect with people just for the sake of connecting. Be thoughtful. And then be concise. You don't have that much space, okay? You actually only have about 300 characters in this message and so you want to be really to the point because it's not going to give you a lot. You don't want to write a novel here about why you want to connect with somebody. Find those points. Find somebody that, if you've met them, you have any commonalities, those are really two good ones to start with. And then here's the magic number on that connection profile. It's about 500. So if you're looking at your connections and you're trying to figure out, how many connections should I have? 500. 500 because right when you get to 500 or 501, that's what it shows you on your page and that's a credibility piece. That's why you're concerned with that. Anything sub, when I'm looking through your profile and I'm like, this person has 72 connections. I'm like, are they legit? I don't know. Does anyone like them? Like what's going on here? 500 is the number that you're shooting for for your page. And then, capitalizin' on the creepin'. So when you are actually inside of the feed, make sure, everyday they're putting things in your feed right now which allow you to go in and see your notifications from what people are doing on the page. Or on Linked In. So they're going to pull all that information in there and you can have the opportunity to go in and comment, interact with them. If they shared an article, be the first person to write on it. Write on their comments, people share stuff all the time. Like anything that they share and be able to join in the conversation. So here are my rules for connecting with people. I don't accept everybody. I just don't. I used to. I used to think that it was really important to have a huge connection followers on Linked In and I had about 40,000. 'Kay? And if you came to my profile, you'd be like, this person's important. They have 40,000. It is a vanity number, because remember on Linked In, it's not about how many people you're connected to, it's about the quality of those people. So quality over quantity in that sense, make sure that who you're connecting to is who you want to be in your personal network. Everybody else can follow you if they want to follow you and just keep up with what you're doing but who you're connected to is your personal network and what I believe to be like your wealth on Linked In is your network. If I meet you, I will find you. If we meet today, I will actively go find you and you should find those people too. It's a really incredible thing to just meet somebody at a conference or meet somebody at this type of event, and then go find them immediately on your phone and connect with them and be like, hey it was really nice to meet with you. Because you'll forget. You're gonna forget. You're absolutely gonna go away and your life's gonna take over and you're not gonna do it but I do that. That's something that's like a rule of thumb for me, so if I meet you, I'm going to find you and hunt you down. Work together. If we work together, I will 100 percent add you. If we work together, that's an easy one for me. And then want to work with you. So if I want to work with you, I usually go connect with you first and see what your business is about, who you're connected to and then also mentorship and the last one is this one. So if you know someone that I want to know. Does that sound selfish? Does that sound bad? Yeah yeah yeah. It does, I know. I'm okay with it. Because I typically love to network and if there's somebody that I'm not using you, I genuinely want to connect with you but if there's somebody that I've been trying to connect with. I'm like, man, who are our mutual friends or who is somebody that I need to connect with before I ever talk to them. There's probably always somebody that you're a connection away from that person, so. Connect and engage, so same thing. Go through your feed. But then also, use the messaging features so make sure that you're messaging people, writing messages on and sending them so if you connect to them, you have the ability to do that. So now that you're connected, make sure that you're starting conversations.

Class Description

With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is hands down the most popular social media site for businesses and professionals. While many still see it as a place to store and showcase their online resume, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerhouse for generating leads, forming strategic partnerships and driving sales.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople and professionals still don’t know how to fully leverage LinkedIn and it’s many features to achieve their business and career goals.

Marcus Murphy, executive sales leader at and a member of the LinkedIn customer advisory board, will offer an in-depth guide to getting the most out of LinkedIn, including attracting quality prospects, amassing a valuable network and growing your personal brand.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your profile.
  • Develop a strong personal brand.
  • Grow your professional network the right way.
  • Become a thought leader.
  • Create and maximize your content.
  • Make it easy for people to connect with you.
  • Build daily habits for leveraging the platform.

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Robin Hanson

I watched this class twice yesterday. I have been on LI for more than a decade. In all the classes I have taken through college and beyond, I have never learned more on-point information in such a short span of time. I started putting it to use yesterday, and already it is yielding positive results. I cannot recommend this class, and this instructor, highly enough. Thank you so much Marcus. Hope you connect to me on LI! I post beautiful images daily to give my connections a morning smile. RobinConstableHanson

Rajiv Chopra

I will definitely say that this is a good course, I have been on Linkedin for some years now, and there are many things that I did learn from this course. Yes, I do need to go back, and optimise my profile (and, my company's), start practising some good habits. Yes, he speaks fast, but Marcus is clear so, if you pay attention, there is indeed much to be learned.


Excellent content. Great price. I not realized how many ways LI could be used. LI will now be one of of my main marketing platforms.