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Identifying Products & Services

So we're going to move into starting to identify some of your products and services and so that's a pretty big question right? But we're also tomorrow and the next day we're going toe shape that a little bit more so it will be helpful to build off the big vision piece that you guys have done from some of the values work and this purpose statement to start just brainstorming brain dumping some of the products and services you're thinking of that we have things to use as examples or things to work with tomorrow okay, so basically, you know, the products and services are what you are offering your customers what are they paying for, right? What need is it filling? And so you know, very basic products are, you know, could be tangible things that could be digital things it could be things that you make services are things that you provide with your time, so there might be some of you who are purely services, you know, you're working with clients one on one, helping with them with something ...

maybe you're leading courses or maybe some of you who are more crafty or like have products or like books or programs that could be products a lot of times people have a mix of both right and for myself I have a mix of both, so I've got products like this book is a product you know my hit is a product but asked services were you know I coach people like I coach vivian that's a service so it could be lots of different things and we're going to go through tomorrow kind of looking at customer needs and filling that but just here because I know from beating some of the prep work that the folks in studio have done and the work you guys have done in the big vision that you probably already have some ideas of products and services you're thinking about right um what I'd love for you to do actually well let me just positive see their questions about that pretty straightforward when I mean right with regard to practice what amy by products and services the census is like we have someone who I was asking the last bullet point so let's write a list of descriptions of your products and services so that's I'd love for you guys to take a stab at that and so for example I'll just show you here vila clark in her right brain business plans some of what she wrote books e books online classes workshops inspirational products um she's asking yourself what products or services could I create so those were the ones that came up for her at this particular moment in time things might have shifted for her um but it's helpful to kind of get that brain dump out there so whether it be product izing your service right if you are money for time person and you're wanting tio have more quote unquote passive income we'll talk about this a little bit later but not so much money for time how can you create products you know are they do you take your one on one client work and make it into a class so that that's a product okay so just go ahead from what you know right now how would you like to package your gifts in terms of products and services and this is kind of as it relates to your big vision right? So it's things that don't exist yet it could also be that you know also list the things that you currently provide just so you have a sense of lay of the land of what your offerings are we have someone saying talking about the different products and services the officers who are are bbp shelly says I've got digital strategy groups digital assessments picked my brain sessions I love those step on creativity workshops awesome so those all sound I think like services rightfully so the group's there's so there's services that our group based on where she's working with people and then there's like assessments that are a one on one kind of thing cool question from mrs smith to illustration what category would interactive e books or net or newsletters go under? I don't think interactive e books would be a product newsletter I'm not quite sure if it's something people are paying for probably a product yeah, maybe you could clarify maybe you can clear and okay bureau galbraith says can we do thinking about what we want to or want to offer in the future yes or just what we do now? Yes, now it's book great because you're getting way and if you're not sure you like gosh, I don't know what to offer maybe you're just starting out or even if you've been in business for a while maybe you're doing services but want to move more toward products some of the things actually for that specific example of your services but wanting to move more toward products and wondering how my product ties you could start asking yourself questions like, well, what are my clients always asking me? What am I repeating all the time? But if I had it written down, I could sell us a product, right? So there might be certain topics so you might even have instead of classes or books, you might have a class on style, a class on what not to wear. You know you can even get that granular if you like the greg d is saying I'd like to move from services to products yes, so I think that's exactly exactly and so maybe if he wants to share what it is he does this, his service and product eyes, I think, in general because we're thinking big people are doing their big vision. Yeah, so, really, if you want to reach people on a global basis, products are the way to go, even if you're delivering yourself on a webinar and there's, hundreds of people there s o that's what I'm hearing from people, people are wanting to take that for more service to products, right, making their business big in a huge way. So assad, and you know, something like that can maybe take some time to build teo and having working one on one with clients first, if you're just starting out, that could be a great way to really understand people's needs and know what the questions are, and to feel confident in your skills and your content to then start having a broader reach with products so it can kind of be a progression we have. Anne here says, I teach a meditative art form, which is a service, and I also make available some official products for the art form with your product so that's nice is beautiful. Yeah, I mean, I think it's a great, especially when we go into day three about managing the mullahs and kind of income streams it's great to be thinking about how you can have multiple moviemaking methods, diversifying but if you're just starting out that can feel really overwhelming so in this particular exercise yesterday brainstorming and dumping all of them out as he actually start to go in, make them really probably aren't gonna want to do all of them at once you're going to want to build but it's helpful to get him out all on the table. Nathan I know you had something sorry I do I could share what the service please that would be awesome, right? So it's an eight point offering plan engage so once logged in to this new website, divorce cafe users will be able to one engage in a moderated running stream of conversation where they can share their stories, experiences, seek advice, event anything like that to be able to watch premium webinars by leading experts in the field and participate in q and a with those and other professionals and we're talking about anybody that would fall under the category of being able to help people who are at any stage of divorce. So marriage and family therapist health and wellness coaches dating coaches, attorneys aviators, absolutely nutritionist financial planners any anybody in that arena they'll be able to relate to others going through divorce by viewing video interviews at a divorce stories section where people are interviewed about their own experiences, read relevant content from guest bloggers, circle back, enrich their post divorce life by circling back into a mentorship program where they're able to meant for people who are going through the process now once you've come out the other side, contact professionals in the field via a resource is page shop for divorce related products on dh attend conferences for valuable import person connectivity with speakers, another divorce cafe users cool so that's an eight point plan now and there may be more that is so comprehensive and awesome and you have a mix of the online and offline as well, which is great yeah where you going to start? So I know that's like this big eight point plan and where would be kind of your entry point or one of the first things that you would want to roll out? Well, I'd love to talk to you about that, but hear what, what you think and what other people think because that's a that's a great question I don't know there's a lot to do and I'm putting together a team of people and yeah, I'd like to know where it would be wise, okay? And so let's keep that question in mind as we go through the next two days. I don't know if we know enough yet teo have some suggestions for you, I think as we go through tomorrow's understanding the perfect customers and kind of seeing where the customer need is and maybe some quick winds right? And start there and see also would be great when we do the move him out stuff to see what are the things that you can monetize easily now? Yes, and then what are things to have in place to then builds than you could charge later? Like obviously the mentorship thing we something that would need to come later because people need to go through the process, but that could also be, like a higher price point, right? Right. So lots of lots of levels and complexity, which is great that you have the overall vision and I love that you are so connected with the heart behind it, it'll it'll help make this decisions easier for you and kind of going to the values to okay, which ones are going to honor these values right now? Good. Yeah, I mean, the monetization aspect of it is primary right now I have spent my entire life doing a lot of work really hard work for very little money, very little profit. Yeah, whether it's just raising my sons or coaching kids and sports on working for nonprofits, making videos aa lot of intense work with very little monetization. And so that's what really is a prime mover now and needs to flip around so I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say about kind of cool, cool I love for you to take us a czar homework it's over the kind of the next couple of days is like what number would you want to be making you know, with this and that kind of might help us juggle the pieces for you. Yeah, okay. Thank you for sharing that. Yeah, anyone else want to share products and services? It's just helpful to talk through yeah, mind starts out with one on one coaching and assessments which is what I do a lot of right now on dh then eventually I want to break off into an e book and then hopefully into a real book um and then from there I loved to do speaking engagements where they could buy the book or the book from the speaking engagement on dh then I've got gotten a lot of questions as how do you do what you're doing? I love your job can I can you can you trained you so a stylist training course andan also ideo onset styling so with photographers videographers and then also maybe like group workshops kind like fashion parties. So yeah so it's cool this even the progression of things and I can see for your clear about like what would happen but looking at ways that you can diversify and the different moviemaking methods so cool for you what would be doing the one on one now and there doing the set stuff when out of the list that you aren't doing yet feeling the next thing I got in a lot of enquiries for speed king engagement so I think having, um a branch off from that that can, you know, build my, you know, build my customer base yes, from the speaking engagement great. And then something that if I'm you know, speaking in chicago, they can purchase that's not one on one in nashville, so cool, thank you. I feel like mine's pretty straightforward and very service or into so much product oriented, but I said my services to provide genuine playful imagery that tells stories for the purpose of print and web publication on dh then I have a block, but eventually, maybe a if I grew, I could start doing a more informational blogged that would reach out to other photographers on dh, then workshops potentially down the road and maybe a photo book one day really cool, yeah, it's like that so it's helpful to have that big vision tio second, hold that umbrella and then you can just focus on, you know, what's right in front of you because I know it can be really overwhelming, and sometimes if we're listing out these product and services that don't exist yet, and we're thinking of the big vision like oh, my god, like that's so far away, and yet if you just stay connected with your values what's important to you, you keep taking that next step things start to unfolded makes sense and opportunities happens that's just a matter of continue to be in that process. So I have a couple of questions if you start a blind one is from jerusha says I'm starting a business with a partner wear both partaking in this workshop together they way are doing this step separately, but we're wondering when is it appropriate to be sharing our thoughts with one of them? Heather and working through our common goals? Are we do you know what I'm saying? Is that getting there saying work together, sticking points or differences when you start a club that is fascinating? I don't know if I have like a hard and fast answer for that. It probably depends, too, on the dynamic between you guys and what the business is, I think, and then to follow just the end there was how do we work through sticking points or differences in the goals for the business? That's a that's a big question for a question potentially they might need to work with someone on that to help mediate or bring consensus I would say I'm trying to think through the days it might be helpful after tomorrow after we go through kind of the landscape and the customers to check in or if you guys are feeling really solid about what came up for you today is that you're clear on personally for you the vision and the values after session tonight might be a great place to connect to, but I think it's great that you're kind of doing it on your own and then connecting c can bring new ideas to the table and see how they integrate um yeah and good luck I'd love to hear back like please keep checking with us and let us know when your eyes do you connect what new insights you have cool. All right, so kathy, I design a new artist graphic designer on I think the idea is kind of kind of form here I think is an artist you wantto sometimes think, well, what what is my art have value? What value does my heart out? We asked ourselves that and then you kind of try to justify it doing, but I think getting from this is celebrations, joy, personalizing special occasions, celebrations with family and friends and creating art that you can't find in a big box store you know, those personalized, you know, imitations and thank you cards and bases in my case or, you know, cupcake wraps that hey, you know, you want to put a little tick up on that cupcake rap and when that be fun and you know your daughter's second birthday and her name is and so kind of bringing that personalization into party decorations yeah so you're more problem with products okay great um and you're kind of making it special I make it special and it's kind of a unique product because it solves the problem in some cases but other people have discovered how to use it just for decorations and celebration so uh and then one thing led to another and then we made cupcake raptor I kind of fit together all the little pieces so it's it's kind of experimentation in how tio make that party extra special with those those faces or those flowers or those pancakes and cool for their bases are thinks commission based like are you creating for them? No I started because my mother asked me to decorate these plastic pots that she made a few clip that snaps into for weddings and I didn't as some designs some illustrations various colors and patterns and had those printed and now people are asking can you make them taller? Can you put my name on can we put my monogram on them and so we're moving over into the personalization of that yeah so and that starts to blend a little bit of that like your service there was for the product and so as we start talking about price points and things like that yeah, you'll be able tio may be charged higher premiums for things like that yeah, okay, cool. Um I know you guys haven't looked at your big vision clauses in awhile perhaps so just, you know, bring those back out, take a gander at them again, reconnect with it and see if there's anything else that sparks for you in terms of how you could be sharing your gifts through products for services and you know you may have captured it all already and he never know sometimes the right brain seeing these images again now you have a little bit more knowledge about your values, your passion and purpose proclamation how you're wanting to share your guests maybe there's a particular image that speaks to you a color that sends your mind often to some new place of how you could be a service just want to give you space for that and if there anything from the chat we can hear those and then we'll get to the folks in the room. Yes, we have ah, from the chat we have a question let's find that I'm talking about in terms of target audience someone was asking what if you're if you how do you know what products and services to create based on your target audience it's kind of a business question? I don't know if we're gonna go more in fact, he wrote that I think more tomorrow and it's kind of going marry the two I love it there thinking about that already so thing to think about absolutely so I guess the homework there would just be thinking about what is it what are the customer needs and being able to dig through that little bit more tomorrow say this is an interesting comment coming through from jill haas who says is anyone feeling emotional about their business now that you've delved more into it I just started to feel some overwhelming emotions with a greater sense of purpose oh yeah it's like giving your dreams and passions some room to breathe and you're like which she then you have and she goes on to say it totally caught me off guard er and that's what's so cool that was the goal today right yeah yeah I'm curious so for those of you here kind of looking at your big vision collages again what that sparked thinking making dreams come true for a little princess tea party I mean oh how fun when wouldn't a mother loved to be able to do that hot for her right toddlers so yeah maybe that's not the ideas fulfilling dreams for for people that are celebrating the party and I recall the recipient of god that you're right that says yeah your friends you know a love story it was the other one um give graciously you know so I've been able to maybe other people too give their friend a bridal shower that is expressing their love for them, you know, right there, friends, right? I guess I mean, looking at that way is helpful, yeah, yeah, and there's something so much about the love and help and support that just really seems, you know, foreign for you yeah, I love that and I love how it's like, you know, you did that collage, you know, several hours ago, and he probably weren't really thinking specifically about products and services like you were just kind of using your intuition bring anything, and now that you look back at it, you're like, oh, it's like you're collages talking back and you're like, hey, kathy, what about this? E know, yeah, it was really rewarding if when I'm thinking about this is glad you brought it up, that would have gone there is I really enjoy when the person who's throwing the party, I get so much enjoyment out of doing that for a special friend, right has meaning they're expressing love for their friend by doing something really special, yeah, and or with, you know, with something unique and that's eye opening, yeah, that's a cool and that's going to help you when you so your perfect customers might be slightly different than you may have been thinking before it's like people who are wanting to throw these for their friends and how they can really serve their friends and provide them with something really special you know, cool your folks here anyone feeling kind of overwhelmed or at a loss no where at the end of the day and I just want to check into we've covered a lot and I want to honor that's here to feel like some, um some of what we're doing is still a little bit in the abstract online with pictures and everything and I think sometimes like he said, like with your left brain it comes in and you feel like you need an action plan or you need okay, well, this is what I'm going to do this is what this means, but I hope you said just let it resonate yeah, just let it resonate and that will unfold. So I am kind of going to a little bit more left brain asking details and we will actually go through our process is to help that become clear, but I just wanted to check in and see if there any light bulbs that have happened so I have an observation just kind of hear what's on the online I I want thing I think is we're so wanting to get into implementation now that we don't sit and kind of like in the moments like appreciating this this creative state I mean thie creative juices are flowing in here but we're all thinking oh gotta implement and sometimes when we jump into that implementation then we're not looking at you know, thirty thousand point view the creative what we really want to create in life and then we're implementing implementing so I think if everyone sits with this this creative process that you are guided us through today it's been wonderful thank you. I love that so much that you've highlighted that because we don't really give ourselves the time to do this, you know, so it's important to do that and you know that had that that person have instead of like, oh my god, I didn't realize like how emotional and how important this is to me and so when you feed that dream, then as we go into the other stuff tomorrow it'll be that much easier exits grounded yeah it's more than a coming in from wings five three five six I feel that I've learned that the passion of my right brain will be fuel for my left brain yes, yes that's great it's true, because then the left brain is directed to do those left brain tasks and details in a way that has meaning and purpose or not just, you know, a hamster on a wheel right running around going nowhere great. Gotta have our purpose and that's, actually what someone asked, what is your purpose, jennifer, and of your plot proclamation? Yeah, it's, really about helping creative people live their dreams and bring their passions and gifts into the world in their authentic ways. So that really gets me going and excites me, and I love seeing what's blossoming here. So thank you guys, for giving me the opportunity to play with you and help make that happen. Cool. So that part of products and services we can wrap up, I know there's, probably more to dive into, so continue to make notes to yourself again. We will come back to this tomorrow and the next day in different angles that it helps to kind of have that toe work with with a list.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!