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Heart Coherence

I want to take a pause here and I want to go back tio to this and get it and get an illustration of what's referred to as the heart coherent so what we're gonna do is we're going to bring up ah software it comes from the heart math institute which is actually paste in northern california the heart math institute uh does all kinds of fascinating research on things like heart coherence. The heart coherence is how we, uh, communicate with the field a cz human beings and it's through that heart shaqra and there's a device that's been developed it's a little software I believe we have kurt who's volunteered tio, come up and just demonstrate this so what this software does and I'll just ask her to come up and sit here there's a very is a sensor on this and you just clip it to your ear and clip this to your shirt if you feel like it's gonna fall views, clip it to your ear lobe, you know? And then I'll start up the program and the in the, uh what we're goingto what we're gonna do is we're just...

going to observe and you could face any way you want to, it doesn't matter, just clip it on air lobe and we're gonna we're just going to measure heart coherent, so hard coherence you'll see heart rate you'll see things like that and you'll also see that formula t you know times e equals f so whatever kurt's thinking coupled with his emotional state is going to result in a feeling which is going to be reflected here and the idea is by using this tool tto learn ways to become mohr at peace despite circumstances with some refer to his imperturbable imperturbable ity so I'm not freaked out or stressed out when I walk up to the line of scrimmage and somebody's calling my mother names or threaten me too tear my head off or whatever it's uh you know okay um so um we're going to run a session here stuff out of the way and uh just by me yeah I know so it's just gonna take a couple seconds teo turn the music down there love it it's just going to start to read you kurt and then um if we wanted to have some fun with you we could start asking you to think about somebody who really annoys you accept me and uh or we could ask you to start thinking about cece to something that's really kind of bothering you stressing you out and it's going to look it's going to look like that so what we're going to you know, if the mind is thinking about things that stress us out or about somebody who's bothering us or it's just um it's really uh something is but you know that's just it's just um not pleasant all right it's going to read it and uh and show up here in the lower coherence uh color riches read uh we're also getting a heart rate all right and we're getting over here we're going to just start to see the the graff if you will of the of the heart rate and then there's some other things we can play with you know with software the idea that is to say well how do I get into this more meditative inner peace type mode all right despite circumstances how do I how do I get into this? And this is where the power of meditation comes in so the heart math institute teaches something called a quick coherence technique it's it's really three steps and so start thinking about these three steps and you can practice this even though you're not hooked up to the uh to the software the three steps there step number one is you start really thinking about your your your heart what's called heart focus so you go into the heart you know you can close your eyes and do this but you go into the heart and it's not like hey the hearts over there the foot's over there because it's easy to just say well that's where the hardest but you go into the heart and you uh you actually you feel from inside the heart and then the second step is what's called heart breathing so now you start to really control your breathing I recommend breathing into like a count of four and out of out to account for where you breathe into account of five or six depending on your depth, your breath and out to the same count it it's like you're following a uh a ball up and down and you're just getting really relaxed and your breathing through your heart in this very relaxed kind of way and now keep in mind it's through that heart coherence that you're actually communicating with the field all right? And we're all connected um through this field so you get into the heart focused step one you get into the heart breathing step to its very slow and relaxed and rhythmic and then the the third you know the third step is what's called heart feeling it's this is positive feeling you start to think you know again in this very relaxed state of breathing you start really feeling thinking about it and feeling very joyful positive things this could be a a pet you love this could be a person you love this could be on experience you love this is just I'm now feeling blissful I'm feeling great because I'm putting my mind my focus, my energy into that heart area I'm breathing very rhythmically and I'm I'm feeling it feeling joyful and feeling some of those higher energies we talked about love and joy and peace and we practiced this and it takes some time to practice, but this is a form of meditation were all we're really doing is we're stand present, we're letting b we're letting go of distractions and we're focusing on this energy center called the heart and the heart shock ra and we're uh we're trying to bring it into a very relaxed pace and you can do this with practice you can do this and virtually any circumstances you certainly don't need to be hooked up to a software to do it you just, uh you just, uh it becomes part of your habit it's a reprogramming it's a habit change so you know, kurt's been brave enough to come in here and and share this with us we could now say way could start message with them we could try to coach him through a more relaxed states it is difficult to do something like this, you know, publicly and in front of a lot of people there's a lot of noise intentions so he's very he's very brave to come up here and display it so I thank you, kurt, you know, we could play around with it later if if you if you want us well but you'll start toe you start to see patterns here and things you can I don't know what kurt was thinking at four minutes but something shot way up there and uh that was when I made eye contact with cat I've been here I've been doing this things where the phone rings and there's all kinds of distractions and things like that but it's so interesting because as you're doing it and you start teo you start to see yeah there you go oh, and if your sneeze or something like that or you start teo you start to get distracted it reads it so if you struggle meditating and you're trying to learn a ways toe to meditate and to get more grounded and more present um this is a good tool for feedback just because it reads it and it shares it back with you now practice with this and then kind of remember the feeling in your body oh yeah oh yeah so I do this daily without the the instrument you know I mean, I uh I've used the instrument for for years to practice to get a reading once in a while I can I can share with you one of my last readings here. Um go ahead and stop this. Yeah, thanks. I appreciate that, but uh yeah, I did yeah, thank you so much way surely do what you know what what it's what it should look like when you really practice and you know it takes a while incidentally so here's you know here's ah looks like about eighteen, nineteen minutes session on almost a twenty minute session and you could see the zone you know, we talked earlier about the zone this actually gives you the zone so you've got you've got you got fluctuation in the zone it's not like you're going to score all green but the idea of being when you get into a highly meditative state um you know it's it's just uh it's poised it's relaxed it's it's it's very it's very consistent to cross and um to your point john maria's you practice this and you get more ah more skilled at it you can take it with you you could do it on airplanes I just sit there on airplanes and do this without you know connecting up um and it's interesting because you could be sitting around an airplane and somebody is uh freaking out because you know they're going to miss their connection and believe me I've missed many connections in my in my life but uh you know what? Um so what you know and uh yeah, you know, you can you can play with it in practices whether it's, it's, it's a lot of fun so we will uh we'll switch back now to our other rather a picture I took in a south beach yeah, so that's the that's from the heart math institute uh incidentally talk about another little like synchronicity I went to this conference um this was part of my life long learning part of my uh my journey to this conference was in cincinnati, ohio probably five years ago now almost five years ago when I met one of the co founders of philip hart math institute howard martin and uh another great speaker again and greg brayden and they were speaking on a lot of the some of the stuff I was just talking about to some extent and that's where I learned about the software powered was demonstrating it so you know, may I had to buy it and play with it and check it out uh and I've been playing with it you know ever since but is at that conference that I met some people I just went I went on my own it was a tough time in my life and I went on my own and I met some uh I met some people and we became friends in this and that and uh two months later my phone rings and it's one of these guys from this conference and he goes hey uh what do you doing on may thirteenth and I go uh no, I'm celebrating my birthday why do you ask you he goes you want to go meet the dalai lama eso from that dot another dot came about and that's where my was you know what happens to be my fiftieth birthday so wow why not go uh go hang out with the dalai lama and on my birthday so that's a no that's what's where that all came from but it was one of these connections that you know you meet and I'm a big believer in networking I'm a big believer in sharing so you know as we as we continue to network um and use use tools like social media to connect with people and uh you never know where it's going to take you ands entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs use networking um tremendously uh to, uh take to grow their businesses to grow their markets and etcetera so all right that's it you know that that what we just saw that heart coherence is here and that heart coherence which is essentially how we're communicating with one another on an energetic level and communicating with the world around us on an energetic level in with the law of attraction drawing into our lives whatever that is asking for this is we reap what we sow this is the sewing and the reaping is responding so this is influenced of course by what's going on over here now the quickest thing to do or the most powerful thing to dio is get pet get you no let go of fear let go of this pessimistic, fearful way of approaching life because again fears just a creation of the mind let that go and there's some wonderful type techniques you can use to do that things like emotional freedom technique which is meridian tapping there's all kinds of great uh material out on that I teach a class on that as well. Another one of these things where I went to a conference in los angeles I met a guy named nick ortner nick has produced a great documentary on radiant tapping written a best selling book he was just on dr oz um he taught me meridian tapping I've been using it ever since, but it's just a great tool to release uh negative energy to eliminate it so the different tools like meditation and tapping and things like that dancing is a good one dancing is a great way to get into flow, but a lot of people struggle with dancing could they get in their own way? They know I'm not a dancer I can't you know I'd be I'd feel awkward, you know, uh so um let go of the fear and just approach life with with love and that's a that's a big step um the other of course part of the equation is over here pay attention to what you think what do you have going on in your mind? A very wise teacher once told me you know said thoughts are like birds landing in a tree you know they're coming all the time therefore you know are coming and going all the time you don't have to let him nest there meaning the tree is your mind your you know and so thoughts are coming and going you don't have to nest let them nest there let him go so hit the delete button on a lot of thoughts that aren't doing any good pay attention to what you pay attention to pay attention your thoughts what am I thinking and then you gotta take it to the subconscious level because a lot of things you know here's in this interesting data point to keep in mind too work from dr bruce lipton thea conscious mind can process about forty bits of data per second for zero forty do you know what the subconscious mind can process forty million bits of data per second it's a million to one ratio and the subconscious mind runs ninety five plus percent of our daily lives well more multitasking when we're driving down the road you know the subconscious minds doing most of the work the conscious mind can only think of one thing at a time it cannot multi task the conscious mind can only think of one thing at a time subconscious mind can do all kinds of stuff where is the subconscious mind? Mostly always in the president can't be in the past that can't be in the future the subconscious minds always in the present where's the conscious mind rarely in the present the conscious mind is going back and forth between future and past okay, so the conscious mind is not present and when it's not present it can be but when it's not the subconscious mind's running the show what if the subconscious minds loaded with fear loaded with doubt you know from the ages of zero to six we were in a state of frequency which is a highly downloadable meditative frequency again science now shows and proves this so what happens when you're in that fate of frequency which is a frequency a lot of people try to get into and they meditate things like that it's just highly downloadable that's when we can hit the delete buttons and such it's also where we learn a lot. So by the age of six we've got we've been downloaded with just all kinds of things and now we carry these on through life and that subconscious mind takes over so I also wrote a book called habits die hard and so habits do die hard because when we start looking at how do we delete some of these these programs all right it's we got it we have to find him we find them through our tendencies through contemplation, meditation and then we use techniques to let him go and I'll tell you what that's that's that's that's what letting go and getting out of her own way means it means just subtracting, not adding so now we're subtracting things that air just weighing us down and uh a whole new world opens up for us so that's a lot of the the inner workings, if you will of his entropy endure people that just don't appear toe get worked up over a whole lot or get become afraid you know daniel goldman wrote a book several in fact around emotional intelligence and some of you have read some of that uh you know, he speaks to these five critical no one's emotion be aware as it happens so this ties into that whole empathy pay attention the people's emotions your team's what is that they're experiencing? What is it? They're feeling alright use that formula toe to contemplate it a little deeper level okay and managing emotions use discipline. Discipline would include things like what I what I choose to think and what I choose to let go off what I want to let go off motivating oneself from moving oneself, getting into flow, releasing the negative habit energies that's all part of this uh letting go process empathizing, recognizing emotions and others was one of his five critical skills listed and then relationship panhandling relationships in a very positive way so we finished with a quote and then we can uh we can talk a little bit more about any questions you have before we close this thing out but from the tao te ching the now the thing is the second most uh published and printed book in the world after the bible and any of the maybe seen quotes over the years from lao tsu was the author of the tao te ching nobody knows who louts who is loud translates into old man but many of the teachings of loud soo were very similar to the teachings five hundred years later of jesus and another great masters that lots who wrote in the dow teaching the sages always on the side of virtue so everyone around him prospers he's always on the side of truth so everything around him is fulfilled the path of the sages called the path of illumination of the path of light so what I always try toe teach and demonstrate is bringing light into dark places bringing light into the room so I've talked a lot now about kaizen events where you come in and people are skeptical people are doubtful you know that they're in their own way and some and yet they don't know what you can't tell him I can't walk into a room and say you know what your problem is you're ignoring it just doesn't work no problem is you know your heart coherence is way off they're going to go by what you know so I finish with this I don't start with it because I'm trying to do now is share with you some of the the deeper things going on around inspirational leadership is inspirational leadership is in spirit leadership in spirit leadership is fearless leadership fearless diseases that easier said than done if you're carrying around a bunch of fear subconsciously and you haven't learned how to hit the delete button good luck teaching it how do you teach fearlessness when you're afraid at an energetic level? People see the difference animals pick it up in heartbeat animals can tell when you're afraid you know right away it's interesting because an animal that might just, you know, growl and scare the daylights out of somebody who's afraid we'll walk right up to somebody who's not and uh you want to pet because they know you're not afraid it's interesting it's it's that's that's part of that whole uh you know, six cents that energetic field that we uh we don't necessarily we'll share so that is uh that's the sentra poseur it's been a it's been a fun journey for me especially with twenty six years just around the corner not sure where the next one is, but there's a chapter in the book called now what um I don't know how we're going to just keep explore it and uh open being curious and some of those things I talked about so that we can find I can find new ways to help and like jae ko said this is perhaps the first of other sessions will do here creative live that I'll be able to share do we do here? So I'm certainly open toe so that we got any questions or anything is from our online market online audience have been following along so assiduously and thank you for being with us throughout here they had some questions as we've gone along and you know they're being making some great comments but I think they have found this just as we have very, very inspirational I think this last section was really anywhere surprise ending I know you described yourself as his entrepreneur, but I wasn't quite sure how it was going to play out that this has been really, really very interesting so this is a really powerful way to end, so I certainly appreciate that you almost did it in reverse this is something that we were thinking well, jean marie said, well, maybe we should have opened with this, but it is fascinating me closed what? Yeah and I dropped a few scenes at the very beginning but again tonight I approach this from a from a business class perspective um a lot of people are fascinated by how do you go in tow like a corporate world or a government agency or a military agency um a defense agency which was all based on fear let's face it that's it's all fear based and teach this stuff it doesn't how did they how did they not throw you out how did they how did they pay attention uh well one of the simplest tools and words to use now get to get some track tracking is the word kaizen I've spent a lot of time talking about kaizen here well guess what the word zan is and kaizen it's this a lot of people are telling you a lot of people for years they've been running caissons they don't know what zen means they don't even spell it right it's okay you know okay k I s s I n s e s I a I see black bolt spell the word kaizen wrong it's interesting happened just last week no it z n because chi zan is part of something deeper than what we think it's not just about moving you know doing a five s it's profoundly different and a lot of us don't don't get that we think it's all about just maps and charts and you know that kind of thing uh at the end of the day it's about changing minds I talked about that earlier it's about transformational shift and belief perceptions the tools just help us wake up on the tools just help us be honest with the brutal facts how am I spending my time? You know, how could I get the team to help me fix this process where, other than trying to figure it out all on my own? How could I use the creative live video to perhaps go back to my organization? And so you might want to look at this because this is what I or actually run the simulation or both the fact, if you plan on running the simulation which you have access to be a good idea to go back and review how we ran it a few times before you try running it, okay, so you know there's a facilitators guide it wouldn't hurt to go back and actually just say let's go back and what click on that round one link and see it again that that type of thing so, uh, repetition has been purposefully designed into this course so that we can you know, we can sometimes hear it once the statistics on this side remember exact numbers, but if you hear it once you forget, uh, you forget half of it within twenty minutes forget half within twenty minutes is what people struggle remembering people's names two minutes later they can't remember, let alone twenty minutes later you tell him twice and the numbers shoots up into the seventy percent or something like that that they retain and three times now you're up into the over ninety percent this is why when you go to disney they tell you three times where you parked they do is built into their process so remember you parked in the goofy lot zone c I'll twenty eight and then you get in on the tram now don't forget you're parked in the goofy lot zone and then one more time for those of you that just, uh boarded the train tram or whatever they tell you at least three times for the last time I was there I'm the kind of guy that counts but um because they have the research on it. Incidentally, if you still lose your car at disney uh they'll find it on average in six minutes. Okay? Because it's a pre programmed response to a common failure mode people are excited to get out of car something like six thousand cars air left running locked uh in the disney parks six thousand so now what? What? They put a gas station in the middle of the disney world parking lot full service gas stations that post its post is just like a post it on your window saying that you left your car running and in case you need fuel you know call this number and we'll get we'll get to taking care of these air all pre programmed responses to common tell you months people say well how they found your car in six minutes I don't get this like twenty thousand thirty thousand sometimes forty thousand cars out there how do they do that it's a system they'll say well what time did you come into the park today like I think it's around ten o'clock ten ten fifteen maybe oh well between ten and ten thirty we were parking in the goofy lot zone c or whatever and why don't we go over there and see if we they go by the way these there named goofy and pollute oh and daisy lots for a reason because sometimes that helps to write and it's part of the disney culture so you know disney gets culture we've talked a lot about culture you know they call their their people hosts and hostesses not employees so that word creates a paradigm what is a host now? Well I'm here to take care of you you know that kind of thing um they I don't have a hiring center they have a casting center they're all cast members and I've already talked about how rigorous thereabout detail disney's mickey's signature things like autographs thinking things like that fanatic about detail so these are companies that are keenly aware of what their customers want value and that their processes and, uh, and then they go after and a very imaginative, imaginative way. But also, in a very practical way, take dreams, make them realities. Thus the entrepreneur.

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