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Hot Seat: Kat Papadakis

Okay, give me an issue our ah concern a challenge you have and let's see if we can okay so the first day when when you talked about the first day I was so motivated went home and I I created up waste of while my customer onda put it in there like a v I p club letter that I wanted to show you the break the second day I went and I I wrote all the processes from beginning to end and who gets assigned street and then I was looking at it appear excel works it and um I see a lot of white space and I don't know how to get rid of that that's a great question because so often we get out we define and we measure we collect the data and we like it laid out and uh we even analyse it perhaps you've start maybe some of the analysis we don't and we don't know what to do that is clue number one for get help, right? So get help. So this is where you'd say now this is a process that involves other people that work with you and for you we have cat maybe introduce what her business is soon in the eyes of ...

the team that you're managing so my my website is great and that our work and I work for jairo cliff really doors in the spade and we have a team of four people but I also have a team of another I don't know eight people I have my stager have my photographer have my title company I have my mortgage people I have my uh my inside lead coordinator is in manila I have my my my buyer's agent so we all have things we do of course but I think there is a lot of chaos well you think or you know I seem very calm but there is so this is where again yeah this is going to sound like repetition after awhile but what what am I likely to say? Show me the data so show me the data you've you've been collecting data you've been massing things out you've been identifying the white state court yet well but that's the dd in the formula for change the d a degree of dissatisfaction the more I look and dig dig up the data whether I'm doing a time management study and looking at how much time I'm wasting or the white space in my process for the chaos that should be it should be disturbing because that's part of motivating change now does it disturb the people that you work with us muchas it disturbs you are they also aggravated by this process this white space? Do they feel it all right so then that's the next step is how do I get the people to see it and feel it because if I see it and they don't and I try to make change and they don't understand why and I see this vision of a better state in the future on dh they feel the pain of disruption and while cats changing these she's moving the chairs around again and she's she's frustrated and she's mad at us and she's, so we that's misalignment. So how do we how do we get a line? We we get them to see what you see I create. I call it a collective mind, I think you're right like, say, I have a new listing if my title company and my photographer, if they could all see that I have a new listing and they knew the role that would take a lot of the white space away. Sure, and we create that's what we create standard work systems so how you they know instantaneously almost in this day and age, people are getting more and more familiar with instantaneous information. It just it pings them in their pocket, so cats got a new listing. So, um, what is my pre program to response to that my standard work response to that it shouldn't be like a now scratching my head, I'm your photographer, you know, I I don't know what to dio, um I guess maybe I should call you up now I'm interrupting or I should email you now maybe I'm emailing you because I haven't got a standard recipe, so to speak so if you're gonna work in uh cat's business with cat we're going to follow up a standard work routine which is a win win for all of us. So when there's a a new listing uh here's what everyone does and here's the time you have to do it so you managed to a attack time a drumbeat? This is like what amazon does when they order something from from my company books. Okay. It's it's a forty eight hour uh confirmation time a seven day delivery time and it's it's it's the expectation they've now set with all of their vendors and then they qualify those vendors so you qualify your photographer you qualify your mortgage, the person you called qualify these people to work with you and for you by following your standard routine and it gives you that catapult type experience rather than what I think I heard you talk about was this chaos with all this white space and and confusions that makes sense I think I already see like a light I could not share my gmail calendar with all of them and it could be as easy as a text template to all ten of them this is the address and you know what to do because I've given you your job description yeah, yeah it's just it's not just a job description there's job descriptions for for different roles this is a standard operating routine or standard operating procedure for some things a process so, uh starting with the new listing what are all the things that have to be done like a project plan? Okay, in order for us to really wow our our client okay what's it going to take and every one of the team members has to understand that and agree to it and believe in it hopefully commit to it not just agree to it and they're more likely to do that if they help you design it just think about this what you pull them all together for a mini kaisa and you said, look, in the next, uh, half a day with lunch or something like that, we're going to map out our current process or we're going to look at some of the undesirable effects we have today and we're going to come up with a new standard process we're gonna test it so it's not etched in stone yet because we want to test it to see how everyone likes it and see how the customer the client likes that I will come back together again and we'll revisit it to see if we need to tweak it a little bit more kaizen it again so to speak by involving them helping them see the problem take ownership for solving the problem instead of it being you fixing the problem what exactly that's it's a very powerful technique and getting people excited about change and is opposed to resisting it well thank you thank you good good good anything else I know but it's not the word in your dictionary but I have I am very trying to change my time minus wrinkles I am polly chronic on greek so I tend to drift so everything is in a continuum yeah but did I just hear you have but I'm greek therefore yeah okay so I'd have been butting my emails and he has made a lot of difference instead of having them pop up okay and I have to I don't act in reaction any more I just watch them at the top of the hour and deal with them then okay you organize them at the top of the hour okay as opposed to you don't batch him once a week no okay because that would be that would be a big dangerous mistake okay so you're just organizing them and cycling through smaller small amounts but at a pace it sounds like almost a top of the hours attack time yes yeah okay yeah yeah yeah okay it's been great good, good well alright good so you're going to get your team together you're gonna, you know, do a little mini kaizen, and you're going to evaluate the current state with data, including the white space. And then you're going to come up with a pre programmed response and a standard routine to test the next time you get a listing to see how it works for everybody. And what you're searching for is better, faster, leaner and more user friendly for for your people, if they come back to you and they go out, it was, and most important that the clients wow, that was that was a wonderful experience. Can't wait. All right, good. I want I want to hear about that. You know how to reach you. Tell me how that goes.

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