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Are you Starting with Story?

We're going to start by doing just a little bit of a review because we did cover so much last night with anybody's brain just totally spinning last night mind completely was, which is why I'm glad that you've been working in your workbooks because it goes by in a flash and then when you get home, you're like, ok, what was that? We talked about this, but now you can refer back to that, so I really appreciate that you've actually been writing in your books and not just listening to me talk and talk to talk. So so we talked about the problem with traditional scrapbooking and how it can send us down a path that actually is away from our stories that are photos are such wonderful tools to capture in our stories, but they're not the whole kitten caboodle that there's more to it than just the photos. As important as they are, we also talked about our scrapbook mission statements, and we're going to be refreshing ourselves with those in just a minute. So anybody here in the room or anyone at h...

ome who has there's written down, we're going to be taking a look at those in just a minute or so we also talked about why we don't scrapbook more and why some people the unenlightened folk out there have not fallen in love with scrapbooking yet and hopefully if there's anyone at home who's watching who isn't currently a scrapbook er that when they see our focus on the story and hear some of the stories that we've been sharing here as well as in the chat room and in the gallery I hopefully you'll be you'll be enticed to join us as well the gallery has been amazing I took a look at it and saw some of the gorgeous stories that people are sharing their beautiful pages but more importantly to me I felt like I knew the people who had uploaded them and when I looked at your scrapbook and I feel like I know you better to me that's just such a gift in such a strong way that we can connect with each other and I'll be sharing a few few ah a few messages from from the gallery later on today and some of the things that people in on the internet are learning and sharing with me um we also talked about the story based a pro tell when we start with story released shifts are perspective and broadens the concept of what can be in our scrapbook and what our pages connection capture suddenly instead of just being kind of a flat representation they become very rich very meaningful and that's again, what allows us to put a little bit of ourselves in our pages and pass that on to whoever else might be reading it, whether it's, our children, their children, friends, people. If we upload to the internet and they feel like they know us through our pages, it gives us that connection that were so much craving in our day to day life will we feel disconnected sometimes from other people. We also talked about redefining journaling and talking about how it's really sharing what's important to us, its memory it's sharing our memories, that story telling it's not necessarily writing an essay, or even writing in complete sentences. It can be a list of single words, and you saw it in some of my layouts yesterday, just short bullet point phrases and fragments of sentences rather than complete paragraphs. And again, we had someone I think jennifer denise you were talking about how it's denise I think it was huge saying it's, it's your style, however, you might express yourself that comes across on your scrapbook page and however, that feels comfortable to you, however, that feels like you're capturing the stories you want to the words you want, tio, that that is wonderful, it doesn't have to be like anybody, else's um, we also we did a lot yesterday, huh? We talked about different ways to tell our stories. Whether it's through fill in the blanks and lists and things like that. How to capture the stories we want to tell. So we won't forget them. So we have them when we have time to sit down to scrapbook. We know what we want to talk about. We talked a little bit about involving others in the process and how we can entice them to share their perspectives. If that's a choice we want to make in our scrapbook that we want to have a multi perspective, a page or story. In our book, we did a lot of photo information and learning with katrina kennedy, and that was just amazing. I was just reflecting on that last night. How it's, like you get a new linds for your glasses or something. Everything is like this water class. It could be art or the end of the table, the texture the table could be art and suddenly there's a million different things that we could be taking photos of. And we have so many more choices than we did when we weren't looking at our our life as art, and what I really enjoyed about what she shared with us is the way it makes me able. To capture what I already love and adore and feel strongly about in the photo is a more authentic reflection of that because she's given us from simple tools that we can use. It was a lot, and I bet your heads are spinning mine miner too. But when I start spinning, whether it's in terms of what product to use or what photo did use or what story to tell what I do is I always go back to the mission statement. So I love for you here in our audience right now to just go back to those mission statements and let's, just do a quick read through jennifer, you want to share yours with us. To me, scrapbooking means preserving memories. I scrapbook for my family so that they will remember our family life together. Thank you. It was something about coffee and the retirement that it was a woman in the twentieth century. Yeah, I remember those. Yes, too, to make my life complete with who I am so that somebody else can know a woman in the twentieth century what I went through and that's that's what scott bookie means to me a legacy. Great, thank you. Tasty mine is to me scrapbooking means photos and words I scrapbook for myself and my family so that I can document our every day I love that I love the part about the every day, and I think we got lots of tools yesterday that will help us if that's something you want to start doing for yourself, and it hasn't been something you've done the for because you have been focused on the big events in the big moments, which are important, of course, and those little everyday moments are yeah says to me, scrapbooking means creative memory, keeping my scrapbook for myself and my family so that we can remember all the wonderful things we've done places we've gone and people we love, I love that I love that and so inclusive because it's not just events, it's places its things, and sometimes those are hard to scrapbook as we've talked about, but now we've got tools for doing that, even if we don't have a picture for that, we're going to be talking more today about how to scrap book without photos if we need tio and sometimes we do and that's ok, those pages can be wonderful. Thank you, angela. Mine is to me scrapbooking means documenting and telling the stories that matter. I scrapbook from my family so that they know how much I value the life we shared together that's wonderful, thank you, thank you so much. Jane mine is to me scrapbooking means collecting and keeping my memory's a scrapbook for myself and my family so that the things we think we will never forget will not be forgot it's so true we hit that a couple times yesterday about how there might be something that we think will never forget this that was so momentous there's such an important thing and then you look back at the photo and or somebody else will sometimes one of my kids say, mom, do you remember that time that it hit us? I have completely forgotten it and I don't know if it's a function of my age I like to think that my mind is just going on to other things, but we do forget we do forget just in the course of everyday life and it's so critical to write those things down because they're each a little part of our past and when we document them we get to keep them and we have we never know what's going to stay in a rain, then what's going to go so documenting things even if it's just a sentence or two can really really cemented and allow us to address it more fully on a scrapbook page later so I love that that's wonderful so when you go back and read that now, does it feel like what you wrote yesterday makes sense today because you're always welcome make changes or add to it does it? Is it still resonating with you? Great great! Yesterday we also talked about pages that we then previously that had when we when we get it, it just feels right and it reminds us of why we're scrapbooking, which is so it's, so fun when it just it's like a bell that's ringing if you think you get it, how about the chat room with their shared sharing? Any love to hear a lot of mission statement air coming through right now from valerie raise they say to me scrapbooking means putting my life in perspective I scrapped for myself and my children so that we can learn lessons from our mistakes and also from our victories. I love that inclusion of both the mistakes and the victories because something oftentimes we learn more from the state about you say infinitely isn't twelve I scrapped to record all the stories and pictures gifted to me by family members that's cool take that's great that's yeah, and that was one more here from libby weir's, who says scrapbooking means recording memories with photos, stories and a bit of art I scrapbook as my creative outlet and for future generations that they will know who came before that's wonderful and we talked yesterday to about what we create now someone else may find generations from now and create something completely different, or use it to inspire their writing or their art and that's really cool to that you're you're leaving, ah, little part of yourself that's going to live on beyond you, even if you don't have kids and we're going to talk later because there are a lot of people who scrapbook who don't have children or a scrap booking for a more selfish reason, just selfish meaning for themselves. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but whatever your reason is just knowing it gives you so much power because again, it makes everything else simple, and we're going to be talking about that today as we go into design and process. So to give you a little bit of an overview of what we're going to talk about today, we are going to get into process because sometimes we have all this information. We have all these new ideas it's new approach, but how does it work? Practically speaking, how did we get from point a to point b and bring in these new ideas that we have? So we'll talk a little bit about that we're going to get into design as well, because design is an important part of our pages, just like the photos. We want the photos look good, we want our pages to look good and having some designs that we can fall back on to make our page process more simple is really going to help us because oftentimes, we're wondering, does this go here? Should I put it there? And we can get lost in that black hole that we talked about yesterday in our previous segment? So we'll talk about that. We're also going to talk about one of my favorite techniques it's called scrap lifting, which many of you here because I know you're more experienced cup occurs in this room have know what I'm talking about. People at home might be thinking scrap lifting. Does that mean you know, the five finger discount from this grabner? No, it does not something, so they totally different, but it's pretty cool, so you're going to want to stick around for that and then we're going to get into a discussion of products. What do you really need? Because obviously there's thousands of options millions if you go to the digital community where I mean you can anything you can imagine, you can get with the click of a button and even physical products there. There are limits, almost limitless choices, and so where do you start, especially for newer scrap bookers? This can be really intimidating because they go to a crafts store, walk down the aisle and it's like, I don't even know what I need, so we'll talk about that and then we're really going to get into it with scrapbook improv. We've got our kids here from gossamer blue and just gorgeous stuff that I've been, um, I bet you're already very anxious way will be getting into that on going to be sharing some other of my favorite products that simple stories, the album you'll see the if you're watching on camera the bright red albums you're probably wondering about those simple stories albums my favorite album will be talking about those is well, so we'll really be getting into product what's in the kit and then how to make that work for us. What is it about kits that make them so effective as a scrap booking tool? So we'll be covering all that, and then we're going to talk about questions, common questions and concerns and challenges that come up. We have a special guest, jennifer gallagher, who will be joining us via the magic of the internet via skype and she's going to talk about scrapbooking, the harder stuff in our life. How do we tackle those tough challenges that might occur and that do occur in our lives if we want to include them in our scrapbooks? How do we do that, in a way, that's, authentic and empowering, and makes us glad we're telling the story, she's going to share that with us. And then, at the end of the day, we're going to wrap it all up with alternative forms of scrapbooking, which sounds like it's, kind of like punk, like it should be. You know, we should have a found check to that alternative music alternative. We'll have to work on that, right?

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Scrapbooking is a powerful way to preserve memories, but the process can often feel like a time-consuming chore, rather than a chance to tell your unique story. If you’re unsure where to start or held back by your inner perfectionist, this two-day course will teach you everything you need to know about creating scrapbooks that fully, creatively document your authentic life.

Scrapbooking expert Lain Ehmann will help you understand how to focus on storytelling rather than perfection when you scrapbook. Lain will cover ways to discover your own motivations for memory-keeping and match those motivations with the scrapbooking process that works for you. You’ll learn about creating beautiful, meaningful layouts that you and your family will cherish. Lain will also cover alternative methods of scrapbooking -- from working with pre-made kits to preserving memories digitally and much more. By the end of this class, you'll love your layouts - and your memories - more.


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I have so many old photos and articles and concert tickets and... STUFF... just sitting in boxes. I love this class because it not only inspired me to finally compile those pieces of my history into a lovely story to look back on, but gave me the permission to start without the pressure of "perfection." LOVE.