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Simple PR for Creatives

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Where Does Your Message Fit?

Brigitte Lyons

Simple PR for Creatives

Brigitte Lyons

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9. Where Does Your Message Fit?

Lesson Info

Where Does Your Message Fit?

How do you find out where your message fits into your ideal media? So this is another trick. This is another technique you can use to find your perfect fit. So, like I said, me tickets aren't the only way that you can glean information of what a blogger or a magazine or website is looking for. The way that you can do this is actually using the sections. So you're looking at a site to find out what sections that they have. What are their regular columns when you're getting started with PR, we're doing simple PR for creatives, right? We're getting started. We want to get good momentum, and we really only want to put our effort into things that we know are going to work and pay off for us. We're running businesses, right? We don't have time to send out 1000 pitches, so the best place to get started is with the content that you know these media outlets are trying to fill that they're looking for either every day, every month, every week, every single time, there coming out, what are the re...

gular things they're trying to fill because you know that they're hungry for it. So this is a way that you can actually figure that out. You can. They tell you they tell you. So here he pulled up the Glitter guide, which is a really fun and popular lifestyle publication, Great place to pitch product or a few of tips. If you're a stylist or you have home to court tips or something like that, you know, this can be, Oh, I don't know that they do Home decor actually think it's more fashion and beauty. You know, I just figured that out because of what We're going to check up on this lesson. So when you look at their section headers, they're telling you exactly what kind of constant they want. So here Glitter Guide has fashion, beauty, lifestyle, shopping, entrance. So if you are not doing fashion beauty life's, we can figure you know what is lifestyle mean? Maybe you click that and figure out what it IHS or stopping. You know, things that people come by. This is not a good place for you. You just know that immediately looking at their section headers, right? This is exactly the content they want you to want to fill and they're showing to you So we can also look at here and the glitter guide. If you do a drop down, you know, one of the things I would do to qualify is this a good fit for somebody is due a drop down here. And you can see they have all these different things. Glitter girl Looks like they have a typo on their website seasonal fashion lines. We love stand up collections style file ones to watch Fashion Week. So if I'm looking at Glitter Guide and I'm thinking, you know, I have a fashion based business or I have a beauty based business, I would actually, this is how it would find my my research next if they were on my media, you know, list, I would go in and look what are their sections? What are they telling me? They're always trying to fill. And is that a really great fit? So let's look at some other examples of things. So this is designed sponge really great site, and I've been in their biz ladies columns a few time. So decisive Bunches, you know, is really about interiors, mostly, but they have this biz LADIES column And so what I did is, you know, I know that biz ladies always accepts contributions and guest post from business experts. So the bridges, that could be a great place for you to write. And, you know, at least every single week, they're coming out. Biz ladies, I think it comes out on Tuesdays. You can just look at their archives and figure it out. You know that They're always coming out with more content. You know, if I did interiors, what I would do is I click on interiors and see, Are there other categories in their or their doing before and afters of the doing tips? So you look at their headers first and not just look at the home page. And what kind of content looks interesting or kind of constant? Do I want to re Bess you're looking for? Is this a good fit for the kind of content that I could create with them? Another example is, you know, do they run regular how twos. So this is actually a client of ours. It's all yoga to yoga studio in Sacramento. And we had this how to do yoga on the go, and they're simply stated Block because we know that the real simple block, you know, they have Web exclusive content and we were able to break into real simple by doing how to on their bog and offer that. And you can see that this is something that's really regular, like daily tips and tip. It's and looking at that content, you can see if it's a good fit. Another one, you know, Do you are they always look on the lookout for interview guests, So podcasts are an opportunity that I really love for people. You know, podcast can be really fun to do interviews and get get some chances to test your messages, get some links built up. So, you know, podcasts are always on the lookout for new guests, right? So you can look at a podcast and say, Do they bring on gas? Is it just the people who are in the podcast talking to each other? And they're always looking for guests? You know that they're going to be open to hearing from you because they have a need. They have a hunger for that kind of content. So you're helping the podcaster do their job. Are they always on the hunt for a new product. So Meghan, Ahman and L decor you know, a big magazine like this is always looking for a new product. They every single issue they want to be featuring. What's new, what's up and coming? What's trendy, their taste makers. So if you have a new product and you haven't had media coverage before, there would actually be happy to break you. Isn't up in kinda being products, right? They want that, and so you can help them fill that hunger that they have. And this is actually a page from their magazine, and I want to point out this trend alert, right? There's this trend alert up here. That's the name of this section. So this trend alert is because it's in the header. You can know, and you can check by checking a table of contents, the beginning, the magazine to make sure it's there. If you see that you know that it is in every single issue, every single issue. So if you can fit into an upcoming trend, you can get into one of those trend alerts and then the other way is, you know, are they regularly profiling local businesses, artists. So, you know, this is another client that we worked with actually shoes in our mentoring program. So she went out and pitched this one herself, then pitched this for her, and she was in l Canada. And she was able to pitch this because this flower Monday is a recurring feature, a recurring feature, And she has a local shop in Canada. So this is a perfect Bialek for her. She did some research, and she said, Wow, I'm a florist. I'm going to submit an arrangement for their flower Monday, and that's why I'm gonna get the media coverage. So finding that and doing a little bit of follow up research, So somebody have a media outlet that they wanna look at pretty quickly? Probably. Yeah. Yeah. Come on. So it's tell us really quickly your name and your restaurant you're working for and what media outlet you wanna look at. So I Mangini again with the counter custom built burgers, um, are opening a new location in San Francisco. So it's a new market for us. So, um, I want to hit all the local service co oriented blog's what? Um, and outlets. Awesome. And did you have a particular When you want to try? I want to shoot for eater eater, and it's just eater T area myself. Okay, cool. So here I am. I've ever looked at this website before. We're discovering this together, which is really cool, right? Because we can actually figure this out together. So this is Ah, look at their home page. So what we want to do is scroll down and look at first their navigation. So maps, forums, review video, neighborhoods, cities. Okay. Where Where do you think he would start? Here? The heat map map. What's new? And with, Oh, you you really like? I am on it. This is awesome. Eaters created list of what's new and what's hot. Wow. So you've looked at the site before? It sounds like Yeah, And so this is something that they have regularly updating? Well, actually, but most the time. When I look at it, it's through social media. I'll read like the headlines in my feet, so But you know that because you're getting new headlines that they're coming up with new content. Awesome. So you've been like reading this and you know, it's a probably gonna be a good fit because you've been paying attention, which is a great tip. You know, you want to pay attention to the media. So then here it is. People have this question of what should I eat right now? So right here. They're actually telling you what they're covering here. They're giving you what they want. Restaurant obsessives. Want to know what's new? What's hot? Which favorite chef just launched a sophomore effort. Where? Sit the cocktail. The moments you have. Ah, hot vocation. And you're actually opening a spinoff? Yes, that sounds perfect. Right. So what? I would look here too. It's just looking at some examples. So unless listen, you know, we start building our media list, So is your doing this? If you've started up a spreadsheet or you have a running less going, you can actually write down like this section the specific section in your media list and pull an example because when you pull your pitches together, you want to combine all these pieces of information and I mentioned before in the workbook there's actually a link. So if you get the workbook with the purchase of this, there's a link to a template immediate list template. And it has this in there for you, so you can pull it together. Okay, great. So this looks amazing. This looks like exactly the sort of thing that as you're opening your location, you can send in a pinch to I'm going to Oh, wonderful. Well, that was easy. It really is that easy. You know, just taking a look and looking around. Are there any insight Another site you want to try out? Yeah, Gate. Um, that would be, um, work, you know, broader audience than eater. Probably. Okay, because this is the home page for the newspaper here. Locally, this go right. Okay, so this, you know, this is a little bit more of a broad scope. So again you can see at the top they show you exactly their coverage areas, new sports, business arts and entertainment food, probably where I would go next on. I just scrolled over food. So I'm not even click on clicking on it yet because I want to see how much information I can get at a glance. So right here, You know, at a glance, you can see restaurants and even go straight there and then look at the different kinds of coverage. So old favorite at the top, it's game. Discreet discovery. Are any of these feel, like kind of articles That would be interesting to you? Yeah, Which, which one? Um, that kind of like that should be me feeling, um, the one you're actually pointing Teoh unwrapping something great. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I think so, too. I must have been subconsciously into it. So here you can go and actually look at it and you can see, you know, they actually have a byline of somebody writing there. So at this stage, you know, if you find that you can put in your media list if you don't find that, I'm gonna tell you later how you can get more information about who you should be pitching and then a link to this article in your media list so you can reference it. So here you go. You You found exactly the right section that you should be pitching to within SF gate. Well, great work at your media list. You've got qualifications. No, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes you click around and you find that something isn't a fit. You know, we started looking at website the Glitter Guide and the cover fashion and beauty. So if you were a reader of the Glitter guide and you're a big fan of theirs, but you don't have fashion and beauty, those aren't your products. Then they're not gonna work out for you. So this is a way to get that quick hit. Is this bright for me? If it is to dig just one step deeper, Teoh, find exactly that. Right place to pitch. And if it's not right that, you know, you can take them off your media list and go on to better fish. Awesome. Well, thank you so much. Great work. Okay, so that's where we're gonna be rapping. Rapping this segment is I'd like you to take a look at this, seeing what your best opportunities are. Toe work with the media outlets on your list. You know, dig into some of those media outlets, do a little bit of research and qualify them. Make sure they belong on your list and write down what those great opportunities for you are.

Class Description

When it comes to your business, pretty much all press is good press. Mentions of you and your work in blogs, podcasts, magazines, on TV, and elsewhere raise your profile and puts your business in front of a whole new audience – for free. But hiring a public relations agency can break the bank, especially for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs just starting out. In Simple PR for Creatives, Brigitte Lyons will show you how to harness this powerful tool yourself.

Brigitte has lived and breathed PR for more than a decade, and she specializes in working with creative professionals. In Simple PR for Creatives she’ll teach you the PR basics and offer a step-by-step approach to generating buzz on a budget. You’ll learn how to get real press attention using tools tailored to the needs of freelancers and small business owners. Brigitte will show you how to:

  • Put together a media contact list
  • Get journalists to write about your business
  • Earn important endorsements
  • Create an effective editorial calendar

You’ll learn insider tricks for fitting your product or service into the editorial mission of your target publications and increase the likelihood of your pitch getting picked up. You’ll also learn the most effective ways to pitch and the perfect times to do it.

PR isn’t reserved for other, more successful people. It’s a great option for enterprises of all stripes and sizes, and it’s easier than you think – learn the ropes in Simple PR for Creatives with Brigitte Lyons.

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This is one of the best CreativeLive classes I've taken. I knew nothing about PR before this class and after taking it I was able to send my first pitch within a week. If you follow along with the workbook provided you really can come up with a pitch template that can can be tweaked to work for just about anything. I really appreciate how simple and enjoyable Brigitte made this class. No fluff, just great straight-to-the point actionable information. It's obvious she cares very much about helping creative people use PR to grow their business. Thanks Brigitte!

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I honestly started watching this class thinking that I didn't need PR for my business. I know Brigitte is super smart, and I wanted to check out the live stream to see if I could pick up any tips for my own clients. I was so wrong! I loved this! Within the first 30 minutes I had taken so many notes and gotten so excited about the possibilities- that not only seemed helpful, but relatively easy and FUN- for my business. I ended up purchasing right away and I know I'll be referring back again and again. Thanks for the great class!

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What a terrific, informational and inspiring course! We now have a solid plan to move forward with our PR, and the know-how to accomplish our goals, only 8 hours after logging in to CreativeLive! Thanks in advance to Brigitte for making the murky world of PR crystal-clear and accessible. Best wishes, Lori Covington, Writer, Jeanette Walker Jewellery, Prince Edward Island, Canada