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Well hello internet and welcome to creative live this is uh so already with the easy drummer too with rick currents my name's true councilman and I'll be the host for the rest of this course I'm excited that you're joining us this morning we have an amazing course planned for you today got to hang out with rick a little bit yesterday and they just had a great time so you're in for a treat today what we're gonna do right now is appreciate we got about eight it's a pre show to get through what we're checking the microphones and cameras making sure you can hear and see everything that you need to hear and see here a creative live on de so if you're tuning in there's a few things that I want o tell you about the first is the chat room it's a way for you to interact with us here in the studio and ask questions of rick and I can relate those right directly to rick which is pretty cool because we're live we could do that the way you join the chat room is by clicking on the little green text o...

n the left side of the video player there on also are svp for the course you can get a bunch of more information about the class that way we have a whole bunch of classes coming up here at creative live that I want to tell you guys about in addition to today's course, we have banned happy chats that are going on today as well. We have mastering metal song writing with a levee he's coming back to teach a class on metal song writing, which is super cool uh, he's, just a really, really talented guy and he's taught a lot here at at creative life, so we're excited to have him back. In addition to that, we have dream into it, breaking into the music industry with steve or any he's. The manager of incubus has a ton of industry experience s o that's another course to look forward to that one's on july second, so be sure to check those out in the course of the upcoming classes on the music and audio page. Um and you can always join us here live. We have a studio in san francisco, we have one in seattle, so if you're in the area are even not from the area and you see a class that's coming up and you want to be part of that, the way that you do that and find out more information about that is go to creative, live, backslash, front row and there's all the information on there that you need tio, come be part of our live in studio audience is pretty fun being here live, we love having students here with us in addition to everybody watching online so we're going to take a few minutes actually to meet we have two students with us today so and one of the first student is actually one of our very own tyson who decided to come in for the course today how you doing taison doing pretty well how are you doing? I'm doing awesome man that's a gnarly beard rick rick has a beard tio what he does you guys have both have beards and it's insane just much beard goodness so why don't you tell us what you do at creative life and then I am a technical director here and I'm freelance so sometimes they decide tio bring me in for my expertise but it's great it's a great place to work also a musician I'm also a musician aspiring musician and what what why do you want to be learning from rick and learning about easy drama to what excited about? I'm just excited to learn from the the guy I think the guy that knows that the best the president of the director of north american operations like that's awesome you know we're excited I'm very excited being thanks for being here and uh our next student why don't you introduce yourself? My name is casey dickerson they're um I am a theater director I've been directing theatre for lasting years inspiring musician um and happy to be here we're happy to be talks on yeah we're happy that you're do you write your own stuff yes been writing music for last five years more so for theater than anything else um uh we were awesome original plays I'm originally from michigan I'm just moving here I've been here three months now welcome to seattle thank you so much and I'm looking to break into the music singing in the theater saying so this is a perfect opportunity for me that's fantastic so when you're writing uh what what medium do used toe be creative if you're if you're writing some for theater or I have to see pitches to right ok I have to have a visual understanding this to what I'm trying to relate to the person who's listening to it and when I write music I kind of just close my eyes and think about the scene I would like to see maybe on stage or maybe in a movie or maybe just the two express whatever music them right and if I could feel it then I could relate it to the who the listener how kind of you were really so so do you write my say on piano what I'm not a musician and I don't play any any issue mints ok I just have for some reason the knack for write music I have it here for it so I could gently tell you what I want to hear or the musicians I worked with in the past very times today, the read music or just played by year I'm more of a singer. I sing and I know what I like to hear and I know what I would like to hear once I put the music now, so that's kind of winning, I would love to learn how to write music so that's, one of the main reasons I am here. Yeah, well, you're in, you're in the right place. You're in the right class today. Um, tyson, when you're trying to be creative and writing stuff what's your main instrument, I feel like I start with drums typically that's, it's, a very good base for me to kind of later, everything else on and I'm really excited for the ah dragon drop the mideast stuff on here, it's, it's pretty cool. It makes it a lot user to right inside these jumper, which I'm sure we'll talk about. So, yeah, I'm sure we'll get into that says starting with the beat and then building building exactly, exactly.

Class Description

EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.