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Start a Handmade Business

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Kari Chapin

Start a Handmade Business

Kari Chapin

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14. 21 Pre-Show

Lesson Info

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Hello internet and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman. My name is susan rodrick welcome everyone. We are your hosts today today is our second day of a three day workshop with kerry shape in this is start a handmade business yesterday wass fan tastic and before we start talking about today everyone, this is our pre show the actual show starts at nine o'clock pacific let us know in the chat rooms of you can see us and hear us. We just want to start hearing from you and start having a dialogue start having a conversation get to know our studio audience as well and you can reach that chat room by clicking on the link that's right beneath the video that you're watching. So can we have some amazing students in our in studio audience all crafters themselves? And yesterday we talked a lot. We talked a lot about the business and we talked a lot about getting started and we talked a lot about fears so I want to have some conversations yesterday, people that we got emotional, a lo...

t of us we had some tears, we had some tears and, you know, it's amazing how you take something like you take your work but then you blow it up to the big picture about life and what that really means to be living, you know in your authentic self and living and having free and all these huge huge concepts yeah, I think what with the fear, what I realized when I woke up this morning was that all those words on that we talked about fears for your business also fears about life or all those words about your intentions for your business, the control, the I want to have choice and want freedom, those are all about your life as well as running your own business. So actually, like, really clicked for me this morning? Yeah, I mean, they really these things really affect this to the core, so I kind of want to talk about that. Yesterday we covered a lot of things, but why don't we go around? And you ladies are welcome to introduce yourself again and just let people at home know something that happened yesterday that really resonated with you or something that you got out of it, that you realized you know how big a picture this is? So should we go ahead and start? Yeah, I think so, yeah, I mean, just setting up again that we're going to be talking more about business today. And so we just for those people who might not have been with us yesterday want to give him a little little recap of what we felt yesterday, so before we start, though, I also wanted to say we are going to be getting into business it's so on dh she mentioned yesterday, kerry mentioned yesterday that this if you if you were to be a successful crafter it's really eighty percent business, twenty percent crafting when you really get into it, and I think any time you're your own business person, you really are looking at eighty percent of your job, and your life is going to be the business side of things if you want to be successful and that's a very different picture that being gay or being an artist. So I also wanted to know what you ladies thought about that as well. So maybe you could talk about one or the other or both, and just talk about what that will look like to you life, knowing that it won't be like emily said yesterday during our time call that it's eighty percent business, twenty percent crafting, we'll start with you, I know that's a lot, but what do you think about all those top? My name is kathy past gone and my business is catch I crafts, and I really love that she's. She started the workshop talking about fears because I've actually struggled with shyness and social anxiety since I was a kid, and having this handmade businesses actually pushed me to overcome some of those fears because you can't just make something and just stay in your room you have to go to meet ups stella craft fair so all those things were really new to me and I love what she said that fear is not a bad thing it's where good things start and so that totally resonated with me on you know and how cool is that if that's what you've experienced since you were younger that you weren't here on creative live where there is an international body cameras focused on you so what do you think about that that's a big that's a big step and there you are you are because I know somebody else mentioned that they were shy oh yeah so I know a lot of people are like that especially crafters well I mean it is an extrovert it's an extroverted world so people that are introverted really have to well they don't have to but I think a lot of times introverted people they have to practice being extroverted and pretend to be extroverted almost to fit into this world so I know that's a real struggle for a lot of people so it's thank you I'm erin duncan friend bernard um I agree a lot with what kathy said it's that resonates a lot with me and very introverted too so doing things like this networking that's really out of my comfort zone but I feel like the more I do it the easier it really starts to becoming a little bit more natural and so all over the place but I also yesterday learned a lot about what I really liked was kind of defining your ideal customer and that's something that I haven't really done as much of that that I'd like to dio so arm you know, like I kind of said yesterday I two sets of customers have wedding customers and I also have kind of what I do the other nine months which is more of a whimsical embroidery and things like that that aren't so wedding focus so what I'd like to do is sit down with myself and really go through that customer and kind of create that back story that I thought was such a fun exercise to do in it just a little thought that I put into it so far it's just it kind of opened up my brainstorming ideas too awesome and the narwhal is pretty close to the unicorn right? Yeah way so there you go you're one step ahead of what you said reminded me excuse me of a quote actually that it goes along the lines of nobody ever achieved anything in their comfort zone so I think being out of your comfort zone is where you're actually you know, taking it to that next level that's where the creativity comes off often as well thank you hi my name is kathy and I have this is called kathy's wraps that guy's kind of her parties and weddings it's a little face container um now cupcake wraps and paper cones for weddings and things and speaking with emily listening to emily yesterday I had been thinking about introducing cards a card linus well and I think her her success I think that scarcely to be you know can I really handle one more product do I think you know then that means I might need employees and oh my gosh how you gonna handle that you know and it's their success is something really that can I get any bigger and still maintain my lifestyle are you know how do you I'm sure you know what I what I what I enjoyed from her was I'm sure you can reach those solutions when they have you know you just keep working with it if you need a more employees show it'll happen if you have success you'll find a way to deal with that you won't leave a customer without so I think it's a learning experience I think you need to not be afraid a success and taking it stuffer there's absolutely I really like the fact that you like you just said if you are afraid to even take a step because you're anticipating some issues and you're anticipating well what if what if what if and I know this because you know I see this all the time then you don't take that first step and that's what we're here to talk about all today is those actions so that's a great insight thank you really hamersley gail make shower art waterproof aren't you can hang in your shower on what I took away from yesterday most I think it was carrie talking about intentions and goals and actions I'm a big list maker myself I do more elektronik suffering carried out she likes the paper um but on I'm a big supporter of david allen he has getting things done siri's to make you super productive so I've been a big fan of that, but what? He doesn't put things in categories and then within those categories you have goals and actions, but kerry talking about the intention is a hole different way of thinking about it, so I wantto switch to that and really give a lot of thought to that in my business. Yeah it's it's such a deep thought actually to think about, you know what you're feeling on the inside and how that's translating through your product and through your business and you know it really isn't it's not just you're not just going through the motions and creating a product and then just getting it out there it's really coming from your heart and soul all the time and you have to think about what are your intentions with this? So I'm just such a huge believer in that, so thanks for sharing that I'm heather heather, salisbury dot com I'm a mixed media artist, and what I took away from yesterday was like bruce lee was saying, I was really excited to break down my attentions into goals and then tests because I like little things that make me feel at the end of the day, like I got farther with my dreams that I accomplished more at the end of the day and I really found it fun, tio visualize my perfect day, you know, it was nice to think out of the box and think bigger and strip away all of those things that you normally worry about and get the little annoying things all the way and just just dream what it would be like to be doing exactly what I want and make it worth the effort to continue to put the hours and the time and the networking and, you know, the learning into my business to know that one day I'm gonna wake up, but I'm going to live that instead of just thinking about it. So that's, what it's been very exciting about kerry's course so far, so what a powerful, powerful lesson to think about. How do I want to spend my day? Yeah, we just think about the big picture we don't think that's really what it comes down to it's the most important thing on living in the now yeah, really leslie instru my have a jewelry business called climate reflections them actually like he's talked about I'm one of those introverts it's really good at pretending to be an extrovert has taken a lot of practice um and I think what's changed for me over the last few days is that I've realized that I have something important to share and um that's one of the things it's been really exciting about the feedback that I've been getting from creative live and my fellow students and everyone online is that I'm realizing that I need to be buying what I'm selling and that I need to actually believe that I have value, which is what I want other people to believe that everyone has, so I'm excited about that really, really excited about that so cool amazing thank you for sharing that absolutely it's so cool toe have all of you here in our studio audience because so many people at home, I'm sure in the challenges right now are relating to you and how cool that you had a sale yesterday to the beauty of being on creative I've as well you're great, you ladies are amazing well, we have just a couple of minutes before we need to get not need tio before we are going to get started with our program today. So, susan, why don't you go check out what's going on in those chapter sounds good, we want to hear from me, and we want to know where you're joining us from maybe some of your insights from yesterday as well, but before we get started, I wanted to let you all know about a couple of our upcoming classes on our craft channel it's really exciting to be growing this craft and make her community here at creative live and it's really exciting to see all the new classes that are coming up on the calendar, and you could find all of those by going to creative, live dot com slash craft, and you'll see everything that's in our catalogue, they're both in the past and upcoming, so when to shout out to workshops one is on june nineteenth, megan almond is coming and this is great because this is going to be great build on from this class today, she's going to be teaching a little bit more advanced for people who are further along, we're not further along, but are pretty established in their craft of businesses and it's going to be how to get your products on the shelves in stores, so if you're considering wholesaling, or you really want to go to a national international level, she's going to be teaching a class on that. So that's going to be fantastic. And then in july, on july seventeenth, terrorists were is going to come and teach a class on marketing specifically for cracked er so we're going to be getting into marketing in this course as well. But you always have more to learn. She's, a yarn artist and s o it's going to be more about finding that target customer and marketing straight to them. So, it's, pretty great to see all of these classes coming on. Tio creative, live and bringing free education. Twenty four seven to all of you out there.

Class Description

Most artists and crafters are easily inspired to create new work, but getting inspired to build a business that shares that work with the world can sound like a much more daunting prospect. Kari Chapin, author of The Handmade Marketplace and Grow Your Handmade Business, is ready to teach you everything you need to know to break into the online marketplace and share your work with the world.

Kari will help you determine the online sales venue that’s best suited to your handmade goods. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of both selling through an existing online marketplace (like Supermarket or Etsy®) and setting up your own independently-operated website. You’ll also develop the optimal marketing strategy for sharing your products with the world, from social media to blogging to branding and packaging. Kari will cover essential best practices for running a successful crafting business, including confidently setting price points, creating media kids, acting as your own publicist, and much more.

No matter what you make, this course will give you the confidence to see the things you have to offer as uniquely valuable to customers, the inspiration to take your work to new heights, and the foundation you need to ensure your business’s success.



Kari Chapin's course, Start a Handmade Business, was a game-changer for me. Her content was presented in such an accessible, engaging, easy-to-digest, and oftentimes hilarious way. At the same time, she did not sugar-coat things. Having a handmade business is a job and requires work. I love that she emphasized that fact. Not only did she give the nut and bolts of how to start a handmade business but spent a lot of time on the emotional component of being an artist trying to sell her work. Her guests (Skype and in-studio) were well-chosen and showed the rapport she has with her community. This showed that she lives what she teaches. The interaction with the studio audience and online community was integral to the course because it showed real-life examples of business owners at varying stages in their career. (I was so lucky to be one of the studio audience members. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity!) This class was a comprehensive look at handmade businesses that everyone from fledgling businesses to more established businesses can benefit from. I highly recommend this course! Thank you Kari for sharing your mind-blowing wisdom and warm and fuzzy heart with us! And thank you CreativeLive for having this awesome resource for the creative community! --Cathy Pascual,


Well, it's been a few days since the course and I am still pumped. Kari said a few things in particular that I needed to hear and I'm so grateful for that. I have been involved in the facebook group she put together and I am so happy about that. It's an awesome resource and my fellow creatives have been very helpful and encouraging. I totally recommend this course to any creative entrepreneur at any stage in their journey. Plus she is cute, funny and has just the right amount of snarkiness. I so enjoyed it!

a Creativelive Student

I loved this course with Kari Chapin! Her wealth of information delivered with such an honest and funny voice was refreshing and inspiring. I have accomplished things in the last few days that have languished on my to-do list for a year or more, largely due to this class. Kari is very down-to-earth and just plain adorable! I highly recommend this course for anyone creative who has or wants to have their own business.