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Lesson 1 from: Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

Jon Youshaei

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1. Introduction

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those who tell stories rule the world. It's an ancient saying that's even more true today and for the record. I'm not talking about telling stories around some campfire. I'm talking about telling stories that light a fire in your customer. I'm talking about writing that gets results in business in our world of noise and nonsense. It's never been more important to hook and to hold people's attention and more importantly to do it in a way that's authentic to your voice. Mm hmm. As a writer for Forbes entrepreneur and time magazine, I've learned how to do just that and get millions of views on my articles as one of NPRs top commencement speakers. I've been humbled to be ranked alongside Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg as one of the best speechwriters since 1774. As a marketing manager at Youtube, I've learned what it takes to create viral content. And as a freelance writer right here on Fiber, I've earned a perfect five star rating from over 200 clients and now I want to share all those in...

sights with you right here in this course called stories that sell seven seekers of creating killer content. This course has taken months of work to distill years of insights so you can digest it in minutes, no fluff content here and no touchy feely theories, only proven tactics tools and templates that are ready to use whether you're writing emails, articles, sales pages, social post speeches and more specifically this course will cover how to do the following right and engaging headlines without being click baited overcome writer's block with these, get featured in top publications, even if you've never written for one and so much more as an instructor, I also believe in being hands on and helping you however I can. That's why anybody who buys this course will also get access to my in depth case studies, coaching and practice prompts. You really put your knowledge to the test. That way you'll be part of the community, not just someone off course. So what are you waiting for? Get this course? Come join us in the community and I'll see you there. Mhm.

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