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Strength Training

Diane Fu

Strength Training

Diane Fu

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1 Day 1 Warm-up Duration:27:36
2 Day 1 Workout Begins Duration:20:48
3 Day 2 Warm-up Duration:28:25
4 Day 2 Workout Duration:26:22
5 Day 3 Warm-up & Footwork Duration:35:31
6 Day 3 Workout Duration:16:54
7 Day 4 Warm-up Duration:24:21
8 Day 4 Workout Duration:24:26

Class Description

Part of the "Get Fit" bundle. Click Here for details!

Start your morning off right! Join Diane Fu for an hour long circuit training-like workout. These workouts will involve alternating strength training exercises with aerobic activities to give you two workouts in one. Each day will combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to make you sweat and feeling stronger! Equipment used will range from common items found in and around your home to jump ropes, free weights, and kettlebells. This guided training experience will also involve plyometric drills with a bit of a competitive edge. Expect the unexpected in these full-body classes, which are packed with lots of variety and tons of fun.