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Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers

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Styling Options

Robert Mahar

Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers

Robert Mahar

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8. Styling Options

Lesson Info

Styling Options

All right congratulations my friend you've been very patient and you've made it all the way through and you've constructed your first pie aki chandelier now I love our pom pom variation but what I want to do is show you some other ways that you can style this as I said at the outset this is an extremely customizable formats that the pie yankee lends itself to so let's immediately will move over from our pom pom mobile to this guy which is like party one o one this is a fiesta that you can hang from your ceiling I love this thing it is our hope structure and instead of the paper straws on this one I used large plastic drinking straws so you can see how they're easily interchangeable and instead of doing the punched like card stock paper is ornamentation what I used is standard tissue paper I put two or three layers together at a time and used one of the paper punches and then crinkled them up just a little bit and threaded them onto the string between each of the straw so it almost look...

s like a little bit of ah paper flower now for our ornamentation around the exterior of the hoop you very easily could create some tissue paper flowers but this is a little bit of an easy hack if you're pressed for time if you go to any party store they're gonna have these little paper fans, they're tissue paper fans. They expand around their men, teo it here too. The two sides together to maintain the sort of medallion form. And then they hang from the ceiling. A little tip. If you take some hot glue, spread it right along there, press it closed, it'll stay permanently. And then you just take some sturdy scissors and cut off at hanging tag. And then they can hot glue right onto the side so you can see we used them as medallions at each of the thai points. So they're disguising where the string is tied on to the hoop. And then I turned a couple of them sideways, and what I did on this one is I left a little space between the top hanging not and where I started stringing the straws, so that once I put a line of hot glue on there, I could then just wrap it right around the top of the mobile, and I did the very same on the bottom. Andi, I added a little bit of additional tissue paper at the bottom just to kind of complete that look super festive. I think this would also be really fun in a play room is really colorful and bright, so from there we're going to move on to this guy now this is another one that I also used straws plastic straws instead of the paper straws. These ones however, are the cocktail stirs so they're a little bit more narrow you get a little bit more of a refined line you'll notice on this one. I left all of them hanging individually at the base versus bringing them together like we did on the pom pom chandelier and what I did here is these air little wolf felt balls you can find them at any craft supply store and I just strung the string through them using embroidery needle and it's nice because they've got a little weight to them so it kind of keeps it all hanging evenly now this is another one that we did using the hoop formation on and you can see it each of the thai points there concealed by these really beautiful paper flowers now very similar flowers can be constructed by watching my other creative live course how to make paper flowers. I show both hand cut versions and also some crepe paper versions which are really lovely these particular ones. If you watched my suit studio tour you know that I mentioned my elektronik paper cutter which I kind of love and it allowed me to sort of do some of these very detailed statements centers on those flowers so that's a particular favorite this is when I think I could actually have in my home all year long and as we move over to the final variation this is definitely one I feel like this is like calm and serene a little bit more minimal you can definitely see maybe a little bit more of an alliance some of the himalayan mobiles that I teach in my him early mobile class where it's a little bit nordic and design so another idea for this instead of the ornamental paper rounds that we used on this or the pom poms I've used wooden beads super easy to string on it comes together really quickly the holes are obviously already pre drilled we did the god's eye structure in just a solid monochromatic color I used like a thick creamy wolf felt and then again used the pom pom makers to create some medium sized ones that go along the edge of the god's eye structure and then just like we did our hot pink pom pom one brought all of them together strung through one large bead and then fed it through and tied it tio ah large wall pom pom she can see there is definitely a large range of styles that you could create using the pie aki chandelier format and I love that we can do something that's a little bit more minimal and spare to something that is basically a flying circus I really think it's a nice range and it makes it really adaptable so whether you are planning a party preparing for the holidays, or just want a lovely piece of home interior decor? I hope that you'll consider making more than one of these lovelies. I think you need one in every room of your house.

Class Description

Pajaki chandeliers make a big visual impact. They are perfect for parties and can double as bold decor in hip homes. Learn how to craft one in Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers with Robert Mahar.

In this class, Robert puts a new twist on this traditional folk craft, using modern materials and updated techniques. You’ll learn about:

  • Basic construction, including the hoop and the God's Eye structures
  • How to configure all the string elements and ornamental embellishments
  • Inspiring ideas for variations on the color palette and scale

You’ll get a brief history on pajaki chandeliers and how they’ve been made and used throughout history. Robert will also cover which materials work best and offer tips on constructing the perfect pajaki for your home, office, or party.

Get everything you need to know to construct fun and whimsical pajaki chandeliers in this hands-on class with the always-inspiring Robert Mahar. 


April S.

I watched a re-broadcast of this course. It was fun but what I liked best is that Robert Mahar is a good speaker. No hemming and hawing. He keeps the stream of instruction going naturally without uncomfortable pauses (he is prepared) and without falling back on ummming or "you know", or any of that. He was easy and pleasant to listen to and his techniques were shown well making this kind of project accessible to most people.

krish vista

Nice and Beautiful!