Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers


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The Hoop Variation

Pajaki chandeliers make a big visual impact. They are perfect for parties and can double as bold decor in hip homes. Learn how to craft one in Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers with Robert Mahar.

In this class, Robert puts a new twist on this traditional folk craft, using modern materials and updated techniques. You’ll learn about:

  • Basic construction, including the hoop and the God's Eye structures
  • How to configure all the string elements and ornamental embellishments
  • Inspiring ideas for variations on the color palette and scale

You’ll get a brief history on pajaki chandeliers and how they’ve been made and used throughout history. Robert will also cover which materials work best and offer tips on constructing the perfect pajaki for your home, office, or party.

Get everything you need to know to construct fun and whimsical pajaki chandeliers in this hands-on class with the always-inspiring Robert Mahar. 



  • I have loved Pajaki for years, and have always wanted to make one. I was excited about this class, and bought it during the half off sale. While the instructor seems like a nice guy, I think if you're going to teach a class on a folk art, you might want to actually learn the actual traditional way to do that and teach that. Instead he kind of winged it and the chandeliers he made look like something a kid might make at summer camp. This might be a good course for parents and kids, but for someone really wanting to learn the art of Pajaki, it's a miss.
  • I watched a re-broadcast of this course. It was fun but what I liked best is that Robert Mahar is a good speaker. No hemming and hawing. He keeps the stream of instruction going naturally without uncomfortable pauses (he is prepared) and without falling back on ummming or "you know", or any of that. He was easy and pleasant to listen to and his techniques were shown well making this kind of project accessible to most people.
  • Nice and Beautiful!