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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Pitching Clients and Getting Sales

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Integrated Program Example

Peter Corbett

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Pitching Clients and Getting Sales

Peter Corbett

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16. Integrated Program Example

Lesson Info

Integrated Program Example

Many of you in this room but also online are, maybe you'll never do an integrated campaign. Maybe you will. This may or may not be relevant for you, but the reason I think it'll be relevant for everybody is just, I wanna share with you how to think just basically about anything, how to scope anything. What I'm showing you here is some images from a project that I did in month five, I think, of the company. I was the only employee. American Eagle Outfitters was our client. It just so happened I had come from a concert production background. They said, we need someone who knows how to produce big events but also understands digital. We're basically producing a big concert at Squaw in Tahoe for about 5000 people, distributing all sorts of free scarves and lip glosses, and building fire-pits and awesome brand lounges, and I was the executive producer of the thing. The objective was to capture three great music videos that would go live on and be seen by all the millions, millions of...

people, so they would then buy underwear, or something, or jeans, right? If you look at this, I'm just gonna play this video silently in the background, you might ask yourself, how the heck, how do you scope something of this size? It would seem sort of unrealistically large, and the point is, you have to look at every single piece in very granular detail, and just break it down. You might say like, how much does it cost to rent a big footprint at a ski resort? Call them. (chuckles) That's the first step. We went out to Vail, and I think this was Copper Mountain. We talked to six resorts. I sent them an RFP. So, this is what we're doing. Give me the pricing. There's gonna be 5000 people there. It's gonna drive ticket sales. We're advertising it nationally. Guess what, it cost about 25 grand to get the footprint. If you look at this little wooden hut we're building, you could just look there and go, how much does it cost to build like a wooden hut to be installed on the snow. Look at the thing. Okay, how much is the wood from Home Depot? A grand, maybe? Yeah, about $1000 worth of wood, okay cool. Looks like a crew of like two to four people could build that over the course of two days. Average contractor cost, average carpenter cost. Maybe I pay about 25, maybe 50 bucks an hour. A four person crew of 50 bucks an hour, that's 200 bucks an hour. 10 hours a day maybe, two grand a day, four grand for the labor. Now I'm at five grand for the hut. And then there's some other pieces. Okay, so my costs are probably about $7500 safely. I should probably charge about 15 grand for the hut. That's just a way, it's just like a sequential way of thinking about scoping anything. It could be a hut. It could be a website. It could be a video. Break it down and think logically about all of the inputs. The hard cost inputs and the labor inputs, et cetera.

Class Description

The distance that your small business has to cover to become a thriving enterprise can seem like an unbridgeable gulf at times. You need to land bigger clients to build name recognition and scale up your business model, but they appear to be out of reach.

Entrepreneur Peter Corbett has lived this struggle, and built his business iStrategyLabs into a multimillion dollar brand. Join us for this class, and Peter will teach you how to price, pitch and create a statement of work. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to prospect a client, prepare a tailored pitch, and land meetings.
  • How to estimate the work that needs to be done, and close the deal.
  • How to operate projects, and exit gracefully once they’re completed.

Peter has built his business from the ground up without VC funding. His client work includes projects for brands like GE, Disney, Volkswagen, and Coca-Cola. He mentors fledgling entrepreneurs who have strong ideas and straddle the tipping point between just maintaining and runaway success. You’ll walk away from this class with a step-by-step playbook on how to secure bigger clients, and a toolkit of techniques and ideas to arm you as you move onward and upward! 

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Bonnie Aunchman

Peter & Creativelive - I loved, loved this class! I would HIGHLY recommend. The class is extremely informative in content and has great document samples you can use. I will implement Peter's advice and practices immediately! (Loved Peter's teaching style!) Thank you! :)

a Creativelive Student

I had the great privilege of being in the studio audience for this class and had a phenomenal experience. Peter shared not only great insights and experience but templates that I've already started implementing in my own business. His experience and approach towards working with clients really resonated with me and my business partners. I specifically encourage you to find the section and write down word for word what he says when a client says "well, I don't know what our budget is, we want you to tell us". I've already used his approach of responding with "oh, it's a million dollars :-)!" and using that to open the conversation. It get's results and the answers you need to put together an aligned proposal. On being an audience member the staff at CreativeLive was kind, clear with instructions and made sure we always knew what was expected of us. I encourage you to apply for a class and experience it first hand. As a bonus, their office and catering was phenomenal.

Che Pilling

Peter Corbett is a very clever man, I appreciate his honesty and creative thinking. This course is amazing for people who are in a process of setting up different areas of their business. I can also see how it would benefit business owners/managers who want to review their processes. Corbett is a very engaging speaker and his communication is excellent. Fabulous course, A+.