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Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

Lesson 8 of 9

Create a Timeline & Plan to Raise Your Value & Prices

Megan Auman

Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

Megan Auman

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8. Create a Timeline & Plan to Raise Your Value & Prices

Lesson Info

Create a Timeline & Plan to Raise Your Value & Prices

All right, so our very last step is that we're going to create a timeline and a plan to raise your value and your prices because we're all about action, right? We wantto get moving so first of all, how many of you need to raise your prices who's in that I need to do it. Okay, so what I want you guys to dio is set a deadline. What is your deadline for raising your prices a net when you raise your prices by when yes, uh next week perfect, karen perfect. I love it. I love actually really love specific dates because you can actually also use it as a teaser for your customers as well if you want to you don't have to but if you want to give people a heads up okay prices are going up january twenty first get you know, get a move on so those you need to raise your prices I want to just set that deadline and then figure out how much you're going to raise your prices by is this a small increases that incremental is it biggs you need to double or are you raising certain prices but not all of them...

? So maybe you're bringing a few things up toe anchor so think about that in terms of your price changes to and then decide will you give your customers a heads up it can be a way people refer to it as a reverse sale, so, you know, having a sale, but you're saying, hey, guys, my prices are going up, you want to buy these? I personally would not do that in my retail store. It doesn't feel for me doesn't feel on brand it doesn't feel like I'm moving to be higher end if I say that, but I would absolutely do it with my wholesale customers because they are used to kind of a consistent price and they repeat by so I would give my wholesale customers a heads up that that things were are bumping up for sure. So the last thing we want to dio is make a to do list with deadlines for raising the perceived value of your top six products we picked six were not even pick six in tiffany's case we picked one product that is actually eight products and that's where she's going to focus her energy because it's, her top seller and we're going to make a to do list. So we are going to your list, your product going to list all your action steps, you're gonna give yourself a deadline. And you're in a market off when you've completed it. And if you guys are see pete for this course, you will actually find that in the workbook, you can fill this out. You can print this page out ah, whole bunch of times. And you can actually go ahead and make that to do list and that's, really? What I want you guys to do here is make that to do list and move forward.

Class Description

Crafters often struggle with charging the prices that make their products profitable. They worry they’ll scare customers, lose sales, or constantly have to justify the higher price. But when you raise the perceived value of your product, the prices justify themselves.

In this class, Megan Auman will explore:

  • The psychology behind price and what creates higher perceived value 
  • Key elements of a business that must be polished to communicate higher prices 
  • How to develop an action plan to improve their perceived value 
  • Megan will help you identify the right places to increase the prices in your business. She’ll discuss how the quality of your website, photography, and copy all work together to create an experience that justifies a higher price point. 

If you want to earn more for your efforts, join Megan Auman for the ultimate guide to pricing in Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices.  

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OMG this course was great and Megan Auman is amazing! Not only did she help me understand how my fears were holding me back from my greatest success, she gave me strategies for getting past the fear. I honestly feel like I'm ready to take on anything because I have the skills to do so. Thanks much, Megan; you ROCK!

Sunim Chambers

You can't just raise your prices and expect it to lead to great results. Megan gives great strategies on how you can brand and market your business to give you confidence to raise your prices. Great class! Highly recommended to any creative and maker!


Amazing course! So many fantastic ideas for commanding premium prices for my works of art. I highly recommend this course if you sell your handmade goods, or plan to do so.