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Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

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Products Out of Sync: Student Example

Megan Auman

Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

Megan Auman

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7. Products Out of Sync: Student Example

Lesson Info

Products Out of Sync: Student Example

Ok, so now we've just run through a ton of stuff on, and so I actually want to dive in and do a couple of hot seats, and while we're doing the hot seats, that will give our online audience a chance to ask questions in our chat room, because I'm sure we got any right off of that that I should answer before you on the hot seat, we have a few on packaging and copyrighting when question was for your high end items, you always shit for free, so, yes, that's actually a great question, so I have my shop set up so that anything over one hundred twenty five dollars, ships for free, I'm actually going to be changing that next month to bump it up to one hundred fifty dollars, and I actually do this very strategically, because I want to keep my average dollars per sale up in my online store I wanted, and so now I'm actually raising that free shipping price, because I want to raise my a d s a little bit more. So, that's another way that I do that I definitely have the margin tio eat the costs, and ...

I would rather give people free shipping when they're spending more money, other questions, and in terms of describing items in the collection, if they're all very similar, do you do you have change? Like, do you do you make them not sound so similar? If the do you change it with the language in your talking about what you did for your jewelry? So I I don't I tend tio keep a language very similar between a collection, and then I show what's different through the photography because what I found is that people don't read it's just really it's just the truth. So I use product photography to differentiate, and I keep a lot of my language ing the same because it's also really hard to invent reinvent that well, look, I don't have to reinvent how I talk about something every time I want to build that brand consistency, so use the same language and just show difference through photography. Great question, any other ones? I'll let you weigh a lot. All right? So I want to go ahead and do a hot team actually called tiffany up here. She knew she showed up she's getting picked on so we can pop over to our student websites and I pick out one product. So before we looked at, um, you know, brand, but now I want to literally talk about specific products so let's, find this one you alright, may pop up. I think you changed a little your site too which is great yeah let's pick one product to talk about do you want to pick my most popular products do it let's do the gold hoops that hearings and which want to scroll down a little bit there you go all the way to the right one yet this is so awkward to look this way so let's talk about your hoops as is so tell me what's going on here you have a lot of different sizes yes do you sell them all consistently yes ok and have you found that it's actually makes more sense to put them all together so here's what I'm going to say my website is very different from my etc store and that split testing I have them all individually and then I have them in a listing where they're all the same okay um and so it tells about fifty fifty okay I feel like I don't want too many product listings to confuse my customers so having each cause I do those in gold rose gold and silver right so I listed each and every site I mean that would take up just pages of so I think in this case I would keep I wouldn't do separate ones per material but I actually think for sure because this is your best seller sizes I would do different ones by sizes and I think this is actually an example where this is almost too utility okay because here's here's what's really sad people can't visualize side no they have no idea having no idea which I really need city expressing the photography you know what they can at least sort of grasp intuitively small medium large extra large or tiny small I have and that's how I have it structured etc yes small medium extra large really big why are you not hearing that over here? You know I really that's sort of what I've been doing so I redesigned the website still worry like I literally just did this last weekend yeah and so going through part of my focus has been going through each individual listing right and really honing and I've done that on at sea because my sales come from that see and I have not done as much on my own web site and that is part of my problem which is where you're missing an opportunity and I think what also happened then in transition at all is that you're missing the opportunity for anchoring oh let's talk about your price point well we're in here okay so your smallest size is thirty five yeah and they're two inches so your largest size is almost double yeah, your prices not almost double right so this is an opportunity right here by switching out those size descriptions and making them each their own thing this gives you the power of angering so you can show people you know the smallest size maybe thirty five the really big ones probably be like sixty or seventy yeah right yeah when carried over here I love it five and austin mrs san francisco well and yeah and so yes, you know, actually what's funny about this t the same across the board in all states but too which is not it's not even small that's a good that's a medium size so I've got a small smoke so thirty five dollars or their separate listings and you're right yeah, you're right about actually let's take out the sides about separately because when I listed mike small in with those bigger it gets confusing somebody that is a really awesome way they like differentiate and then anchor and it's about like you're absolutely missing an opportunity for angry and really like thirty five dollars is so low for that's like those I'm up a little those could become forty or forty five and then you could take the big ones all the way up to ninety yeah and that gives you that power of anchoring and then of course then you can communicate us a little bit better with your product photography and then that's a old band right there that's it stop you for half a second? Yeah it's not bad because it's actually really it's an emotional image yeah, so a pretty picture has its place and if you are separating these products out, then you need less utilitarian photography like I have no idea what size hearing this is on her, but if this is on ly the really big hoop listing this actually tells me everything I want to be don't I want to be this beautiful, backlit one woman with this great kind of household hair, right? Yeah, there's, nothing wrong with that image, but it needs to be on the extra large tubes e let's see? So, you know, we're going exactly the problem with that. I do struggle with, like, how tio coordinate that to make everything look and that's it's not right? And then we have the name, and I think that is where you just kind of pulling these things out and this is a case where your name becomes really important because you're right looking at the images, you're not gonna be able to tell that this one is bigger than that one it's just one of those stupid tricks of all your images are the same size and if you glance at it so that's where I'm making it really clear in the product saying this is the sea small, this is the, you know, media really kind of showing those sizes I think will be really, really clear to people in a way that you're not doing now and even this so like the other thing is if you're trying to show utility I think there's a way to do it that sort of plays on trends so I know I personally was really excited that multiple your piercings came back again teo thing right? So you're probably not gonna put all five on one model but show a couple in the same shot because that's on trend but it's also communicating utility right? So that's a good way that you could explain to you without heads with smaller airings with the bigger hips right look beautifully exactly actually did you know anybody once a model that has multiple piercings in contact with tio model and then even just really and I know like this is an image you're moving away from, but I just really want to point out that even like using a coin for scale definitely does not communicate a high and no e such old fixtures gets that I need to be putting the attention into my actual online store that I have been in to my other shop right? And this is a perfect example of where focusing on your top sellers so if you can just optimize bees in a better way and really communicate value that could have a big impact by itself because this is already your best seller, so instead of feeling like I'll have to fix all of my online shop fix this one product which is actually for products yeah and then you know, use that as kind of like your first row focal point and that sort of sets the tone for what you're doing in your online shop then yeah and so you think keeping it yellow gold still a rose gold phil and then argentine silver just on each listing yes because I get people are going tio look for sites like the size is probably going to be the thing that they look for and then you can let you know they can go in and look att material from there and it started a little cover some if you separate out both of those things so onda again you you know, the other thing is even in your own site we talked about testing on that's even in your own I tested out so you know, just do that but maybe do the top maybe do the top row in a yellow metal metal and then the next row in a silver medal and see if that makes a difference because they might not look at the yellow metal and think oh there's a silver option to write so might be worth trying out or maybe even in that first product picture putting both medals together I don't know I wouldn't do that because I think that will confuse people but I think it went back to your hearings page you know, if we're really just trying to focus on, is there a reason that you have this? Is your top pages opposed to you know, what happens in that shop? The fight play it's alphabetically, organized when you go to the shop, you know what I mean? Yeah, you don't have it set to manual, you can change that. No, I don't know how ok, you could do that, you can set it to manual rear and rearrange anyway, they don't know I would love to do that. There's a no reason this is guys like that, except the lord. So what I would do for you and this is again how that a twenty rule makes really big impact is you're going to take this one product, you're going to split it up into top row for of the four sizes in yellow metal, and then the second row, four sizes in silver and see what happens there, okay, and make it really clear that it's not inches, it's sizes, and then and then you, khun, use that more emotional shoot. Those more emotional images get yet that on there because you know very well the power of one best selling item really can drive your sales complete, so instead of trying to obsess over the whole shop, focus on let's, optimize this product on my website and then just start sending traffic there. Yeah, so, yeah, that's, what I would focus on for you. Okay, all right, cool. Awesome. Thank you, thank you.

Class Description

Crafters often struggle with charging the prices that make their products profitable. They worry they’ll scare customers, lose sales, or constantly have to justify the higher price. But when you raise the perceived value of your product, the prices justify themselves.

In this class, Megan Auman will explore:

  • The psychology behind price and what creates higher perceived value 
  • Key elements of a business that must be polished to communicate higher prices 
  • How to develop an action plan to improve their perceived value 
  • Megan will help you identify the right places to increase the prices in your business. She’ll discuss how the quality of your website, photography, and copy all work together to create an experience that justifies a higher price point. 

If you want to earn more for your efforts, join Megan Auman for the ultimate guide to pricing in Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices.  

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OMG this course was great and Megan Auman is amazing! Not only did she help me understand how my fears were holding me back from my greatest success, she gave me strategies for getting past the fear. I honestly feel like I'm ready to take on anything because I have the skills to do so. Thanks much, Megan; you ROCK!

Sunim Chambers

You can't just raise your prices and expect it to lead to great results. Megan gives great strategies on how you can brand and market your business to give you confidence to raise your prices. Great class! Highly recommended to any creative and maker!


Amazing course! So many fantastic ideas for commanding premium prices for my works of art. I highly recommend this course if you sell your handmade goods, or plan to do so.