Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook

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Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook


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Facebook Conveyor Belt

Here's Facebook advertising simplified. Now, I'm about to get techy, audience at home. So I want everybody to focus. What I did is I just explained to you Facebook as a whole, but specifically, the advertising portion, I need you guys to follow me here in this short video. Alright, you ready for it? Here we go. I'm not gonna talk yet. I'm just gonna let you watch. Yeah, that's- Anybody know what happened? (laughing) Anybody wanna take a stab at it? Converting. Right, converting. That was pretty good. Anyone else wanna take a? Any idea? I'm gonna explain it, so you don't really have to guess. (laughing) That was kind of the point. It was like, what are you doing, Billy? So we came up with this crane idea, which I think actually brings a different level of clarity to it, okay? So everyone in the audience and at home do me a favor. If you're at home, I want you to take a screenshot of this. I wanna walk you guys through this. I wanna hold your hand through this. Now, this is advertisi...

ng, Facebook as a conveyor belt. Now, again, if I mess this up I'm gonna do it again, and explain it better. But hopefully, I get it right on the first time, okay? So step one. The crane represents the ability to choose your customers anywhere in the world, virtually, any country. You can just click a button and show your ads. Pretty simple so far, yes? Now, the crane also, have you guys ever played one of those games in the vending machines, and you're like trying to get the stuffed animal? And you press the button, and you're like (makes pssst sound) You see that big ass stuffed animal? I'm definitely getting that. And then the crane comes down. (makes crane noise) And it claws, and you miss 13 times in a row. Does that feel like Facebook advertising? Raise your hands. (laughing) Dang, I tried it. This is the right targeting. Why is no one buying? Right? So that's the crane. It's about choosing your customer. The second step is the energy source. This is what a lot of people struggle with. Facebook, just like you guys, and this is gonna sound weird, wanna be paid. Now it's crazy, 'cause as entrepreneurs, Facebook why do you even have to charge? Why can't you just be free? Okay, chargers. (laughing) It's this entitlement we have towards these social platforms is literally insane. So it's not weird that organic doesn't exist anymore. Stop crying. Stop crying. Unless all your services are free, that's the only people who can cry. If you give away all your stuff for free, and you weren't born rich, and don't have a trust fund, then you can complain. Anybody else, happily pay Facebook. So I circled the bottom part of these coin slots because this is the energy. You gotta pay these people to play. You gotta pay them. And the reason why there's a quarter going in there, because sometimes that's all it takes. Maybe its a dollar, maybe it's two bucks. It doesn't have to be a lot of money. And then thirdly is the actual belt. And this is representative of all the things we gotta do to sell a customer. Send them text messages, continue to advertise to them on all the different platforms, leave voicemails, all the things that we can do to help leverage automation so that you guys don't have to spend your time chasing down clients, you can actually focus on your business, right? So next, is the converter. This is the part where you do the S word. Not sex, sell. (laughing) I know some people at home. Am I allowed to say sex on air? (laughing) I don't know, maybe some of you guys have had it. I have no idea, either way. (laughing) It's the sells part. So the converter is, okay, you got them hooked, you got them ads, you found them, but now you gotta bring them through the sells process. And once you do, that's when you finally get the pot of gold, the end result. And so again, all we did is we put money into Facebook, but we got a lot more out. So think about that. Would you guys be okay with paying Facebook 20 bucks a day if every single day you're putting out 200? That's what you need to be focused on, 'cause organics does that. You have to master this, and that's what I'm gonna focus on today, okay? And then lastly, what the heck is this trampoline thing? What are these yellow guys? What are they doing? So maybe this has never happened to you guys, but maybe you thought someone was going to buy, but then they abandoned your cart. They've put in all their information, but they forgot to put in their credit card. Or they gave you their name, email, and phone number, but they never showed up to their appointment. That's representative retargeting. Those ads that follow you around the internet. Anybody in here have my ads followed you around the internet? (laughing) I stalked you a little bit. That's the game. That's the retargeting part. And it's way more affordable than just putting coins into the slot, okay? So that's the conveyor belt. Does that bring a little bit of clarity to advertising in a simplified version, kind of a fun way to do it, right? So I hope that was helpful. So continuing on, the only reason why the conveyor belt breaks or your advertising does not work is from three reasons. Number one, your message is boring. Entertaining today is an absolute requirement period. Period. Period. If you're not asking yourself in your sales process, offline or online, how many times did I make this person laugh or smile, you lost. You missed it. Genuinely, inside of your meetings, or even my corporations that are watching today, you need to ask yourself in the process, how can we just add a smile here? How can we add a joke here? How can we actually get someone to like us? Right? It's how ugly dudes get hot girls. Laughing and smiling, oldest trick in the book. Or money. (laughing) Right? Three different ways to do it. Make sure you guys take notes on that. Okay, very important. (laughing) Okay, so secondly, your offer sucks. Your offer sucks. Meaning, you're saying, hey, I'll do your wedding for 1,000 bucks. They don't know you. They don't know who you are. Maybe it's a discount. But remember, your value is created after the experience. This is important. What does that mean? It means, until you've actually shot my wedding, I have no idea how good you are. Until I've actually showed up to your work, I have no idea how good it is. Until I've had you cook for me, I have no idea what you do, besides what you tell me. So you guys gotta remember, if there's no experience to show people to earn their trust, you're gonna lose, okay? You're gonna lose. And then lastly, is you don't know how to sell. I've talked about that a lot of times today. And that's where a lot of people get stuck. So later today I also have an entire lesson on just sell stuff. Some of my best scripts, things you can just follow, and implement today, cool?

Class Description

If you’re talking about social media marketing, you’ve got to talk about Facebook. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular social site around.

Companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take advantage of the Facebook platform to promote their business and drive sales need to do more than just establish a presence and accumulate followers. They’ve got to create content that breaks through the noise, attracts attention and compels people to act.

Billy Gene, one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will help you create a video script that turns strangers into customers on Facebook without spending a single penny.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract customers organically.
  • Create entertaining content that compels people to click.
  • Gather the tools you need to film your own video.
  • Write a successful video script, including webinars, sales letters and demonstrations.
  • Evoke emotion and anticipation among your viewers.


Joshua Proto

Billy lights up the room with his energy and deep expertise. A true practitioner, Billy shares from his past successes and teaches how to capture someone's attention on Facebook (use Video!) and turn it into a customer! I'm super grateful for how hands on Billy is in his course and I learned a lot from his "hot seats" with the audience.

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Are you kidding me!! I had no idea learning could be so much fun! Billy Gene is an instructor like no other. If you want to learn a sh*#ton of information about getting noticed through all the noise on social media, but are afraid you will be bored out of your mind - FEAR NOT! I cannot recommend this class enough. I am so glad I own it because there is so much information here that watching it just once is not enough. I have been doing it ALL WRONG and am so excited to get started on the right path! By the end of the class you will be so pumped you will think you are the "Wolf of Paid Advertising".

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