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What's Your Home Design Personality?

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Decor & Fashion Design: Student Interview

Tobi Fairley

What's Your Home Design Personality?

Tobi Fairley

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29. Decor & Fashion Design: Student Interview


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Decor & Fashion Design: Student Interview

we have some studio audience who are actually very involved in visual stuff as part of the area. And so we think we've observed very sort of put together in a way that may reflect their interior, were hoping they can shed some light for us. So I think we should start with Jack. Okay. We're gonna have Jackie come up that came up on stage and tell us what it is you do. And then let's talk. Okay? So tell us about you and your job and your background on and then we'll talk about your style. All right? My name is Jackie O. And I run an online boutique that focuses on textiles and batik. Okay, which is traditional patterns, a dairy e cut. Like you mentioned all that good stuff and putting them in close and home goods. OK, so you cross over already from fashion and home. And what is How do people find your website if they want to find and they can follow me on Twitter at Jackie J A c k I e o m o t a l a D Simple because people are gonna be interested because we've been There were so many peop...

le this week that have said they aspired to be the artistic traveler like that seemed romantic and glamorous and exciting. And so they're all the people that are wanting that style. And we were later today gonna tell him where to shop. But one of the places I might want to shop is in your budget. Your online? That boutique. Okay, so talk to us about since you definitely already crossover from fashion to home and vice versa. Which would you like to start with? Which one do you think influences the other most in your life? I think they both they kind of go hand here and there equal that they are. So tell us about your fashion sense. Not not just, I mean what you're wearing today, but usually where have warned beautiful things in our last course, when you were in our audience that have even very different than what you have on today? Yes. So I am very much eclectic mix of everything. And like I said earlier, I get inspiration from everywhere. And so I love to go antique ing. I love to go to vintage stores. I love to make the old with the new, So I like to go and for season I was really into approaches. But I wasn't gonna wear Roaches in the way that my grandmother were broaches. I sort of putting broaches on my hair, sort of putting broaches on my bags just because I like toe do that mix. But I also like things that tell a story. So a lot of my broaches were my grandmother's broaches, or war people who gave it to who were close to me and gave him. So what is there a certain look or color that you think shows up more than anything else in your in your fashion style? But for the most part, color always shows up, so I very rarely do black or white just by itself. It's always a bright something right now. Remember you wearing a bright Coble one time, and you had like a bright magenta on one day? I think so. What's your favorite color? I probably like in the blue family. I love blue's all different shades of blue. So So how does that translate to your interior? So my ins here, I think, is the same way, like I love toe once again, like search for things. I'm definitely not somebody who goes to a Kia or one of the mass produced things. It's always a story of, Oh, I saw that chair on a sidewalk and I took it and I pulled it off and I found a fabric that I like and I reposted it. And then I put that in my apartment, and I love the mixed fabrics and textures so I won't ever do anything that's all the same. It's like there may be a velvet and a silk and something else and something else because I love all that laboring. If you had to go home and look at your house or we saw your house next to what you're wearing today, is there anything that you could see a direct correlation, even from your wardrobe today to what's in your home? Yes, everything would tell a story from like the headscarf that I have that I got in Eastern Europe to the different bracelets and textures and tones. And yes, so So what is in your house right now that reflects any of these anything? Come to mind D. Is there a lighting fixture or any or a pillow or what? But even your necklace, which I love the metal on your necklace like, how does that show up in your in your So even something like is my necklace like actually my curtains or similar like material than this? I don't have, like a traditional like a cloth. I have more like like chain mail almost on the window. Yes, interesting. And were there any of the style icons that we looked at today that you really related to our? Is there anybody else that has really influenced your style that maybe maybe we know? Or maybe we don't like a celebrity or someone in a similar textile industry that you look to? Um, I really like that Robert the robber Robert. Everybody liked him. Today's yes, and I definitely want to follow and get more information about him because I didn't know him previously. I can't wait to go tell him that I created a whole slew of women around, and I said I saw his jacket with his shirt and I was like, Oh my God, those are two different textures and patterns and because that's more kind of what I wasn kind of lean toward things like that. Thank you. Anything else anybody wants to know about Jackie or that I think it's interesting. Whenever would say no, you sort of Lyon. And you seem to have, like, a layering of age, of stuff on and wiring of texture. And you always have Molin two colors. I think he actually having factor more monochromatic today that I think we've ever seen. That's true, actually. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Jackie always looks so stylish when she arrives. A creative life is short, so it makes him in an impact a statement. And he says a lot about you, a lot about your personality, which is always very open, very cheerful. And I love your hair because it becomes an accessory in and of itself. I love your It's a very confident here. So I in your red lips, like, very confident in the way you present yourself. And it does make you want to see her interior. Your home interior makes you wonder, Jackie, you should hear what we say about you and you know, thank you. Okay. Me and Mariana, we would love to hear from you because you had just graduated from visual merchandising. Oh, there is a Mr right. You're right in on visual mentioned. I see. And you always look amazing. Really interesting. Really individual. Yes. So tell us about you and your your schooling, Your finishing and well, I started in fashion design, um, here in San Francisco and I got my AA degree in fashion design. And then I decided that I wanted to do something more, um, creative in a way that I can use my hands more, and I was introduced to visual merchandising. It cycle as a you have to take for fashion design. That's required. So since I took that cause I fell in love with with visual merchandising, and then I was like, I would love to get more into retail design. So that's how I got interested in into interior design, cause, like we were seeing in the runway. It does kind of cross over. So we're using the same thing. Like when you were styling. Ah, look. Or a window for a fashion display that the surroundings and like the interior design was needed to support that look. Yeah, totally. And one important thing is also like creating stories. So in visual merchandising, that's like my favorite thing because we're not on Lee showing something, you know, pretty like you are actually telling the story. And, you know, that's interesting from a design perspective and from a designer who's gotten published many times and enjoys being published, that's what we have to think about two. And I was mentioning a little bit of that yesterday for this particular room. The magazine always wants to know What's the story behind the design? Nobody just wants to look at at a room and go. That's lovely. They want to know who lives there. Do they have Children? Do they have pits? What's their job? What part of the country is it in? And that's kind of what you're saying. There's a whole story behind, whether it's fashion or interiors that you're tailing to someone, right? Eso we've seen as they were saying, Amazing looks yesterday you had on shorts where they skirt. It was the scariest well, short skirt, a short a short skirt. So really, really cute. Was it a plaid? Remember said So talk to us about and then today I see a lot of what did you say your style? Waas. I have, like two styles, like if I had to. Compared to interior design, I will say Dorothy Draper and Tony Duquette mixed with Philippe Starck. So it's like very different styles, like sometimes I can be very in bold colors like black and white and just like a red lip. So those two styles, if we were equating them to the ones we're talking about this week, Dorothy Draper and Tony Dick it would definitely be the glamorous style. Maybe a little better with a little classic thrown in. And then Philippe Starck would certainly be very cool Urban. He's like like the plastic Lee site chair. And so what do you think about what she's wearing today? It definitely has an urban flavor to it, doesn't it? Doesn't it? But even a little bit of a bohemian, her travel influence coming in their tunes. Which Tony ticket certainly had That, too, with malachite and a lot of the other textures he had in there, right? So is this very, very much an iconic look free? Or is this something that you only do every once in a while? What's your What would you say is your most signature look that you wear, and I love pattern on pattern like very different patterns. But I also pay attention to colors, So it's not like, you know, it's just pattern on pattern that don't make sense, really pay attention that from wearing ah, smaller pattern on top, I would like to be wearing a bigger pattern. So scale you're really paying attention to skill, which, when I teach people had a mix patterns in their home. We talk about mixing scale and not having to competing things in the same scale like a bold floral in a bold geometric. They need to be a little bit different in scale. So you're employing that sort of concept in your mixing and also proportion. Like if I'm wearing very tight pants and like, I will wear like a loser Todd Hop and then heels like I love like that look, because if I want something loose on top, I like to look told her. So you really get into the what I would call design principles scale balanced proportion s O. That would be an easy think Teoh use in your own home. Then how did those things show up in your interiors? Um, alright. Least in your Yeah. And you said you were renting, but like in your your ideal interior, so I don't have an income like I can't really buy. But every time I go to Mexico, I, like, keep asking my mom like, are you still using this? And I just, like, bring stuff to San Francisco. So, like, right now, I just have, like, a blue couch. And then, um, I stole from my mom this like giraffe print pillows and then I got older printed for my Kia like just I like, you know, the print on print and then a solid color. So, like my blue couch with Prince. So does that come off as the urban look? Do you think it doesn't have this? Sounds a little bit like a traveller. Kind of look to. So would you say, did you say those you thought those were the three styles that were most representative? So at first I thought that I was a D. Because I definitely do appreciate the glam like, you know, like in fashion. Especially like needs Celeron co like I'm like, obsessed with. But then I just thought that de might be too much for me, so I feel like it would be and the C, which is a traveler. It's like a very well and what I remember from the very first day once when she was first year introducing yourself before I even came on stage and got to know anybody. I remember you saying I like every stuff. I like every style and at first people probably thinking, Oh, well, you're gonna have to pick one because this is a class about picking a salvo. What we ultimately came all the way back around to was, You can have the art of the non style right, and you can bring influences from all different places and bring them into your own personal style. It sounds to me like you're doing that. And I love, like, one of the things that you said about really investing in key pieces, that that's very important for me, like in my fashion. Like I like investing in a really good coat like a really nice brochures that I could be wearing, you know, like everything. So how many of you of our studio audience think that like that where you could be patient and wait until you can get a really good quality piece, or how many of you would rather get MAWR quantity and less quality. You're all saying quality for the most part of on, and that's a personality trade as well. To I think it's the other day we were saying, There's those people who like to change often they're always changing. Hairdressers are moving their room around. They're constantly getting new fashion, and they know that about themselves, that they're not going to stay with something a long time that they want to investigate. And there's the other ones, like on the same lad. Rather, wait until I can get the piece I really want. And that's what you're saying so and that's what's fun about I was saying, starting to tell your story now and not waiting. So start went, wherever you are buying the best you can afford. And then as you have more money in your budget, you can even buy better things. It sounds like you're doing that, too, and I won't invest in interior, so I'm I stopped buying her boots and buy something else for the home. Yeah, okay. Did so we've inspired or any other questions that we have for. Did I miss anything with Mariana? Really Appreciate both Mariana and Jackie taking part like this about very stylish ladies. And because they have a fashion background. That's why we wanted to talk about them in this particular section. And we Did you put them on the spot. Thank you. Very good sports. Regina is shared all their contact information in the chat rooms. If you go that you have to find more about these two wonderful ladies. Thank you so much way. Have any other questions out? You know, there's been a lot of discussion, actually, in the chat about how cities and where you live. Influence also. So whilst you have your own personal style, we had one person who moved from Miami to Texas on was saying, You know, a lot of the gear that you would wear in Miami is not necessarily socially I k in my still right Texas area. It's interesting to then look at, you know, it's funny. It's maybe like the outside of the houses to the inside of the house. So too, is the city to the individual that styling fashion. That's absolutely true. When you live in a city like San Francisco, really, anything goes. That's true to an underage agree. You really can break any fashion rule. But I think when you live in a mayor cosmopolitan city like New York although you have all these different cultures, people are very much aware of what's currently trendy on. They tend to follow a pattern considerably more so it's very interesting. And then in a place like where I'm from in Arkansas is very conservative, for the most part. So there's certainly creative people that are more comfortable. Certainly, younger generations are getting more comfortable with being expressive, but very conservative and classic in for the most part in dress. Yeah, where I'm from that's fascinating. And married DB was asking if you found your personal style in Your fashionably has changed over time. I don't just mean following trends, but you're just really is rooted in What do you all think about my personal style, the way I presented myself? Do you notice anything about the Last course Classic with the ledge? It's got a little bit of a a little bit of assess it. What did you say, Jack? Clean lines, though with a little bit of sass. But so I've always known. And again this is one of the things that I take from my mom. For Baby. My mom has an unbelievable sense of, um, what works for certain people's body types that really and also what she could be a personal shopper and what fits their style. And she's also very, very savvy with men's clothing and mixing, um, patterns. So she's my dad has beautiful clothes, and Mom has fun. You know, putting his pocket squares with his ties and all of those things is just really adept at that. So I learned a lot of that from her, but I have them for my whole life, really, even as a young child that I was really a tailored kind of girl. And the other day the producer said, What what? What do you consider your style? What words describe municipally, We always say in my office I'm bright, bold and tailored, so sometimes you don't necessarily think of bold and tailored going together, and that's that unique blend of me. So I'm wearing leather, which is bold in many ways, but it's very classic in the way it's presented or yesterday had tons of comments, people asking online, Where did you get that dress right? But it was a black silhouette, but with a big, red, bold waistband. Um, and also you can also see that I tailor things to my body shape of my body style. So I've definitely, really always been rooted in those classic and tailored looks and also in my interiors. Which is true to my design style, a classic traditionalist. But the more exposed I get toe wonderful things and travel and fashion. I push it just a little bit farther, incorporate things that maybe I wouldn't have before. Materials, colors. And so that's where that little bit of edge comes in that you were saying, Sally, a little edgy. Those earrings that you have, probably people can't see that well, but you have some very interesting it says. You said that you just pop in there and and you could certainly see that reflected in my interiors because maybe really classic lines of the sofa and other things, but maybe something like a lamp that looks like a piece of aggad or stone could totally show Jan showers that I love her leg. She also does pieces that are big minerals that sit on Lucite bases, and that would totally be something like these earrings that would show up directly and, you know, as a direct correlation into an interior that I would design.

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Brought to you by House Beautiful Magazine, award-winning interior designer Tobi Fairley returns to CreativeLive for an exciting workshop all about identifying and exploring your unique style.

Have you ever tried to verbalize your design style but end up using blanket statements like "my style is eclectic" because you didn't know how to describe what you’re drawn to visually? Knowing what your interior design style is — and being able to verbalize it — is as important as knowing what does and doesn't go together in home decor.

Tobi will teach you the top design styles — including today’s latest trends and what styles are rapidly on their way out. You'll learn how to define your personal style, how to shop smart when buying a new piece of furniture or art, as well as how to blend two different styles to create a cohesive look. By the end of this workshop, you'll have all the skills you need to create a stylish personal space that is a true and modern reflection of your taste.


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I was happy to get this class on sale at a time when I needed it. We were painting and replacing some furniture so it helped me get some clarity on what is most important to me. As a photographer I can appreciate most styles and colors so the class helped me hone in on what my design personality is (eclectic mostly) which helped me focus on things to inspire me.

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What a generous offering. I got so much out of this course. Sure, some of the style references are a little out-moded, but it's incredibly thorough. Tobi is so knowledgeable about all of the styles and is gifted at helping students ensure style and functionality. Dive in! You'll learn so much about your own style and how to make your home flow in a way that you love.

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