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Build Out Your Core

How was your day yesterday? Oh, I thought we had a great day. And, you know, I have to admit that I just was a little bit emotional listening to the recaps, especially david and delia when you were talking, I got a little teary. Um, I love hearing the progress. I think you guys are an amazing audience. He did a lot of great work yesterday and that's why I'm here to try to help people live more authentically and it just feels great. So I'm very excited about the class today. Excellent. That is what I like to hear. I'm gonna hand it over to you. I'll let you take it away. All right. Thank you. Okay, everybody. Well, welcome back. I have to say that I also have been pressed that leslie last night you were posting a blogger. I saw that, too. Recently sent an email. You were going to yoga, and then he worked on some branding issues. You were tweeting, so you guys were all very productive last night. So this is a high performing group. I really appreciate all the effort. Okay, before we begi...

n today, I just want to recap some of what we did yesterday for the folks that are watching online. That maybe weren't here yesterday so we had a very full day yesterday some of the exercises that we did just recapping them we did old conversation new conversation which really is helping you shift your mindset we did the funnel test which are you all happy with your final tests? You still working on them? You happy with them? Good. I love your purpose said it so well defined. Congratulations on that. We also talked about having a purpose plan and I am going to actually put you guys on the spot a little bit. Theresa, I just heard you talking about branding and getting the messaging moving forward on your company. I'd like each of you to tell me if there's something that you identified yesterday where it's a specific project in a specific thing that you want to move forward so let's start tree. So with you well minus specifically towards the creative consulting on and it's coming up with a formula that I can I feel like I can resonate with a little bit better. That is a little more approachable. Um when I look at it now I just wanted to get the website launched so I can now articulate what I can do with my branding team great so they asked they can see it and they can go ok, this is where you need help great so we're on it we're gonna do yeah new name new logo I'm really excited about the direction that's that's fabulous and what I'm also hearing is that having the website and the online presence will really help you network and get the message ups right? You're focusing on that and you're taking the next steps absolutely love it yeah leah for me I think uh my next steps are really defining the mission and purpose of my women's organization, the conference and the other events in the whole community that's being built because I think it's really important as I'm building that network and community to make it clear to other people with the purpose and the value of it is so if it's something they resonate with, they're going to be more likely to join into the community and contribute and, you know, just like to finding your own personal purpose I think it's really important because then it helps you attract like minded people. So the next thing I really want to focus on is I'm building my community is making sure that I have a clear mission statement and and, you know, community values that are clear for other people great, great and I was thinking about you last night specifically because I remember one thing you said yesterday was you wanted to kind of raise things up to the next level and I thought well, this is your amazing situation because you have built a community already and you have tons of content and repurpose ing a lot of that content to help build your expert credibility and really tapping into the people around you like you are perfectly poised. So it's going to be a very exciting year for you. I'm very excited about what's ahead. Good, good, leslie so one of the things that I want tio put into action is to really start talking to people in my network about some ideas I have for changing the world. So what? What I talked about yesterday's, I really wanted two with my networking start to put the power of my network to work on some more kind of game, changing our world changing ideas, and so I have a lot of ideas, and so what I'd like to do is take some concrete steps of identifying people that I think would be like minded and really interested in some of things I'm passionate about around education and self empowerment and then trying some different ideas out and seeing what sticks and what we should work on. Great, great and one thought for you on that a lot of times, once you've focused in the first, two, three or four people that you can get to kind of align with you just like you're having a group work here and you're going to be ex selling because you're in a group thinking about other people that share whatever the vision is that you want to change and bringing in some core people that really working today, we're going to be talking a lot about court team david, I think two things first is to start writing a blogger about industry and some thoughts on industry. Um, you know, I have a lot of experience in the street and a lot of thinking about it, too, so, um, I think you're going to start writing and help me build my brand is secondly, I've been realize articles just but how will get haven't been prove yourself, and so I want to share those articles to start curating lose a great, great one book that I could recommend for you is called bird by bird and it's by an lamont and it's, a fabulous book on getting over writer's block how to kind of move forward storytelling, and I actually referred to it a lot. When I was writing my book, it's she's got such an authentic tone and a really like, easy way to communicate, so bird by bird by anyone, yeah carried last but not least thanks. Well, I think for me, I'd really like to continue to kind of define my personal mission and my professional mission, and I think using the tools that you know, I learned yesterday and will continue to learn today to become a more effective ambassador, creative, live and really focus on this position here and ready to take that outward good, good. Okay, so we're going to dive in and lester's any questions from the class or from the online community. I think we're all right. We're good to go, so today I'm going to talk about really aa lot of what we're talking about today is the weak. Yesterday was a lot of the meat was focusing on your purpose on your passion. Today, we're going to talk about how problem problems can really become opportunities when the right team comes together, just in terms of our schedule, what we're going to be doing, we are going to be talking about core team the impact of events and power pockets then we will take a break then we're going to talk about creativity and are you a producer? Are you a consumer? We will have a great skype interview with shira lazar who's with what's trending dot com and hear about how she started her business and also some of the pitfalls that she had and how she got through them with the support of her network. Then we're going to have an in person interview with lisa stone, who is a co founder of blogger so all of these blogging questions it's what makes a great article? What can we do to get articles to go viral what's the importance of a headline all of those things but writing and content lisa will be a great resource for that. We will then move into more of a job search and how to leverage your network with ass and we have a recruiter named bill baer who's coming in who's, a technology recruiter hey will give us a lot of thoughts on, you know, resume building and career shifts and different things that you should be doing in terms of job search if you're looking to either find a new opportunity or create a new opportunity so we have a full day in front of us, so the first thing that I want to talk about is really your core circle and the core circle concept is something that I put together in the book, and it really is thinking about who are the four the five main people that are really in your life that are influencing your decision making. And the reason that your core circle is so important is because they're the people that you're turning to for advice they're the people that you are using as a sounding board, you're you're supporting them, you can talk with them about issues if you have a flat tire there, their person that you're calling for the flat tire, right? So looking back and thinking about nick, becky and jen are our friends from the book, I talked with nick about his core circles, and he has his parents, his four older siblings and twelve friends from high school, so he's got a pretty big group. I can envision them all in the vw bus that that nick as going on a road trip, a very gregarious extroverts, and it doesn't surprise me that he has a large course circle. Becky score circle is her husband and her and her kids. She also comes from a very large family. And then jen her course circle is a little bit different it's a lot of co workers from flow food nation a place that she worked and her boyfriend, her sister law and then several other friends and so looking at who is in the core circle, what is thie impact? How are you strengthen in those relationships is really, really important, so giving you an example of this of why it's important melody mccloskey is the ceo of a new company called style seating you're shaking your head, you know? Style sees you've used it. Ok, well, great, we'll give you melody story will you know itcause he read the book. What do you remember about the book from melodies story? I remember the dinner most clearly and just remembering feeling in situations like that that I've been in and I just related to her story a little bit, yeah, great, well, I'll fill in the gaps there, so what? Melody used to work for current tv and she was surrounded by all these tech executives and she realized that she was in san francisco. She really wanted to build something she was quite a bit younger, you know, then a lot of folks in town she was maybe early twenties, and she kept having this idea that the hair salon business needed something similar to open table look open table for restaurant reservations why isn't there someplace where you can go online and book a hair appointment and figure out howto how to find the place that's open and free? So what she did was she started networking and the way that she did it she was going to about one event a day in terms of tech events and mixers and again there's tons of things going on but she started building up her network very intentionally all in the background thinking that really I want to start a tech business I want to start a tech business and so it was a very thought out process of at least a year and a half she became very ingrained in the community she kept seeing the same people over and over people the tech space became her friends they were doing more traveling, going to events and conferences the dinner that you're referencing she was with a couple of tech entrepreneurs in europe and she was out of money because she was, you know, boot strapping her business on the side and they said, you know what? We totally understand where you're at we're going to pay for your dinner they went to this fabulous dinner there sitting next to elton john on and you know, she was having that kind of moment where it was like wow, my community is really supporting me when I needed most right and travis who's, one of the co founders of uber, was at that dinner, and he said to her, you know what we know where you've been and will support you as long as you promise to give back when you're successful, and that was kind of the moment for her that she knew that she was doing the right thing, so she decided to launch her business, and all of these people that she had met in her network ended up being the funders for her company. When she launched because they had so much trust in her, they believed her vision, her passion, and now, a couple years later, she probably has forty or fifty employees and a successful business. She was not a tech ceo before this, she was working at a television, you know, television network, and she made the transition methodically and systematically so she's a great example of why the core team is really important, so she built it primarily with people in the tech industry. There are examples where, you know, some people are going to have larger families where you going to have more influence from your your family situation? One example of it, another funny story, that's in the book, and I did try to weave in aa lot of narrative in the book so that they're inspiring, but a lini is the ambassador to budapest now it's very hard for me to pronounce her last name if any of you are greek you could help me out with us but a lini I met her because I was going to budapest I was invited to speak at a social media conference I posted on my facebook page and I said hey, I know it's a needle in the haystack but do any of you have friends in budapest that I could talk to before you know before I go where that I could meet while I'm there within twenty four hours I get an email in my inbox reporter I happen to know the ambassador I'll see if she'll have lunch with you and I thought, well this is amazing right now that would have never happened in the past the old conversation I would have never even been able to identify who had a contact and you couldn't sit on the phone and call one hundred people and make that ass it's totally inefficient so the way we are traveling and connecting has changed so ultimately what happened was I flew over and I was jet lagged and tired but I I put my sunglasses on and I you know, got out my map and I figured out where the embassy was and I got there and I checked in and the next thing I know I'm at the four seasons having lunch with a lini on her husband you know, talking about life and her community and how she was very, very influenced by her parents and what was funny to me I said, well, you know how how did you get interested in politics and you know, how did you end up where you are today and it all came back to her dad who was a very, very committed greek community member was always giving back to the community and she said, well, you know what in our in our house it was the family was first the community was second than the church and then anybody that liked greek food so what's important here is that melody and a lini both have very different course circles of influence, but they're being supported and nurtured in their path and so what we're going to be talking about now is the wii and recognizing do you need to build up your core circles? Do you have the support that you need where you can move forward and have more success? All right, so questions ask yourself about core circles who do you seek for spiritual emotional advice? Who would you reach out if you have a flat tire? You know, on a bad day who would you turn tio? Who do you spend your vacation with? So these are all the things when you answer that these are the relationship, so you really should being nurturing so for me my core circles my family is very important and then I surround myself with girlfriends that tend to really help me and be my sounding board and then I also have a mastermind group of tech interested women that I turned to on a very, very frequent basis so putting you guys on the spot right now I'm gonna call on david first cause you're taking some good notes and so I hopefully you've got some good thoughts their core circles do you feel like you've got a good core around you in terms of the people that are supporting you and being a sounding board I have a good core circle by thinking it better so my coursework right now are my wife she's been a great counselor for forever and also a couple really close friends leslie and some other folks but I think it and like expanding course or politically more product product folks and you know, people have expanding prime management and so I'll be thinking about that as well I don't get one shot out for people are interested in technology events that actually amazing site called start uptight start digest dot com where they publish weekly events around the world for meetups great started up digest dot com have a friday news has curious articles and then monday's has events around the world and so you can pick a specific city and we'll show you all the different events were happening there that's great and you know, if any of you online have tips like that that you want to share to bring them on because this is a community where we're all helping each other, so I love that leslie so core circles is a really good question. My husband david, is definitely probably my primary sounding board, and we have a lot of the same interests as faras technology and education, so and he knows a lot of people in different start ups, so, um, I have him and then some really good girlfriends who are also professional career women who are have reached levels a little bit above where I am professionally, but that it can really look towards as trailblazers like what should I expect? What does it really mean when this is going on at work? Um but I think this goes back to something we talked about yesterday about that feeling of trying to do everything yourself and not owing anybody anything like when you brought up the question of who's in my course circle, I was wondering, like, why doesn't my core circle seem bigger than I think it should be? Um and I think it's because I have a little bit of hesitation toe ask people for help, although I like to give a lot of help so that's a that's a really hard one for me any notes sometimes if you even verbalized that two people like it's hard for me to ask for help but I'm interested in talking to you about this and let them know I think that what was really powerful yesterday, especially with you leslie, is that you were so authentic and so riel and that you can connect with people on a a deeper level when you really let them know how you're feeling and what you're thinking. So I love that core circles don't have to be huge, but what's important is that the people in your course circle actually know what your passions are, what your purpose is, what you're trying to achieve so that they can help support you and you can also support them. Teresa well, my car circle has changed a lot a lot of people got booted out last year, so I'm taking applications for new people waiting three embargo photography dot com so I but I dio I have my daughter's death in my family, my mom um and some amazing mentors for sure, but it definitely can use some help. Okay? Yeah and thank you for your honesty with that and you know, sometimes there are relationships or, you know, co workers or whatever it may be where we start to recognize that maybe it's not the healthiest, you know, relationship or behavior yeah, you know, I do remember one friend of mine who always like to put my weight down like it was like you need to go on a diet or whatever and I was like, what? Like, you know, it was crazy staff like crazy thinking and finally thought, well, that it's really not what I need so you have to protect yourself and be smart about who you're spending time with because you want positive energy wants support of people in your life and people that you are going to be respecting and respecting back so think about that the next thing that we do with our core circles so we actually take it one level deeper. So remember your funnel chart from yesterday what I want you to think about is your passions in near funnel chart and I think kerry I might put you on the spot if you remember your three passions but looking at your three passions and then your course circle this things that you identified of great interest do you have people in your life in your core circle and it's ok, if the answer is no that are supporting it so the story telling, you know my sister thankfully loves hearing my stories and I can invite her over all the time and other stories and I have many, many stories that are not published in a book which I love sharing with girlfriends and we laugh greatly about that s o my core circle support you know my sister my mother my my daughter they are very supportive of that health I get mohr inspiration out of my friends around kind of the health and fitness and technology is definitely something that my core circles not that interested in technology and so I've built that with friendships with events you know, with my clients that I advise and work with so then what you need to do is you need to think about it if I don't have this filled in my core circles do I need secondary support do I need to start building secondary relationships and it could be relationships it could be mentors that could be coaches it could be online classes it could even be what david was talking about words oh, I want to sign up for an email list so that I find more events to attend so it is very specifically starting tio identify if you have people in your network supporting your passions so you're three passions carry if you could remember those from yesterday that would be great to share absolutely so one was spirituality slash service thie other was creativity and the third was connection uh huh relationship you know ok so let's start with the first one the spirituality and you know, only share what you feel is is comfortable to you but in the spirituality space do you have any support in that area from your core circles? I absolutely do and I just wanted to back up for a second because yesterday when we were talking about mentors you asked me to did find some of my mentors and I was totally stuff so I went home last night and I'm like this is crazy like how can I come up with one mentor and so you know, I think I was thinking more of course circle because a lot of my mentors are in my course circle so I was like ok, like I was thinking mentor and more of like study with me go this way versus people who really do help you in a genuine way but I was just kind of looking at it I think in a little bit of a different way so you know, I think there's a lot of overlap between my mentors and my core circle, right? So that was a really exciting revelation for so I absolutely do and in all three in all three arenas I do have a primary and secondary support I really do I do feel very strongly okay good yeah is there anyone in the group that feels like maybe they need to build secondary support around an interest or a passion um I actually found when I was going through the first part of the exercise of who's in the core circle, I felt like I had core support in all the areas and then when I started driving down my little chart, I realized that I have a lot of secondary support around community and community building more specifically and I need more core support around that I don't have a lot of people in my circle who are also building communities or have community building and development as a you know, top priority or passion for them so that's kind of where I'm on the chart have a little question mark a blank space I love that you've identified that and, you know, thinking about all of the events that you're pulling together, the the immediate thought that I have is thinking about who's your steering committee do you have a group that's supporting you? Is there like an advisory committee that's helping you with the events on making sure that you have some people that you can share the ownership with so you don't feel alienated or overwhelmed? Because when we get into team and community and building our networks and having people supporting us it's going to be easier to reach your goals and have more success? So I love that it's great that you identified that ok, so coarse circles I think everyone gets that concept you know core circles support once you've identified if you need secondary support again there's lots of ways to build your secondary support it could be through online groups I heard that you all might start a facebook group, which is exciting I hope I'll be invited in teo chat with you on that twitter feed you know it is amazing how much support you confined online and in terms of you know, community buildings so that's been great for me I've met tons of people that way membership organizations twelve step programs coaches, mentors, advisers meet up groups um spiritually religious practices, classes, workshops, new routines with your current friends there is so many opportunities but again, I think what happens on a frequent basis is that we are creatures of habit. We do the same routines over number I see russ shaking his head yeah, and chris and what you really need to do is set a very specific goal for yourself. You say I want to do something different three times a month that supports my passion where it's building out my network be very focused and do that yes, you know right ah ha moment just know because you had talked yesterday about the fact when you go to an event, just set a goal to meet meet two people or three people you know and just really have a discussion with them and then I thought to myself, I've been to a couple industry events before and michael people, but then I don't keep in touch with them afterwards. It sort of doesn't feel him billy my network. But then this morning we talked about the ceo style seat and how she went to events every day and saw the same people over and over again that zahra struck me that's all the consistency because if you go to multiple events, you made me two or three people each time, but then as you go over and over again, you'll develop deeper relationships and you have to sort of suspend disbelief and then keep going get those deeper relationships that's, exactly right? And as we talked about yesterday, a lot of times the miracles don't happen overnight and so it's that focus and that commitment. There was a funny story that guy kawasaki, who wrote the forward to my book, we were chatting recently, we were at the commonwealth club doing an event, and someone asked him about business cards first. Well, I think you always should have some kind of card because you want to be able to give your information to people if they asked, but he said he stopped giving out business cards, and the reason is, is that ninety nine percent of the people that he gave a card too never followed up, right? Isn't that amazing to think about that? So what you just said there where you meet people, but you don't follow up, you don't keep the connection going, you will stand out if you follow up if you make the connection, if you really start to nurture relationships because of the bulk of people are not doing that, so think about that when you're meeting someone of interest, the follow up could be anything from, you know, I'd like to send you an article or I have, you know, a group that you might be interested in there's, an event that I'd like to invite you to, something that adds value is going to help you move those relationships to the next level. Okay, so these relationships what I talk about in the book is the kind of course circle concept. Yes, go ahead, of course, thank you for stopping the otherwise I'll just keep charging forward. Sure, you want to get through something, we love it, so we've got a couple of people who are having some difficulty we've got yes and girl, who is from black forest in germany, she says this point is a rough one for me, it's very hard to get past surface friendships here, aside from my partner, my core people are far away. And then three, eighteen media my family is not supportive. Most of my friends live hundreds of miles away and local friendships have been difficult to sustain because they want something and it's not friendship. So what do you do when you just I don't have that core circle at all? Yeah, well, you know, first of all, I'm I appreciate the questions and those are difficult questions, you know, give you an example. Last night I was skyping with my stepbrother because he's got two young children and we let the kids skype back and forth so my daughter skype's for the kids, we use the technology to try to bridge the distance. I have heard of a lot of people that we'll use the technology and use skype as a way to try to bring the geography closer together, so I would ask if you don't have someone that's in your geography, is there somebody online? Is there a friend that's farther away that you can kind of bring in through technology with questions? If I can add to that? I mean, I do a lot of social networking, and I've been using the internet for years and years and some of the best people that I've met in my life for people that I've met online and I mean a couple mastermind groups one that is based in l a and one that's like a year long program and we're all around the world we even have a member who's in dubai so you know they're people that I give feedback to I told them that I was going to be here they've been really supportive and they're not close by it also I try not to look at geography is a barrier it's more about those one on one connections and finding the right people and the internet I feel like it opens up the possibilities because then you're not restricted to just your neighborhood you have the whole world to find these great people to connect with that's right? How did you find your mastermind group um through a conference actually I went to a conference in phoenix I'm an amazing woman their her name's disarray so high desert if you're watching on dh she put together this great core group of women and some of them were women I met at the conference as well and others were she met through other channels but we're all around the country and then like I said there's even a member in dubai and we get on the phone once a month and we have our own facebook group and we communicate practically every day and so they're people that I, you know share my ideas with when I don't even share them with other people and they're definitely not in my backyard right I love that and you know on the mastermind concept sometimes if it's hard to find the group to join it may seem tough but try starting your own and you could start identifying maybe there's two people that you want to have that monthly call with recently there were quite a few people that were e mailing me about job search techniques and I said you know what I would love to help you I can't do it all individually but let's do a call once a month and so I had six people on a call once a month just talking to them about you know, finding a job it wasn't really about me it was about the six of them helping each other helping each other identify you know, opportunities and so another thing is that the people that are feeling like they need to have a community maybe they can start a group maybe they can start their own google hangout and maybe it starts with once a month we have one more question here similar from integrity she asked can a paid professional be part of your core circle I know yesterday we talked about like having that value between both parties in your mentor ships in your circles but if these people don't have anybody is it okay to reach out to someone on unpaid basis yeah you know I think it is you know I have a strong belief that financially you should try to keep expenses as low as possible and don't do anything that's beyond your means so if you have the resource is for that I think it's a great idea I do think that it's important to try to find relationships that are friendships also, but I'm a big fan of, you know, coaches, advisers, whatever you need to build up your circle and get the support I'm all for it, all right? Okay. All right, so these core relationships again, a lot of what I think is really important is to think about this as your team, this is your board of directors, this is your group that you're turning to, so you want to think about it as he would in team building and you want to cultivate these relationships so, you know, really basic things is providing the positive feedback we talked about that yesterday, letting people know that you value them if there is something negative going on with your core circles. It's really important to communicate that in a really easy way to do it, even though sometimes it's hard to talk about the stuff positive, negative, positive pnp so you know, leah, I heard great things about what you're doing I wish that you would speak up mohr because everything that you do that you're talking about is so interesting to us, you know, really coaching it with a positive negative positive is a great way to move relationships forward and not khyber the negativity or the thoughts that you're not bringing out another thing that's really important to think about personality types another great book to read if you're interested in this is called leadership for the sexes and it looks at the differences of men and women and how leadership styles and interaction styles different are different but think about that think about some people are more based on, you know, emotional thinking some people are gonna understand more to fax last night I was sitting with my daughter and I were talking about one of the chapters in the book that's all about head harder wallet and I said, well, what do you think mommy is head harder while lynch said your mouth mom, you like to talk so you know, think about the other people in your life and some people don't like long telephone conversations some people want short emails think about that and try to communicate in a while but way where you can really build relationships another thing that's really important triangular conversations it's very easy to get into a bad habit of triangular conversations an example of this would be david what's your wife's name michelle michelle and a child who one of your kids they page um page why don't you tell michelle to do x, y or z, right? That's triangular because is going through a circle instead of direct communication, the more you engage in direct communication with people in your core circles, a stronger the relationships are going to be same thing with emails blind cc, bcc, ifyou're, bc seeing somebody on an email, you probably need to think about what the communication is, and so the more honest, transparent and direct your communication is, the better. Another thing that's really important is talkto listen ratio, and we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but thinking about a talk listen ratio, that's a fifty fifty is a really important thing to dio, so right now we're about ninety nine percent talk and one percent one percent talk, but this is important, and I think listening. As I mentioned, dick costello, the ceo of twitter, talked about his work doing improv, taught him how to listen and how to read a room and how to look for cues, and and you can start to understand if people are checking out or if they're tuning in in the book leadership of the sexes. There is a lot of information that women tend to read more of the emotional cues in a meeting, there's also a lot of data that sometimes we read situations wrong, and so if you have a preconceived notion after one meeting with someone he might be in that old conversation of oh, they don't like me this was in a good conversation don't make judgments until at least three meetings writes hard to do sometimes give credit where credit is due you know a lot of this is kind of in a in a work situation empowering teammates and giving credit, but people like to be seen they like to be valued yesterday when we were talking about the richard branson story, what was so moving for those kids is that they were seen and valued, so make sure that you're really recognizing that in your core circles another thing that is important is that course circle relationships can be damaged very quickly, especially in a work environment with high article thinking you know, the trash talk, the egotism, things like that can a road uh, strong ties very quickly so again, high road thinking I think what you probably are all taking away so far in this course is that networking isn't just the business card it's a way of life it's a process of interaction and it's how you want to communicate and be with people and how you want to build relationships so one example I want to share with you about of course circles and this is an example where fred reid was the founding ceo of virgin america I mentioned him, I think a little bit yesterday, but virgin america before the airline started, it took four years to get the right to fly, so it was a very, very long process. A lot of people had relocated from the east coast out to san francisco, and ultimately what happened was the department of transportation said I'm sorry the airline cannot fly if fred is the ceo because he has too many ties to europe, the history was that he had been with lufthansa, he was the ceo of lufthansa, there are rules around how much foreign ownership can be held in domestic airlines, and so, you know, ultimately what happened was fred turned to the board, and he said, you know, if you get an airline with me, you might unite might not get an airline with me, but if you get it with me, seven hundred eighty eight people are going to lose her jobs and four hundred eighty million dollars is going to be lost, so basically, what he was saying is, if I don't leave, you're never going to fly, right? And so he recognized that to support the rest of the team he needed to step down, he needed to, you know, leave the airline, lead a new airline come into play, and so a lot of times there are decisions where you have to put the desires and the needs of others first for the betterment of the good. What was interesting about this is that I did interview him for the book, and he said that a lot of his work around kind of spirituality and buddhism had given him kind of the strength to move passes, and he recognized if he did his job well, when it first started that the airline was going to go on and succeed. Okay, so any examples of that when you've needed to walk away from something or move forward? Well, other than theresa, I don't wanna put you on the spot. Uh, I appreciate his acknowledgment to his spirituality and laying that foundation before you could make these big life decisions because it helps ground you and keeps you in grace. Great, great. I love that's a great recommendation. And yeah, good. And david, I've got to imagine when you sold your company, you were kind of moving from one face the next to making a lot of big changes. How did that process go? Your network probably changed quite a bit. It did. It was interesting because when we sold the company by business partner, I had different opinions about what we should do about it, because for me, eh? I thought it would be great just to write a stand alone business, let it run itself because we had people running for us, and then, uh, just cashed street business. Part didn't want to do that. You want to sell it. And so we had to discussions, and it took a while to get to that point where we're both in agreement. Yeah, so definitely. And, you know, after he sold it, we have a really great relationship still, which I'm very proud of, because a lot of founders don't have good relationships after they have changed good. And another thing. And in discussions like that, where, you know, people are going to have different sides of opinion, and both of them could be very valid, I hear what you're saying, you know, thank you for your opinion and recognizing that it's ok, to have differences, opinions, even in these core circle agreements.

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