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Hannah Marie

Hannah Marie is an international wedding photographer based in Waterloo, Canada. Motivated by the refinement of her craft, that of the artist and of the businesswoman, Hannah Marie takes joy in sharing all she has learned along the way. She can often be found hosting private coaching sessions for photographers and entrepreneurs from across North America.

While photography came naturally to Hannah Marie, there were a few rocky years before she found a business structure that clicked for her. She found her success as a result of her perseverance through trial and error, turning her weaknesses into strengths, and diligently seeking business knowledge from those who have found their own success. Having pulled from several pools of expertise and by utilizing today's leading technology, Hannah Marie has organized and automated her business in such a way that even her most demanding clients are wowed by the experience she delivers.

Having worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, Hannah Marie is known as an expert in her field. She has photographed weddings all over the world including Hong Kong, Indonesia, New York City, and San Francisco, and her photography has graced the pages of Today's Bride and Shutter Magazine. Hannah Marie's beautiful, timeless style has won her several competitions including first place in the Bride and Groom together category of Shutterfest's first ever print competition, and a presence in the prestigious PPA Loan Collection.

Hannah Marie is available worldwide for photography commissions and business coaching.