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Robert Evans

Robert Evans has earned his reputation as one of the most highly acclaimed photographers in the world. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera and Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer are just some of the couples that have sought out his services to photograph their private events. He has documented over a thousand weddings worldwide and created iconic imagery that has graced the covers of countless national and international publications.

He has been selected by Sony as an Artisan of Imagery, one of only seven photographers chosen worldwide who speak regularly at photography seminars and tradeshows around the world. Robert has also had the honor of being selected to give a TED Talk which can be found at

Robert is recognized as one of the most easy-going and pleasant professionals to work with, a reputation that at times, exceeds his photography. His personal humility, positivity and dedication to his craft set him apart as a once-in-a-generation photographer.